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Business Name: Habersham Candles
Category: Decor Stores
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Corporate Address: Magnolia Ln
Cornelia, Georgia 30531 USA

Phone Number: 706-776-2039
Email: info@habershamcandle.com
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Expensive candle does not have scent!

I got Habersham Candles for a mothers day gift from hallmark in Litchfield IL, but talked to a hallmark dealer store in Alton Illinois this week. I am very dissatisfied a that my daughter was excited to give me this for special occasion. For a few weeks only it had a scent. I have this in bathroom so i can smell it better in close proximity……….

Does no good at all. Hallmark in alton told me to use blow dryer on it to wake the scent up, but it does not work. They have no idea what is wrong or remedy the situation. She paid $25.00 for it and not worth it, so i would love my money back in check to my home. I will be glad to mail it to you if you want to see proof. Please let me know soon.

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6 thoughts on “Habersham Candle Company

  1. I ordered 100 Aluminum Flat Back Self Cover Buttons Size 45 (1 1/8"). I received said items, and there were no backs in order to finish covering the buttons, and, most important, to sew them on. I paid $21.99 plus $3 shipping; the total of $24.99. What possible use could there be to me, or any other customer, with half a button? I consider this a thoroughly misleading ad, and would recommend that Candles send the backs or reimburse my money.

  2. I purchased a Habersham candle bowl at a local store just before Christmas 2012, and wish I had bought more. Everyone who sees mine wants one and loves the Cranberry scent, which is not nearly as strong but is still noticeable four months later. I am going to buy a boatload of these for gifts next holiday season!

  3. I am told that if the scent fades, to just rub the vessel with a piece of nylon… like pantyhose and it will come right back. I don't own a vessel but gave several for Christmas gifts and everyone …. so far… is overjoyed.