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Business Name: Dynamic Recovery Solutions LLC
Category: Debt Collection
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Corporate Address: 135 Interstate Blvd #6
Greenville, South Carolina 29615 USA

Phone Number: 866-996-1535
Email: support@gotodrs.com
Company Contact: Joe Cagle - COO
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Arrogant rude dept collector

I was called on October 7th approximately 9:15 a.m. from Dynamic Recovery Solutions, 877-590-8843. the girl on the phone claimed to be Supervisor, Bria Hobbs, she Had the last four digits of my Social Security number and claimed that i owe sprint phone co. a large dept. she was rude, would not answer any of my questions; such as how she obtained my information.

Then proceeded to ask me if i had a husband children etc. I asked her for a phone number for the company, sprint, that claims i owe them money. she said they were her client and that she had no way to contact the company who is handling my social security number. she kept speaking over me and said that because i told her that was not my bill i was being considered as a refusal.

I did not refuse anything but i am not giving any info to a company i have never heard of she needs to be fired she is the reason why this country is the way it is closed down.

I will be filing a report against sprint also they should not have any of my information Identity theft comes to mind. I dont know why these companies are able to call you and ask these questions but wont answer yours.

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