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Last Updated On: June 22, 2014

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3561 West Bell Rd
Phoenix, Arizona 85053 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 877-968-2735
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Company Contact: Steve Hayes - CFO
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More About Constar Financial Services Redirects to | Corp: Empereon Marketing LLC Contact: Yvonne Torrijos, CMO Arizona Collections Operations

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Reported Losses: $34.95
Average Reported Losses: $34.95

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Latest Constar Financial Services Complaint Filed

The Company wrote on my money order before they sent it back to me and I am unable to cash it

I sent Constar Financial Services, LLC at 3561 W. Bell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85053-2965 a money order for a payment towards my debt collection. The money order was for 34.95. Constar Financial sent it back with a letter stating that they were no longer accepting payments for this debt and sent it back to me, only after they wrote the account number on it in the space where the name goes in a different color ink.

I had tried to settle this with Ron Green, since it was his company’s error and he said to take it back to where I bought it or send it to the money order company. I then said that it would be at a disadvantage to me because I would lose since it was made out to Constar Financial and they would not cash it since there would be no place to draw a line through their name and I would have no room to write my own name in the space since they wrote in the rest of the available space that another name could possibly go.

I would like to get the value of the money order back which is 34.95. When I had told him this, he disconnected the phone. It is their error for writing on it in the first place. They had sent me one back previously and it was fine, so the company should have known not to write anything on it.

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  • They are a bottom feeder collection agency. They buy zombie debts for pennies on the dollar and then try to collect the whole thing. They also try to collect SOL debts. They also MAKE UP DEBTS and break the law by calling before or after the hours allowed by law. They also call people at work. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM. Report them to the BBB and send a verification of the debt letter. You will never hear from them again.


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