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Last Updated On: December 14, 2016

Union Workers Credit Services Contact Information

Business Name: UWCS
Corporate Address:
PO BOX 569410
Dallas, Texas 75356 USA

Union Workers Credit Services Customer Service

Union Workers Credit Services Phone Number: 214-424-6888
Corp Email: support@unionworkerscredit.com
Corp Website: unionworkerscredit.com

Union Workers Credit Services Ratings

Average Rating: 1.33 out of 5
Based On: 6 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 43

Union Workers Credit Services Reports

Reported Losses: $2,448.00
Average Reported Losses: $408.00

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I was Taken

I Jed E. Fish was taken for the amount of 37.00 Dollars that the Union Worker Credit Services was offering me and my Family of five a credit limit of 10,000 Dollars and did not do the research on my behalf.

Thought man we could really use the money we was just taken for a 2002 Chevy Pick up truck. Also we spent are hard money on the truck lost over $3200 on that deal. Now we was taken for 37.00 Dollars of our money and their seems to be not a d**n think we can do.

Any information on helping us here would be great.

Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Jed E. Fish

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  • Zoya Rennka

    I already just sent a long discussion of what to do regarding Union Workers Credit Services; sent it via Facebook. Do not know what happened. Seems I would have to redo it. No time for this but best wishes out there.

  • ScamBusters

    when I saw the line about being turned down for a Master Card or Visa, I said to myself what type of card is this? then read you shop in their catalog! Would have sent them a gift from my dog but thought about those poor Postal workers! they will get the envelope back with some added weight! Thank God for the information you get from the Web.

  • our ability to navigate change successfully is linked directly to whether employees know your expectations and understand their connection to the company and its goals. keep posting!

  • Sam

    Ha-ha I got a letter today, immediately knew it was a scam :) What goods can offer a credit union ????? I sent them a nice and informative advertisement from a clinic who treat drug addicts. I hope they can help with their scam addiction

  • Ashlee

    Thanks Everyone! Just thought I’d check it out at 5% interest….but of course there’s no #…..Be advised that they are mailing from 1327 Empire Central Suite 130 Dallas TX 75247….now.

  • Skip

    My wife got that infamous letter 2 days ago. She asked me to check it out on the internet. WOW!!! I told it was scam to begin with because they asked her to pay them money BEFORE she could get a card. Big red flag here. Now, the next question should be, what is the U.S. Postal Service doing about this evident mail fraud??? I sealed the envelope shut with nothing in it and mailed it with no return address. They still get charged for the mailing regardless of weight. This fraud has gone on for years and still people send them money. HELLO!!!!

  • tim smith

    Thanks to all I got my letter today! Saved me 37$!

  • Lady D.

    UWCS is a big scam ,i will contact the bb .

    • DonCorneo

      The BBB already has them on record. They’ve been scored a D- because of complaints and bad business practice.
      It is not really a scam, but it is a deceptive service.
      They offer several products you can buy from them, and a few discount services. Except for a few of items, most of what they offer is low grade products that even WalMart won’t sell.
      They do not list the full price of any of the items they sell, just the monthly payments. The do not list how many payments though.
      You can use Approval/Member number: 0278,595,6901 (an example from their site) to access the catalog. It gives you an expired warning, but it does work.

  • Robert Gillis

    To: The Invisible Credit Union
    From: Rumblebee Bob
    Re” The wasted $37 dollar check
    ……………………”Eat S**t!”, (It’s the last $37 dollars you”ll see from us!, We may have been stupid enough to pay it ONce, but the Balls You have to send it out AGAIN!, looking for another $37!???, Dream On!.


    thanks everybody….very much. i almost sent the money!

  • norma navarro

    I received a letter in the mail from union workers credit services and mailed my 37.00 payment on 11/3/11 and never received anything back.

    I tred many times to reach someone at union workers credit services and can’t find one to speak too.

  • Anony Mouse

    I just got this solicitation in the mail yesterday. After some research, apparently even the government is after this fraudulent company which is actually a Catalog, NOT a credit services. Union Workers Credit Services target vulnerable consumers under false pretense marketing and steal your money to give you $10k credit to buy their products. http://www.ag.ny.gov/press-release/ag-schneiderma

  • Romzee

    Dont throw the return envelope away fill it with junk mail and send it back that way they have to pay for the return under there permit number

  • mary

    thanks to all of you i was saved

  • Guss

    Thank you all for helping me save $37 i got the letter today.

  • Mary

    I received the same letter today and decided to check it out. Thanks to all of you for the warning that it’s a scam. I’m so sorry some of you lost any money. I saved $37 which I can’t afford at this time.

  • ihab

    thanks for you all guys. cause i got the same tonight

  • chichi

    Thanks everybody.save me $37.00 thanks google.

  • alcira305

    i just got these offer by mail- i think this is a scam!!!!!please do not send money to any company…

  • Meangirl

    I got one of these letters yesterday. I googled it and found all of you, but I knew it was a scam. I read somewhere to mail back a bunch of cardboard since it will cost them in postage, but I have a better gift for them that I am about to send. You see, it happens to be that time of the month and I believe these people deserve a liner in a form of payment. I didn’t ask for them to mail me a scam letter and they aren’t asking for my flow, but they’re going to get some! I think it’s fair and well deserved!

    • Steve

      Nice job sweetheart, wish I had some flow to send em, but alas I am male.. sorry if I offended you, forgot about PC

      • Meangirl

        You didn’t offend me. I did it because they deserved it! Seeing how they scammed all these people made me mad. Sending them rocks or cardboard didn’t seem to be enough, so I sent them something much better. In my note to them (typed of course) I let them know it’s value is much greater than 37.00 since they can sell it on E-Bay or Craigslist. You could send them a used condom??? LOL

        • friendlyone20

          That’s disgusting, but oh so funny.
          My grandmother got a letter in the mail from them. I looked up the company and my grandmother ripped the paper up.

          • DonCorneo

            I like your idea, but that is a risky thing to do.
            You are sending biological material through the mail without proper safety and that could get you into trouble. It is your DNA which will make it hard to fight.
            Sending some random (not from your own animal) dog/cat p**p would have been better.
            I did look them up with the BBB and they have a lot of complaints. The BBB has given them a D- rating.
            NY has an open law suit against them for not specifically stating they are not issuing a REAL credit card.
            I looked at their online catalog, and there are only a couple of nice items in it, but otherwise nothing worth while. Also, they list the monthly payment of an item, but not the full cost you will be charged nor how many payments you have to make.

    • Troy

      Hey, Happy Holiday’s :) I am a guy and think that is an excellent idea. You should let it ripen a bit too! I just got the letter today. Knew it was a scam. The date is 12/30/2013 so it has been a while and they are still going. Well anyway HAVE FUN!!!!! :)

  • maggie

    My best friend is a cop and checking this out they sent me the same approoved $100.000.00 ya right my credit is so bad I can’t even get a wallmart credit. But it’s OK they will get there’s soon have fun being locked up the people in union workers my friend is going to make sure everything will be transferd to Dallas TX police department.

  • gabriel

    D**n haha guess its right what they say if it seems too good to be true it really is haha some ppls ideas to make another human being lose trust in todays society. Smh

  • cricket

    I got the letter in the mail today. But, i figured i should check out this co. before sending my money. Thank you for being honest and posting comments on this seeming scamming co. I hope you all will get your money back. And be sure to file your complaints with the bbb.

    • billie cooper

      I want to thank google and everyone who posted, But most of all **** because he gave me the good sense to check this out first. So **** bless you all I got this letter by regular mail today and anytime they ask for money even if it’s 1cent I’m checking it out. I’m so glad I did. Thank,you Jesus. minister billie cooper

  • Shelby

    I am so glad that I did a little research on this offer. I was very suspicious about it all. I just received it again. Last time was about 4 years ago when both my husband and I got one. That shows you how long they have atleast been doing this and if this is a scam I don’t understand why they haven’t been busted yet..someone is picking the apps from this PO box..and..there has to be a bank that is cashing everybodies checks… Idk….I am just sick and tired of people taking advantage of other people. Get an honest job and earn ur money like the rest of us for crying out loud. My checking account was wiped out by a low life…my Facebook account was hacked by a low life (who was from somewhere in Mexico) and now if I hadn’t looked into this…who knows what else could’ve happened. Thanks to all of u who took the time to post ur experiences….saving more people from these thiefs.

    • jessie

      I just got a letter in the mail yesterday and they had a wrong address on it, aka also the address that the state of ohio used since my condo went into foreclosure 2 years ago illegally and where anyone got this address, I don’t know. Thank **** we have a good mail person here that forwards the mail to me. I have never lived on this street. ALSO. when I bought my condo, 2 weeks later, someone used my SSN for a job at Walmart and worked there for three months using my name. I found this out when I went and put an application in for a job at Walmart.

  • Rodney

    I want my money back now u got the wrong one my uncle is FBI so try me u got 30 days or maybe less.try me on this

  • Chis

    Listen i’ve been waiting 14 days for my card with my money on the card. If you don’t give it to me in the next three days. I will go to the police to report you and demand my money back from you. Of my thirty seven dollars. I’m not trying to be mean but if this what it taks so be it.

  • greg

    thanks for the info i thought it was shady

  • benkab

    I have also been scammed. Jack Luallen, have you gotten your money back? What numbers did you call? I also try contacting them but all I hear are answering machines and I can’t connect to any person. Thanks!

  • Nancy

    I got an offer in the mail, but frankly I was curious about who in the world would offer me a credit card for $10,000.00! So I googled it and found all these comments. I kinda had a feeling! So, am destroying everything they sent.

  • diego

    Thanks for letting us know … you helped me a lot

  • Sabrina

    Yea, I got one of these too, but I didn’t fall for it.

    Hey these people are based in Dallas, Texas, aren’t they?

    Someone from the state of Texas needs to send a Texas Ranger over to visit these people and realign their behind.

  • H8ScummCollectors

    Don’t live your life so scared. Learn what you don’t know so you can beat these low lifes at their own game.

    1-what to do when you are contacted by a collections agency.

    2-your rights under federal laws FDCPA and FCRA

    3-Validation of debt (VOD), cease and desist (C&D), CMRRR

    4-Your state’s Statute of Limitations (SOL) on debt.

    5-post your questions at debtorboards dot com if things get thick

    Never ever accept/acknowledge/agree you owe a debt, even if you do for you run the risk of restarting SOL clock (if it’s expired) or getting your self into a jam if the debtor just happens to have a similar name as yours. Tell these scummers to send you a VOD, then click. They should send it to the address on record, don’t "confirm" anything. The law places the burden of proof on them.

    VOD should be the original doc. with your signature not their letterhead with some amount.

  • Tonya

    Will i get my money back

  • Aaron

    Your credit card iusesr will pass full the debt you owe to a debt collections agency this company buys the credit card’s debt from from your credit card iusesr so takes over from them. These people are in the business to handle bad debtors and then they will chase you for the money. First you will get a letter stating you have to pay within so many days else they will take legal proceedings and if you refuse to pay or make some arrangement for repayments they can take you to court. There the judge can do what ever is necessary to reclaim the money you owe either garnish your wages or send bailiffs to seize your property and demand any remaining money still owed.You borrowed the money it is in your interest and honesty to repay it back and move on in life. That is what I am doing with my debts and it is far easier to repay than go to court and you will feel better. Even small payments arranged are better than no payments.

  • Amy

    Union Workers is a total scam! Stay far far away, they will just take your money.


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