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Last Updated On: September 14, 2016

ScoreSense Contact Information

Business Name: OTL Scoresense
Corporate Address:
4447 North Central Expwy #110
Dallas, Texas 75205 USA

ScoreSense Customer Service

ScoreSense Phone Number: 800-679-6327
Company Contact: Mark Henry - CEO / President
Corp Website:

ScoreSense Ratings

Average Rating: 1.18 out of 5
Based On: 211 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 215

ScoreSense Reports

Reported Losses: $82,239.22
Average Reported Losses: $389.76

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ScoreSense misleads customers on line loan applications

I am 71, was awaiting going to pre op testing for major eye surgery after going blind in one eye. Our car broke down and we were trying to get money to fix it. When applying for loans they asked for three credit scores. The link for Score Sense was the company and charged $1.00 to proceed. Once I got the scores I finished the application. I noted that the $1.00 was charged my credit card but when I went for post op medications I found out that my credit card had been charged $39.95 for a one month fee.

I did not join, there was no disclaimer that asked me if I wanted to join, and if so to click on a link. Somehow when I clicked to proceed to the scores it signed me up for the application. I contacted my credit card who would not remove it. I wrote them a letter telling them not to allow the company to take any more money out of my account.

I then called Score Sense and was told the billing company would decide if I could cancel. I had a certification number from customer service I wanted it to be cancelled. I then contacted my credit card and had to cancel the card in order to stop the charges. I do not want Score Sense to report this to the credit rating services.

I did report this to the FDIC as they had to pay $22 million last year for doing the same thing, however the cut off date for applying for the litigation was Dec. 31st. Not only was the litigation for a $25.95 fee per month, the company had the b@lls to raise the fee $10 per month. I want to know why the on line loan companies put their link on their websites, what relationship there is between my credit card company and Score Sense, and what relationship there is for loan applications on line to Score Sense.

There should be legislation. If you are a victim report it to the FDIC because apparently Score Sense is in violation of the lawsuit that was settled Dec. 31st 2015. Perhaps there will be another class action.

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More About ScoreSense

Score Sense is a credit monitoring and checking service. Score Sense credit offers multiple products such as Reporting and current credit scores, monitoring and alerts about your credit score, as well as identity theft and proven services. They also have a system called Score Tracker which constantly updates your reports based on new information. Another unique feature of score sense is Score Cast which gives you an idea of how your credit score might change if you took certain actions.Alternate/Additional Business Names & Websites:,, ScoreSense,, 2211 Partners Websites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Consumer Comments For ScoreSense

  • waytogo

    They have charged my credit card and I didn’t realize it and went to rent a car and I was over my limit because of all the charges that they had put on my card. How do you get rid of them.

  • Ryan jones


  • HeedTheseWords
    The above link shows that scoresense was doing the same thing years ago and to this date have not ceased. Where is the outrage, where are the credit card companies with their prosecution, where is the main stream media? See the attached screen dump as evidence of the current scam experienced and it’s reversal for $39.95

  • kkk

    Scoresense are HUGE THIEVES! SCAMMERS! Was charged $1 earlier which I didn’t realize and after 7 days got charged $39.95. I had to close my credit card account and go through a recovery process.

  • D. Smith

    This company is a SCAM. They took money out of my personal Banking account which they did not have authorization to do so. I called this fraud company to see if they could tell me why they took the money out. However, all they tried to do is tell me that I need fraud protection. I said why yes, against OTL scoresense. I have reported this company to FTC and ofcourse my bank and they in turn are going to report this company as well. I am sick of companies getting away with crap like this.

  • D. Smith
  • Tim

    I just had a nice call with Ana at ScoreSense…however, my hopes of getting a refund is pretty much non-existent. I did catch the monthly charges back to October, but prior to that I have no idea. Evidently, I checked my credit score in 2013 and have been getting charges monthly without my knowledge (the card that is on file with them is never used except for two recurring bills). I never bothered looking at the itemized charges since. I work for a web design company and we have several very large clients. I would never allow or recommend a client do a “bait and switch” to generate business. This practice of luring people in with free trials should be illegal. If they really feel they are ethical, then offer a free trial and lets see how many people sign up AFTER the trial rather pull this behavior. This is no different than stealing from consumers.

  • Brian

    Crooks … $530.00 unknowingly taken from my account without authorization . Google them.. they were ordered to repay 22 Million to consumers duped by free credit score offer. Slime ball business of deception and predatory morals. I hope the owner gets what he deserves … Yes a prison husband.

  • Misty Ivey Stanfill

    LOL, Resolve it???? I cancelled my membership BEFORE the trial ended, you took 39.95 out of my account anyway!! And then refused my refund!!!

  • Rick Ford

    RIP OFF ARTISTS. They do not report real credit scores and they will not cancel right away until they get a few payments. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THESE THIEVES!

    • ScoreSense

      Hi Rick,

      We would like to help resolve this for you and if you would like to speak with someone
      directly, please contact our Customer Care team at 877-335-6823 to address your
      concerns. Our agents are available during the following hours:

      Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM CST

      We look forward to assisting you.

      Thank you,

      • Misty Ivey Stanfill

        LOL, Resolve it???? I cancelled my membership BEFORE the trial ended, you took 39.95 out of my account anyway, let me deal with someone who spoke VERY broken English and then denied my refund!!!!

    • Karen

      I truly believe you!! I have the three main credit score at a high level and when I apply they didn’t approve me. I mention to them that the scores are at a high level 740, 710 and 671, I asked them why did you denied me and they said it takes awhile to get the information from the credit bureau..

  • Jocelyn San Nicolas

    I have been trying many times and calling different numbers that this company has and I can not get through at all. All I keep getting is a busy tone. I have even sent emails complaining that I want to cancel my subscription and all I get is an automated email response stating that they will respond to my email within 3 days. They even state in the email if it is urgent or if I want to cancel my subscription then I could call the number stated and when I do, I get the busy tone yet again. I want them to cancel my subscription that i was not aware about and stop charging me $29.95 a month!!!!!!!

  • Sheila Brown

    I have cancelled you TWICE.. and you continue to debit my account.
    Nonsense. I will be filing a consumer complaint against you because you
    have taken about $150 from me unauthorized. Not happy at all.

    • ScoreSense

      Hi Sheila,

      We would like to help resolve this for you and if you would like to speak with someone
      directly, please contact our Customer Care team at 877-335-6823 to address your
      concerns. Our agents are available during the following hours:

      Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM CST

      We look forward to assisting you.

      Thank you,

  • ScoreSense

    Hi Jay,

    We would like to help resolve this for you and if you would like to speak with someone
    directly, please contact our Customer Care team at 877-335-6823 to address your
    concerns. Our agents are available during the following hours:

    Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM CST

    We look forward to assisting you.

    Thank you,

    • Misty Ivey Stanfill

      LOL, Resolve it???? I cancelled my membership BEFORE the trial ended, you took 39.95 out of my account anyway!! Plus, your customer service people speak very broken English!!!

  • ScoreSense

    Hi Chasity,

    We would like to help resolve this for you and if you would like to speak with someone directly, please contact our Customer Care team at 877-335-6823 to address your concerns. Our agents are available
    during the following hours:

    Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM CST

    We look forward to assisting you.

    Thank you,

  • ScoreSense

    Hi Christelle,

    We would like to help resolve this for you and if you would like to speak with someone directly, please contact our Customer Care team at 877-335-6823 to address your concerns. Our agents are available during the following hours:

    Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM CST

    We look forward to assisting you.

    Thank you,

  • John

    I don’t understand why people are so hard on Scoresense I have been with them for several years and have had no problems, everything is in black and white when you apply for this monitoring 29.95 was deducted from my account after the free trial and now I pay 9.95 a month for the service which I fell is very fair, the Service Department is always helpful when you contact them, they notify me when ever there is any change to my credit report and if people would check other credit reporting services the will see that Scorsense does not charge as much as some of the others

    • Gary Cove

      NO ! They keep charging me 29.95 every month, and i have got nothing at all for it.

    • Misty Ivey Stanfill

      Not true!!! If you cancel, they keep charging you, refuse your refund and the customer service people speak broken English to the point that you can’t understand them

  • Susie

    Horrible, horrible business practice. Tried to call and cancel…could NEVER get through, and then they say sorry no refund. This company needs to be stopped. I don’t have 90.00 to waste on a service I DID NOT WANT and NEVER USED!!!! They should be ashamed of their shady business dealings!!

  • ScoreSense


    We would like to help resolve this for you and if you would like to speak with someone directly, please contact our Customer Care team at 877-335-6823 to address your concerns. Our agents are availabl during the following hours:

    Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM CST

    We look forward to assisting you.

    Thank you,

  • MStewart

    Crooks – ironic since they are suppose to protect you from companies like them –

  • Alan

    I honestly have not had any issue with them I got the 4.95 a month plan you just gotta ask when you call about the cheaper rate!

  • ScoreSense

    Hi Rick,

    We would like to help resolve this for you and if you would like to speak with someone directly, please contact our Customer Care team at 877-335-6823 to address your concerns. Our agents are available during the following hours:

    Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM CST

    We look forward to assisting you.

    Thank you,

  • Martha A. Durham

    Why have these ‘robbers without a gun’ collected millions of dollars from millions of people. Why is there no law to stop them? Banks know about them! This has been going on for years and no law to stop it! Millions have worked for it and thieves enjoyed it. We used to put them behind bars.

  • Kristine Behof

    I have spoken with ScoreSence no less then 3 times and each time I get assured that I will get my credit, Then I get an email saying denied.

    • Misty Ivey Stanfill

      Same thing happened to me!!

  • Kris

    will be filing a BBB complaint today. Have paid every month no problem since signing up for service. Account was locked and I was told I would have to sign up again, that my account was frozen. So I’ve paid for service they couldn’t give me! Go with another company!

  • james

    Call scoresense at 8009727204 and after they verify your info tell them you will call the BBB better business bureau and your bank and get a chargeback. You will a refund. Guaranteed. I promise you it works. Remember after they have your account pulled up say “I am calling the Better business bureau and my BANK to get a CHARGEBACK” they will approve the refunds THAT DAY if you say that. I work for scoresense, so I know.

  • Adam

    Yeah, I’m in the hole for $60 after the trial. Reviewing their email to me, they did disclose I would be charged but I didn’t notice. My bad. It took me a good 10 minutes to cancel. While not an out and out scam, their business crosses the line between scam and spam. Also, when I tried to reset my password, my confirmation email link was out of date after less than a minute. I suspect they spend more on marketing than technology.

  • Harry Cunningham

    This is one of the biggest scams in US History and the government is allowing them to flourish. It is the classic bait and switch scam and preying on the most vulnerable, as always! I have tried to cancel only to be ignored, I have since closed my bank account, but will pursue the collection of the stolen funds from my bank account via various Government offices, both State and Federal jurisidictions.

  • Roz MG

    Thank you for all the excellent help that you gave me today, you trully is a lifesaver when you walked me thru my report. You are great and your customer service is much appreciated.

  • virinia young

    they are sneaky,and do not help.this is a sham,i didn’t know i signed up for this

  • virinia young

    i did not know i was signed up for this,and they turned down my refund, the bank is looking into this and will try to get my refund back

  • virinia young

    my bank said they will try

  • score sense scam

    Dont bother calling Scoresense direct, just call your bank and tell them what happened, Chase are well aware Scoresense’s operation and give an instant no questions refund, they then go after Scoresense to get their money back.

  • Raymond Long

    I cancelled my “account” (which I knew nothing about) and they tell me they have to “forward” my complaint to their “district” office and they will email me with a decision about my refund?
    They also said I had to go to the Police and file a “fraud” case to get my money back?? What is this…!!!
    I just want my money back…I have never heard of this company…I use “Credit Karma” if I need my credit score or just sign into my credit card account, most now days have it for you.
    Just refund my money Please.

  • some guy

    It does clearly state it, even in the welcome email it states it, and on the pages you have to fill out as well

  • Lynn Dennett

    I guess that I do not get my $29.95 back ?

  • Lynn Dennett

    I cannot cancel this card until you refund my money and cancel the membership god knows what else I have to do to protect us

  • Lynn Dennett

    This is Mrs Meryll L Dennett again do you understand if you don’t cancel this membership that some one is login in to this account and getting all of our information do you know what that can do us so please cancel this right away for our protecting we did not do this this if you want me to cal you that is fine but I need this done asap and do not even know how to get into this account to see what is going on with it. I have a account that is free why would I use your service I only know of this because my account was charged $29.95 today and my bank will not remove it because it is a debit Ms Meryll Dennett

  • Lynn Dennett

    Hello. this is Stewart K Dennett wife and you debit our account for $29.95 some how and I do not know how but we did not do this I think that this was done by a scammer when my computer got a vires on it please refund our $29.95 right away please .Stewart is in the hospital in i c u and can not talk with you. I would also I would like this account canceled asright away thank you in advanced Mrs Meryll l Dennett last 4 digits of ss are 6988

  • jay

    It clearly states that they will charge you a membership fee after the 7 day trial.

    • monty lou

      No it doesn’t not when you first sign up for the free report. nowhere on the form does it state that after the free trail that you would be charged $29.95. It is the LAW when someone takes your credit card number to let you know that the card would be used again. write a complaint to you Better Business Bureau and report them to your attorney generals office. also print out all the complaints against them and take them to your bank, also mail everything to your general attorneys office. You can also ask all your Facebook friends to forward your experience to there Fb friendsYou can also post on Twitter.Also the information on my report was incorrect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • james brannock

    information in my report was wrong and they would not change it did not authorize payment taken from my account

  • chester

    why are yall taking money out of my account do not know what it for and I want it stop you now need to refund me my money back pluse 25 dollars over draft

  • Greg Hansel

    I also just had a 30.00 charge from them and will call if I had a number, which I don’t and I am tired of these people saying you should have read the small print of which there was none!!

  • Anyname

    I was charged the $29.95 for two months after the initial $1 was given. However, I misspelled my email and didn’t have any notice of entering into their service. It wasn’t until look at my bank statement that I saw the charges. The "Help" number was used to place a request for a refund. I explained my terms of unknowingly entering into there service, and they checked their records to see that I only accessed the account for 1 day. My submission for refund took a day or two, but was "not approved." They will reject the refund due to the terms and conditions statement section 5. (1-855-289-1783) would not give my any information on who handles the refund reviews. After some research, I found that Scoresense is a part of the company One Technologies Lp. (1-469-916-1700). So, I called and talked to their customer care department. I left a message with their department, but kept calling back until they answered. I didn’t curse or attack them. Instead, I explained my situation and why I expected a refund. The representative was very nice and had my records and notes from Scoresense’s customer care files. The representative was able to approve on the spot. Like I said, do not yell or get mad. It will make things worse. Just explain yourself!

  • Harry

    What’s your email?

  • unknown

    I signed up for a 1.00 credit score and never saw anything that said you had to cancel in in 7 days or be charged 29.95. I found out about that when my account was overdrawn 29.95. contacted scoresense and they refused to refund my 29.95

  • Seriously…

    When you sign up for the free trial, it states very clearly at the TOP of the page right next to the 3 tabs (1. Complete 2. Verify 3. View):
    "Free 7-Day trial when you order your 3 Free Credit Scores. Membership is then just $29.95 per month until you call to cancel".

    It’s called reading, people. Try it sometime, it might make your life a little easier.

    • smarterthantheyare

      Seriously, you must work in the industry. I called for 5 days. That’s how long it took to get someone on the phone to cancel this membership. and they STILL tried to convince me to keep the membership. They’re touting themselves as a company that can help you get financed for a home purchase, which is a lie. They’re a credit monitoring service, for which MOST people, like me, can do on their own and it’s a long process and pain in the a*s to get them on the phone and cancel.

    • DanC

      Man, you are either delusional or an employee of this "enterprise." In my case there was no follow-up email or contract with fine print binding me to terms where ScoreSense could continue to bill me monthly without rendering a single subsequent service for its "services." A scam, however packaged, is still a scam. BTW, I have a good friend I worked with as a paralegal who is now an AUSA in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Texas. Even those these activities are relatively low-level frauds, they are still within Federal jurisdiction. As that saying goes…every dog has his day.

      • Seriously…

        Nope, don’t work for them. I do work for a bank though where I see these types of disputes all the time. It always boils down to the same thing: people just don’t pay attention when they sign up for "free" trials. "Free" is never free. And again, I’ll refer you to their sign up page. Look at the top next to the tabs and tell me what you see. You see the "Free 7-Day trial when you order your 3 Free Credit Scores. Membership is then just $29.95 per month until you call to cancel"? So did I. So did everyone else who bothered to look. People need to start accepting personal responsibility for their actions and stop expecting others to clean up their mess and eat the cost.

        • DanC

          SRY – not buying your prescience and responsibility lecture nor your purported employment. If, as you say, their membership is "just" $29.95 monthly; why did you cancel? Bottom line – businesses like this "bank" on clever wordplay and are far less "responsible" than the vigilance-challenged "customers" they target. Most up-front businesses provide easy-access portals – this one, for obvious reasons, doesn’t. It’s a fraud with just enough appearance of legitimacy doubtless to run as long as possible before outside intervention. And, it’s obvious you’re just a shill and not at all who you claim to be (perhaps I’ll see you in a mug-shot someday). My prediction is that this boiler room enterprise has a couple years before being shuttered. GL.

          • Seriously…

            You still haven’t said whether you went to their website and saw the clear as day terms on their sign up page. You can be defensive all you want, it doesn’t change the facts. And I didn’t cancel, because I never signed up. I came across this while researching a dispute filed by a customer for charges from this company. I never said this is a good company, I’m not defending them, and personally I think $29.95/month just to have access to credit reports that you can get for free annually is ridiculous. But that being said, it doesn’t absolve people of their own responsibility. It’s YOUR money, you should be more careful with it.

          • DanC

            I tend to dump old emails and don’t recall the tab you refer to. Revisiting their website to confirm how you indicate it to be formatted isn’t dispositive to whether adequate notice was up in January, nor is parsing what I may, or may not, have overlooked then. To my personal ire, I did overlook two monthly bills and can tell you that I could not successfully get through to cancel close to a dozen times before calling my credit card company. I’m OK with taking personal licks for my oversights, but these people should be shut down and wonder if you concur. Since I have the time and the ear of a couple old friends positioned, perhaps, to give ScoreSense some scrutiny, I intend to delve into that.

          • DanC

            I do want to add that boiler room enteprises not only prey on uninformed or inattentive people but also those with cognitive problems, such as the elderly – which is why consumer protection is a worthy calling. Call me defensive, but I think you could be sensitive to that as well.

    • Richard

      When I called on the 7th day to cancel they already charged me and refused to issue the refund.

  • meam54

    Oh, they are good. I have fallen twice for their pitch. First time, after the "1 buck" month and my call to complain about the unmentioned price (and it is unmentioned) that hit my bank account, I was given a "new deal" of 9.95 per month. I went with that, because at the time their info was fairly valid and I needed it due to my situation. They know who their customers are, after all, it is not the Vanderbilt’s. :) Second go-round I walked into knowing what the deal was, the buck up front, the $29.95 they would sneak in prior to any specific date, I would call to cancel, get no refund, but an offer would be made to "retain me as a customer", but this time it was $11.95. Cost of living and such I was told….
    I walked into it, but I also know and admit that I GAVE THEM MY NUMBERS, that did not just happen, they provide alerts, help you with disputes, give you a 3 bureau report for a decent price if you play it the way I did. Call and try it that way. Do not come after me because I choose to work with them and made it work for me. Possibly admit that maybe you could have "possibly" given them or someone else your info at some point. I think they are pretty straight shooters myself, except for the initial part, and after reading the overall agreements again, the charge is in there…. Happy Spring….

  • Larry

    Reply to MDH. My credit card company said they could not do much because I clicked on trial, blah, blah. You are right card companies are making money off this scam. I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Its fraud, plain and simple. Maybe by posting our complaints we can save others.

  • Shellie Maynard

    Hey everyone, you need to take these complaints and post them on a site called Scambook, or similar. I have too been taken by this company for $29.95. I had a similar incident wherein they took $99 from my account, refused to give it back. Scambook ended up filing a Class Action lawsuit and they gave the money back..

    Let’s get them…

  • Alison

    I am another in this growing line of people thinking I was only being charged $1.00. What a horribly underhanded way of doing business! I have yet to call them as their phone hours are not open yet. However, I went back to their website and can find NOTHING about a $29.99 charge. It must be hidden somewhere in the Terms and Conditions but I am not finding it. This company is nothing but a complete scam. It looks like they are making money $29.99 at a time from unsuspecting people. I doubt I will see a refund.

    • Ben

      Agree, I am going throughI this now.
      I do not remember receiving information on a monthly charge.
      I now ha on the same a duplicated charge

    • Larry

      Add me to the growing line. Its a complete scam. I plan to contact my credit card company and simply refuse to pay. What else can we do?

    • Allison

      My name is Allison also and I had the same problem. The agreed to give me a refund for the $1.00. I have told them it was not the $1.00 but the $29.99. This is a big scam and they need to be stopped!!

  • Lenna Fitch-Webb

    My response was to Laysha12.—by Lenna Fitch-Webb

  • Mac

    I, too, responded to an ad by Scoresense on the web and assumed that I was paying $1 for a credit report. The following month I found a charge for $29.95 on a credit card account. I let it ride assuming that the charge was for the service rendered. This month, Mar. 2014, there was another charge of $29.95 so I called and told them to cancel the account as of today. A few minutes later I found an E-mail from them acknowledging my call, saying they were giving me a free month and that the charge would resume on May 14. I immediately called them and told them to cancel the account as of now and received a confirmation number orally, followed by an e-mail acknowledging the cancellation and using the same conf. number. I advised my credit card provider who made a note of the Scoresense conf. number and a said they would refuse further charges should they be received from Scoresense.

  • Nanook

    I used a government website to request a mortgage refinance. In the process of submitting a request for quotes, I agreed to a $1 charge to get an updated credit score using ScoreSense. I received a Welcome email from Scoresense which never declared the AMOUNT of the monthly subscription….the details in the letter did state: "We hope that you’ll want to keep enjoying the benefits of membership when your trial membership to ScoreSense expires at 06:22 AM (CST) on 2/24/2014. If so, no further action is necessary on your part and we will bill the monthly membership fee to your credit or debit card." I didn’t read this letter closely. However, when the $29.95 charge appeared on my statement SEVEN DAYS later, I called ScoreSense to cancel the subscription; they did NOT REFUND me. So, I called my credit card, submitted a DISPUTE and the credit card company is issuing a TEMP CREDIT. What a mess! I’m glad US BANK is taking care of this because ScoreSense was not helpful at all.

  • Leah

    I was not even given a 7 day trail before my account was charged and also I did not read anywhere it said that it was a 7 day trail! The reason it gave for wanting a credit card number was for a charge of $1 that would be refunded back to your account….the worst part was the pop up happened when I went to log on to my online banking account and gave the impression that it was under the pretense of an offer from my bank, I guess the statement "As a customer of F**** Sec**** Bank you have a short amount of time to claim your free credit check" was not made on the behalf of my bank. Either way I am going to deny the charge and let them know it was a fraudulent charge.

  • Annmarie

    Big time fraud!,, I like everyone else have been scammed for several months of 29.95 ..I pay my bill online and hadn’t looked at my credit card account ….now my credit card company says they can only dispute 120 days…these bloodsuckers have been taking this out for 9 months. I am so angry at companies that prey on people and underhandedly defraud people out of money!,,

  • Billie

    I too have been scammed. I sign up for the $1.00 one time credit report on 2/23/14 and in reviewing my bank statement today, see that they took out 29.95 on 3/2/14. I called them and after waiting 20 minutes talked to someone who called himself Zamir. He said that the Corporate office would have to make a decision and it would take 2-3 days. I told him that I want my money back in my account or I will file fraud charges and join a class action law suit. I did not authorize a 29.95 deduction from my account.

    • Ben Roederer

      A class action may be effective. When I used the word illegal my rep sure straightened up and began
      to know what would be our plans to follow a legal suit. He had been trained to pursue the legal action.



    • Jessica Grigg

      I don’t think you should be calling people "stupid" when you do not have a very good command of the english language. Maybe you should use YOUR brain a bit more first before berating anyone else.

  • Bob Baker

    Latest victim. Same scam; $1 then $29.95 adinfimitum. Smooth talking customer svs, but no results. Check your bank statements because they have all your info and they will auto-bill until your acct is $0.

  • Lisa

    I was recently billed for $29.95 after agreeing to a $1.00 charge. When I called to cancel, the gentleman I spoke with was very nice and said that my account was cancelled. We will wait to see. Before I was able to hang up, however, he did try to sell me on their services by offering it to me for half the price and even add 30 days. My question to him was why would I want to do business with a company that charged me for something that I didn’t authorize. He said it was a system issue – I told him he should tell his managers that the system needs to be fixed as I had seen many complaints similar to mine. Of course, he assured me that it would be. I’ll check back to see how many others are charged without authorizing….

  • Westley Brenton

    I am ready to file with the guy who wants to file a law suit. I’ll cling to your coattail….MKk

  • V. Rogers

    I’m telling my Discover card not to pay. My charges begin with a $1.00 charge and then the $29.95 kicks in monthly from October until now. Funny thing is, I look over my statements and am shocked that I just now found this. The only time I care about my credit score is when I’m getting a loan. I NEVER check it and could care less about protection. So I really don’t know why I would be on that site nor do I remember being on the scoresense site! My membership is under an email I seldom use. I never wrote any password down and I always do that. And I know about scams, fine print, ongoing charges to ever get caught like this. I also know most credit score places are NOT free and that we should use the gov’t. site and get one a year that is truly free. My Discover card gives me my score now. I’m stumped how I got into this at all? It’s just not coming back to me. And no my husband didn’t do it as suggested by the customer rep. He’s computer illiterate. I’m thinking that IF I was looking for a free credit score, I might have filled everything out and then read all the fine print and just closed the website down. I’ve done that before. As soon as I see auto refill, or auto charge I don’t continue. If I really want something and it’s supposed to turn into a subscription I print out the entire page with all the phone numbers and dates AND the terms. This has me baffled.

  • Lea Mae

    This scoresense s scam !!!!!i did not authorize to get money to my bank and I was upset!!!according to ScoreSense that’s for free then they took $1.00 to my bank after 7 days they charge me again $29.95 business bureau you need to investigate this kind of scam

  • Rhonda

    I signed up for ScoreSense as a favor to my brother who wanted to view his credit report and score. The next month, I called to cancel the membership. I was not feeling well (had the flu and had been in bed for a week) at the time. All I wanted to do was CANCEL the membership. Every time I stated "just please cancel," the rep would say he would give me half off the monthly charge, give me 2 free months of service, wanted me stay on board until I spoke with my brother about continuing the membership. This guy did and said everything to get me not to cancel. Finally, I had to be rude and say ‘CANCEL THE MEMBERSHIP NOW!" I will never use this service again. They blew it with me!

    • laysha12

      well that’s part of their job to retain the member that is on the phone.

  • patricia

    I am an older woman living on a fixed income and have been scammed by these people since April of 2013. My health was not good last year and spent much of my time in the hospital. It wasn’t until I was informed my credit had been compromised after placing an order online with target that I found out the insane charges from scoresense on a monthly basis. I called them and they told me I signed up, canceled but then signed up again. I told them how stupid they were, why would I cancel and then sign up again. I remember filling out the form and canceling immediately after seeing the charge. They said they sent me emails, liars, went back to the enitre year of back emails and not 1 email from them. They are lairs, theives and scammers. It is a shame these people are getting away with stealing money. Can anyone help me resolve this issue. They should not be allowed to get away with this.

  • Lewis

    On 1/7/14 I thought I was providing information for a free credit score report (requested $1 for free report which should have been a clue). The $1 hit my credit card 2 days later. The 29.95 hit my card on 1/16/14 and I caught it on 1/21/14 (14 days after looking at my free credit scores).
    I called on 1/21/14 and received an email response refunding $1. I emailed a request to reconsider and was denied via the same form letter I received the first time.
    Obviously their whole business plan is a got-cha scam using the fine print on their web site as a defense. Any reputable company would not presume to have provided a dissatisfied customer a month’s value of services in 14 days.

  • Ray Shoemake

    My wife is visiting her dad and doing his taxes. Noticed the $29.95 charge going back a year. When I read her Rosanna Grices comment, she went back and said that’s what happened. He must have signed up for a trial period and was never again contacted by ScoreSense. She is going to call the credit card company and they should credit back all of the payments and put a stop on any future payment.

  • PCW

    I have been billed $629.95 from ScoreSense. I did not authorize the charge and when I complained to ScoreSense they told me to file a Fraud Report with the police. I did so and demanded my money back. I have called, faxed, and escalated within ScoreSense with no response! My next step is to file a complaint with the BBB!

  • Jodi

    I had the ScoreSense service to get a credit report for $1 and like most everyone else missed the 7 day deadline…so I called and cancelled, wrote down the cancellation number, etc. and even the person I talked to. This was in Sept. 2012. This month (Dec 2013) I noticed they have AGAIN been billing me $29.95 since August 2013 – so I called them – they said I signed up again. BULL CRAP. So they told me to file a FRAUD report – you bet I will … against THEM!!!

    • patricia

      Since my credit had been compromised after an order I placed with Target in Dec of 2013, I had to take a good look at my credit cards and it was then I found out that scroesense had been charging my credit card for the past 11 months of $29.95 twice a month. I called them to dispute the charges, telling them I canceled that the very day I signed up after realizing a charge of $29.95 a month would be charged. They told me yes, you canceled but then signed up again, Bull I told them, why would I cancel and then sign up again, Stupid am I, NOT. They refused to refund my money and now I am livid on what to do. They should not be allowed to scam people like this, it is very upsetting to me to know they think they can get away with this. I was not well and hospitalized many times in 2013 which is why I never checked my credit card, if it wasn’t for my credit being compromised I would never have found this out. What can we do to sue these people, anyone know? They have to be stopped, can anyone help me with this problem?

    • laysha12

      no one from SS can sign you up to sign up you have to answer verification question and put in your personal information like your social etc. and agents at SS do not have access to that information so it is possible you looked at your scores or someone else close to you or someone that stolen your identity signed you back up. a big problem is people who have stolen identities use your credit scores to see how your credit is and if they can use it to open credit cards or other things in your name

  • Burton

    I am the latest victim of scoresense. It goes all the way back to October 2012..just got off the telephone with a woman by the name of Corrine Y who said they will not refund my money and that she doesn’t care if I go to the authorities. I am a 64 year old man and they took 15 times $29.95 from my social security bank card……it is time they be put out of business!

  • Richard

    Got the $1.00 deal. Fine print said had to notify them by a certain date (7 days) to cancel. Called and cancelled and got an email of my cancellation from them. You have to read the fine print.

    • laysha12

      yes ! people act like this is a scam but all people see is free and don’t read anything else !

  • Mr. and Mrs. Rogers

    We also were victims of the ScoreSense scam…for 11 months! We didn’t catch it until last night. We have filed complaints with our state’s attorney general’s office and with several other agencies. It amazes me that this is allowed to continue

  • MKk

    I too was a victim of the fraudulent monkey business this company does to people. I authorized a $1 charge for a one time credit check and a few days later I found that they dipped their fingers in my bank account and stole $29.95 without my consent. I field a fraud claim with my bank and I am going all the way after these bandits. They depend on the fact that people will not bother filling lawsuit against them for the small amounts they steal from people. My lawyer is currently working on this issue; we are writing our Congress rep. about this situation and we gathering momentum to have as many people as possible that have been victimized by these scum bags to file a class action law suit

    • JWS

      So count us in. They are stealing from elderly people who still for some reason trust that what they are reading is actually true. A total scam. Let us know if there is anything we can do to further this along.

    • Patricia

      Can I be a part of your class action? They have scammed me since April of 2013 until today Jan 24. No only for $29.95 a month but charged this fee twice a month.

    • gary

      i’m in. this kind of stuff is own banker talked me into this.i payed the buck,4 days later out goes 29.95.time for a new bank..this kinda crap has got to stop

    • EWF

      I "bit" on the $1 credit report last year and have been trying to stop the 29.95 debits from my bank account since then. They continue to say they have submitted requests for "consideration" for refunds. I told them today that "consideration means they are thinking about it" and that I wanted action. Is this against interstate commerce laws since they are in Texas and most of their clients are all over the U.S.? Who regulates business done over the internet? Are these questions your lawyer has been able to answer?

  • Vaughn

    I received a notice of pending payment in November (this month). I have never signed up for ScoreSense and the pending payment is the first demand I have received.

  • harriet

    we should all bring a class action suit against this company in order to get a refund. what a rip off. One dollar turns into 29.95 and even more if you do not catch them in time.

    • kevin

      i agree!!!!!

    • Margaret Kane

      I am a federal civil rights attorney who just discovered that this scam was being perpetrated against my accounts. I am interested in assisting with a class action and giving you assistance with this.

      In addition, it is essential that you file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General’s Office. A complaint form can be accessed on the Texas Attorney General’s website – look for "consumer protection" tab. Any questions, please let me know and I will start examining this for class action status.

    • Pauline

      I’ve just checked my credit card and found a $29.95 charge incurred from Scoresense. I did not ordered this service. Very angry to see here that it’s happening a lot to many people. They need to be stopped.

  • rosanna grice

    they stole from me also one dollar turned into 29.95. they said it was pasted the trial period did not know there was a trail period . i only used the site for a one time one dollar score for my unemployment application. calling their office to get a cancellation was useless they said they would call corporate and put my money back . they did nothing. hope they rot in hell.

  • sugamama91210

    1-800-972-7204 is the # to call if you need to cancel and yes there is a 7 day trial pd it is in small print but an email is sent as well just in case its missed so its there, they are not hard to reach there are different call centers you may have to call multiple times but if you don’t want to be chg’d 29.95 i suggest you call.

  • Roxanne

    So I did make the mistake and forgot to cancel the membership before being charged BUT I did contact them very soon after and the representative I spoke with on the phone said he would contact their main office about a refund for me and to wait for an email that should come within 2 days regarding the outcome. I waited a week with no response. I called them again and asked to speak to a supervisor. Apparently the first representative I spoke to did not complete the request and never sent it to their main office. So the supervisor I was speaking with was apologetic and assured me he had sent it off and that I would hear back via email in 2 days. Never heard a single thing after that. Never received a refund. Never received anything. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.

  • MDH

    I just searched the internet for "ScoreSense" and there are over 21,100 sites with complaints about this company. There are over 250 complaints on some of the sites. Let’s just say that there are 10 complaints per site. VERY low estimateBTW. And if we even say each complaint was only for the initial $29.99, this is over $6 MILLION they have stolen with their scam. Why doesn’t Visa/Mastercard refuse to accept ScoreSense charges? Because Visa/Mastercard get at least 4% of the fees or just over $250,000. BTW the BBB is useless. They have no way of stopping companies like this either.


    Idid not authorize scoresense to take any money from my account but they ddi . I don’ know how to get back my 29.00

  • Larry Bishop

    They have been ripping me off since last August 2012! My wife just caught it this month! I will try to get it back but I doubt that I will. It is obvious that Scoresense has no business ethics! Why is there not a class action lawsuit against this company? Where is the Federal Trade Commision? These are deceptive and fraudulent practices against thousands of people.

    • George Sanders

      They ripped me off for $29.95 a month ago.

      I filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Bureau of Agriculture, Division of Consumer Protection, and
      the consumer protection agency with the Federal Trade Commission. In addition, a complaint to the Attorney General of Texas.Plus, I had also called the company to complain.

      It appears those complaints resulted in me getting the $29.95 back in my credit union’s records, however, I am still going to go after the company that I think owns them, One Technologies.

      Evidently this company is willing to withstand a few complaint and still keep on stealing. Well, I am going to keep on their a***s until something happens. I suggest you do the same.

      Do not give up! I certainly am not! They need to be put out of business and the only way that is going to happen is citizens, together, stop them.

    • kevin kreckel

      same experience! taking 29.95 since lat year in april just caught it.. thats over 500.00 applied for a loan online they sighned me up
      so im gathering???? anyways call them 5 times for a refund… they offered 30 days free… 14.95 6 month special discount….blaaa blaa blaaaa….. still no refund!

  • sahron dotson

    you guys need to stop ripping people off and give back all the money that you stolen from mine and my sons account or I will go to a lawyer and sue you for all that you are worth don’t call me again or text me again

  • sharon dotson

    my name is Sharon Dotson you guys ripped me off I did not sign up with you guys and did not give you permission to take money out of mine and my sons account it better be returned to the bank or else I will sue you for everything you own you need to stop ripping people off

  • sharon doton

    you need to stop ripping people off because it is wrong so don’t ever call me again or text me ever if you don’t return the money you stoled from me back in my sons and my account I will sue you for everything you own

  • Connie J.

    1 more unhappy person charged.



  • Janet

    One word describes scoresense:THIEF!!! They tell you they are charging $1.00 and then freely take money forever! They say cancellation is easy, but it’s impossible to contact them to cancel let alone get the money they have stolen returned!! SCAM!!!!

  • CICJohnny

    Score sense really has nothing to offer. The company is basically a link, providing you with limited information.

    They’re like a doorman, who will open the door, but really can’t help you in any way. The dispute center they offer is, again, a section offering links to the credit bureaus. Something a search engine will do for free.

    Fortunately for Score sense, they offer a plan for $2.99 month, which again, gives you nothing. I keep their service because the automatic deduction is lower than monthly banking fees, which are eliminated when any type of auto-deduction is enabled. So all in all, $35.00 / year is cheaper than $144.00 / year when it comes to banking. That’s what I use Score sense for – and nothing else, because they have nothing to offer.

    Even without any type of credit watch program, Score Sense or not, a person is allowed one free report each year. Score sense doesn’t even offer that.

    If you’re considering using their, hmmm – service?, I’d keep looking, unless you want to pay $360.00 just to look a your credit report. They’ll be happy to show it to you, but again, they’re not their to help – just open the door.

    • laysha12

      obviously you aren’t aware of the services they offer. they monitor your credit and identity. give you up to 1 million in identity theft insurance so id your identity was stolen they cover those charges. the dispute center does go to the links for the 3 credit bureau so you can dispute things yourself instead of paying someone to do it for you. also if the bureau doesn’t get back to you in 30 days by law the item yu disputed is taken off your report. also your able to refresh the scores every month and see those 3 credit scores and they send you alerts if anything major changes to you credit history. so maybe you need to see what else it offers

  • Rebecca

    Same thing happened to me. I have never heard of this site until I noticed they deducted $29.95 from my account without my ever even signing up for any of their services. Is anyone interested in filing a class action lawsuit?

    • Fasika

      I have the same problem. I noticed that they rubbed me just few min ago after I asked my husband what the **** is the monthly payment $29 he is making since he is joined in my account. I am really sorry for them to do that on people who don’t know their cheating strategy. Since they take my money for several months, I want to file a lawsuit. They don’t have my authorization to take my money. I will go up to the end. they better stop their game. I can’t wait until tomorrow morning to call them.

  • sean

    I have read a lot of the reviews here and I don’t really get all of it. Some of you are saying they said free…well honestly if it says free and you are asking for a credit card my first response will be why do you need it if its free…I signed up for the service, saw that their would be a $1 charge and a 7 day trial…and the dollar is refunded if you cancel within the 7 day trial…my dollar was refunded. We need to be more accountable for our actions, while it wasn’t in bold print how the service works all I had to do was spend 2 mins to find out its a monthly subscription after the trial and I needed to call to cancel if I didn’t want to continue.

    • Joyce

      I totally agree with you, a lot of us don’t really read the terms if they had it would have been clear that the member fee was $30.00 monthly.

  • Nikki

    My story about Scoresense is awful! Unfortunately, due to serious health issues the last couple of years, I had not been looking at my bank statements. And to my horror this weekend I discovered that Scoresense has been deducting $29.95 from my account for nearly two years – about $600. I did not authorize this service. I went through bankruptcy two years ago and have no credit cards and no need for this service. I called them and they gave me the run around, saying first that they would refund one year. They told me to talk to a supervisor to get the rest, but of course no one was there. Then yesterday they emailed that my refund has been rejected. I am livid!!!! They haven’t heard the last of this grandma!!

    • Fasika

      I have the same problem. I noticed that they rubbed me just few min ago after I asked my husband what the **** is the monthly payment $29 he is making since he is joined in my account. I am really sorry for them to do that on people who don’t know their cheating strategy. Since they take my money for several months

  • JulianAssange

    Hello everyone here. I hope you all are doing ok. Two things. Positive. This site does help you be informed about credit informationn and provides a dispute solution that saves time and money. In less than an hour you can open an investigation and have Bureaus remove incorrect information. NEGATIVE. PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SERVICES AND CANCEL IMMEDIATELY. This website has been designed to fool a lot of hard working people who try stretch money in every way possible. IT IS ABSOLUTELY A DISGRACE to see people get rich due to these circumstances. If does happen to you ask for your money back by mentioning LEGAL, ATTORNEY, MEDIA, SCAM, FRAUD or BANK that way a representative who knows very well how this company works will be able to contact corporate to give your money back. Especially, because they do not want to be exposed that easily. PLEASE READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Good luck dear members.

  • Terri


  • ken

    the same thing that happened to everybody else happened to me-this company is a scam and should be shut down

  • Not Happy

    Can relate to alot of these people where its a very false website they catch you with a dollar FREE and then they take u as a sucka. You realize your money is missing when checked my account 29.95 was charged and they want to congradulate you for something u didnt even purchase. What fony people

  • carolyn green

    scoresense is a big rip offf and i am going to file with BBB and attorney general a formal complaint —

  • carolyn green

    scottresense is a rip off–i called to cancel after the 7 days–thinking i would at least get a partial credit back since i was billed for 30 days—boy was i wrong—i have called several times and each time the reps made it appear like i would get a refund–knowing i would not i did call my credit card company and they are going to reverse the charges—when i asked the rep what regulated them–she said no one–they are independent–i advised that is not true===they have to be regulated–i am filing complaint wth BBB also

  • M. Ellis

    Well, I guess I’m number 200 something. I was handled the same way.
    Charged $1 and then I checked my statement and I was charged 29.95.
    It’s not free. They gave the $1 back and decline the 29.95. Its’ aweful that
    we have to deal with this type of uglyness. We all work hard for our money
    and to have someone just take it, not good. Maybe I’ll get my money back
    but if not; OH WELL. By the way I ordered the free trial of SENSA; for $4.95,
    thats how they got me; after that I got this mess.

  • Bobbie Smith

    What a total pain to cancel! I don’ t even know how I signed up for it….it said "free". We’ll see what happens. I had to get really rude and hateful to the customer service service representative…..

    • Joyce

      I had to cancel because I didn’t have the funds to pay the monthly fee but I had no problem, it only too a few mins, I haven’t had any problems with them since, I will use their service again.

  • L. Murphy

    Well, I’m sorry for all your bad experiences, but I absolutely love it! It is real, NOT A SCAM at all. The scores and credit reports are all accurate. I called to cancel after the 7 days but they offered me $12.95 and they gave me a credit on the $29.95 charge! Its all in how you talk to people when you want something done for you no matter what you should be nice about it becuase your at the person’s mercy thats on the other end. If you have attitudes sad to say companies will not respond well to that, and will sometimes not do as promised. I’ve learned that the hard way. GOOD LUCK.

    L. Murphy (happy client)

    • eddytap

      they suckered my in like that as well but after I decided to quit, they continue to charge me eventhough I told them I did not want their service anymore. I’m ok with making money but being sneaky and dishonest about your intentions is the best way to see me say goodbye.

  • confused

    i’m jst wondering, do any of you take accountability for your own actions in this?? I mean who waits 4 months of being billed something and doesn’t miss the money….i’ve gone to the site, and read the terms and conditions as well as the ish is stated right there at the top of the page, and if its "free" wth are you people putting ur information in there n e way???? I mean if i’m getting prepared to enter my CC number on the internet I’m going to be sure to read EVERY word of print before i do anything!!!!

    • laysha12


  • Lynn

    Went on this site for my friend to check his score in Feb.for $1.00 then i was charge 29.95 for the next four months im getting a refund back on my card we never acess the site after that but call to cancel if i would have never check my statement i would have never seen the charges i hope this Company does right by its customer charging the customer without notifiy us. You Just Dont Do That To People.

  • m.d

    have beeen taken since january canceled the account then every month i called them to cancel again and again and again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luke

    I called within the required 7 days to cancel my account, the rep said he would take care of it. On the 7th day, my bank account was charged $29.95. I called a second time and was told the charge would be refunded. It was not. I called a third time – same thing and my "request was denied." Now I need to call a fourth time. Unbelievable.

    • E.s.

      I’ve called them 5 times and my refund has "been denied" every time. They claim seeing I called in on day 8 then they don’t owe me any money. What bs! Scam scam scam! I only used the site for 5 minutes at most! Thy claim they send n email to notify of claim decision, I call bs here too cause I’ve gotten no such email.

      • laysha12

        check your spam or when you call make sure they have the right email address because the billing company does get back to you in 1-2 business days or yu can call in and find out. the reason why they deny your request is because it clearly states that after 7 days it goes to 29.95 and they feel as though they let it be known and you choose to still sign take some responsibilities in your mistakes

  • Hillary

    They somehow got me as well. Disputing the charge as unauthorized, so we will see what happens. Very concerned about how my information was obtained.

    • laysha12

      it sounds like fraud if you call SS ask them what do you do in a fraud situation cause if yu have an account someone signed you up

  • nIC


    • laysha12

      they can deny your refund because people choose not to read whats in their face. I wouldn’t refund it either if you signed up and it states you will be charged after 7 days

  • charles

    What does our atty general do besides sit on his ****.

    • Dianne

      The AG is a joke. This company is a total rip-off. They charged me the $29.95 and would only refund the $1.00 also even though we canceled. Don’t use them.

  • Fernando Sasieta

    A mi me hicieron 3 cargos de 29.90 total me robaron 90 dolares estos sinverguenzas.cancele mi supuesta subcripcion y me avisaron que no me aprovaron mi devolucion de cargos ya realizados.


    SCORE SENSE IS A JOKE!!! 5/1/2013

    I signed up and couldn’t log in. I called customer service and the girl i spoke with didn’t know what to do.
    She told me that the system was down and that i should try back on another day.
    I then spoke with MICHAEL JONES #2200, and he told me that they would cancel my subsciption to score sence with a full refund. Today i just found out the took 29.00 dollars from my account!!!!
    DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandra Green

    Scoresense lures you in that you get you to look at your credit scores for "Free" They actually care you 1.00 for the first view and if you don’t cancel within 7 days you are automatically signed up for 29.98 per month which will show up on your Bank statement or who ever you charged through. They clearly use Unethical Tactics and defraud consumers.
    I have lost five months of payment at a cost of 149.75 which they would only refund $1.00.

  • Cher Sutherland

    I read on another site that we all should report ScoreSense to both the Better Business Bureau, along with the Attorney General’s Office. I don’t know how much this will help, but it can not hurt… and for me it will make me feel better.

    • Kathy

      This site needs to be shut down. Total Scam and deceitful that they can charge you because you do not cancel when you never know you have 7 days to cancel in the first place. No where when you get your report does it say you are signing up for a subscription.

    • Nic

      Im ready! The are scam artists!

  • Roberta

    SCORE SENSE is a total SCAM. Created two accounts where there should have only been one at most. It was totally misrepresented. When I called into the number on my credit card billing, the service rep argued with me over the cancellation and request for credit due to a second acccount being created without my authorization. Put me on hold for over 15 minutes to process a cancellation in hopes I’d hang up.

  • notbornyesterday

    Wow…..I did not request their services nor did I give anyone my credit card info….I only use Paypal online and trust nothing else! This company got my BANKCARD information and managed to charge me (I never signed up…when I called them they couldn’t even find an account for me, but yet they still managed to charge me for something I didn’t sign up for! REPEAT: I DID NOT sign up for their "trial" nor did I give them any personal info, let alone my credit card info! They also asked me for more personal info when I called them to tell them I did not order their trial or their services! Wow….this is unreal. Where are the people that are supposed to protect us from things like this??? I called my bank and cancelled my bank card. Once again, I DID NOT EVER SIGN up for their $1 "trial"!!!! I ALSO never gave them my bank card number! I work in Internet Technologies….I know better. This is scary people!

    • Kerrie

      This EXACT situation to the very letter happend to me as well. NEVER signed up have been charged 3 months. Called they can’t find an account. Asked me to provide them with bank statements and personal info to verify my charges. Do they think I’m stupid. I reported it as fraud charges to my bank and cancelled the card. And the odasidy of the sales rep on the phone insuating I has signed up and not admitting if or I had lent my card to someone and have now changed my mind! Really!!!!!!! Needless to say my conversation with him ended in some not so kind words and telling him where he can go and where he can stick the horrible company he works for! What a disgrace!

    • laysha12

      obviously someone had your bank information so you might want to report fraud that has nothing to do with ScoreSense

  • Derek

    same thing happen to me, didn’t realize it was a scam until i noticed the $29.95 gone out of my account..what scum bags

  • DC Texas

    FYI Never click on anything online that has the word FREE in it. ScoreSense, ITunes and hundreds of other scam artists just love Free Clickers as I call them. Just don’t do it and maybe these scumbags will have to come up with another Keyword that is not quite as enticing as Free! Nothing is FREE! I have begged and pleaded with my wife to stop being a Free Clicker! I have closed several bank accounts and canceled many debit cards to stop the abuse! All it takes is one click to start the stealing and cheating all over again. There is no protection in place to stop these thieves! Lets all become Smart Clickers>

  • Kelly

    I called to the next day to cancel my membership and the guy was really obnoxious. I kept telling him nicely I just wanted to cancel the account and he kept trying to talk me out of it. Kept me on the phone forever. I finally said ‘just cancel the account’ and he said, ‘you don’t have to yell at me ma’am.’ Well, then listen the first time.
    And now I just checked my bank account and I was charged the $29.95 fee anyway. They better reverse that charge or I’m going to have to ‘yell’ again.
    What a rip off!!!

  • Sara

    Score sense is a total scam. They say you cna check you credit for A $1.00 fee and then the next month the bill will continue with the membership if you continue. I called right after checking my score, to cancel, and spoke with a CSR with heavy sales tactics to get you to continue, saying they would reduce the rate and give you the next month for free etc. I kept sayin NO NO NO I want to cancel. They said they would cancel it. Then a week later I get billed for the $29.95. I have been disputing it even since. I spoke with another CSR who made it sound like I was getting a refund (but not before he tried to sell me all the same stuff again.) Then I get a cancellation notice and a refund for $1.00 and a letter saying the $29.95 charge was processed because it was past the billing date. I have filed a complaint with my bank because I did not authorize the charge and feel this was all one big scam!!!

    • bettye

      The same thing happen to me,I click on for a one time offer, month’s later there is a charge for$29.95 I know for sure that I do not put my infomation out there like that. Man Im afraid to put anything on line these gut’s are ruthless they can get your checking account and everything. Let us file a class action law suit.

  • daniel g

    i called them over three months ago to remove me talk about rude nd customer service this so called company are scamers do not sign up

  • Joel

    I never asked for this service. I think it was misrepresented as something else, or was bundled with another service. I never even gave *them* my card #, as I have no interest to know how bad my credit is, and getting worse because of these scammers, but have been charged multiple times within a month. When I called them to stop the service, the customer service agent "can’t: find" my account. When I go online, not one of my 3 email addresses WORK, so that I cannot log into the account to shut it down. SCAM! But they keep charging me. SCAM SCAM SCAM! I had to have my bank deactivate my debit card #, and not sure if I will get any of this money back.

    • laysha12

      for them to get your credit card number either YOU signed up or someone that has your information signed up yu cant get mad at them for doing their job

      • Lenna Fitch-Webb

        Scoresense is a scam–and you sound like you are one of them.

  • Javid

    I am worried about all my information these thieves have including my SSN.

  • javid

    that happened to me too. They charged me two months $59.9. they are thieves.

  • steve

    SCAM is all I can say!!!! They are very good at leaving out info and leading you to believe something different very different. My banker said they are a joke and that is what they are, and when you call them on it you get treated like s%#t and told you are wrong and too bad for you..

  • Loni

    On 3/11/13 they took a dollar out of my bank acct. I only had $1.54 in my acct. They literally took my last dollar. Then when I posted $40 I checked my balance online and they had waited until the moment money hit my acct, and swiped $29.95 leaving me with $10.59. So I called them and they hung up on me twice then I spoke with Keisha a supervisor and was told that it was up to the discretion of the business office.

    All this might not be too important to someone who is able-bodied enough to work. I am disabled and in a nursing home. I get about $750.00 per month which is taken by the nursing home. I recieve $25 a month. I am trying to save $150.00 for a co-pay to have a life saving surgery. So I spent $5 last month and 5 this month and most of my $40.00 was taken out of my account by these thieves. From what I have read here I will probably get my dollar but not the $29.95.

    I am not quite elderly, I am 58 years old but I am disabled and less fortunate. On social security it is unlikely I can ever live outside of some sort of nursing home environment. I don’t need to be here but that is another story, blah blah then dumped here by my kids and lost everything I owned. BUT with that surgery there is a chance, small but it’s a hope that I can go back to work.

  • kelly

    Just cancelled my membership with scamsense oh scoresense I know buyer be ware but they send an e mail that says get your free credit report, then as you go through the process never stated that you will have to pay 29.95 each month unless you click on a offer details that is very small, then when you call to cancell they say they can offer the same service for 12.95. so they hit for a 29.95 a month on something that they then say the service could be provied $17.00 cheaper. this is a good scam and so $100.00 on my credit card from a company saying they are here to help you credit.

  • Marlon Gibeau

    This is definately a scam – never heard of them until charges started appearing on my visa bill. Where did they get that number? needless to say I reported it & got a new charge card. What a way to do business. Get a REAL job!!!!!

    • laysha12

      if they have your credit card either YOU or someone with your information signed yu up

  • Floyd Coonce

    I called to cancell my membership and was greeted by a rude CSR and he kept talking over me until I asked to speak to a supervisor. At which time he said he would cancell and I ask for confirmation number and he put me on hold and I listened to music for a long period of time. I hung up and called back and was greeted by a very nice professional young man who gave me my confirmation number and he said he would email me a confirmation also (which I haven’t received yet). I ask to speaker to his supervisor who was also very professional and I complimented the second CSR and explained how rude and unprofessional the firs CSR was.

    Will wait and see if I receive the email.

  • jinx jean k****r

    I wrote a comment a wk ago or so… I too was taken in. I called and made it clear I wanted my refund . guess what… they refunded the $1.00…. not the 29.95 soooooo I wrote e-mail… I had to have my ck acct ‘blocked’ and get a new debit card and #. so gave them address ect and said I expected a ck in the amt of $29.95…. also told them I was aware of all the complaints against them on this site. we’ll see what happens now!

  • Bill Fisher

    Like all the others here, I fell for the $1.00 charge to get my credit score. The day before yesterday they debited my account with $29.95. I called them, got a guy named Rodriguez and told him to cancel my accunt and to return my money to my account. He said they would "review" my request. Yesterday I got an e-mail saying they had cancelled my account with them. Nothing was said about my $30.00, though. I went to my bank, Chase, and told the officer there about my problem. Then I e-mailed ScoreSense back and told them if I did not have the $30.00 back in my accunt by 5:00 today, I would be filing a formal complaint with the Washington State Attorney General on Monday, April 1. Now we will see what happens. The officer at Chase has dealt with this gang of thieves before and said he has had pretty good luck with getting our money back. I’ll post here again on Monday or Tuesday about what happens.

    • Bill Fisher

      As I said in my posting above, I am reporting back as to what I have gotten from ScoreSense. On Friday l;ast, I received an e-mail from them stating that my account has been cancelled. No mention of the $29.95 refund I had requested. Then, yesterday, I got another e-mail from SS saying that they had approved a refund of $1,00. A whole dollar. Nothing about my $29.95. Today, I sent a formal complaing to the Washington State Attorney General (I am in Vancouver USA) and to the FTC. tomorrow I am going to write my U.S House Representative, Jaime Herrera-Beutler, and ask that she introduce something in the House to require sanctions, rules and/or regulations against ScoreSense and other similar companies, such as Free Credit and, to name just two. Also, I am going back to my bank with all that I have done so far and see what, if anything, they can do to get my $30.00 back. Will let you all know what happens next.

      My wife and I believe that ScoreSense and others are nothing but an elaborate scam and desperately need to shut dow, or at least be curtailed drastically.

      • Bill Fisher

        I did not think that I would ever see my $30.00 that was debited to my account on the 27th. Yesterday, just after noon my time, I received an e-mail from this outfit that they have decided to return my $30.00 to my bank account in the next 2 or 3 days. Then, about an hour ago I saw that my account had, in fact, been debited with the $1.00 mentioned in my post, above. We will see what tomorrow or Thursday brings as far as my getting the $30.00 back in a timely manner.
        Also, yesterday I got confirmation back from the Washington State Attorney General and the FTC that they had received my formal complaints. In the next day or so, I will be sending an e-mail to my U.S representative, Jaime Herrera-Beutler, to ask her tio get something at the Congressional level about ScoreSense and others like them. We will see.

        • steve

          I had the same thing happen to me. I contacted the bbb but it does not seem to matter. I hope you have good luck with the state att. gen.

        • Bill Fisher

          Good news!! I actually got my $29.99 back, but also the original $29.99 that they hit me with andd I didn’t cach. So I got back 2 cents short of $60.00. This was after I had filed a formal complaint with the Washington State Attorney General as well as the Fair Trade Commission in Washington, DC.

          For once, Government actually does help. At least this time. But, with who is living in that extremely high priced government housing on Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C., I’m sure not going to hold my breath for anything much more.

    • laysha12

      you get the cancellation emai when you cancel. but the refund get sent up to the billing office and they email you in 1-2 business days on that. the cancellation email has nothing to do with the refund email

  • James Jones

    I guess everyone’s experience is a bit different, but I signed up for the 7 days trail. Before my 7th day was up, I called customer service and had it cancelled, since I felt the $30 was a bit expensive expecially when your unemployed. I had no problem with getting it canceled. I was however giving the $12.95 price after they found out I no longer wanted the service. All I can say, is read the fine print before agreeing and then paying for anything.

    • Destiney

      if you keep pushing you can get it down to 5 dollars a month

  • Steven Mcintosh

    This company ScoreSense is a complete rip off and we the people should find a way to get them shut down before they steal more money from the consumers. I am fileing a complaint with my bank first then i am fileing complaint with consumer protection agency and then i am posting as many adds that i can to exploit there scam!!!!! going to use there own tool anginst them the internet.

    • Donna Tiberi

      OMG! I am on currently on the phone with my credit card bank filing a complaint about unauthorized charges from Score Sence!!!! They keep charging me 29.95- we called our bank a few months before Christmas, my bank called Score Sense and they agreed to reimburse me $200.00 and I was very clear that they were canceled. It took a while but I did receive the $200.00 check. Due to family illness I have not been checking my account and tonight realized they are still charging me 29.95.

      I only clicked for a FREE CREDIT SCORE CHECK ONE TIME ONLY! I never saw any language or words to indicate that I had signed up for a 7-day free trial! This is a scam, this practice is unethical and extremely poor business practice! Its a sneaking trick to steal money from people. SHAME ON ME for not checking sooner. These pop ups show up, half the time you cannot get rid of them, you hit Free- what a joke! Nothing is for free its a sneaking scam to get hold of our money. I agree Gypsys, tramps and thieves.!!!

    • laysha12

      ScoreSense is NOT a fraud or scam.
      when you sign up on the right side before you even put in any information it states:
      "Free 7-day trial when you order your 3 free credit scores. Membership is then just $29.95 per month untill you call to cancel."
      people need to read what they sign up for you agree to this in the terms and conditions and the welcome email states the same thing!

      there is really nothing you can do because YOU didn’t read

  • jinx jean k****r

    didn’t ck enough! said it $1.00 for trial ck…. took that out of ck acct then took another $ 29.95 out and said I was enrolled in membership… what? I never signed up for this nor did I give permission to charge my acct. how do I get my $ put back in acct? i’m calling them now to raise a little fuss. I see others had the same experience. should have ck’ed BBB first . was low income before… this sure didn’t help!

  • hyssyphytt

    Gypsys, tramps and thieves. That about sums these folks up.

  • sam

    Can you email me please as I’m a reporter and would be interested in speaking with you about your experiences

    • Loni

      Hello Sam,

      My name is Loni Hart and I have been trying to get my money back. On 3/11/13 they took a dollar out of my bank acct. I only had $1.54 in my acct. They literally took my last dollar. Then when I posted $40 I checked my balance on line and they had waited until the moment money hit my acct, and swiped $29.95 leaving me with $10.59. So I called them and they hung up on me twice then I spoke with Keisha a supervisor and was told that it was up to the discretion of the business office.

      All this might not be too important to someone who is able-bodied enough to work. I am disabled and in a nursing home. I get about $750.00 per month which is taken by the nursing home. I recieve $25 a month. I am trying to save $150.00 for a co-pay to have a life saving surgery. So I spent $5 last month and 5 this month and my $40.00 was taken out of my account by these thieves.
      From what I have read here I will probably get my dollar but not the $29.95.

      I am not quite elderly, I am 58 years old but I am disabled and less fortunate. On social security it is unlikely I can ever live outside of some sort of nursing home environment. I don’t need to be here but that is another story, blah blah then dumped here by my kids and lost everything I owned. BUT with that surgery there is a chance, small but it’s a hope that I can go back to work.

      Very Sincerely,


      Alpine Living Center
      501 Thornton Pkwy
      Denver, CO 80229

  • Neenah

    I got the trial and called to cancel after the 7 days. When asked why I was cancelling, I explained that I couldn’t afford the $30. Especially since I wanted to also check my husband’s credit reports as well. The woman I spoke with explained what they could do for us, gave me a discount for the service. I’ll give it a try at the new price.

    So, if you sign up for the trial. call to cancel BEFORE your trial ends and say you just can’t afford the $30, you want your money paying off debt so your report and scores are getting cleaned up. They should then offer you a discount. I was offered $12.95.

    Take the time to read FAQs and Terms. I know, I know . . . takes sooo long to read; but the time you take will save your wallet. They tell you right up front IF you DO NOT cancel within that 7 day trial period, your card WILL be charged. I’ve been bitten for far more than $30 for missing that deadline on other trial offers in the past for other types of services or products; believe me, I now take the time to read the fine print and cancel before the trial ends.

    Other sites offer similar services for $49 a month, some offer for around the discounted price.

    Generally for companies that don’t want to let go of me, I just inform my bank to not pay them. They get the message then.

  • Gayle

    You need to be very careful with this one. If you apply for a mortgage with Lending Tree or any other online financial institution the final step will be to get your "free" credit score. Who really has the time to read the agreements when they are 10 pages long. Like everyone else I got the $1.00 fee along with $29.95. Didn’t call because I thought it was a one time fee. How wrong I was, The day the second one showed up I called to cancel and get it credited. They denied the credit because it was already on my bill. I don’t care what they do for you it sure can’t be worth $30.00 a month. Stay clear and please spread the word. Customer service people are not very professional either.

    • Carole

      I thought I was getting a credit score report and after paying the $1 the monitor went blank. Was unable to access my credit score! Now I bet I’ll be suckered for the $30. Just hoping I can cancel by phone today. This is criminal and charges should be filed. What a SCAM!!

  • Tshering gurung

    Yes I had the same experience…$1.00 they said was the fees I didn’t really pay attention to it , and after a long time I checked my account and I had been charged $200 already, i called them to cancel my account because I didn’t even know it existed. I am filing the dispute for all of their charges, haven’t received a single payment from them which they claimed. After I talked with the customer service to cancel they said that they could not pull my name up it didn’t show in their system they even asked me for my last digit of my credit card they still could not find my account WTF this is bullshit ,this is SCAM please don’t go to this website. I hope this company goes to **** and they get sued.

    • neisha

      Wow maybe because they was typing something wrong. They are a good service and I like to be monitored. That’s u for not paying attention. Who does not know they are losing 30 a month. I mean that’s just common sense people.

  • JUDY


  • Hanna Krol

    Pure rip off. I had the same experience like all of you.
    I’m waiting for scoresence to cancel their charges to my Visa. If I do not get it in a few days I will dispute the charges with my bank that issued the Visa card..

  • BH145

    I was going to I think I used one n by mistake in annual and it took me to the Scoresence website. I thought it was weird that they were asking for money. I did put my info in but closed the window before confirming. They still tried to charge my account. I called my credit card company asap and had them remove the pending charge and cancel the credit card. After reading the comments here I am glad I did.

  • Cathi

    This company is a rip off! They stole money from us! We are doing every thing we can to let people know they are a SCAM! Stay away we are even going to the police and we are going to file in small claims court against them. Liars and scum that steal from hard working people!

  • sharp

    trick, trick, how can they get away with this kind of stuff, no internet control, these people should be put out of operation.

  • Gayle

    What a bunch of CROOKS! Get your Credit Scores for FREE, my ****. I am so sick of these tactics of abusing the ‘FREE’ word!!!!!!!! You give them all your information, then they want you to file your Credit Card number to boot. CROOKS! CROOKS! CROOKS! in my book!!!!!

    • Carlos

      Stupid, if you put in your credit card info.. How can you ASSume that it’s free???

  • jeff

    so i decided to get a "free" credit score…and this website advertised it….so i thought sure along with it saying 1$ refundable transaction fee…oh but wait they pretend to say they send out a confirmation email saying that you have 7 days or you will be charged 29.95, but i never received such a fictitious email…then they claim that all complaints are from people not reading the website after 3 of their "customer service" agents hang up on me…They are by far a scam by man accounts with pathetic customer service ..DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES AND BLOCK THEIR WEBSITE WHEN AND WHEVER YOU CAN…..let all unit against them to erase their existence from the web to protect unsuspecting users

  • Darlene

    I fell for this as well it is a scam. I called 2 hrs .after the trial period time 11:00 am and cancelled. And was billed $1.00 And on my next statement $29.95 for 2 Hrs. I would stay far away from this one. Never again.

  • Ray Davis

    Too bad that some people find Scoresense a poor company to do business with. In one case a consumer, with no $ in the bank account signed for membership and then compained it got billed….duh! don’t sign for anything unless you have the $$$ to do it. Bet you that person was one of the 47%…
    I’m very happy with Scoresense and unless YOU screw up, you should be too.

  • Karrissa Freeman

    Score Sense is a thieving corp. I never gave them permission to take any money out of my account.

  • Maryellen Kirkwood

    I have gotten 4 or 5 alerts but I can not fine my credit scores.
    Maryellen Kirkwood
    6736 Gall Blvd.
    Zephyrhills, FL 33542
    I do not get anything but lists with information that just shows three bureaus are not showing correct information.

    • Maryellen Kirkwood

      Can someone explain how I convince the credit bureaus their information is inaccurate.

  • H8ScummCollectors

    They will charge again. You better send them a CMRRR cancelling your service.

    Also cancel your card.

    Everybody is entitled to one free report per year –

    You can use wellsfargo ID theft program. It’s $1 first month, i think $16 thereafter. Just cancel before 30 days are up. They are straight up.


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