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Business Name: Rock Credit Services & Blue Credit Shield
Category: Credit Services
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Corporate Address: 4253 Gordon Rd
Wilmington, North Carolina 28405 USA

Phone Number: 910-264-7625
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Completely Ripped Off By This Company

My fiance and I paid Rock Credit Service in Las Vegas, NV, $899.00 a few months ago with the understanding that they would be able to increase our credit scores so that we could purchase a home. We were told that we would be able to purchase a home in about 2 months. My credit score increased by 8 points and my fiance’s has decreased 30 points.

We have been given the run-around by this company so many times that we’re dizzy. We were referred to them by a reputable company and I am highly disappointed in the service (or lack thereof) that we have received. They told the company who referred us that they have done what they said they would do.

They called my fiance a liar when he called them on some of the issues that have come from the service we were assured of. Please – Do not use this company if you decide to have someone clean up your credit. They are extremely rude and disrespectful. They are located in North Carolina, but use Nevada phone numbers. This is because they left Nevada due to negative service. Their North Carolina phone number is also routed through their Nevada number. I wish I had had this information before I agreed to give them my hard-earned money and I hope that others will see this and think twice before trusting this company.

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  1. that complaint is a lie….if you were truly with rock credit we had to same number for over 10 years. your post is oct 12