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Business Name: First National Bank of Omaha
Category: Credit Cards
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Corporate Address: P.O. Box 2340
Omaha, Nebraska 68103 USA

Company Contact: Dan O'Neill - President
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You USE it, you LOSE it!

I just sent this letter….. It says it all:

“You people amaze me. I received a letter stating my credit line was decreased from $8,000 to $1,000 because I used my card too much recently. Well Einsteins… First, you solicited ME to get the card last year. Second, I began using it on 12/2 and used it thru December for Xmas shopping. Third, I paid it off at the beginning of January. What u saw on my credit report was a bill consolidation loan and balances on the existing cards hadn’t cleared yet. My credit score is over 700. I’m not a risk.”

Who gets their credit limit decreased for using it to Xmas shop? I paid it in full in January. Over $4,700. They solicited me through last year. I took it because I was mega-purchasing gifts and I got a discount. I paid that balance off immediately as well They can keep their card. And their zero balance. I opt to use another competitors credit card for convenience during the holidays.

Apparently I am not supposed to use my card. They can have it and the zero balance. Not very smart on their part.

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10 thoughts on “First Bankcard

  1. First bankcard is horrible, do not use them! I too have never been able to access my account on their website, the customer service people are rude and are trained to extract every penny they can out of you. You are forced to pay by snail mail and it takes them weeks to post so you accumulate late fees, and they continue to get away with it. They bought a business account I had with another company that I loved and never had a problem with. I have had nothing but headaches with these people.

  2. Worst customer service experience ever. If you are past due on your current monthly balance they shut your card down regardless of your track record of paying monthly balance off in full on time.

    Rude, argumentative customer service reps at their call center. Their record keeping is inaccurate, payment processing is slow. Claimed I never sent payment for two weeks after payment was made. Called to cancel my card and as soon as I used the words "calling to cancel my card" I got transferred and placed on hold for 38 minutes. They make it as difficult as possible to leave them.

    Contacting the Better Business Bureau regarding this company.

  3. I have had several months of problems with First Bankcard. They wouldn't accept my password,so I changed it. They still don't accept the new one and so I can't get access to the Bill paying site and have to pay my bills with a check and snail mail. I have accumulated several thousand rewards points but have no way to access that site either. Phone calls have made no difference.
    I am totally frustrated.The web site is antiquated and almost inaccesible. I am ready to abandon First Bankcard(after I redeem my reward points.)

  4. I had almost the exact same thing with them. And have the exact same scenerio however they told me a letter was mailed out on 12/11/13 and should receive it within 10 business days explaining it. Well it has been 12 business days and I still don't have it. Will not ever deal with First Bankcard again. Will keep my Discover & Capital One forever they are the BEST for customer service!!!!!

  5. I do not now, nor have I ever had your credit card. HOWEVER I constantly get calls from you searching for a " Penny White". I do not know her. I am and older lady in a nursing home in Bend, Oregon. I have been assured by your clerks many times that my phone number ha been deleted from your system BUT I continue to get these calls from you. Sure enough your business and others like yours call me looking for this lady. PLEASE stop calling me. If these calls don't stop I will notify the Attorney General of Oregon and he will stop you, I guarantee. I am too ill and to old to be harassed like this!!

  6. I have had nothing but terrible service from First Bank card. They are unreasonable and their system is very antiquated…you cannot even set up auto payments for the current statement period, so you have to schedule separate payments until the autopay "updates" sometime in the months ahead. I cancelled my card within the first year.