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Last Updated On: May 17, 2016

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Business Name: First National Bank of Omaha
Corporate Address:
P.O. Box 2340
Omaha, Nebraska 68103 USA

Customer Service Contacts

Company Contact: Dan O'Neill - President
Corp Website:

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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.29 out of 5
Based On: 9 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 22

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $7,809.79
Average Reported Losses: $867.75

Latest First Bankcard Complaint

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What? I can't hear you... what?

I was trying to pay my account from and the website just won’t process it. I called and waited for 15 minutes. The phone transferred me directly to fraudulent line, which I find it odd. I verified myself with the first representative (rep for short). No help there.

I got transferred, and had to verify again. 2nd rep still can’t solve my problem. She kept asking for my name, and insinuating I’m not who claimed to be. Finally she decide to take my payment. Transferred again!

Internet department: “Hi can I get your blah blah blah…?”. During the process of verifying with the 3rd rep, “sorry repeat it again please? I can’t hear you?….Repeat again please?….”

Me, “I’m going to the bank.”

3rd rep, “what? I can’t hear you”.

I hung up and was so frustrated now, but just to make sure its paid in full, now that my online account is locked. I called back this time to make sure the account is paid in full so I can cancel this service. The phone is picked up without wait time.

Verified again with 4th rep, “I can’t do anything for you. It’s noted here you are going to the bank. I can’t provide you with anything without further investigation.” I was like, “what? to just pay the account and verify?”. I hung up steaming mad because I know going to the bank to just verify my payment going to take another hour of wait time.

Now, I spent another hour edit this complain.

Thanks a lot firstbankcard! Just keep that account locked, that way I don’t have to waste time to cancel it. Conclude, their conduct is not honest. If they suspected me of fraudulent, they should’ve just tell me to go to the bank in the first place.

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Consumer Comments For First Bankcard

  • Bethany Horn

    I have had a business credit card with FirstBank for over a year. Have NEVER been behind on a payment and usually paid off the balance. This month I forgot about the payment which was due March 4th. March 7th I logged on and made an online payment through their website. About 2 hours later a representative from FirstBank called my work place, which I own, and promptly told my staff member that I was in severe arrears on my payment and their are trying to collect. When I heard this, I called up their collections office and had some serious words with them. Unbelieveable. Gets better, just opened a letter from them dated March 7 which is a collection letter stating that they have suspended my account. STAY AWAY FROM THESE a******s!!!

  • Julie Parks

    I make my payments on line to come out on the due date and twice know they say they never got the payment and will not wave the late fee. I always pay my bills on time, spoke with supervisor, who was a jerk and said no tp waving the fee. Maybe this is how they make extra money. They also try and get you to pay the next month along with the ‘missed’ payment! Leaving this company, wouldn’t trust them

  • Gene

    FirstBank is very shady. Cancelling their card.

  • smonroeswift

    They cancelled mine also…same issue …like five over my limit too many times…

  • Nay

    I had no problems with them until now. Their web-site was easy to use and the credit rate was lower on this card compared to others I have. But then they sent me a letter a few days ago saying they cancelled my card because I went over my credit limit too many times. I only did this a few times and when I did, I would pay the overage right away. But apparently that don’t matter…

  • mitch

    Talked with customer service at length regarding inability to log onto account. Told me I needed Google Chrome since I use a Mac. Now, a week later, google chrome available….still cannot log onto my account. This has been an ongoing problem since I gave up using paper for electronic functions. I have spent one hour attempting to log on…..refuse to call customer service again and sit waiting for a response.. Therefore, I am stuck…..plan on never using this card again.

  • Sandibeach22

    I have had an account with them since Dec. 2014. I am very pleased with them. A great credit card company. They’re now offering a very low interest rate Amex. I charged a few things for Christmas & just made my last payment. Now pif. No problems paying online or scheduling payments at all. Looking forward to doing more business with them in the future.

  • Judith Mopalia

    This is without a doubt the worst credit card company on the planet. We got this business card because it was tied to our bank – the bank is excellent. I typed the wrong number into my bill pay account when i set it up, and I could never understand why it took so long for my payments to post when the other cards on the account poster rapidly, It took them 2 YEARS to notify me of this error. They consistently apply payments to the wrong cards, are uncooperative if there are issues. and have done everything possible to destroy our credit. When we set up the account, they did not have any decent online services, and we were never informed that they had added online billing, although they apparently did only months after I asked for it. Our bills were often lost in the mail. When I finally got fed up, I called for the outstanding combined balance on all the cards and paid it – they received it 2 days later. 2 weeks later I got a collections call from them – they had applied the payment to one account – a $350 payment applied to a now closed account with a $35 balance. There was no notification that this was an excessive payment. There was no refund automatically sent. Just a hostile collections call 2 weeks later for the account that had the outstanding balance – which had been paid.
    Find another credit card company!!!

  • Ila Jones

    I’ve never experience so much regret in opening having a credit card than I have with First BankCard. The website is the absolute worst, I made a payment on my due date after 5:00 and was charged a $37.00 late fee, It took my 30 minutes to log on the d**n site. Customer service wouldn’t waive the fee & was very rude. When I asked to speak to a manager they left me on hold for 30 minutes, then the phone call was disconnected.

  • EK

    We have been using First Bankcards for my company account for 7 years. We had almost no choice but to use the cards because our main bank is tied to this cards service and some other reasons. From the 7 year experience, I can tell you that the “worst customer service” is the only way to describe them. I was finally able to cancel all the accounts today. Happy day.

  • Joe

    First Bankcard website is the absolute worst. If you can even log in, which is hit or miss (usually miss as it constantly is ‘verifying browser’ after user login), the layout is confusing and lacks key information. Most cc websites have all the key account information up front and prominent. You need to drill down several layers with First bankcard to even find the payment due date!

  • Bob S

    This bank has the WORST customer service I have ever experienced and I’ve been around for 65+ years. Their customer service (wrong name) customer disservice is just that. Do NOT open a credit card account with this bank. You will regret it.

  • Scott

    First bankcard is horrible, do not use them! I too have never been able to access my account on their website, the customer service people are rude and are trained to extract every penny they can out of you. You are forced to pay by snail mail and it takes them weeks to post so you accumulate late fees, and they continue to get away with it. They bought a business account I had with another company that I loved and never had a problem with. I have had nothing but headaches with these people.

  • Ira Longfellow

    Worst customer service experience ever. If you are past due on your current monthly balance they shut your card down regardless of your track record of paying monthly balance off in full on time.

    Rude, argumentative customer service reps at their call center. Their record keeping is inaccurate, payment processing is slow. Claimed I never sent payment for two weeks after payment was made. Called to cancel my card and as soon as I used the words "calling to cancel my card" I got transferred and placed on hold for 38 minutes. They make it as difficult as possible to leave them.

    Contacting the Better Business Bureau regarding this company.

  • Mary

    I have had several months of problems with First Bankcard. They wouldn’t accept my password,so I changed it. They still don’t accept the new one and so I can’t get access to the Bill paying site and have to pay my bills with a check and snail mail. I have accumulated several thousand rewards points but have no way to access that site either. Phone calls have made no difference.
    I am totally frustrated.The web site is antiquated and almost inaccesible. I am ready to abandon First Bankcard(after I redeem my reward points.)

  • Tessie

    I am having a hard time paying my credit card with firstbankcard every time I log in to their website.

  • Mirobio

    I had almost the exact same thing with them. And have the exact same scenerio however they told me a letter was mailed out on 12/11/13 and should receive it within 10 business days explaining it. Well it has been 12 business days and I still don’t have it. Will not ever deal with First Bankcard again. Will keep my Discover & Capital One forever they are the BEST for customer service!!!!!

  • Marjorie West

    I do not now, nor have I ever had your credit card. HOWEVER I constantly get calls from you searching for a " Penny White". I do not know her. I am and older lady in a nursing home in Bend, Oregon. I have been assured by your clerks many times that my phone number ha been deleted from your system BUT I continue to get these calls from you. Sure enough your business and others like yours call me looking for this lady. PLEASE stop calling me. If these calls don’t stop I will notify the Attorney General of Oregon and he will stop you, I guarantee. I am too ill and to old to be harassed like this!!

  • Jason

    I have had nothing but terrible service from First Bank card. They are unreasonable and their system is very antiquated…you cannot even set up auto payments for the current statement period, so you have to schedule separate payments until the autopay "updates" sometime in the months ahead. I cancelled my card within the first year.

  • Elaine

    I’ve never had any problems with First Bankcard. They are very accommodating

  • W .H.C.

    Having been a First Bank card user for some time , I wanted to let you know that your services have been very commendable.

  • H8ScummCollectors

    Looks like a phishing scum.


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