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Last Updated On: February 15, 2015

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not a valid diploma

I was doing on line school with stratford career institute out of st.albans, vt.when i first talked to school administration i asked if this degree was capable of getting into college and they had told me that it would work with any college.their was a tuition fee of 589 dollars that i was paying in payments and finally paid it in full, now that i completed all my courses i called rasmassen college if they accepted this degree from stratford career and they looked it up and told me no they did not..

so i called msu of mankato mn thinking rasmussen is a private school maybe msu would accept it, turned out they didnt either.  the administrator had told me she looked it up because she never heard of them and then told me they were not accredited school. so msu told me to call them and ask them who accredits them ,so i did and they now told me their not accredited school that they were diplomas to get work…..

i was shocked because i worked hard to finish my courses so i could take the next step to go to college and get a career not to mention that i also spent 589 dollars for nothin i have a job thats how i paid my tuition.. they mislead me they falsely reformed me just to get money… stratford career institute,12 Champlain commons ,po box 1560 st. albans,vt 05478-5560 thats the address

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  • When I investigated Stratford and called admissions office they never claimed to be accredited nor did they give any other misleading information that could entrap me into taking one of their courses. I did do other searches and found that it is a legit distance learning institute but not accredited. Ok, they acknowledged that.
    I signed up for, and completed, one of their courses and found it to be very comprehensive.
    Seriously though, anyone who thinks they can get a high level degree online for that cost must be terribly naïve.
    You get what you pay for, and in my case I and my employer, were very satisfied with the information received from my course.

  • i paid off my course last year and never got my diploma for medical assisant. why havent got it yet. took the course two years ago.


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