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Last Updated On: January 22, 2016

VitaClear Corporate Contact

Business Name: Guthy-Renker Corporation
Corporate Address:
41550 Eclectic St #200
Palm Desert, California USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corp Phone Number: 760-773-9022‎
Corp Website:

Customer Ratings and Reports for VitaClear

Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 12

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $188.67
Average Reported Losses: $94.34

Latest VitaClear Complaint

Is VitaClear a Rip Off, Fraud or Have They Scammed You? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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They Will Even Report You To A Collection Bureau For Their $ And Not Send You The Product

I have purchased several items before by Guthy-Renker and have been satisfied. A salesperson talked to me about VitaClear Vitamins benefits and I thought I’d try the 30-day trial bottle. The bottle did little if any benefit and I called to cancel after the 30 days. When I called, they told me that the item was already “in the mail” but to return them for my money back. It took a VERY LONG TIME to get them “in the mail”.

When I returned them a couple of weeks after receipt (unopened and sealed bottles), I continued to get past due notices. I called several times with the last conversation from them that I didn’t return them within the designated time (30 days). Of course, they don’t have proof when I got them either because I DID return them within 30 days of my receipt. I asked so . . . what is your solution. I am in possession of NO VITAMINS AT ALL but I have a past due bill with a threat to send to a collection agency. They told me they would be glad to resend the vitamins to me but that I HAD TO pay the $188.67.

The next month I get a notice from NORTH SHORE AGENCY COLLECTION. They were very unprofessional. TO them, REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES, I now owed THEM $188.67. I told them I sent the vitamins back because they were useless and not worth the money. I also explained my conversation with GUTHY RENKER. I told them I had not received the vitamins back yet. While I find no benefit to the pills, I am willing to pay the $188.67 if I get the product.

NO PRODUCT AFTER A YEAR BUT CONTINUOUS COLLECTION EFFORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Consumer Comments For VitaClear

  • Teresa

    Thank you for the information. I was considering it, but won’t get involved with them now.

  • Uri Idstrom

    I am investigating claims against VitaClear. If you signed up for a free trial of vitamins and were charged for unsolicited monthly shipments, please feel free to contact me at I may be able to assist you in obtaining a refund.


    Yeah I just called the company at 1-800-813-3352 to ask for a return label for my first huge bottle of vitaclear, of which I had already called and cancelled AFTER receiving my 30 day supply, when they told me my order HAD ALREADY been shipped and my bank account charged!!!! WHAT?? I was told to simply return the order and I would have a full refund in 3-5 days. I called after receiving the product to make SURE my account had been canceled because that’s when I seen HOW MUCH I WAS GOING TO BE CHARGED FOR STUPID VITAMINS!!! So I called AGAIN only to be told they would give me a 50% discount and only charge my card 12.00 dollars —well here we are over 88.00 dollars charged later and I called today and they told me my card was charged AGAIN YESTERDAY AND A NEW ORDER SHIPPED OUT AS WELL!!!!! WHATS WRONG W THESE PEOPLE??? WHAT PART OF CANCEL DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND!!!

  • Amber

    I cancelled my order with Vitaclear 3 months ago, they have YET to refund my money! Every time I call them to inquire about it, they said that it will be another 4-6 weeks before I get my money back. Today when I checked my bank account, THEY TOOK OUR ANOTHER $34 FOR A MONTHS SUPPLY OF VITAMINS that ONE, I NEVER RECEIVED, 2, I DONT WANT, and 3, I CANCELLED MY ACCOUNT 3 MONTHS AGO.

    These people are RIDICULOUS! I’m on the phone with my bank right now filing fraud charges.

  • Cathy

    holy crap! I wast thinking of ordering these pills to supplement the medication that I take and the process I go through to clear up my acne, but after reading all these posts, I am definitely NOT going to waste my money!! thank you all for your posts!

  • dissapointed

    I also, got the hook,they have already taken two payments out of my checking acct. the vitamins came in the mail postage due, i have refused to accept the package and let it go back. so glad i looked at this site. thank you for your feedback, i now know what i can do to get my money back

  • Anne

    I’ve had the exact same problem

  • ivelisse

    el 10/17/12 Guthy-Renker Corporation hizo un descuento de 32.94 a mi tarjeta de credito, me comunique con ellos y me indicaron que cuando yo hice mi orden con ellos me estaba comprometiendo a comprar esas pastillas, le indique que no me interesaba las pastillas y que me cancelara la cuenta con ellos totalmente y me indicaron que la cuenta ya estaba cancelada y que les enviara las pastillas para hacerle el credito a la tarjeta, envie el paquete #03091140000003336269 y lo recibieron el 10/21/12, me comunico con ellos y me indicaron que tenia que esperar alrededor de seis semanas para la devolucion. En el mes de noviembre llego un segundo paguete de pastillas y el 11/30/12 hicieron otro gargo 32.94 a la tarjeta de credito causandome un sobre cargo de 15.00 a mi cuenta ya que no contaba con ese cargo. Me comunico con ellos el 12/28/12 y me indicaron que el primer paguete de pastillas (el devuelto) era gratis y que los dos cargos que hicieron 32.94 era del segundo paguete que tenia un costo de "98.82" lo cual quiere decir que si no cancelo mi tarjeta de credito estas personas hubieran hecho un tercer cobro a mi tarjeta de credito por unas pastillas que se cancelo la cuenta el 10/17/12 y que en ningun momento le ordene. esta gente son un verdadero fraude no se como los dejan hacer negocio

  • Jerica

    They have the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! They are so rude. Also, they didn’t really help me and don’t tell you all the information to begin with. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!

    I cancelled my account in September but they said they couldn’t cancel my order because it was supposedly already being processed, but it took a month to get to me! Then I returned it right away. Customer service told me some weird shipping process thing that the post office would not allow me to do! The post office said all I could do was refuse the order, but vitaclear said I could have done such-and-such, which is bull. Anyway, it took more than a month for them to received my package. I tracked it and it went ALL OVER THE COUNTRY before it reached them. It went to California to Iowa back to California. Did they do that on purpose just so it would not reach them in the 60-day moneyback period? If so, thank you for taking advantage of the postal system that returns it for free!!!!!

    Anyway, when I called customer service today not only were they RUDE but refused to give my my money back. They guy, Chris, actually blamed ME that the return shipping took so long. Really?!

    They are SCAMMERS who offer you a "free" trial but basically require the next payment since you cannot cancel it and will not return your money because the ENSURE that the shipping will take too long!

    DO NOT ORDER!!!!!!

    • Jerica

      I filed a complaint with the BBB ask John did and received a refund! I highly suggest it for everyone else who got scammed!!! Thanks, John!

      The worst part, though, is that in Vitaclear’s response/apology email to me, they said that in addition to giving me my refund, they would clear my balance of $65.88. I didn’t even know I had a balance, and I don’t know why I would have a balance since I cancelled before my FIRST order.

  • John

    I was also scammed by them, I filed a complaint with the BBB and received the following response from them:

    Thank you for contacting Guthy|Renker through the Better Business Bureau. We received your inquiry and sincerely apologize for any miscommunication. We take these complaints very seriously and appreciate the time you have taken to let us know about your experience. We make every effort to be forthcoming regarding our promotions and offers for Proactiv® via the website, TV infomercials, inbound sales phone line, print materials, product packaging and billing. The offer on the website for $19.95 per month refers to the Proactiv® 3-piece kit. Our records indicate that you opted for the Proactiv® 5-piece kit, therefore making the monthly cost $29.95. Per the terms of the online offer, your second Proactiv® shipment was sent on October 11, 2012 for a total of $99.84 to be billed in three installments over three consecutive billing cycles. The first payment of $39.94 (included $9.99), was charged at the time of shipping, leaving a balance of $59.90. In an effort to fully resolve this matter, I have issued a refund of $39.94 and cleared the $59.90 balance. This credit will show as two separate transactions, one in the amount of $29.95, and the other for $9.99 (s&h). Please allow 3-5 business days for this credit to post. Your Proactiv® account is now closed with no further balance owed. Nothing further will be shipped or billed. Sincerely, Manager of Consumer Affairs

    • Tim

      These people need to be stopped. This company is as crooked as any I’ve ever known. The attorney General needs to put a stop to this.


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