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Business Name: RejuvaGlow
Category: Cosmetics
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Corporate Address: 6950 Bryan Dairy Rd
Seminole, Florida 33777 USA

Phone Number: 877-818-3245
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SkinDM Scam and not worth the jar it's in

While viewing the infomercial about RejuvaGlow and SkinDm, the assurance of a two week trial sealed the deal. One would think the trial begins from the date delivered. I was not told differently.
After receiving the product, I tried it on myself with no noticeable results what so ever from the SkinDm.

I did not realize you had to call within 2 weeks, from the date you ordered not received. By that time my credit card had already been charged 89.41 plus the initial $3.95 enticement amount. So with less than a weeks worth of use, you have to decide if it’s making a difference and call to cancel.

I called and was on hold so long I hung up, but forgot to call back until after the 14 days. I then received another 1 oz jar and my credit card charged $95.36 this time. I called to cancel and was told that they could only return half of my money and there was nothing they could do to help me.

I told them I was filing with the Better business Bureau. They didn’t seem to care one way or the other. So for $144.01 I received two 1 oz jars of cream not worth anything.


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Additional RejuvaGLOW Contact Information: 22100 E 26th Ave #100 Aurora, CO 80019 | 877-818-3244 |

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4 thoughts on “SkinDM

  1. I got taken by this company too for both the SKINDM and RejuvaGLOW. What got me was they charged me for the FREE sample because I overlooked the fine print re letting them know within 30 days. My charge card ended up with over $400 charges of which I was refunded only about $200. Representative and her supervisor were both hateful and did not want to hear my complaint but plainly stated I would not get the $200 back. I wrote complaints on both company's to the BBB. Alas, I should have read BBB before I ordered these products as they have an alert on this consumer. Their pop-up advertisements are very misleading when they stated FREE sample and I am sure many people have been taken advantage of. I just want my money back!!!

  2. I found the ad on facebook, and everything said it was a 30 day trial, so I had it on my calendar to cancel 2 days early, but apparently they ONLY offer a 14 day trial and they charged my credit card $100.61 for the skinDM and a further $95.86 for the rejuvaglow. These companies are a scam!! Do NOT order their trials!

  3. why leave a phone number if you have NO INTENTIONS OF ANSWERING, I want to CANCEL this d**n order and DO NOT take another cent out of my account!What I do want is my MONEY BACK!!!