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Last Updated On: June 6, 2016

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Business Name: It Works! Global, Inc.
Corporate Address:
5325 E State Rd 64
Bradenton, Florida 34208 USA

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It Works! Phone Number: 941-348-6650
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Company Contact: Mark Pentecost - President
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Average Rating: 1.83 out of 5
Based On: 6 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 5

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Reported Losses: $3,396.99
Average Reported Losses: $566.17

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It Doesn't Work! More like IT takes!

Someone I know asked me to stop by her place so she can tell me about this It Works product that would change my life. I stopped by, she threw all of these pamphlets in front of me without pretty much telling me what the products do. She had informed me with tears in her eyes that she believed in this company and she really needed the money. I asked how much the products were and when she gave me the price catalog I about had a heart attack. I work 60-70 hours a week and still could not afford to buy her products and I told her that. She said “No I don’t want you as a customer, I want you as a distributor”! I told her I had to think about it and wanted to research the products and company first.

The very next day she was texting me asking me for my social security number and credit card information. I thought “WOW she really is desperate to get money”‘ I told her I was not comfortable giving her that information right then. I would say for the next 24 hours the texts I received from her were jokingly asking me for my personal information for distributor sign up. I was tired of her harassing me with the stupid uncalled for text so I gave in thinking she would lay off of me and maybe I could really make some extra cash.

Anyways the $99 sign up fee turned into $120. I received my kit with of course no defining gel like they said would be included. Never did I get my credit for the product either! I was also never informed that there would be a monthly charge of $20 for my Esuite until after it was withdrawn from my account.

The distributor that signed me up informed me that I needed to keep my auto ship going every month and it had to be $150 product every month. Who can afford to throw away that kind of money every month. My distributor had other distributors place a LC and a distributor under me without my knowledge. She even got to the point where she was harassing my 18 year old daughter for her social security number to sign her up as distributor. My daughter asked her if that was fraud and my distributor said “Maybe”? I informed my daughter to not give her information out.

My distributor said if I signed up my daughter under me I would be guaranteed a $500 bonus and would go Ruby because all I needed was that one distributor. So I signed up my daughter and paid her sign up fee too. She had also put a loyal customer under me but that LC auto ship declined 3 months in a row. I had emailed the LC to let her know it was declined and my distributor found out I did and told me I was NEVER EVER to contact a LC regarding a declined payment. I was very nice when I sent her that email so I don’t know why she was so angry.

I cannot afford to buy it works products to test them myself and my distributor was very defensive when I asked her to test them. I wanted to quit it works due to these issues and was told i couldn’t. I wanted to change distributors and again was told I couldn’t, I wanted to remove that LC who’s payment was continuously declining and was told I could not do that.

I need help getting out and away from this company. This distributor should not be allowed to sell it works.

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  • MalikaBourne

    Pushy rep worked in my home as an aid for my disabled son. She set up and account on my own lap top. I agreed to try to the greens, with a stipulatios”. She hdd to read me the ingredients ( I have some visual problems) I told her that because of my complicated medical issues with some of my medications I can NOT take soy nor grapefruit juice. Short story is she LIED to me. The ph changes messed with my meds. I finally got a maginifying glass to read the tiny list of ingredients. GRAPEFRUIT juice. I confronted her to which she replied, ” My up-line says there is so little of that” The real problem is the rep. I shoud have known better as a retired RN with old certifiactes in herbology. But, she pushed and creid that she wanted to make ruby. Then I never agreed to extra products as I can’t afford them. She added any way/ Finally the company blocked my account becasue she added stuff…. My real concern is that these reps have NO education in chemistry; pharmacology’ nutrition…. They can not prescribe. This rep was in her early 30’s having weighed 350 poinds. Sure I am overweight like many of my over 65 year old peers. I was never over weight until a decade ago No rep has the right to approach anyone, especially my age and expertise with the implication of YOUR FAT you need my product. I oculd see her diet was horrible! She bragged she could eat what she wanted and she did, because she can take a fat burner, which she said I needed. Yes I need to loose wiegh—I need to walk, but I was hit by a car for one thing and I have been recobering from injuries very slowly…One last thing is the rep is at fault/ I tol her NOT to give my son any more GREENS. He is nearly blind. He can’t see what she gave him to eat or drink. She was mixing GREENS with his miralax the doctor ordered. My son’s lower body is parapalegic. with neurological issues…not the same kind of constipation normal people have…( like her 9 year old who eats root beer and oreos for breakfast and has tons of constipation issues even with the greens) SHE MIXED my sons RX vitamins, medications with the greens!! It caused a blockage! I told her not to give it to him, She did any way. She was cocky about her product and her knowledge health also saying she was a nursing student, ( She had not entered any nursing program, yet/ She had a hard time keeping lies straight) She bragged she knew all kinds of things about nutrtion..haha! It was obvious she knew squat.Then why was she sneaking my son’s breakfast of 4 cups of cereal and 3 cups of milk? I use a 4 cup measuring cup with a handle for his addaptive eating bowl. It is marked with the number of cups! She filled it.That is dumb! She has no concept of portion control nor reading directions. NO he could not see what he was eating. He just eats what is given him. I had to watch her behind her back fo rmany things. I wondered why the ceral was gone in a few days. I FIRED her from the job she had in our home. She is not safe. She forces her product on people when they say NO.The It Works company should fire her too. These so called “health” product mlm companies need to train the reps for competance first before they are allowed to compete for ranks and cruises. Not FDA compliant at all when they have no real training in medical arts. They need to STOP prescribing and nearly dumping in people throats. RANT done, Sorry.

  • Rebecca

    I ordered my business builder kit paid $99 for the 4 wraps 4 defining gels and fab wrap. I did not receive my defining gels they told me that they did not have any in stock and awarded me 25 points instead which is NOT enough to even buy ONE defining gel. & on top of it I still have to pay the S&H. Why should I pay more money for something I already payed for? Unethical and unlawful. If anyone has this same problem contact me at 682 333 1237

    • Winnie

      The kit only comes with 4 MINI Defining Gels, which are sold for $5 each. Idk where you got the idea that you get 4 Full Size Defining Gels for $25 lol

  • robyn

    Sorry to hear this happened to you! But that would be the person who asked you to try the products fault, not the company. She had signed you up as a loyal customer without telling you the details. This is the person you should be mad at, not the company. They only process whatever is sent in to them. A loyal customer is someone who agrees to commit to a 3 month auto-shipment of any product and after the third month you are free to cancel the autoshipment but still recieve wholesale pricing on products. This explains why you kept getting charged and kept getting packages. But SOMEONE had to sign you up for this program. The company does not just randomly charge you and send you items. I would be having a talk with whoever it was that approached you about trying the products.

  • Ihateitworks

    After cancelling autoshipment I got ANOTHER charge on my credit card for another order. They said it looked like it didn’t get cancelled and refuse to refund me immediately. I have to wait forever for it to get here, mail it back on my own dime and THEN I will get a refund after I pay a restocking fee! NO way…I will continue to fight this, what a joke


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