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Business Name: It Works! Global, Inc.
Category: Cosmetics
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Corporate Address: 5325 E State Rd 64
Bradenton, Florida 34208 USA

Phone Number: 941-348-6650
Company Contact: Mark Pentecost - President
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It Works...Not

I tried this wrap to party weight loss and didn’t see any results. I’m thinking to my self, “thank god i only ordered the product one time.” A few months later I get a package in the mail. Low n behold, its another order of “it works”. I didn’t order it so I called the company.

The woman on the phone said they were all just scratching their heads… Wondering what happened. We laughed a bit at it. Then started the procedure for the return. I was told I would get a full refund. Even the Shipping charges would be refunded to me, plus, I would get a free return label to ship it back to them.

I’m thinking, WOW, what a great company. Until they sent me a label via email that I couldn’t open. I called them and asked if their were any other way they could send it.


I asked if they could mail it too me. They said they were unable to do this. Apparently they have no hands, fingers or tongue to lick the envelope.


Now I am going to have to be inconvenienced by having to pay for shipping out of my own pocket, which i wouldn’t have minded had I ordered the product.

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Alternate Business Names: It Works Marketing, Inc., Mayitworks

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One thought on “It Works!

  1. After cancelling autoshipment I got ANOTHER charge on my credit card for another order. They said it looked like it didn't get cancelled and refuse to refund me immediately. I have to wait forever for it to get here, mail it back on my own dime and THEN I will get a refund after I pay a restocking fee! NO way…I will continue to fight this, what a joke