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Last Updated On: August 25, 2015

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Business Name: It Works! Global, Inc.
Corporate Address:
5325 E State Rd 64
Bradenton, Florida 34208 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 941-348-6650
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Mark Pentecost - President
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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.33 out of 5
Based On: 3 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 2

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $1,878.00
Average Reported Losses: $626.00

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Is It Works! a Rip Off, Fraud or Have They Scammed You? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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Lost Money Not Weight

I was talking with a coworker who insisted I try some products from It Works. I received the first box valued at 87.00 dollars. There were two products inside. A container of green powder and a bottle of pills. I did not like either and told her. She said to call the company to see about a refund. I was told that I could not cancel because I was on a loyalty program. I did not sign anything to be on the loyalty plan. I had no idea about the loyalty plan. I told them not send me anymore. Low and behold another package came. I was charged again.

I called them again but was told the same thing. I received the third package and called them and at that point it was cancelled but not before the fourth package because it had just been sent back. I returned all four packages and they were returned back to me stating that I did not state how I wanted to handle the return or exchange. Why the could not call or email me I will never know.

Well I called again and was told that I would be credited 3 charges of 78 dollars minus a 50 dollar fee. I returned them again. I called them after not hearing anything for about 2 weeks. I was told that they would not return the 300 dollars because now it was outside of the return period.

I have not received the items back yet either. I am going to call them back to see what is going on with the items. They have had them for over a month now. I do have an attorney in this matter now. All I wanted was a refund.

Please stay away from this company. They are a fraudulent company who will do whatever they have to to deceive you. The products do not work. Every person I know who has tried these items say they do not work. Buyer BEWARE!

Consumer Comments For It Works!

  • Sorry to hear this happened to you! But that would be the person who asked you to try the products fault, not the company. She had signed you up as a loyal customer without telling you the details. This is the person you should be mad at, not the company. They only process whatever is sent in to them. A loyal customer is someone who agrees to commit to a 3 month auto-shipment of any product and after the third month you are free to cancel the autoshipment but still recieve wholesale pricing on products. This explains why you kept getting charged and kept getting packages. But SOMEONE had to sign you up for this program. The company does not just randomly charge you and send you items. I would be having a talk with whoever it was that approached you about trying the products.

  • After cancelling autoshipment I got ANOTHER charge on my credit card for another order. They said it looked like it didn’t get cancelled and refuse to refund me immediately. I have to wait forever for it to get here, mail it back on my own dime and THEN I will get a refund after I pay a restocking fee! NO way…I will continue to fight this, what a joke


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