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Business Name: Equinox Skin Care
Category: Cosmetics
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Corporate Address: 11532 Harry Hines Blvd # 320
Dallas, Texas 75229 USA

Phone Number: 877-316-1859
Email: customerservice@equinoxskincare.com
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This company offers you a free trial of anti aging cream. Your only cost is shipping and handling in the amount of $5.00 dollars. However, once you use your your credit card or debit card they charge your card an unauthorized amount about ten days later $200.00 dollars.

l called to complain, they state they will give you a refund of $50.00 for each product (2). Which means they will credit you $100.00 dollars and they billed you $200.00 dollars. Their explanation a re-stocking fee 0f $50.00 dollars per product.

However no products are returned for restocking because they sent a free trial offer.

Reported to this scam to my bank due to unauthorized charges other than the shipping fee.

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9 thoughts on “Equinox

  1. I agree. Do not purchase. Sneaky sales pitch and products are not that great. My under $10 purchase turned into an over $300 purchase debited out of my account without my consent. I plan to return everything and get a full refund. If I don't, I will file a complaint with my bank and enlist some help.

  2. A Scam. Not Ordered.

    Whilst on my internet an advertisement popped up for a 30 day free trial for RVTL face cream priced @ £4.95 which I agreed to purchase. I noted that the £4.95 + £2.99 P&P had been deducted.

    I rec’d my cream on 29th March but found to my horror that on the 31st March they collected £95.00 + £85.00. Apparently by agreeing to purchase the cream they automatically sign u up for Equinox flawless; this has not arrived.

    I had not ordered this – there were no terms and conditions on the advert or any mention of extra money being collected. I am now £184 out of pocket – have no money left in my account and have a £4.95 pot of cream. I have contacted my bank to stop any future deductions but they are unable to help get my money back.

  3. I am so upset about this I could cry.i thought it would be £2.99 postage.instead almost £200.00 has been taken from my bank. The firm has said they will send me £50.00 but I have blocked them from sending any mail to my bank so don,t know where to turn.i was saving the money as I am 70 in May and the family are going to Cornwall for a week to celebrate and I wanted to treat my grandsons.How do the owners of these companies sleep at night?

  4. why is this company still allowed to operate?? I closed my bank account before these people could dip their sticky fingers into my account, after reading the complaint's on the internet,
    They are really horrible to do this to people, I look toward to reading the appropriate authority has taken action against this company.

  5. I am also a victim of this rip off company. When I agreed to the trial, There was no mention of a 14 day period to cancel/ avoid recurring deductions. There was no indication that replenishment orders would be placed for an additional $192, and I would not have ordered the product had I known about this. I too have contacted my bank to close my debit card and dispute the fraudulent charges. The CSR on the phone could barely speak English and said there was no supervisor available. She also stated that no refund would be possible. UNBELIEVABLE!!

  6. The same thing happened to me. There was no terms and conditions on the web site when I purchased the shipping and handling of the 30 days free trial. I requested these two free trials with the understanding that all I had to pay for was the purchase for the 30 days free trial of Equinox and RVTL. There was no mention anywhere through this TV advertising of terms and conditions. Believe me I would have called after 14 days to cancel if only I had seen this prior to requesting the free trials. I was charged just recently two amounts totaling $192. for something that I do not need and never asked for. After calling costumer service several times to see about a full refund they will not bulge. I am still going to send back the two products and I will follow with taking legal actions at a small claims court if my bank is unable to get a refund for me.

  7. I was ripped off as well. I just got an alert from my bank that there were 2 transactions from Great Britain. They were for the 2 wrinkle products sold on a FB site endorsed by Dr. Oz. Equinox and some other cream. It was supposed to be a total of 8.92 for shipping the FREE trial size of these 2. I will be contacting my bank and submitting these to the fraud department for a complete refund!

    • I was just hit with a surprise charge of $99.00. My bank has frozen my card and I'm contacting the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's office on Monday. I am livid and ready to take these corrupt theives on. P.S. The product is as dreadful as the company. Both make my flesh crawl. This is war!!!

  8. Should of read the reviews beyond the company web site.

    I ordered this at the beginning of december but it was NOT delivered till after christmas. Customer service has it as delivered on the 10 & 13th of december. The 14 day trial begins the day you order, not when delivered. How can that be?

    Customer service is handled by a call center with men ( I spoke to 4 people, all claiming to have diff names, altho they all sounded very much the same) that you could NOT understand. One even hung up on me. VERY RUDE.

    Refunds for a reported "shipping only trial" (which later costs ~$200 for 2 products) are not given. When I asked to speak to a manager the rep said "my manager does not take calls".

    This company is a pure scam.

    I have reported them as a credit card fraud scam.