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Business Name: Arizona Nutraceutical LLC
Category: Cosmetics
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Corporate Address: 4340 W. Chandler Blvd. Ste 5
Chandler, Arizona 85226 USA

Phone Number: 888-589-3380
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Product that didn't work

I had some dealings with A Company called Dermo Pure.

1) PRODUCT doesn’t work

2) was asked to pay for sample via an email

3) was promised an amex gift card and a gas card

4)I called customer service (an out of the country call center) It was very hard to understand the agent.

5) she told me that a gas card was never offered. This is not true, in fact the agent said to me “be sure you get the gas card”

I probably will never receive the gas card, but this company needs to be stopped

Thank you!

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3 thoughts on “DermaPure

  1. dermapure u owe me 89.95 give my mony back.

    u want get any more that for sure. low life stealing u should be ashame. do not use this proudct.

  2. I have been charged 5 times for your product on my credit card this month which I did not order or receive..

    Please take me off your list

  3. YOU, sent my debit card on to Budget Source which has billed 89.00. Trying desperately to get my money back. You said you are NOT linked to Budget Source what a lie. How dare you. I returned your product

    Budget Source said they mailed me a form and if it wasn't returned in 15 days they would start billing my debit card which is now cancelled.

    Thanks for all the problems you created.

    DO NOT USE THIS product. It will only cause grief.

    It's NOT FREE.