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Last Updated On: December 24, 2016

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Business Name: JG Direct LLC
Corporate Address:
5335 Ventura Dr
Delray Beach, Florida 33484 USA

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Black Diamond Skin Serum Phone Number: 800-574-6159
Company Contact: Tracy Barnies - Manager
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.05 out of 5
Based On: 59 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 88

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Reported Losses: $7,213.67
Average Reported Losses: $122.27

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Kroger aligned with CROOKS

My story is the same. I took the time to complete a survey for Kroger, was offered a gift worth $50 (lie) and only had to pay $5 shipping.

Luckily, I used a secondary debit card, not my main one, but this morning I woke up to it being overdrawn. They charged me $99.99.

If you don’t read the fine print at the time you order it, you don’t realize that in 14 days, they are going to charge your card for continued ‘membership’ – getting a bottle of what is probably asbestos face cream every month from now on.

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  • Jaber Camson

    Same thing happened to me, Answered a survey, they sent me a bottle and charged my credit card for $120. Although it was mentioned it is free only to pay shipping, When I complained , had a very hard time to return it, They only refunded me $78. This is a total scam product.

  • Lanette Mackey

    My “initiation” with this scam came through a survey I completed with what I thought was a legitimate survey from CVS (like Patty T. below). I urge everyone to file a complaint with the Florida Attorney General’s Office. You can do this on their website – just “google” Florida Attorney General. Their website is easy to navigate.

    I filed a complaint just a few days ago and have already heard back from them asking for additional information in an ongoing investigation. They are working hard to gather information in order to shut this unscrupulous “company” down.

    I am new to this site and not certain if there is a way to send a private email to anyone. If so, I can provide them the name and number of the person I spoke to (he has given me permission). If a private email conversation is not possible then I am certain if you file a complaint they will also get back with you.

    I also contacted CVS and they told me that these are fraudulent sites made to look like CVS!

  • Judy Cannon Kirby

    I ordered my 100% free trial of Black Diamond Serum thru Kohl’s website. I paid the $4.95 shipping charge. When I got my credit card bill I saw a $99.99 charge I called and was told that the “free trial” was only for 2 weeks. AFter that, if it wasn’t returned, I would be charged. So, I thought “ok, stupid me”. I told them to not send me anymore. So, today, lo and behold, I get another shipment of the serum. I just got off the phone with customer service, Sonya, who told me my credit card will be credited $10. She said that all this shipment cost. Needless to say, I will be checking my credit card bills close to monitor if that credit occurs and how much it is. If it’s not for the full amount I will dispute it. I’m also going to express my displeasure to Kohls that they suckered people in with this on their website.

  • Patty T.

    I ordered my “100% Free Trial” of Black Diamond Serum through CVS’s website after taking a survey. I was offered three different products to choose from, and selected the Black Diamond Serum. I carefully read the website to make sure I was not signing up for automatic delivery.
    Nope, I wasn’t. I made sure of it. When my Black Diamond serum arrived, there was a tub of Derma Scoop with it. Huh? I was never offered and never ordered it, but they shipped it anyway (and I was charged for shipping!) Today I noticed $200 ($199.97 to be exact) had been deducted from my bank account for the products. I called the company for a refund. The company said they would refund, but I would have to pay to return the products, they must be returned with tracking, and I would have to pay a $30 restocking fee. Where’s the 100% free in all this? And truthfully, I never ordered the Derma Scoop. As an aside to all this, the products are horrible. Today while at work, I accessed Black Diamond Serum’s website directly to read their terms and conditions, but could not because the website is blocked by my employer as being “illegal or questionable.”

    • Patty T.

      UPDATE: JG Direct LLC has received the Black Diamond Skin Serum and the Derma Scoop that I returned to them. Because they refunded me for the Black Diamond but not for the Derma Scoop, I called them today. I was informed that although they did receive both products, they are not going to refund me the $99.97 for the Derma Scoop after all because, they said, I have been “blacklisted.” They said because I filed a complaint against them with the BBB, they are unable to refund my money and too bad for me. “There’s nothing we can do for you” they said. By the way, JG Direct LLC is not BBB accredited, and yet I and 49 other people have filed complaints against them. So they have my money AND the product I returned. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was told the supervisor didn’t want to talk to me. What a company! I’m proud to be “blacklisted” with them. Today I filed another complaint with the BBB saying they were holding my money hostage, filed a complaint with the Attorney General for the State of Florida, and contacted my bank and disputed the charge. I know I will get my money back–I’ll just have to wait.

  • Thao

    I’m one of the lucky few who stopped right before finalizing my trial sample application. I entered my name, email, address, and phone number -> clicked the RUSH ORDER button and stopped there because i wanted to see reviews on this product before I ordered it for my mother. Thankfully I came upon this site then. I exited the site right away.
    Today, I received a call from a representative (a “nutritionist” I believe it was? His voice was a little harsh for me to understand) from Black Diamond who very aggressively tried to sell it to me for a reduced shipping price of ~$2. I politely refused until he kept pushing so hard, I flat out said “I Don’t Want It.” I dodged a bullet for sure.
    My problem is that even though I did not finalize the transaction, they were able to retain my personal information, especially my address, which he recited back to me in the midst of the conversation as he tried to pitch the sale. I worry that this information would be used anywhere else without my consent… If anyone needs the number that they called me with, let me know and I will give it.

  • Sumo

    Trial (Not Sample)
    a test of the performance, qualities, or suitability of someone or something.
    “clinical trials must establish whether the new hip replacements are working”
    synonyms:test, tryout, experiment, pilot study; More

    test (something, especially a new product) to assess its suitability or performance.
    “all seeds are carefully trialed in a variety of growing conditions”

  • Josie

    I do sympathize with the people that did lose money with trial products but i will say that they are not samples and u should always read the terms and conditions before ordering anything, A product that will reverse aging that significantly would never cost just 4.99

  • MJ

    I wanted to say THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU THAT POSTED THIS!!! I’m sorry for what happened to you all, but if you hadn’t wrote about it I would have been in the same situation and seriously overdrawn!
    I bought this also after a survey. I paid the 4.99 and it came yesterday. I figured I would look up reviews today to see what they were and that’s when I saw this post. I immediately called and told them to cancel it! After more than a half an hour to cancel it, after “oh I talked to my supervisor and she said I can give you my employee discount.” and how he said, “well, you didn’t give it a month, after a month you can look 20 years younger.” I told him, “I’m 41, I don’t WANT to look 21! I just want to cancel.” He finally came back and told me this long address and told me I Had to pay to send back the “free” sample and add a tracking number so it wouldn’t be “LOST” otherwise then I’d have to pay the full price of $89.99 plus $9.99 shipping and handling. That’s just a complete SCAM! Again, I’m sorry they took advantage of you all, but thank you for the courage to saving at least one other person from going in the hole. I think it’s reprehensible That Real sites are promoting this and it’s disgusting! Hopefully, after I pay to have it tracked and and received I’m done. I will repost after my experience and update you all. AGAIN, So Sorry, but THANK YOU!!!

  • Macky

    I took a “Pandora” survey (I’ve since been advised by Pandora that it was not legit) on 8/18/14 and was offered a free gift valued at $79 and Up. After the survey I chose the option to receive the Black Diamond anti-aging cream for free, all I had to pay was $4.97 for shipping.

    On 9/23/14 BLACKDIAMONDNOW charged an additional $119.97 to my credit card. I called the number on my statement. I spoke with the customer representative whose name I could never understand because of the static on her end of the line. I told her my concern of being charged and she immediately began asking if I liked the product and if I’d noticed a difference in my skin. I told her I am not interested in this conversation, I called to complain of the fraudulent charge. The rep said that I had been on a 14 day free trial period and since I did not cancel my order before the 14 day period, I was charged the $119.97. I told her I was not on a 14 day trial period, I never agreed to that, and I want a refund to my credit card.
    I also old her that there was no mention of a trial period, it was presented as a free product for doing the survey. I had to repeatedly tell her that I did not join a trial period, but I accepted a free gift for taking the survey.
    The email I received as my order confirmation email did not mention anything about a trial period, nor the did confirmation of shipment email state that.
    I finally got a “Senior Rep on the Floor” supervisor named “Edgar.” He was definitely foreign. I told him the same concern and request for a refund as I had told the woman. He first said I could have a refund if I would return the product and then he said, “Wait.” The line was silent for quite awhile. I asked several times if he was still there and he would finally say, yes. After some time he said that he was wrong and that I was past my 14 day trial period and that he could not refund my money even with a return. I told him I was not past my 14 day trial period because I did not agree to one. He said I did and he would take a screen shot. I told him that I look through the terms & conditions and would have seen that. Then he told me it was in my email. I told him I did not recall that, but would check after I got off the phone with him. (I did and it was not in either of the emails they sent.) I told him to refund my money, and that this was fraud. I asked for his supervisor and he said there would not be another one until tomorrow, but they would not refund my money either. Then he asked if I wanted to cancel with them and I said, “Absolutely!”
    Additionally, if anyone does agree to a 14-day trial, there is no way to contact them to stop it!

    This is a racket a fraud and I hope that someone is able to stop them! BEWARE OF BLACK DIAMOND!

  • Glamorous Senior

    This is more complicated than we realized. I ordered a free trial of Vibrante Skin on July 9, which I have never received as of 10/24, and they pulled the unauthorized $89 charges– until I complained and cancelled them– so yesterday I received this Black Diamond and some other crème without ever ordering it– Have they changed their name and location and substituted this product ??>? Vibrante was in California and this Black Diamond is in Florida ???> Probably moved and opened up under a different name as they had so many complaints.

  • Ginger Price

    Thing is- it says the terms directly on the website, and right on the last page of order. It not only says it, it makes you click a box that means you agree to it. A 14 day trial. If you cancel in that time you can send it back. You aren’t paying, and you are having the chance to see if you like it first. Maybe some accountability?

    • Patty T.

      Those items were not on the website when I ordered my free bottle of Black Diamond Serum for spending a certain amount of money at CVS and for taking a survey with them. All I had to do was pay for shipping. Period. There were no terms and conditions, no box to check, no mention whatsoever of a 14-day trial. I did my due diligence in going over that website with a fine tooth comb. I was most definitely accountable.

  • Halinka J

    I too am completely disappointed with Black Diamond. After receiving the product and looking up reviews about Black Diamond, I checked my credit card statement to realize that I too was charged $119 pending from B.B.S.S. Co. This company is robbing people blind!!! HUGE SCAM

  • Vaileria

    I am totally disappointed with Black Diamond skin serum
    results. I didn’t found any effect on my
    skin and it gives me little rashes on my skin. Find more information on Black
    Diamond here
    before buying.

  • cc

    I sent out beware notice to my friends in Facebook and Twitter about these websites
    Here is the website to block transactions
    Here is the complaint site

  • md

    I THINK WE SHOULD START TO FILE ARE LAW SUIT ON SMALL CLAIMS. OUR BANKS TRACK EVERYTHING RIGHT DOWN TO LOCASTION and that’s what I intent to do.. its mothers day sunday they took my 100 out of my trillium they new it would be in my bank… but my cibc bank will get it back:) and still file law suit my self

    • Don

      Good luck with that. Just because you neglected to read the terms and conditions does not mean you are entitled to a law suit. Future reference, read everything you are agreeing to before you purchase anything.

      • Patty T.

        Don–maybe md did not neglect to read terms and conditions. I ordered my “free” bottle of Black Diamond Serum from CVS’s website for spending a certain amount of money at CVS and for taking a survey with them. All I had to do was pay for shipping. Period. There were no terms and conditions, no box to check, no mention whatsoever of a 14-day trial. I did my due diligence in going over that website with a fine tooth comb and yet, today they took $200 out of my bank account, and I am going to do everything in my power to get every cent back.

  • Cheryl Kennedy

    I finally found Terms and Conditions web site. I called and canceled after 3 months. Cost me over 300.00.
    It was a learning experience. I believe this is a scam as all the information should be on each website.
    La Creame was associated with Black Diamond and though I finally called the number that was sent but was not getting a answer. They called today and that has been cancelled today.

  • K. Ansari

    I never ordered or authorized any payment yet they somehow charged me a total of$205.97, which was taken out of my account. No delivery at all. It is just an internet scam. They are criminals with white collars! Can you help?

  • elaina

    I thought i was only paying 4.99 for the Black Diamond serum. I received two bottles and was charged 200.00. I really dont think there was a contract or maybe i had to go to their website to down load it. Not sure but i am pretty careful about these things.
    I canceled the order and was able to return one bottle but not the other. Will never order cream on line again.
    I feel taken advantage of and stupid for falling for this stupid scheme.

  • Julia

    I was done same way as many of you. Received my free sample and then was billed $99.00 on March 10th and $99.00 on March 24th.
    I had to cancel my debit card and turn over all the information to the bank. WHAT A SCAM.

  • sandie w in Maine

    Boy! I wish I would have seen this earlier. I too only did the trial. Which I never rec’d, I st. upidly tried to email them over and over with no reply. I finally found their number on my BANK STATEMENT, along with the trial chg and the $99 chg. Then I notice There is a another chg for $109, I still have no product. I was told by ED (the heavy breather, that told me to stop asking questions while he was looking up my acct. and could not do 2 things at once.) I am going to file fraud chgs alright. I am also contacting the Better Business Bureau and anyone that can help. I can’t believe this has happened to me, I am on disability for a debilitating disease and can’t afford someone taking advantage of me especially when I don’t even have anything to show for it. The only positive comment was from FAST EDDY, REALLY!!!! It is awfully weird that all of us talked to the same person, before he hung up on me he said the call volume was to high for him to listen to me anymore. I BET!!!

  • Valerie

    Same thing happened to me. They actually billed my bank on 2/28 then billed the $99.99 on the same day. I called them but received the same treatment as everybody else, the robot!!!

  • Hal

    I got screwed for $99.00 too. I said I would accpt a free sample. I did not have to pay for shipping and did not give them my credit card. Just called the bank and reported the fraud, and canceled the card. What a painin the a*s.

  • Pat

    I had the same experience ,I filled out a survey from Costco and for doing so I was giving a Free sample of black diamond for the cost of shipping4.99. Two weeks latter they charged my credit card 99.00 . I called the credit card co. And they three way me with black diamond .
    I ask for a copy of what I agreed and signed with no explication . They said if I mailed the serum back they would refund me.TOTAL scam

    • Tammy Razzano

      Can’t find a phone number to call them – please email it to me @ I want my money back!!!

  • Cynthia Champagne

    I paid a $4.99 Foreign Fee on my credit card. Yesterday, I received the Black Diamond Diamond Skin Serum (my FREE Sample). However, I recently was scammed by another company name of VIVEXIN, was charged $5.95 for shipping and then had a charge on my next bill for the product. Therefore, when I received Black Diamond Serum yesterday I filed a complaint and informed them not to send any more products. Followed up with a phone call and was assured they would Not send anything further. We’ll see.

    I am no going to call my credit card company and make sure no charges go thru.

  • Nancy

    Is there a phone number to get a hold of this company as I want to cancel. before they take money out of my account???

  • Sylvia J Bouldin

    This is my second comment. I am ELATED to report that, after several phone calls to my Credit Card Company, all charges to me
    from scam company Black Diamond Skin Serum have been reversed. This means that B.D.S.S. Co. has spent a lot of money on
    me (thru employees, phone calls, etc.) totally spinning their wheels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I invite everyone (ladies, mostly) to have your Credit Card Co. refer to THIS SITE, where they can very easily see that it is a SCAM.
    This gesture, in fact, was what really helped me!

    The best of luck to you! However, I’m not done. Since B.D.S.S. is a British Company, I’m going to execute a formal complaint to
    Scotland Yard (this’ll be fun cuz Mum’s Brittish)!
    Ta Ta, Everyone. I’ll keep you posted!
    Sylvia (Sylvie) J. Bouldin

    • carol

      Sylia, I too am a victim of this so-called introductory scam! I applause you for seeing this company for what it is. Maybe they women won’t fight back. Never try to get over on a woman, you"ll reap what you sow and then some. Best of luck and blessings to you

  • URsula

    I have now been billed for the original "trial" amount for "Black Diamond" as well as "Zinn Facial Cleansing cream in the amount of $400.00.After complaining to my Credit Card company that I never authorized the purchases, I was told that I would receive a 60% credit for the second shipment only. I am totally convinced that these people are scammers of the first order and need to be put out of business!

  • FastEddy

    This is not a scam. Do and of you read terms and conditions? It say right on the order page how much you’ll be billed and what for. When your trial ends you are billed for your trial product. It’s not free of charge, free of price, or free at all. It is a RISK FREE trial. You have to pay for the product, they tell you in multiple places on the site. Dumbasses

    • Sylvia J Bouldin

      FastEddy? Dumbass back to you, you con-artist idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your ‘fast eddy’ handle connotes that you see yourself as

      ‘a real shark’. If you’re not already, perhaps you should seek employment with B.D.S.S. Co.? You’re probably already too busy

      scamming somebody, somehow, someway!!!!!!!

      • John_Eidsmoe

        Sylvia, This kind of ad hominem attack is totally uncalled for. You know nothing about FastEddy except that you disagree with him.
        Lindsay hit the nail on the head. Black Diamond may have cunningly stayed within the bounds of legality, but they mislead a lot of people.
        When I see something like Black Diamond, before buying I go to a website like this to find out what people are saying. Thanks to all who have written. I’ve seen enough to know that I don’t want this product.

    • cat

      I have to agree with FastEddy it does tell you that you will be charged but of course I didn’t read that part but when I found out that I was going to be charged for around $99.00 when the trial ends I called them up and cancel by account and they never charged me again.

      • Carmen

        You must be the only person out of numerous that got these results, which makes me believe your lying. I couldn’t cancel anyways, because I never rec’d anything. Also I called and emailed and still got charged

    • Lindsay

      I have to 1/2 agree with Eddie. I called to cancel when I realized that it was a monthly charge. Make sure you do that. I was treated rudely, told I could not yet cancel and asked if I had read the terms and conditions. In fact, yes. I ordered today, and called to cancel. Sorry I do not yet have the product but it’s not my problem. No where does it say you have a waiting period before you cancel.

      Ladies, you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR THE PRODUCT. “You need not return the Product to Us if You cancel
      before the Free Trial Period ends.” Check the Trial Offer Policy section in the T&C.

      Also, they are required to refund anything that you do not want as long as you send back the bottles, “You have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on BlackDiamond and this
      auto-ship program. If you are not satisfied with the products you purchase we will provide a full reimbursement of the product cost, regardless of how much of the product you used. You can return the empty bottle for a full refund of the purchase price minus shipping and handling.” Because they do not have a bottle limit, list products as a multiple and clarify that it does not matter how much of the product is used, legally they are required to refund all charges to your account at any time provided you return the bottles with their RMA number, call to get it, 1-800-574-6159. Get the shipping confirmation so you can see that they received the return!

      What they do is legal but it’s sneaky. You can get your money back, you just have to work for it.

      • Crackerjacked!

        Actually this Company is not “Black Diamond” they are a knock off company that does NOT have a RMA # The number you gave 1-800-574-6159 is NOT the number to call.

    • Lucy

      What? I do not understand, “do you and of you read terms and conditions? It say right on the order page…” Is this how the terms and conditions are written? No wonder everyone was confused. Learn how to write proper English, DUMBASS.

  • SoSo

    we were victim of this product too

  • Sam

    Yes I too paid for the 4.95 shipping charge for this worthless product. I noticed the 99.99 charge about 2 weeks later and called them and complained but the guy I was talking too was like a robot reading from some stupid script on what to say. He said I agreed to the terms and if I didnt cancel within 2 weeks I would be charged monthly for 99.99 for this crap. I told him I wanted a copy of the agreement I signed and he said their billing dept would send it to me, I never received it. stupid mistake I made!

    • JANE

      I paid this 4.95 shipping charge which they say I ordered on Feb. 1st, 2014. Today I looked at me checking account on line and noticed a 99.99 pending withdrawal from BDSS. I talked to a very rude man and he advised me that I did order this and had 14 days to cancel, which I certainly didn’t realize I would be charged for something I did not order. I am a 69 year old widow and DO NOT understand how people can live with themselves after doing such a crime. I will go as far as I can to see this injustice is stopped happening to others. He says I must return the sample I received un- solicited and they will take the price off my account. . This is a total SCAM BELIEVE ME!

      • Don

        Just because somebody tells you the truth about what you agreed too does not make them “rude” or the business they work for a “scam”. Nothing is free READ BEFORE YOU GIVE OUT YOUR CC INFORMATION. It’s simple really.



  • Vincent


  • Sylvia J Bouldin

    I count myself among the many, many women scammed by Black Diamond Skin Serum Company. My story is much the same as
    the other complainants, so I won’t bore you with that!

    I do NOT intend to be a VICTIM! I am going to do everything humanly possible to get this illegal, unethical scam company not only
    shut down, but prosecuted and it’s victim’s compensated for their ‘theft of financial resources, pain and suffering’. I should elaborate
    by saying FEMALE VICTIMS, because this is the market targeted by B.D.S.S. Company.

    To date, I have written a letter to the CEO advising him of my intentions (2/09/14). I also wrote to Dr. Phil (2/10/14), enclosing a copy of my letter to B.D.S.S.’s CEO, and soliciting ANY support in ANY form available he is willing to offer us.

    Yesterday (2/21/14) I called the FBI and reported B.D.S.S. Company as a scam and directed the agent to peruse this website for
    ‘some’ of the complaints reported against it. I had watched an episode of "American Greed" on TV the night before and the episode
    was about a scam company very similar to B.D.S.S. The episode mentioned FBI involvement, criminal prosecution of the perpetrators (yes, including substantial prison time!) and financial compensation for it’s victims.

    I am a 62 year old disabled senior citizen who lives on an SSDI check. I have many, many hours of leisure time to sit at my laptop
    and persue this, what seems to me, worthwhile endeavor.

    It seems, from reading the complaints, that the average theft is ballpark $200 per victim. $200 X1,000,000 unwitting victims is
    $200,000,000 and does, an obscenely wealthy scam artist make!

    I will keep you posted, through this website, of my progress.

    Sylvia (Sylvie) J. Bouldin

    • Yi Su

      Good job Sylvia, I will support you. We should unite together to against this company. Kick it out of business. Any TV shows can talk about this?

  • ChrisK

    I paid the $4.95 and cancelled on day 13 and they wanted me to ship the remainder of the serum back. Seeing as it took SEVEN days to get to me, it was hardly enough time to see any results, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t stuck with a $99 for worthless product. I told them I thought it was a free trial offer, and they said where did I get THAT idea and to mail it back. Since we started arguing, I decided it was worth it to me to mail it back because this was not a company I wanted to deal with. The next day, I thoroughly read the TOS over and over to see where I misunderstood couldn’t find where it said to mail it back, so I called them back and nicely asked to point out the part where I have to mail the remainder of the tube for the trial period. I was placed on hold for 5 minutes, and the guy came back and said I was correct, it ISN’T in the TOS and I would not have to mail it back. What a shady way to do business!!!!!

  • lisa youtzy

    do not want this product I will send back do not send me any more products, thank you lisa youtzy

  • Deb

    Within a few days $99 was taken out of my acct for this product. I have filed a complaint with MasterCard and cancelled my CC card so they can not get any more money from me.


  • cam70

    I’m reading all the comments of the company scamming i’m also assuming someone has used??? does it work? and is it being used with the kollagen intensiv? Not that i’m going to buy just curious.

  • Teri

    I was just finally able to hopefully cancel my account. The free sample is not really free. I order a "free sample" with $4.99 shipping via an ad on facebook. TEN days later, my account was charged $99.99 and two weeks after that I was charged $109.99 (after I had requested they close my account) I did not see any fine print until I searched out their website. After talking with customer service today, if you do not cancel within 14 days, they charge you $99.99 for your FREE sample. I now have another shipment on its way to my house. After repeatedly informing them I wanted my account closed, they offered me a 50% discount on the product. I have detailed instructions, including a 17 digit number to include on my shipping label, to return the product.

  • Chris

    I, too, fell victim to the Black Diamond Skin Serum scam. I foolishly agreed to fill out a questionnaire and get my free bottle of serum for the 4.99 cost of shipping and received my bottle back in September. Unfortunately, since I don’t always look closely at my bank statements, and also have a problem with mail theft in my neighborhood, I didn’t actually receive another bottle until January, at which point I became suspicious of another "free" bottle showing up in my mailbox. Upon calling the company, they apparently had sent a total of 4 bottles over the last four months and had charged my credit card over 400 dollars. I asked why it was they thought it necessary to send their "clients" a bottle every month when typically this type of product in a 1 oz. bottle should last at least 3 months. It seems to me if a company believed in its product, it would want to cultivate a good relationship with its customers instead of collecting as much money as possible, sending as many bottles as they can "legitimately (as stated in their "terms and conditions" link on the webpage, which, incidentally was nowhere to be found on the original offer’s ad) before being discovered. I’ve sent back the second bottle that I received (apparently the other two were stolen from my mail – a whole other story), and am hoping that I will at least receive credit for that one (for those wishing to do this, the post office recommends sending it express mail because then it will be tracked). Anyway, I have learned my lesson the hard way – very rarely is anything "free" – and always check my bank statements closely.

  • karen

    I just now filled out the free shipping but did not give my cc info as I was feeling uncomfortable. So I googled comments and reviews reguarding the product… . thank you for having this site. You saved me from getting burned…

  • sangay

    **** this company. They have taken $199.8 from my account without any information being given to me. They didn’t even send any email to me. I was doing a survey for my college and they said it was a reward, and then they charged a total of $199.80 now. How can I prevent them from charging again?

    • soso


  • Diana

    I agree with the above comments. The 14 day trial starts the day you order it…even though you’re luck to get to 4 days before they charge the 99.99 to your credit card. I fought with them with my credit card company on the line and the best I got was 50% of the cost taken off. The product is no better than 5.00 creams so it really doesn’t matter to them if all they get is the one time sale. And yes, when you call to cancel they keep offering you discounts to continue until eventually you’re only paying 50%. Why do they need to charge anyone 100% if they offer it for 50% off? I reported them to the BBB and they have ignored their letters.
    Save yourself lots of aggravation and a lot of money…don’t fall for this scam!

  • KAL

    I to was ripped off by this $4.99 scam and i just received a 2nd bottle after cancelling.

  • Pooka

    All of the above stories are consistent with mine. I thought I was ordering through a Good Housekeeping ad, so I did not check the company out as much as I should have. What a scam. Then when I call to dispute the charges, they hung up on me! DO NOT do business with this company!

  • Dale

    01/27/24 interesting reading all the above posts I too thought I was getting a trial product at mailing costs discovered my visa was billed 109 dollars fist happened in November and billed again in December without even receiving a second product Talked to someone today not trusting I will get any results because had not notified them within 30 days what a scam.I will continue to fight for my money have learned a lesson . No invoice with product only way I knew how to contact them was through credit card company

  • Urmama

    This company is full of **** get away from them. They are just stealing money from people.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rick

    Th e above reviews are consistent with my own experience. Apparently there is fine print somewhere that binds one to t he subsequent much heavier charges if you do not call and cancel. The initial "free" offer is in bold print and it apparent that the offer was written so that one would believe they are receiving a "free" product when in fact they are placing themselves at risk for continuing charges exceeding $100. Stay away.

    • JER

      My experience was the same. I called to cancel the day after receiving the "serum" and agreed to pay 60% less to and receive no further shipments; a bad compromise! Within 5 minutes of my conversation my credit card company sent me an email and text to inform me that Black Diamond had tried to charge my card the full purchase price! Guess who’s getting their goods back? What a scam! They’re getting their goods back & I’ll hang on to my money! Stay away from these people!

  • Barb Nieto

    My story is pretty much the same scenario as above. And the product is like bondo on your face. I cancelled my debit card after being charged $209.95. A big scam.

  • Denise

    I started to fill out the form to get the sample – pay 4.99 for shipping only, but I didn’t complete the order. The next day a man called me and asked me why I didn’t order the serum. I said that I was interrupted and that I would like more info on BD. I asked if he could send me info on the product. He said he could. I asked him to email me the ingredients and he said, "I said I could, I didn’t say I would." I told him that I would not be ordering anything from him. I’m glad I checked to see this was, in fact, a scam. I hope they get shut down and arrested! It’s awful that people go through these lengths to try to scam honest people out of their money.

  • lmr

    I too was "fooled" into a free sample for just paying the $2.99 shipping fee. The first red flag was when the product arrived. The only thing in the envelope was the product, no invoice, manifest etc.
    I thought I should check out the product online to get a bit more info on it when I came across this website. Went straight to my credit card and of course found the $99.99 charge. I called immediately and was told I needed to send back the trial to get my refund. After stating my case a couple of times, the customer service rep said that he had made a mistake. I did not need to send it back and he would credit my account and cancel my order. He gave me a transaction id # and told me that it could take up to 5 days to show on my account and that I would not be charged in the future. I will definitely follow up on this. It seems to me that this company is taking advantage of people on many levels. I too do not recall any auto sign up after the trial period ended. I think they are banking on people not realizing the charge until it is too late so that they can keep the "shipping fees".

  • Susan

    I called this number and got Zinn Customer Service in just a minute (800-574-6159). I spoke to a pleasant gentleman who offered me up to 50% off if I wished to continue my subscription. After a few more attempts to keep me as a customer, which I declined, he gave me an RMA number for both the Zinn product AND the Black Diamond product. I am sending them back because of all of this negative publicity even though I didn’t experience these things. I hope I see no future charges on my bank account!

  • hanxgan

    MY story just like duckboy, and I PAY FOR 4.99 DOLLAR FOR A trial sample,but today i find my debit card had charged for 99.99 dollar, this company is a big scam!

  • duckboy1

    My wife thought she was getting a sample for $4.99 and nothing more. Then we got a fraud alert from VISA that Black Diamond Skin Serum had charged 99.99 times two, which VISA declined. I immediately cancelled the card and called Black Diamond customer service. I cancelled her "membership." The customer service rep insisted we had to return the unused portion of the sample. I’m not sure that’s true, but it’s a small price to pay to avoid any future hassles from these scammers. The customer service rep then started offering discounts to continue the "membership"–first 25%, then 50%, which I declined in no uncertain terms. Avoid this company like the plague!

  • Gloria Huffman

    1/15/2014 – On December 23, 2013, I understood that I was getting a free, no-strings-attached bottle of Black Diamond Skin Serum (value $99.99) if I only paid the discounted $2.99 shipping cost. So I bought it, and it came.

    As I was balancing my checkbook tonight, I saw a $99.99 debit from this company (done on Jan. 8, 7 days ago) and was shocked! Nowhere did I read that I had to do something special to avoid being automatically enrolled with them. I think they are unethical. I always read the Terms and the fine print for online transactions, and I don’t recall seeing anything about having to cancel. It was my impression that I was getting a free trial bottle, and if I liked it I could sign up.

    They have hijacked my time, forcing me to fight with them for my money. They can make a LOT of money investing these sums, especially when people don’t catch what they’re doing for several days or even weeks.

    I’ll have to start pursuing the various measures suggested by people here.

  • Stephen Bray

    The only way to have this company shut down is to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Follow this link:… and fill out the form completely giving them their contact information below and how much money you lost due to their internet marketing.

    Black Diamond Skin Serum ,
    3959 Van D**e Rd. Suite 1002,
    Lutz, FL 33558
    Phone: 800-574-6159

    They use seven different website addresses but these three are the most highly used.


  • pam

    The same thing happened to me Geoffrey!. This is nothing but a scam!

  • Bea

    I spoke to a customer service rep after researching your company and finding out that you charge people $99.99 after 14 days “trial period” and then every month after that. What a scam. You make people think that they are getting a free trial sample and it is in the very small print what you are really doing.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves for doing business in such an underhanded manner. Not only that, I placed the order that I then immediately canceled over a week ago and your company claims the order was placed on January 2nd. If I am not credited the $4.99, I am going to file a complaint with the BBB and RipOff Report and contact the District Attorney in your area. I am so pissed off right now.

    Thanks for ruining my New Year

    • unknown

      4.99 is for shipping and handling and that is non-refundable according to company policy. you will need to return your trial bottle.

  • Clysie Key

    I am having the same problem I read about of not getting a credit to my credit card account for the merchandise I returned. The amount being $99.99. I cannot talk to anyone except a customer service rep that cannot put me in touch with Corporate. Customer service says they have issued the credit but it does not show on my credit card account. This had been going on for over a month and still no credit. The credit card company has talked with them but stil no results. I am extremely unhappy with Black Diamond!

  • Stephen Bray

    I’m in the process of filing a complaint with the Florida Attorneys Generals office about “Black Diamond Skin Serum”. Our company has a similar name to theirs and are now receiving 20-30 calls per day complaining that we have billed their credit card without approval. We are not that company and has caused us copious amount of time informing the callers of the correct company and phone number.

    Stephen Bray, General Manager
    Black Diamond Skin Care, LLC

  • Rod

    I got caught also–a survey on Delta website–provided debit card number for shipping then—-got a posting which I denied–and canceled card. so I am out the shipping (a ruse to get card number). My wife reminded me—I screwed up–and I thought I was getting a freebie for her.

  • Robin Murphy

    Same story. My debit card was charged $99.99 right away, even though it’ supposed to be a "Free" trial for at least 14 days. Here is what you can do. You are NOT satisfied with your purchase, so you CAN return the product for a full refund within 30 days to: Black Diamond Return Dept. 3959 Van D**e Rd. Suite 1002, Lutz, FL 33558. But you’ll have to call them first to get a RMA No. I hope they go out of business fast enough that other consumers will not have to go through what I did.

    • Janet

      What phone # did you call? All I received was the product with return address for Lutz FL.

  • Linda

    This company is deceitful, not upfront and honest. I would not call this a honorable company, when you have to trick people into buying your product, it must be a worthless product. I would be embarrassed to have this company associated with my business. SHAME…..SHAME…..SHAME!!

  • Liz Coates

    I responded to a questionnaire and received a "free" gift for submitting the questionnaire. All they wanted was $4.99 for shipping the free gift. There was no information regarding a free trial for 14 days that results into a mandatory membership. I received the Black Diamond serum and was happy with my free gift until the second bottle arrived. In checking our credit card charges, I was charged the first shipping charge and for two bottles – total charges $210.00. The product has been returned with tracking information to assure it is received. I have been informed that if I do everything correct per their customer service representative, their will be a full refund…. but it sometimes takes weeks to process. If the refund does not happen sooner, the charges will be disputed and credit card will be shut down.

    • M. M.

      They Almost got me I was going to fill out a survey for expedia and then they offered me free stuff. but common sense says nothing is for free. i looked at you and other’s reviews and the i scrolled down and saw they were going to charge me 110.00 a month. Thank you and SHAME ON THEM. I’m going to contact the company that wanted the survey and explain they should avoid doing business with them.

  • Stephen Bray

    It has come to my attention that a company called and they also go by another name on the internet that has a similar name to ours. We do not send out products for a $4.99 shipping fee then charge $100.00 for the product 14 days later on your credit card. If you go to the link above it will have their contact information at the bottom of the page or you can call them direct at (800)574-6159.

  • Tom Howe

    Same thing happened to us as Geoffrey. Phoned today to cancel – missed their "14" day money back guarantee by "1" day (we were away on vacation) – COMPANY POLICY.

    I guess another bs lesson in reading the fine print.

  • Geoffrey Wilson

    I responded to an offer of a free sample with no mention that if you did not cancel your credit card would be charged for monthly shipments of $ 99.99 plus shipping.. It turned out only the shipping was free on the first shipment.

    Bait and switch /truth in advertising?????????

    • Christine McMillan

      I was also scammed by this company, they sent me 3 bottles of the serum and also charging me 109.00 for each bottle, its been almost a year now and I am still getting calls from my bank saying I need to pay-I sent the 3 bottles back to them–this company needs to be stopped now


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