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Business Name: BellaLabs Instant Wrinkle Reducer
Category: Cosmetics
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Corporate Address: 2683 Via de la Valle #G516
Del Mar, California 92014 USA

Phone Number: 877-767-9942
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My order was placed on 03/18/14, after reading {in plain English} that I had 14 days to try this product. I did not receive it until 03/26/14 and after using it for the past 8 days, today I see they have already charged my account… Still have 6 trial days left.

I’ve called the number of the company, but of course I have yet to speak with an actual person after being told to hold by automation.

I feel they have used the “bait then switch” technique on me as well as other consumers and I hope all of us cheated by BellaLabs lodge a formal complaint; and I hope they are SUED and all monies returned. What a lousy way to treat consumers…

Personally, I wish nothing but the WORST for the company as it descends on a rapid, downward slope straight to hell.

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11 thoughts on “BellaLabs

  1. This is why you are not a legitimate company. Any real business whose customer was not happy with their product usually has a money back guarantee. What if someone has an allergic reaction to your product,then you are saying tough ,we've got your money. Anyone can create a web sight,and a P.O Box. So I guess I have been scammed. You are a snake oil sham. And as far as a 14 day trial period,a trial period really can't start until the product is opened and used. Oh by the way,your advertisement mentioned a free gift with my order.You never sent one. False advertising is fraud.

  2. I agree that it is shifty to make you think you are getting a trial for a small price, and then charging a rediculouly high price for the same item. The small print on the item says to return the unused portion by a certain time if not interested. I don't see anything that tells me how to do that!

  3. All efforts to contact Bellalabs have failed, so I contacted my CC company to dispute the charges,and should get this resolved today. At least they cannot charge me for anymore product in the future. Buyer Beware!!!

  4. is there a lawsuit against Bellalabs I can join?
    I want my money back.
    company refuses to take the product back, even though its unopened.
    I lost receipts so I cant prove that I didn't have the product for 14 days.

  5. I was also charged for product I did not receive and I had no idea that I was going to be charged for it. Bella Labs has not responded to me, other than to say they had a right to charge me. It is like buying from that guy who just got sentenced to 10 years in prison for fleecing people with his blatant lies. I actually see no results, but the product feels nice. My face is very dry today, so I am going to throw out my trail bottle or use it when my young grand daughter visits., she likes to do makeovers. I want this off my credit card because I think they are sneaky and I thought I got the product for just S&H.

  6. I have recieved your product and was very impressed with the product…Due to my negligence of not reading the fine print of your agreements…I was charged for the product in full….I have trying to call your phone listed ….for the past 8 hours and it is on an off line busy signal..please i would like to cancel any further products from this company…Please no more further charges.

  7. Beware of ordering from Bella Labs, they are very sneaky about their conditions. Instead of posting it where it is easily read they stick it down at the bottom of the page. This product is no better than any other I have tried. Live and learn. I will stick with my Clinique and Oil of Olay which are sold at reputable businesses. If the price was reasonable that would be a different story!

  8. This kind of sneaky tactic should be illegal. They did the same to me on another product.. Advertising you are getting a free trial for just a S&H fee and then charging you full price after 14 days.

  9. I ordered your product and i got my first trial order i didnt get get my next one you took the payment out of credit card but i nrver did get my product i wasn,t at home when you sent it it went to the post office and they sent it back to the company i w2ould love for you to send it back to me since i payed for it at 17 sarvis lane crossville tenn. 38571 they will keep it for me i am planning to be home next weeksince i payed for it i think you should send it to me