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Last Updated On: January 16, 2017

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Business Name: BellaLabs Instant Wrinkle Reducer
Corporate Address:
2683 Via de la Valle #G516
Del Mar, California 92014 USA

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BellaLabs Phone Number: 877-767-9942
Corp Email:
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.18 out of 5
Based On: 37 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 35

BellaLabs Reports

Reported Losses: $2,312.91
Average Reported Losses: $62.51

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Be Aware

Do not order from this company, all the other complaints on this site about bella labs is 100% true.

The customer service team (once you get someone on the phone) are a bunch of liars, argumentative and accusatory. They lie about what their process is (because it does not happen) then they argue about it to defend their scam, after all that they accuse the customer of being confused.

I told them simply I called to cancel they said they would cancel they did not and charged my card again, simply cancel my connection and refund all my money. I am not confused this is simple, and they cannot do that.

What a joke! Save your money the product stinks too!

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  • Katherine Driscoll

    How do I reach them. I called the 877 number and they sent me to I need to speak with a person. I was charged for items that I didn’t receive.

  • Jacob Smith

    Bella Labs Please calcel as i have to keep on disputeing the charges on my credit card every month

  • carol gray

    I carol gray would like to cancel my subscription, please?

  • Mary Pappas

    I, too, made the mistake of doing the trial, but right after I did, saw all the comments and about cancelling. I just got my order today, ordered it on the 3rd, so it has only been 9 days. I told them I had a severe reaction. He cancelled me order, and have an email stating such, and told me to return unused product, of course on my dime. If it is a ‘trial’ I should just be able to toss it, but it is full size. So far, my account has not been charged the 87.00 everyone is speaking of. I am debating just closing out that account, so they cannot.

  • shmh84

    I fell prey to the Bella Labs/La Creme scam, as well. However, I phoned each company, ranted & raved because they offered only a partial refund of $21 & change, a 25 percent refund. I said not enough, I want it all. After holding briefly he offered a 50 percent refund. I said no, I want it all. After holding again he returned saying I’d be getting a full refund of the $87.63 they had charged. I was quite angry and persistent & believe that’s the only reason they refunded me. These people spoke nearly identical responses which was another clue that they are “sister” companies. Most people may give up too soon. Don’t! If you get taken by a scam like this, raise hell & you should get all your money back. It took me about fifteen minutes of arguing, asking to speak to his boss (never did), saying I wanted all of my money back, not just some – it was a lot of verbal work, but worth it in the end as it saved me $175.26.

    • commonsense4sure

      Well it took me longer to be successful in getting my money back. 1. This is a total scam – the prods were just so so and NO where was the info about $87.63 printed on the webs ad! 2. The guy at LaCreme was very insulting and among other idiotic things told me I needed to learn to read at which point I told him I learned to read at age 31/2 and his company was fraudulent etc. I put all 4 charges in dispute with my cc company and then called both LaCreme and Bella back.. That is when they told me that if I would remove the disputes they would then help me resolve the matter. I laughed at the foreign guy I was talking to and said I wasn’t born last night and that he couldn’t DUPE me into that because if I cancelled the dispute I would have ZERO recourse. I made both companies reps stay on the line while I got Master Card on the other at which point I had worn them down and they gave me full credit for all 4 charges. I shipped ALL of the products back at my own expense and the jerk from LaCreme told me they would ship it back to me whether I wanted the product or not.. I’ve been in the beauty business my entire life and these products are not what they are advertised to be……. they are no better than drug store Oil of Olay etc.

  • Jill Stafford

    I just called to cancel my order. I couldn’t understand the majority of what he said, but he called my account up and discontinued. My problem is that he said they couldn’t accept the packages back. I didn’t understand why not. I didn’t see any results from the free order, so why continue, right? I hope not to hear from then again. I won’t fall for stuff like this again. I saw their ad in a magazine.

  • Milton Laene Araujo

    i ordered and then closed my account – to teach them a lesson. So I got the product and never paid them – I knew they would charge me every month – but the guy said no – then i closed my account and got a new card and told them that I was faster then they are

  • Elisa San Souci

    HI there, Its all a scam, the same creme combos listed under a huge variety of skin care lines. If you find them, they have the same reviews posted, same claims, same wording and celebrity claims. DONT BUY INTO IT. They may assist your skin in a positive way, but 14 days is not enough to tell, said one reviewer, ‘the packaging stated it takes 90 days to see results’.

    CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD company!!!!! The skin creme companies have an agreement not to dispute the CC company in a refunded/disputed claim! Good news. Must mean they know they are deceptive and many will not call their cc since they feel it was their fault for being deceived!

  • Emma

    Hi all ,
    I have same history with product named “Anti wrinkle facial serum” . I autorised for shipping and handling 4.95$ and when I saw the bottle I just didn’t liked so next day sent it back with my own expenses. and I can clearly see that my USPS tracking shows that parcel was delivered to them 9 Feb. But this morning /12 Feb/ I had bank alert that from my account was charged 87.63 $ !
    The company name was Beautylab located in San Diego, CA 92110-5601.

    • Yolie

      Customer service number is 1 877 767-9942
      I just called to cancel. they are a scam they send you the cream for $4.95 and if you don’t call and cancel within 10 days, you will be billed $87.63. It is in their super fine print under “Terms and Conditions” in the back of their brochure. Total scam.

      • Jill Stafford

        They can try all they want with me. I changed banks. ha

  • beth

    La Crème Skin Care and Bella Labs are sister companies. They are ripping off customers by selling their own product for 2x the amount that Amazon is selling it for. And their trial period includes the time you order the product, including ship time. So the if the trial period says 15 days, you would have to subtract at least 5 days of shipping time. I’m too disappointed. Most of all, products doesn’t meet and perform the expected outcome.

    • arejaye

      Apparently they have another sister or two, but these are out of NY and NJ, using the name Ella Creme “Beauty Instant Wrinkle Reducer”. I got lucky and only got charged with one of TWO products they basically forced you to get because when I bought the first as sorta a gag gift for my brother it said “Proceed to checkout” and when I clicked on that, after of course already having my debit card info for the first and ONLY product I’d intended to get, I got something about “Wait, there’s more!” or something to that effect and I knew then I was in deep s#*%. I tried to go back a page and try to just cancel the whole thing but it wouldn’t let me go back, only forward and that page was for a serum. S&H was low so I just sucked it up. Up to this point I still hadn’t seen ANYWHERE that it was a free 14 day trial, but it DID say something about “Our guarantee is that you’ll love it so much you’ll come back for more”. I got him to give me the web address and what I saw there wasn’t even close to the pages I’d seen before. When I saw my bank statement online I almost had another cardiac arrest since they’d billed me $99.95 for something that was supposed to be a trial sized amount to try out. Still nothing about a 14 day trial period, and by the time it got here, if it was for me, I’d only have had about 3 or4 days to see if the stuff even worked! I called and raised…well, you can probably figure out what I raised, and the “rep” said he was sorry and all he could do was to refund 25%. “Not good enough” I told him, and then he went to a 50% refund and I told him again that wasn’t good enough. It’s all in limbo with my bank right now, but they did at least cancel the second product that I was basically forced into, but having basically $100 vanish from your banking account when I’m trying to save up for another car(the one I have now is broken down and not worth fixing) so I can get to Atlanta Ga. to spend time with my younger brother who was diagnosed with cancer in his right lung and throughout his brain. The total for the s&h wouldn’t have hurt, but $99.95 definitely did, and being on disability, they either have no idea or don’t care(BOTH) how hard it is to now try to replace that $99.95 so I can finish getting a car and get to my brother….a month or maybe more and I don’t know if he’s got that long left. These people can go to ______!!!! In the end, talking to another of their “reps”, the number was on a page of phone numbers for various reasons, and the last one listed CLEARLY said “For refunds call this number first, and contrary to what the first guy had offered, she said they didn’t offer refunds”!! I only hope that the people with my bank are better people than the ones I dealt with at these obvious two companies coming from two different states, and NEVER will I buy anything like this again, not even as a joke to try to cheer somebody up.

  • Disappointed
  • hien

    I wish I would read those comments before ordering free trial, it was too late, they sent me the real size bottle, not the sample size, and the order came after 10 days which I have only 4 days for trial. I decide not to open the products and have been trying to reach them at customer service to stop auto-ship but nobody pick up in officer hours. That’s ridiculous!!! I felt like I am in a trap. So I called my bank to make sure they don’t process the transaction from those 2 twin companies and email them to stop using it and I asked shipping label to send products back. I don’t want to spend 20$ just for shipping and getting nothing in return. I am very disappointed with their business and will spread out my experience for those kind of business. Make sure you go online, check for reviews and comments before you order anything. and remember free trial is also a trap, they are smart enough to withdraw your money even only for 1 time, I think that’s how they build their business

  • P Pugh

    P Rugh
    I was also on of this websites victims. It also applies to the site La Creme. They both must be in the same bed. I ordered the product on 11/28/14 and my cc was billed on 12/1/14. I was out of town and tried the product when I returned.Which was on the 8th . Sure enough they charged my cc on the 12/15/14. I call customer service with both companies and they both replied they go by the order date. No way can a person try this product in 14 days of having the items in your possession. It is a big scam and I have contacted consumer reports as well as the fraud state attorney on false advertizing. So If I were you potential customers beware I have told you how they work and if they they were up standing companies, they would let customers ship back there stuff and credit you back the 87.63.REMEMBER BOTH OF THESE COMPANIES DO THE SAME THING. I will also be spreading the word verbally.





  • karen nuckols

    I to was scammed with this company and will be calling today. I couldn’t figure out y I kept getting a new bottle every month. I did this as a survey and should have been charged $2.99 WOW false advertisement!!! Going to better business bureau myself and I want my money back it does nothing and had a severe bout with Bells Paulsy after a month of use. No business for much longer! What a joke!!

  • Donna

    I was also scammed out of $87.00. This is a terrible product. The video has nothing about being charged this money on it. It just says it sends you a free 14 day supply for the shipping and handling fee. The product is really bad too. Strong chemical odor that I’ve never had in a cosmetic from a reputable company. It doesn’t even add moisture I had to remoistureize my skn with my original Clinique even though I had used this product plus the one they say to purchase with it. I don’t believe there is anyting antiaging in this product. it is a total fraud. I am filing a complaint with the Better Business bureau and the fraud dept of the police. It doesn’t even come before the 14 day trail ends so even if you had the information you couldn’t cancel it in time. That’s done on purpose. I’d like to be a part of the suit.

  • S. Nakamura

    I would think twice before trying this "miracle" product. The before and after photos they use are obviously photoshopped. Check out the before and after photo of Brenda Davis; same shot with every hair exactly in place. They didn’t even have the sense to change her clothes or necklace! I would seriously reconsider giving my money to a company that uses such shoddy and false advertising. I find it hard to believe that Dr. Oz would endorse this product.

  • This is why you are not a legitimate company. Any real business whose customer was not happy with their product usually has a money back guarantee. What if someone has an allergic reaction to your product,then you are saying tough ,we’ve got your money. Anyone can create a web sight,and a P.O Box. So I guess I have been scammed. You are a snake oil sham. And as far as a 14 day trial period,a trial period really can’t start until the product is opened and used. Oh by the way,your advertisement mentioned a free gift with my order.You never sent one. False advertising is fraud.

  • JAJ

    I agree that it is shifty to make you think you are getting a trial for a small price, and then charging a rediculouly high price for the same item. The small print on the item says to return the unused portion by a certain time if not interested. I don’t see anything that tells me how to do that!

    • arejaye

      I didn’t even see anything about a certain time.

  • Stuart Bibeau

    I will be their biggest nightmare . What a bunch of jerks,we will see who"s laughing when its over.

  • Pam

    All efforts to contact Bellalabs have failed, so I contacted my CC company to dispute the charges,and should get this resolved today. At least they cannot charge me for anymore product in the future. Buyer Beware!!!

  • NMSquirrel

    is there a lawsuit against Bellalabs I can join?
    I want my money back.
    company refuses to take the product back, even though its unopened.
    I lost receipts so I cant prove that I didn’t have the product for 14 days.

    • Michelle

      Hey, idk, but when you find out please let me know…I want to join as well!! Thanks, in advance.

  • Nyla

    I was also charged for product I did not receive and I had no idea that I was going to be charged for it. Bella Labs has not responded to me, other than to say they had a right to charge me. It is like buying from that guy who just got sentenced to 10 years in prison for fleecing people with his blatant lies. I actually see no results, but the product feels nice. My face is very dry today, so I am going to throw out my trail bottle or use it when my young grand daughter visits., she likes to do makeovers. I want this off my credit card because I think they are sneaky and I thought I got the product for just S&H.

    • arejaye

      The s&h part is all I thought I was going to be charged too. Surprise! (and not a good surprise either)

  • Ana Mahoney

    I have recieved your product and was very impressed with the product…Due to my negligence of not reading the fine print of your agreements…I was charged for the product in full….I have trying to call your phone listed ….for the past 8 hours and it is on an off line busy signal..please i would like to cancel any further products from this company…Please no more further charges.

  • Colleen Dunagan

    Beware of ordering from Bella Labs, they are very sneaky about their conditions. Instead of posting it where it is easily read they stick it down at the bottom of the page. This product is no better than any other I have tried. Live and learn. I will stick with my Clinique and Oil of Olay which are sold at reputable businesses. If the price was reasonable that would be a different story!

  • Tonnyo Wright

    This kind of sneaky tactic should be illegal. They did the same to me on another product.. Advertising you are getting a free trial for just a S&H fee and then charging you full price after 14 days.

  • Barbara Barnes

    I ordered your product and i got my first trial order i didnt get get my next one you took the payment out of credit card but i nrver did get my product i wasn,t at home when you sent it it went to the post office and they sent it back to the company i w2ould love for you to send it back to me since i payed for it at 17 sarvis lane crossville tenn. 38571 they will keep it for me i am planning to be home next weeksince i payed for it i think you should send it to me


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