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Last Updated On: March 23, 2017

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Business Name: Beauty and Truth
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3960 Howard Hughes Parkway #500
Las Vegas, Michigan 48084 USA

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Beauty & Truth Phone Number: 866-710-5109
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Average Rating: 1.22 out of 5
Based On: 205 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 228

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Reported Losses: $29,885.73
Average Reported Losses: $145.78

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There is no truth in their advertising

I was on Facebook when an ad popped up stating that a Macy’s store was closing in New York and products were being sold at a discount. One of the products that was shown was this Beauty and Truth Company selling renewing serum ce and erase/repair ha cream for free all you had to do was pay shipping.

Nowhere did it say prior to ordering that you would continue to receive this product monthly for x amount of dollars, can’t remember exactly but somewhere close to $79 monthly.

They do provide a number to cancel but you can never speak to a real person or automated one for that matter to cancel reoccurring monthly shipments. AND if you want to cancel it will cost you $38.71.

THIS IS FRAUD. THESE PEOPLE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. DON’T FALL FOR THIS SCAM. I’m afraid to even use the product because it’s probably just cheap hand lotion.

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| Beauty & Truth Returns Department: Coenecoop 595 2741 PT Waddinxveen The Netherlands |

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Scammed by Beauty and Truth

This is a total ripoff!!!!
This offer popped up on a Macy’s Website. I thought I was getting a sample for $4.95. They enrolled me in a subscription, totally without my knowledge, and sent me product that I was going to be charged $98 for. I have to pay to send it back.
This is no way to business. They offer something free and then charge for it, without even telling the customer that they will be charged. Totally misleading!!! A total scam!!!

Not able to find site or connect by phone to cancel trial size free offer.product makes my eyes water and do not see a difference in my skin! I want this cancelled immediately! NEVER authorized to join membership program.

Scam! I recently ordered with ipsy and was sent this, I never agreed to continuously making payments, I cancelled my credit card and called the company, the lady kept saying I need to try it for 2 more weeks,I told her I don’t put creams on my face and don’t know how it was sent to me. No RMA was given and the lady was so stupid she just kept repeating herself so I hung up. Good thing I cancelled the card first.

What a farce!!! This is the worst product ever, you should be ashamed of yourself, all of you. U sure can’t be American’s!!!
Cancel this trial, I want nothing to do with you wicked people.

Awful just awful – hook someone in by saying free sample then you have to pay to cancel and not keep getting charged a monthly fee. Very sad situation and false advertising


I ordered one thing and now I’m still getting charged every time I turn around. Now I’m going to have to pay out 15:00 to get it stopped at the bank to get it stopped. I will never order from you all again

What I found absolutely hilarious was the customer service person said they don’t accept returns after I told her the product smells like bug Spray (Raid) and I wouldn’t ever put it on my face. What company in corporate America would tell you they don’t accept a return for their bad product? I had to laugh because it was so ridiculous. I told her, trust me, I will return this and get a full refund.

After paying the shipping charge of $4.95, I received the products (2) and opened them thinking that was the sample I had paid the shipping fee for – actually paid it twice if I remember right. After opening and trying the products, I notices two little sachets and a red flag went up in my mind. Could these be the free samples referred to in the ad? I opened up the website listed to see what the deal was and found I had unwittingly joined a subscription that would be very costly! I did an online chat with one of… Read more »

Want my monie back.
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbig scam

I bought a trial order for 4.95 which I received. But my credit cards was charges two charges 1 for 92.30 the other for 97.21, I did not authorize this charge, Is this another scam ?? I believe it is.

I tried to call Andy cancel as no where did the add say more would be shipping. Called my credit card and had a hold put on them. Also called the phone number to call and cancel and there was a recording only to order more. Total scam!!!

Just got off the phone with my credit card company. I told them to not worry about the shipping (4.95) that is pending because that would require an investigation in that I willingly authorized that payment so no fraud involved. I told them to go ahead and cancel my credit card # and send me a new card. I don’t want any charges creeping in on me . She said they are receiveing hundreds of complaints per day because of this Truth and Beauty scam. And that is just ONE credit card company. I see complaints here from around the… Read more »

Take advantage of, and take money from
person on disability!!!! I will contact the
Better Business Bureau if my money is not
returned!!!!!! I called to cancel on time and
was charged the last money I had to live

I am furious! Just got off the phone with Beauty & Truth…This company is the worst!!! Nowhere on their offer of a free trial (just pay $4.95 shipping) did it mention anything about subscription for $98 / mo OR being charged for the “free trial” after 15 days. WHAAAAATTTT??? I didn’t find out until I got the email thanking me for the order. How deceitful and fing rude. They refuse to change anything or apologize or anything. I told them I am calling my credit card company (they said they will charge automatically) and telling them that I DO NOT… Read more »

Purchased a “free”, plus a $4.95 shipping charge for the face moisture only to be charged additional money even though I cancel the monthly automated shipping of the product because now I am told it was only a 15 day trial. This company is a total scam and should be reported.

Over charged me from many different merchant numbers and accounts. Did no send Clinique as advertised.

Worst ever. Sure hope they get closed down.

I ordered a “free sample” ($4.95 shipping) from an ad that appeared on my Facebook page. It claimed to be a product featured on Shark Tank that all the Sharks had invested in. The email confirmation said I would be charged monthly, which I had not agreed to. I went to the website to cancel and everything there was an attempt to charge me more money. The phone number given had an endlessly repeating recording. After finally speaking to someone, I thought I had successfully cancelled the order. Two days later, emails inform me that my order has shipped. I… Read more »
James Michael Charnock

I think we should all crap in a box each and send it to this return address in The Netherlands.

James Michael Charnock
I am here in England and fell for the free samples conn, it should have been 3.95 for postage i ended up paying 37.61 for all the add ons. i immediately cancelled my account and b****r me two weeks later they took out 59.64 for stuff i had not ordered and have not received. Ended up cancelling my visa card and am going to see the bank tomorrow.We cannot let this continue neither the phone no or email address they give you work so there is no chance of sending stuff back, surely we could have them for mis representation.… Read more »

this is a scam, never told price of product, just a trial. what you sent is not more than 2 days
not told you would be charged for reorders, or how to cancel if not interested, your custmer service is not customer service.
thought I was ordering a sample of a Clinique based product

I signed up for this, got the kit which was $24.95 and the same week I got the kit I got charged $98.71 on my bank account. no one ever returns your calls….

They need to be turned into BBB.

BJ, forget the BBB. The complaint needs to be filed online with the Federal Trade Commission. Very simple, quick, easy. Please do. I am, too. I am also trying to get ahold of Lorie Grenier . She is in with this company from Shark Tank , along with 5 others


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