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Last Updated On: May 25, 2016

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Ugly & Lies

I got this an e-mail from this Beauty & Truth company, offering a $4.95 “free Trial”, I enroll in that free trial, when I receive the products, I try the samples, my skin got red in a few seconds, so I did not open the products, since they are not good at all.

The same day I call the Customer services Line 1-800-710-5109. I try many times just got the answer machine. I check my bank Account that show that this company was taking money with different charge fee that I did not agree at all!

In summary this is a company that use fraudulent tactics to get you Personal and Bank Information and steal from you. Just an ugly experience! It is no fair that companies like this are still operating.

BEAUTY TRUTH – 415 Bussen Underground Rd St Louis Missouri 63129 | 866-710-5109

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  • Crystallite

    I ordered the free samples of Renewing Serum CE and Erase/Repair HA for the cost of shipping and handling. When the products arrived, I at first thought they were the free samples, not bothering to read the accompanying note. The free samples were actually 2 tiny envelopes attached to the inside of the note. I kept everything in the shipping envelope as I’d been using a different product at the time. When another company (L’Amour) pulled the same type of scam on me, I called VISA and they cancelled my card – which is what I suggest everyone else do – and are issuing me a new #. VISA is also freezing all charges from both companies in order to conduct an investigation. BTW, my card was charged for the purchase of 2 products (one for $98 and the other for $97), but the company name listed on my VISA card was different from the name Beauty & Truth on the products and at first I had no idea what that was all about.

    I can’t cancel the product by calling them because the phone # provided is to a recording with prompts telling me which # to press to reorder which product. There is no way to speak with someone.

    This is a SCAM. You can get the same products (or better) at the store for a lower price without unknowingly joining a monthly club.

  • Tara

    i signed up for the free trial this evening to freak out later after reading about all the scams.. I emailed customer support basically telling them i’ll report them if i don’t get my refund of 38.00 for canceling and within an hour all my money was credited back to my account… i hate falling for stupid stuff but i’m happy i had a good outcome and had someone respond back right away.

  • Danny

    i wound up getting free gift from a survey on said free and then the next month they debit my account $98.11 on account to ESK*ALINASERUM !!! I am hardly meeting my own expenses and putting food on table.such a big amount not only kills me but causes me untold problems.why such rich companies would behave like robbers I don’t understand?

  • Evelyn Kirkham

    I have had problem with Beauty and Truth exactly in the same way as anna – my bank has informed me that they have tried to take £76.00 from my account. There is a ‘phone number but no address supplied so I’m not even totally sure where the products are being sent from. My advise – DO NOT BE FOOLED BY GETTING FREE SAMPLES – once they get your bank details you really have to be vigilant enough to realise that this becomes a regular order.

  • anna

    I am so grateful to this website for information about this company. I live in the UK and saw an offer for a free sample on a website from which I had just bought some shoes. The cream arrived and I Googled the company to find out a bit more about the products and up came this website with all the warnings of Beauty and Truth’s fraudulent activities.

    I immediately emailed them demanding that they remove all my details from their records. I also informed my bank who agreed to decline further demands for payment from this company.

    This morning, I had a call from my bank warning me of an attempted fraudulent demand from this company for £69 (about $100) which they had declined to pay and would continue to do so if further attempts were made.

    Just to be sure, I am changing my card number also.

    I’m really sorry for all the people here who have been cheated by this company and thank them for the warnings which have saved me a great deal of money.

  • Lost

    I just got off the phone (866-486-6657 and spoke to I think she said Courtney. I believe she was at her house as I heard a small child calling “mom” in the background. I heard no other voices or phones ringing as you would expect at a legitimate business. When I told her I wanted to cancel shipments of both my products she asked me why. I replied that I live on Social Security and can’t afford that kind of luxury. I was floored when she asked me if I could afford the products if she reduced the cost to $19.95 each. What is this…Lets Make A Deal. So my advise to anyone who has been scammed by Beauty & Truth to call the above number and cancel. Yes you will be screwed out of the money you already paid but hope for the best. I also received a CANCELLATION CONFIRMATION via email. My advise–don’t order “samples” of anything. I think I will just use name brand products from now on or learn to love my wrinkles.

  • lonestarsandy

    Well, here is another sucker. I too ordered the sample which I never got but I got and was charged for what I am considering to be the regular order.
    I called them for an RMA# and was told they were closed (a recording). Then I emailed them for my money back. Only time will tell if I get it. So now I will do as some others have done and cancel my card.

  • Khrista

    After receiving the trial of Beauty & Truth products, I went online to read reviews and found this consumer site. Reading previous comments below about auto charging your CC during trial period, I immediately called the customer service number on receipt that came with the product. I got nowhere with the rep. He was basically arguing with me ? Himself is more like it… telling me I have yet to try product and that I needed to try product first (in broken English) and just kept repeating himself. I asked him if I could talk to someone in charge as I have yet to try product and therefore did not want to be on auto shipping. I definitely did not want to be charged during trial period on a product I don’t even know if I like. Thankfully I read previous posts on here and found this number ( 866.486.6657 ) Finally I got to talk to someone who I understood and who understood I did not want an auto charge on my card. I got a refund on the trial product shipping and they didn’t even want their product back….? Whatever. Works for me !

  • allyson peace

    I am totally devasted…. I purchased a pot of cream £4.95 which was rubbish. I then received another pot without ordering and so emailed them saying I got this without ordering and could they please confirm that they were not taking money for this. I got an email saying my membership subscription was now cancelled!! I didnt have a membership subscription. I checked my account and they have taken £235.47 from my account. £78 a couple of days after the £4.95 and then £78 every month thereafter. £235.47 out of my account in total….. I am distraught about this. I have emailed them demanding my money to be returned to my account and I am going into the bank today. I am trying to ring them but am on hold with music playing and have been cut off after waiting…. guttered can anyone help

    • sandra jones

      Report to your bank and ask them to send out a new card then they can’t get to your money.It’s a scam and fraud.The fraud squadMARY took over mine and the bank refunded the money.

    • Evelyn Kirkham

      As I written above – I have had the same problem – and what membership! Change all your card details.

  • Rita

    One of the biggest scams ! They’ll keep taking your money!! BEWARE

  • Martha

    I just fell for the ‘free sample’ scam! Outraged! I just called the Customer Service number of 1-866-710-5109 to cancel further shipments of a product I never ordered! I knew there would be issues when the recording ask you to select a number for each individual product! There are at least 4 different products and if you requested a sample of each be sure to bypass any of those selections given and wait until you are given the option of 0 for a live person. Otherwise, you will be calling 4 different times to cancel each product. What a major pain and I still have no guarantee that my demand to have all charges dropped other than the original shipping and handling I agreed to, will be followed through. This business is definitely using some shady practices in their advertisements. STAY AWAY!!!

  • micheleNYB

    The comments I’m reading you ladies are being too nice. Demand your refund. period. You did not order such and such. When they ask you how you’re doing, tell them you’re not interested in chit-chat, just refund the $$ immediately. Or give me your supervisor. What is your name? Then, if you don’t refund my $$ immediately for products I did not order and had no intention of ordering, I will call credit card Co. for a charge-back. Those seemed to be the magic words. I don’t remember where I saw this pop-up (mind you, it did not say “Advertisement” at the top), they should be notified to stop allowing this company to run misleading ads.

  • Midquinn3

    Greetings, Ladies… I just want to tell you something in the event that you are not convinced that this product, and all incarnations of the same (they seem to put out a new “brand name” for these products every month… hoping to get the people that didn’t signed up for one of the ‘other’ names). They are all the same. You’ve probably come to that conclusion on your own. But what you may not have caught is that the reviews for all these “wonder” creams and “wonder weight loss” products, are nearly identical. They simply exchange the words, “I can’t believe my wrinkles are gone,” with “I can’t believe how much weight I’ve lost!” I’ve seen it over and over again, with different names on the product. They have to do that to keep up with the complaints they get on the internet for one brand name or another. Each of them sponsored (or at least supported whole-heartedly) by Dr. Oz (who is as illusive as the original Wizard was), must be making more money off these scams than all of his other ventures put together… including TV work!! I say that as conjecture, not fact. But the preponderence of evidence would certainly point to just this: IT’S A MULTI-MILLION (if not billion) DOLLAR SCAM. Sadly, there are no miracles in a jar (for our faces or our thighs). If you don’t burn as many calories as you consume, you’re going to gain weight. If you don’t move, and take a pill, don’t be surprised if your butt starts looking like your favorite armchair. I know this because it’s me. I’m overweight and would do just about anything to lose 25 pounds. Except move. But I know that if I don’t move more, I’m never going to lose it. I know that pain stops a lot of other people from moving, too, so I fully understand that plight. When I’m in pain, which I experience every day of my life, I don’t want to move. And the more I don’t move, the less my body WANTS to move. Pain is the result… and who wants even more pain then they have already? Not me. And that’s why I’m overweight. Very simple. And the only one that can change that is me. Somehow, I’m going to have to look pain in the eye and say, “Not today… you don’t win today.” And then just tell it to myself every day. Even when considering (or maybe because of) I only eat one meal a day, I still gain weight. And it’s not to help with my weight. It’s a lack of appetite. When you only eat once every day, your body goes into “Starvation Mode.” That’s when everything you do eat turns to fat reserves based on the body thinking it won’t get fed again… so best to “store” it… in your a*s, tummy and upper arms. Yeah, I know. Anyway, I didn’t mean to get on a rant here. I’m just sick of people being used and abused. We all know (but want to be convinced otherwise) that our aging faces (our necks, in particular) will only be “lifted” by a surgeon. Just a fact of life. And no one is going to lose weight if they a) eat tons of sugar, carbohydrates that turn into sugar the minute they enter your mouth, and junk food, b) don’t start some sort of daily exercise (even if it’s just a walk), and c) consume more calories than the expend. No pill is going to combat all that, period. Don’t be fooled, Ladies. IT’S A SCAM!! So I just want to close by telling anyone that reads this novel, to just love yourselves; regarless of whatever condition your face is in and no matter how heavy you get. We only go around this sun one time (figuratively, of course). So save your money on the scams, and use it to enjoy your life. I hope you will check out what I told you about the reviews, and that you will tell everyone you know about it. When all is said and done, wouldn’t it be a marvelous world if we could just look in the mirror at any age, and any weight, and say to ourselves, “That’ll do.” Say it in a Scottish accent and it will make you laugh… and that’s one miracle medicine that no one can ever put in a jar!! Feel free to comment to me directly at I will write back. ~ Diane

  • Debbie from Dallas

    I ordered this product for a 16 day trial for $4.95, but only tried it for a week and they hit my credit card for $99. I called to cancel my order, but then they offered me a reduced price and the credit wouldn’t come thru for 5-10 days! I told them if that is all they could offer me, I had an option too; so I cancelled the card and disputed the charges! Good riddance, and thanks for the cream!

  • Dee

    You have to cancel right after you order. 1-866-710-5109

  • Leslee

    I fell for this scam and am trying to cancel any further orders, but can’t seem to get anyone to talk to. Plus the order form that the cream came with is all blurred out so you can’t read the return address. Has anyone had any success in canceling there product? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Cheryl

      Yes, Call 1-866-486-6657 Good Luck

      • micheleNYB

        I just got an email confirming they have credited the $38.70 to my credit card. Sounds legit. The $38.70 is no longer showing as a current charge on my statement. Success. 866-710-5109. Also, get the name of the person who promises you the refund.

        • sandra jones

          Be careful they will try and take it out again under a different name Tried it with me 3 months after. You have to apply for a new card from bank then it has different ex date and last 3 numbers on back.Then they cannot do it.The fraud squad took mine on.Had my money back from bank.They WILL try again if you don’t get new card and watch out ,they took 2 lots of postage off me months after, or tried to.

  • TL

    Totally agree! Scam all the way. $4.95? Read all the “hidden” language and fees before purchasing. They charged me more than $100 total with international fees. I’m in the long process of getting most of it back. Right before Christmas too. Ugh.

  • Betty

    Now I’m scared! I just ordered a free sample @ $4.95 and then read all these reviews. How can this have been going on for so long and these people are still in business? What should I do now???

  • claudia zehren

    I read your complaints 15 minutes after I ordered the free trial of just the erase/repair HR. it was in the confirmation e-mail that all the other things were mentioned like paying full price after 15 days for the trial bottle and that I was automatically signed up as a member and would be sent continuing product and charged full price. I immediately called # on e-mail of 1-866-710-5109 About 15 minutes after placing order) and insisted on them to immediately cancel my order. after about 15min. of a sales pitch to give me more time to try it and a reduction in the full price he did send me a confirmation of 4.95 refund and member cancellation but I am going to change my credit card # (even though it will be a hassle) to be on the safe side. I cannot believe I fell for this. thank you for your consumer comments.

  • johanna

    my pump bottle also didn’t and no truth in & Truth

  • Donna

    I don’t think Dr. Oz endorsed the combination of Oxygenius and the other Wrinkle cream. He has been adamant on his show that he doesn’t endorse products. This combo is all over the Internet and I don’t understand why it is still allowed.

    There are many companies that offer trials and sign one up for continued deliveries (fine print). You cannot get the trial without agreeing. They are greasy (no pun intended) about it.

    If you find yourself in this situation, here’s how to get out of it and avoid possible months of fighting with scammers. Use it IMMEDIATELY and call them back on the day you receive it. Cancel it whether you like it or not. This will give you time to try it with less concern – but it’s still going to be a major hassle. If you like it and want to pay the monthly fees and incredible shipping fees, you can re-order later.

    Whenever possible, do NOT use your regular bank/credit card.Buy a prepaid credit card at Target or your grocery store or wherever possible. Use that.

    NEVER allow for electronic payments from your bank account if asked (I don’t recall if they do that). If you find yourself screwed, IMMEDIATELY call your bank and have them issue a NEW card. It may be an inconvenience. You may have to wait 1 or 2 weeks before you have a card again but it is far better than months or arguing on the phone and/or having repeated expensive payments debited from your account.

    • cath

      Absolutely agree with your comments. I accepted a “free trial” as I thought, of the Wrinkle rewind cream giving what I thought was permission only for postage and package. I did not receive any smaller “samples” which was what I had expected.
      On the SAME DAY I ended up with charges taken from my credit card for a total of £177.47 since then having received a pot of cream which I presume is the actual product.I would have been unaware of these charges if not for a diligent fraud service at my bank querying the payment. However, the payment had already been authorised hence ,as you advise, I had to cancel that card, wait for a replacement and am now having to complete the process of reclaiming the money through the bank card system which I don’t think is guaranteed as in effect I did give permission to the “company” to collect.However,I live in hope.The Truth and beauty company my foot, the only truth is that they are conning people into parting with hard earned money and I now have more wrinkles than I did due to the scowl lines

  • Prissy

    I, too have been charged $88.00 and $79.00 after ordering a trial order. Nothing was written about any more money being taken from my account. I am still trying to get my money back. I have been promised 1/2 of the mo ney and the remainder after they receive my “free trial” that I paid $6.95 and 4.95.

    • Carol

      I have been on the phone for an hour with Citol One a d a 3 way call with this scam company. I have gotten nowhere with the, but my Capiyol INR
      E is doing some k
      Leg work for me to get my $538.86 back. I am also rotting this to every agency I can ,

    • CG Elliott

      Did you ever get the other half of the charge refunded? I have requested the RMA number x 4 without success. It was promised by an email to me. I did get initially the a 50% refund of the first charge following my initial complaint.

  • Maggie

    I cancelled my credit card to be sure they could not charge me AGAIN. After the 9.00 charge I called and they refused to cancel after asking them repeatedly to do so. So, I cancelled the credit card. Only way to deal with theses rip off artists !!!! :-) Makes you wonder how this is legal. Hmmmm….. Maybe we are all in the wrong business !!!

  • Tina Crisp

    I am needing a number to talk to the customer service. Would someone please give me a number, because all I have ever gotten are recorded calls. I would appreciate it so much. Thanks

    • misty marie


  • pissed off!

    This is total bullshit…..never believe the free trials……… I wasn’t even told about the 15 day trial I saw the $88.89 and $79.95 charges on my bank statement. Call the customer service, asking them when did the 15 day trial start and she said the day I ordered it,….. hell I didn’t receive it until the 20th day after I ordered it and then it made my face swell up like a balloon and the idiots wanted me to try it again, and call by June 8 to cancelled. I mean really people! No I did not try it again, I told her to close my account and close it now and do not send me anything else in the future.

    • Tina Crisp

      I see on your post that you have talked to an customer service rep. Do you still have the number? Thank you

      • misty marie


      • misty marie


    • Chris

      They called to “confirm” my $2.95 “free trial” (where I had refused any additional products) and offered me a second product for $1.95. She asked for my credit card number again. That is where they get you because you have supplied it to them. Them they mention that you will be billed full price for the items in 15 days and are in this “automatic” program. You are supposed to be able to call and cancel and send the stuff back at YOUR EXPENSE. I checked with my credit card company right away. They can’t do anything until the people bill you. I replied to my email confirmation and said not to send me anything and not to bill my card. I will also write to them at their address in Troy Michigan. If you want this junk, buy it from Amazon cheaper, but, really, don’t bother. It sounds like it doesn’t work anyway.

  • Helen

    Beauty and Truth is a scam.Not only does the product not work but they are scamming for your money! I can’t believe that I fell for this! I called my credit card to not accept any charges from this company and to reverse prior “free trial’ charges of $88.49 and $79.95. Wish I seen all these complaints before I ordered!

  • KO

    do not buy from these folks. anything. not only are you automatically enrolled in an expensive subscription, it is difficult to cancel – they keep trying to upsell you along the way . I did cancel successfully (I think – but I’ll be monitoring my card carefully), however I suddenly noticed 4 “Foreign ATM transaction” fees .Turns out the company is based in Canada and every time you make a purchase (or cancel a purchase) you will be charged one of these fees unless you are also a Canadian resident. The fees were small so I let them slide, but beware.

  • Violet56

    JUST CANCEL YOUR CARD!! It is a bit of a pain till you get your new card, but as I used my Visa Debit, I can write checks in the meantime… My bank was very ok with the whole deal, canceled my card immediately. I am out the 3.95 but I consider that the cost of a lesson learned. I will refuse the shipment when it comes, just write it on the box “Return to Sender/Refused”… This has got to be simpler than hanging on the phone for ever for little results other than stressing out. We will see if they call or send a wretched letter of any kind…betcha they don’t…. Keep ya posted! I HATE getting scammed…Thank Goodness For Sites such as this and all you good people that took the time to complain!!!!

  • MD

    Would you like to file a class action?

  • Patti

    One thing that I’ve learned before buying anything like this, purchase a visa gift card and put your purchase on it. That way, they can’t charge you for anything else.

    • Pamela Leonard

      Hi Patty. This has got to be the best idea I have ever heard for handling these type of things. Thank you so much for the idea. :)


  • Furious

    These people are FRAUDS. I got pink eye with my free sample. I did not give them permission to charge my card for more products. I filed a claim with my credit card. DO NOT BUY THESE PRODUCTS! The free sample is not free. They, without your permission, start charging you about 80.00 for each item on your charge card without authorization. They should be shut down….

  • Beyond Mad!

    I called them and was told also that they would refund 50%. I then called back again and told them I wanted PROOF that they had authorization to take that money out of my account. All of a sudden they are refunding me 100% of my money. Do NOT settle for 50% refund and having to send the product back. Ask them for proof of the authorization and they will give you a 100 percent refund.

  • Mary Neviska

    Got something about “free samples” and after paying for shipping was charged $78.! I emailed them and they said it was for the sample but would refund half and the other half when I sent back the product. I used some and threw the packaging away. It was sopposed to be a free sample!



  • audrey rus

    i have not ordered the items i got in the mail today. i will keep them but i do not want to receive anythg else. if i want something i will order it. do not think you can use my bank account. it is against the law, at least in the united states. please confirm to me at my email that this will not happen again.

  • Joan

    I had a similar experience others have noted. The Truth & Beauty ad said that I would receive a sample of the Wrinkle Rewind for a shipping cost of $4.95. I received the product, read the ingredients, and realized it was nothing more than a simple lotion. When I read the accompanying written information, I was alarmed to see that the company would be sending me the product automatically MONTHLY at an extremely inflated cost. I called the automated number, selected to cancel the product – and was shocked to hear that my automated choice had indicated I was cancelling the Wrinkle Rewind, but was ordering another product and my credit card would be charged $39.99! I called in the morning, talked with a person who said I would receive a $20.00 refund – and the remainder of my $39.99 would be refunded when I’d sent the product back to the company. I did receive an email noting the refund of $20.00, but the promised email verifying the return address and confirmation of the subsequent total refund never arrived.

  • VjH

    After reading the reviews of nightmares, I am SO grateful that I have a bank that is aware of this scam. I, too ordered the trial. Immediately, I received a call from them to ‘confirm’ my purchase & they tried selling me other stuff too. I said NO. I only wanted to try the sample. The next day I received a notice from my bank informing me that they automatically canceled my debit card because of ‘possible link to reported scams’ & they re-issued me a new card with new numbers so they can’t get to my account again! Thank God, I was one of the lucky ones!

  • carolina elguezabal

    Son unos utenticos HIJOS DE PUTA yo hice el pedido de prueba de los 4,95 y cada mes me han recargado en la cuenta 65 euros , SIN REALIZAR YO NINGUN PEDIDO. Para cancelarlo es muy dificil.

  • Kathy Putney

    This company needs to be put out of business for false advertising and perpetuating a SCAM on Facebook….and trying to speak with them is next to impossible. I purchased a "sample" for $4.95…when it was received it said I had become a member and would be charged $39.99 within 30 days. To return the product would NOT be paid for by the company….there is certainly no TRUTH about them….mostly FRAUD.

  • Dynetta

    This is a scam! And I am totally disgusted! This scam needs to be stopped! Even if the product was wonderful, there is no way I would have any part of it!

  • martha zinger

    wish I read this prior to my response to a face book ad…..this confirmation call came telling me that i should be getting s 14 day sample when the ad said THIRTY (I double checked). I called the # the person provided me for cancellation; this was met by another poor English speaker who seemed to be offering MORE products! I explained that I have the flu today, and am thus prone to do foolish things. Bad company!

  • Cindy

    After reading the previous comments, my story is the same. After the initial "free sample" $78.49 deducted from my account and no product sent. I will be calling my bank and blocking further withdrawls, also reporting to BBB and anyone else I can find. This is a scam.

  • Lynette Mian

    I was charged shipping and handling.,and under the assumption I could cancel at anytime. I am now canceling any further skin care to be sent to me. Do not charge anything to my account please,per my attorney . Thank you.

  • Tassin-Barbin

    Arnaquée comme vous, je n’ai jamais demandé un abonnement à ces produits !
    Deuxième colis il y a 3 jours, non commandé.
    Comment faire pour bloquer le prélèvement sur la CB ?
    Merci de votre réponse si vous avez trouvé comment arrêter tout envoi ultérieur.
    Impossible de les joindre par téléphone : le numéro est un faux !

  • Charlene

    I told them if they paid for the return postage I would send it back other wise I would throw it in the trash. I told them in the US it is against the law to take money out of someones Bank without permission . I have notified my bank and they are going to return the money to my account and back charge B&T. When you use a debit card that is a direct withdrawal. You have to watch your account very carefully. I am also going to report they to the Attorney Generals office in Texas for ripping people off. It may seem like a small amount of money but count up the complaints and I am sure their are an enormous amount of people that are not listed.

  • Shirley Stout

    Same here…My card was suppose to be charged $4.95 only for the sample..After 2 weeks I knew that it was a joke so I spent another $9.95 and sent it back to the company by UPS. I called to tell them and apparently was talking to someone named Jeff his ID number is suppose to be 77141. I insisted on getting this information when I was told that there was no refund going back to my account. I wrote to them on the computer and complained and they said that they would send back half of my refund. Beware Of Health & Beauty..

  • Nancy

    I just called because my card had been charged as well. Recording stated they were unable to answer due to the recent typhoons! I am so sick of this carp! Went 2 years since ordering any of this kind of stuff and hope to quit for good this time.

  • Charlene LaPerle

    Seeing all the negative comments posted about Truth(?) and Beauty products, I feel as used as all the others. My husband noticed 2 charges for 78.49 on our account for Jan. and Feb. Haven’t received anything but the samples in Dec. Pump on one product only worked twice. Spoke to them yesterday and was promised a refund. WE’LL SEE!!!!

    • Nancy

      I had the same bad experience with this company that should be more appropriately named ugly and deceitful. I ordered a product from them for 4.95, and they put me on automatic shipping, without my consent. Then proceded to send 2 more small samples that went up in price from 4.95 to 78.49 each. Besides that, their product is cheap quality. It’s not worth 79 cents. They mail first class so you can’t send it back withou paying shipping. I closed my charge account, and the then sent me a ‘confirmation’ that they are refunding my account, (after they know it’s closed.) I would never give them access to 1 second of my account again, not even for their so-called refund. If they are deceitful enough to do what they do, I have no expectations of one honest action. Quite ironic they call themselves ‘Beauty and Truth.’ Their response is as equally deceitful as their initial action. They know exactly what they are doing. I want to expose them and shut them down. These people need to be incarcerated for being robbers.

  • scanavino

    Beauty & truth uses gangsters methods, that’s the only truth !


    je reste a anor dans le 59 je vient de me faire avoir avec les produits beauty truth j ai juste commandé les échantillons pour 5.90 de frais de port j ai recu un produit le 26 decembre a 78.49eur le deuxieme le 4 janvier 68.94 eur et encore 78.49eur le 4 fevrier sans facture en plus suite a ca mais facture mes impots non pas était payer je fait un contrat de 20 h semaine depuis 2 mois c est des problèmes que doit on faire pour ce sortir de tous ca marcelle a ANOR DANS LE 59


      DEPUIS 2 MOIS J AI DES PROBLEMES AVEC MA BANQUE A CAUSE DES PRODUIT BEAUTY TRUTH QUE JE N AI PAS COMMANDé je vouler juste les échantillons il mon envoyer 1 produit qui ma était facturé le 26 decembre 2013 78.49 eur le meme produit le 4 fevrier encore 78.49 eur le deuxieme produit le 4 janvier 68.94 eur et tous ca sans facture j ai des problèmes je ne sais plus quoi faire

  • Hope

    Do NOT order this product. They charged me $4.95 and $9.95 for the trial product. When I called and canceled any previous orders, they charged me $39.95. They then charged my debit card $89.17. I have posted on facebook that this product is a scam…They will give me my money back one way or the other.

  • Robert

    I returned the trial version of two products and we told I would receive a half refund immediately and the other half upon receipt of the return merchandise. I added the refund codes I was given, mailed the packages priority mail at $5.50 each out of my pocket on January 3 (delivery scheduled for January 6) and have yet to get my refund. I insured the packages for $50 each and can file a claim. However, I think Beauty and Truth (what a name for chiselers!) is foot dragging on the refund to see if I will just get fed up and eat the $80 I am still owed.

  • Maria

    Just got of the phone with Beauty & Truth (what truth)after40 minutes and no results. I called to cancel because the Oxy Genius pump was defective. I was told to send it back and if I didn’t, my credit card would be charged
    the full price $80.00. This was my trial offer and there was nothing said about having to send the trail offer back if you were to cancel within the first 15 days. I was told that this was on the website and I should have checked it. [ I never went to the website because I ordered on line. ] While on hold with B&T, I called my credit card co. and told them not to accept any charges from B&T. They said to call back on Tuesday as there were no charges there now. I will call back Tuesday. Just received an email from B&T with return merchandise authorization. What a scam. Does anyone have contact information for Dr. OZ?

  • Evelyn Lazere

    Call this number 1866-7105109 the refund just came threw for both products it took 3 days. No complaints now.

  • Evelyn Lazere


    • Evelyn Lazere

      Okay me again. I just got threw talking to this company and got everything straightened out. So to stop these orders call this number 1866-7105109 cancel everything but also make sure that you have sent everything you received back to the address that you got it from and be ready to provide tracking number or numbers because if you got 2 things like me you will need to packages sent back with the tracking numbers.


  • Vickie in AZ

    Me too! I tried to cancel after reading the fine print that I would be charged full price if I returned the Wrinkle Rewind and Oxygenius trial offer. They of course made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I just received another jar of Wrinkle Rewind but no Oxygenius and my card was charged for both! When you try to send an e-mail, it does not go through, and no one picks up the phone EVER!!!!!!!
    I am calling my bank to stop auto payment. So glad I came upon these reviews. They keep talking about the hurricane in the Phillippines–how long ago was that?

  • Sandy

    Very upset over this scam. They con you into trying a sample and you’re automatically enrolled in a automatic monthly delivery charged to your credit card. Called to cancel and received confirmation that I placed an order! They have your credit card information and there is no access to customer service.

  • Vickie

    I wanted to first comment on the Dr. Oz thing, I did happen to have his show on one day when he announced he never has and never will endorse a product or Dr. etc. on the internet. He is very agree that everyone and anyone can and do use his name, he also gave a internet address where we could report these sites for fraud. I did not keep it cause I figured I was smarter! Unfortunately I just read all these, TOO LATE! I also received the FREE trial which to be honest has worked better than anything has in a long time. But before the trial was up I too was charged 99.79 and 93.74, I tried calling today and there was a message about a typhoon that has taken out their phones. I have not received anymore product but will call bank tomorrow to put a stop to them touching my account anymore, I hope! There has to be away to stop people like this, I’m on disability and took a chance for beauty, Bummer! I’m quit sure I won’t get my money back but Thank God I read these and hopefully I can stop them tomorrow from getting anymore of my money! Thanks everyone

  • lee

    back in December I ordered health & beauty before their fifteen day period was up they charged my account & i haven’t found anyone to talk to get this straightened out.

  • Annette

    It is too bad this company cannot do business in a straight-forward manner. People might actually order the product and use it regularly. BUT that is not the case! There is no free trial….their advertising is very misleading. You are sent products that you don’t order, and they swear there must have been a misunderstanding. Unless you have money to burn…STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

  • Allan

    Report this fraud to your bank and Dr. Oz, BBB, US Postal Fraud. Don’t forget to contact your phony Elected Officials. With you and your bank on the phone call WELLNESSREVIVAL the phone number on you debit charge to get this problem fix and make sure to get GET EVENT NUMBERS FROM EVERYONE. and a if needed RMA. Where are the Class action Attorney when you need one. What a scam!!!! Dr. Oz and his endorsement of this company. What a scam!!!! NEVER order any beauty cream on line.
    How are you supposed to return an package when it was a FREE sample and you pd for the freight ?
    The Banks are doing nothing to stop this Fraud. The public is getting rip of by Millions

  • Rachel

    I had the same problem – called within the period specified. Had cancelled the product. Just received another bottle – apparently they never did cancel my order. Now they told me I cannot get my refund for the first bottle because it’s over 30 days. Definitely a scam. I told them they were a scam when I called them.

    • Hope

      You had better clear my comment, unless you are scared. You know you are in the wrong and had better credit my account for $89.17. I will plaster you all over facebook, twitter, and everywhere else I can. You did me wrong. I’m on disability and you should have not done this.

      • Hope

        You better post my comment, I’m pissed.

    • Hope

      They charged me $4.95 and the $9.95 which was fine and then when I canceled they charged me $39.95. Then they turned around and charged me $89.17, for what. I only received two items. This is buillshit. This is a scam.

  • sara marquardt

    I paid the shipping of $3.95 & when received I immediately canceled and they were to send e-mail to confirm which they did not. Now I have on my credit card a bill for $78.49 so I called again to cancel. I never was sent the cream I was billed the $78.49 for.They said I had to return the cream and they would send 2 checks totaling the $78.49. Said she would send e-mail which she again did not do. What a scam., I reported it to a special scam lawyer.

  • Lee


  • chris

    Same thing happened to me. Ordered the free trial received it in the mail and then they took $79.25 out of my checking account. I called and got the run around. They told me if I returned the product I would get a refund, I thought that was funny because why would they want me to return the product when I already used it. Closing my checking account so they can’t take any more money from me. I also filed a claim with BBB.

    Did anyone of you get a refund? If so, how did you go about doing so?

  • Kami

    I signed up for this and didn’t see the fine print until after I paid. I knew as soon as i got it to call and cancel. But when I tried (10 days in) they said I could not cancel until day 15. If I cancel before that I get billed the entire amount. I have to call and cancel exactly on the 7th or I will get another shipment and I can’t cancel today or I will get billed the entire amount. GEEZ

  • I fell for this yesterday. VISA called and told me it was from over seas. I thought it must be a scam and visa said they would not put the charge through. Thank goodness VISA caught it. I had it removed from FACEBOOK and reported the scam to them. I think it is a Chinese company!!

  • josi overstreet

    After reading all these comments about the free trial, I agree that this company is a hoax, not truthful at all, and a user of the public. I thought it may have been me who didn’t understand or forgot when I ordered, I see it’s not only me. Thank you , should have read this first.

  • josi

    I tried the 14 day free trial, when they took out of my checking acc’t. $79.95.. When I called them, they said (after some threats) they would refund it. Then refund it, then received and email stating, 8-10 $39.95 would be back in my acc’t. With that I called again, they said I have to return unused, more money. I was upset with him, and he hung up on me. Some truth, they are liars and never, ever again will I send for anything like this and trust any person dealing with free trials. Now I need to look for their address, more aggravation.

  • b***y

    Wish I would have read comments before falling for this scam ! You dont see the terms until you press ORDER and then realize you have been caught in their deceptive web. Of course when you try to cancel, you are told the order has been shipped. I hope Karma gives this company what they deserve.

  • Linda

    I agree with all of the comments…major scam!! You think your trying a product if you like it then you can order….but NO, they charged me the $3.95 for a sample & $78.32 for something that was never shipped.

    • Cindy

      I agree! What a rip off!

    • vasseur

      je suis d’accord également j’ai reçu un échantillon supposant gratuit avec uniquement les frais de ports il mon retenu sur mon compte 25 euros et ce mois octobre 68 euros et pour quel produit je ne sais pas j’ai rien commandée on essai de les appeler au téléphonne toujours occupé

  • Pat

    I agree with all complaints from above. Realized it was a scam and called to cancel sample but they said it was sent already. I was told I would be charged for the sample. Refused to pay. Told the customer rep I don’t want anything to do with this company. Mailed sample back at my own expense. Beware of this company!!!!

    • Barbara West

      Did you have to cancel your credit card?I ran into this same garbage with Hydroxatone and although they SAID I was cancelled they kept taking the payments out of my bank account..had to change my card to get it stopped

    • Maria

      Have you heard anything else from B&T since your return?

  • Amanda

    I also did everything they told me to, called and cancelled through the phone and pushed all the right buttons. Then one day later I see the debit from my checking account. The sleazy pigs. They probably won’t post my comments but at least I got to vent

  • Amanda

    There is nothing I can add that hasn’t already been said. And since when does one get a 15 day trial that starts when you order and not when you receive it an start using it???????? I guess I’m stupid but I thought we were supposed to USE the product for 15 days and decide THEN whether or not we liked and wanted to keep using it. I can’t believe these sons-of-**** are allowed to do this, what terrible **** consumer practice this is. I would also be surprised that ANYBODY kept dealing with them. Their stupid product is no different than any of the other face creams at that price, lower or even higher. I can’t believe I fell for it. I just am so incensed at them. I too will be writing the BBB and this idiot Dr. Oz (who does he think he is anyway).

  • Linda

    I had a bad experience with this company. I didn’t see any fine print to return the unused wrinkle rewind or they would charge you 78.49 on your credit card. Levella did the same.
    After several phone calls they promised to refund half. Didn’t do it.
    After several calls again they did refund the Levella money.
    The customer rep was very rude.
    Live and learn. NEVER order any beauty cream on line.

  • suzanne

    And how are you supposed to return an unused package when it was a FREE sample??? So ridiculous!

    • Maddy

      I agree with you.very dishonest marketing………..
      Now they say they want $28.95 for the FREE SAMPLE if not returned in time…
      …………….can’t trust

  • Chris

    I would like to add my own displeasure with the business practices of this company. I have called and expressed my anger and got no where. I am returning the "free sample" and will be contacting the BBB about their deceptive practices as well as Dr. Oz and his endorsement of this company.

  • Mary

    I experienced the same situation. I just emailed them and threatened to report them to a consumer advocate. I told them even if I liked the product, I would hesitate to deal with the company. I don’t like their tactics. I am surprised that Dr. Oz even recommends them. It is Sunday, but I will be on the phone first thing tomorrow complaining. I told them if they send me any products without my authorization, I will not return them at my expense.

  • Lori

    The same thing happened to me! I am so angry that I fell for this also. They will continue sending wrinkle cream every month, really every month, cream for $78.59. Called to make sure this would not happen again. Very rude customer rep! Talking over me and trying to sell me the product at a lower rate. Very misleading advertisement and feeling very stupid. Be aware of this company!!!!

    Irritated in Colorado

    • again the same experience as the others, it was very difficult to cancel any further orders to be sent to me, Of course they continued to offer the creams and oils at a lower price until I actually yelled at the guy to listen to what I was saying" I don’t want any further orders not matter what the price is" He finally shut up and canceled my order. Definitely a scam. I told them I ordered and payed shipping and the discounted price of each item so why should I return it? Should have checked this out first, however the ad did say I could cancel, did not say I should return unused portion

      • mary

        Their number is in Michigan Beauty and Truth, 2619 Industrial Row, Troy MI 48084 Phone 1-888 319 9533


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