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Business Name: Casey's General Stores, Inc
Category: Corner General Stores
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Corporate Address: One SE Convenience Blvd
Ankeny, Iowa 50021 USA

Phone Number: 515-965-6100
Company Contact: Robert J. Myers - President & CEO
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Ripped Off And Was Rude And Un Helpful

I put my money in one of their lottery machines, it took the money an gave no tickets. I told the Casey’s worker; she took 20 min to even look, then no one could open it up an give me my money.

Then they tell me whenever they get around to it they would look into it, like i was lying about it. Said for me to leave my address and if they find it they would send it to me.

The amount of money lost is no concern. It’s that no employee was helpful and who knows, that could’ve been my chance at jackpot but all i got was money lost, no ticket. Rude people. And when asked – what about my hard earned money?, their answer is ‘sorry’, and if i remember, or get a chance, and if you’re telling the truth. I hope that they’re honest enough to send it to me. If he did still take a week or more to get it to me, it shows how much a customer means.

I work construction so we stop there all the time when pass through, but not any more. Now, it does not matter to Caseys but all my fellow workers are with me an we’re going to stop using any Casey’s. We drive 50 miles out of the way. I know it does’nt mean anything to Casey’s – they aren’t going under ’cause we stop using them, but it will help me feel better.

Casey’s General Store – Charleston, IL

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9 thoughts on “Caseys General Store

  1. So true, Caseys doesn't back their managers. The store I managed for 10+ yrs is supervised by a very rude and disrespectful supervisor. She grabs employees by their clothing and screams at them, sexually harasses employees husbands, screams at store employees in front of customers, and her favorite part is making employees cry. Also sends her husband into to her stores to spy on employees. She has been reported numerous times and Caseys has done nothing. I quit because of her she couldn't break me down and make me cry and I got fed up with her BS. Caseys makes money by having good managers and employees running their stores. You lose good help you lose business. Caseys needs to look at turnover rate of managers and employees in this supervisors area. Loved my job and customers. Would not work for a person like this!

  2. I had worked for and patronized Casey's for years. I always enjoyed the small town friendliness and service. Soon after the sub shops were opened the stores went to crap. They started hiring complete morons and customer service went down the tubes. It's all about money now. I refuse to go anymore, I have unresolved debit card overcharges that I have been trying to get resolved for 3 months now. The store manager finally returned my many calls and told me it wasn't her problem that it was their bank that screwed up. The over charge was only 1.00 but that is not the point. Whatever happened to being held accountable for your mistakes? They screwed up so they should be making the corrective actions, not me. Don't get me wrong, there are still outstanding Casey's stores out there but they are becoming few and far between.

  3. I went to the store in Marion & had to pre pay for a gasoline purchase. My card was charged the origional amount I asked to set up for the pre pay and then the actual purchase. If you have to pre pay at their pumps, LEAVE and go to a different merchant.

  4. Returned a loaf of molded bread to the Hiawatha, Ks Casey's store at Iowa and 1st street. A salesperson named Kenny Warren (think this was his last name) took over from my original salesperson, who by the way treated me most graciously. Kenny was rude to both me and the other young person behind the counter, bossing both him and me around treating me rudely as if I were not able to know what I was returning. He was boistrious, rude, inconsiderate, loud and very condescending. I have never been treated in this manner at any time since Casey's opened stores in our area (many many years ago). Having taught school for years, none of my students would have been trained to act in this manner, and I sincerely hope you will repremand him for his actions. When I go into the store again (and I do often) if he is present, I will not do business in your store. Never in my 70 years have I been treated in this manner, and don't believe that the Casey Stores would want anyone doing this to their customers. (I have never complained about any person in the retail industry in all my years, but this young man should truly not be serving Casey customers.) I hope someone will read this and respond as people like Kenny working at Caseys will surely drive away your customers.

  5. -Casey General Stores are known for their coffee and doughnuts. I have a complaint to make concerning the Casey General Store on Hwy 54 East, Clinton, IL. If you enter the store around 9:00 – 9:30 AM, seldom do you find but a few straggling doughnuts left over from the early morning hours. The situation seldom seems to change later into the day, as well. In contrast, however, it seems no matter the hour, you can frequent the Casey General Store in Deland, Il and there are always freshly made doughnuts. I would like to see a change here.

    • The donut cook is in the store from 3:30am (in a busy store) until 9:30am. Donuts are not made all day. Once they are gone, they are gone. Sadly, some days are busier than others, and it can be unexpected. HOWEVER, if this lack of donut issue is an every day occurrence, I encourage you to speak to the manager.

    • I work at Caseys #2285 in Springfield,Ill. Our customers can request fresh donuts 24 hrs a day we are all cross trained to accomidate almost all request, maybe your store should implement this procedure.