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Last Updated On: March 30, 2015

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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.08 out of 5
Based On: 64 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 124

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $213,324.93
Average Reported Losses: $3,333.20

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Piece of Crap Program

I begin using TRX in 2008 which was a Tax Wise program for the 2008 and 2009 the program was good small issues nothing big. In 2010 it changed with no warning or notice. Stay because I had already purchased it as I purchase my software By April 15, in 2011 it was still just ok but tolerable, in 2012 I was a night mare had to purchase a new software in march to finish getting thru tax season was promised that i would just give them another chance it would be better in 2013 so because of the huge discount they gave me I stayed another season!

In 2013 on because of a Rep named Pedro I renewed he could go in and change the language so that the return would calculate correctly and would have the right info for the transmittal to the IRS.

So for 2014 I renewed beause we had Pedro to get us thru and the discount was unbelievable “to good to be true”! So 2014 Gets here so not only can we not load the program but the ID and passwords were all messed up the conversion was a nightmare, didnt work so we had to completely delete the client info and start a new return with each and every client. Now to input info you have to wait for at least 2to 3 mins for the return to open and then 40 to 60 sec for a page to turn. The first time i knew something was wrong was one of my clients had gotten a letter from the IRS and there was no calculation for SE tax “With the Form Attached”, Then started getting calls abut not receiving refunds, OMG all of my Married filing joint returns were all sitting at the IRS because the language in the efile was all messed up making the names appear wrong to the IRS I have one that has been there since Jan 20th.

When i contacted TRX I was told I would just have to wait for the IRS to work them by hand! Will guess what if it happened to me it happened to the rest of the Prepares who filed MJ so thousands of TRX returns are sitting there also! I had to get a new harddrive and they refused to help me retrieve my client list until i canceled my anti virus program, because my Anti virus doesn’t like the program, how dare they tell me who to use! If its the anti virus program why didn’t it cause me issue with the new software I just purchased, NOT the anitvirus its the crappy and unsafe program they have sold us!

I just called to see about the states and was told the ones I need will not be available this season, not the 1120s, 1120Ss or 1065s OMG REALLY. Most of the states have to be worked with the federal oh my goodness! I have turned them into the IRS for fraudulent return program!

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Alternate Business Names: Taxes R Us, TaxExact Software, TRX

Consumer Comments For TRX Tax Software

  • Went to Intuit finally. They did a good job taking care of me. I am done with the TRX.

  • I’ve been a TRX customer for the last 8 years or so. Everything went well until the TRX started their own tax software for the 2012 tax year. That was a fiasco. The Federal had numerous errors and they didn’t have the states ready until the middle or end of the tax season. I had to examine every line of every tax return to make sure it was calculated correctly. I almost dumped them that year. I gave them a second chance because the software was working like it should for about a month in that tax year and since I have a small practice I didn’t want to spend the big bucks for another tax package. The next years software, 2013, worked well for me. I had no issues. This year though was a deal breaker. The first 15 clients I prepared had nothing but problems. There were problems after problems. They dumped their previous years software and went to the cloud and they did it badly. The software is slow, inaccurate and badly written. The clients I prepared with it, except for maybe 10%, have had problems with their efiles. Many have had the IRS refund a lesser amount than what I calculated. Some have had missing data from schedule A. Many I could not efile the CA return. Every time i tried to efile the CA return it came back as having errors or rejected for reasons I could not fix. Luckily for me I came across a new tax program. It is also an online program but is much faster and works miles better than TRX. I have been using it for all my clients since I stopped using TRX and all efiles have gone through as expected, in the usual time frame. The program is called mytaxprepoffice. Go to and you can see their pricing plan and other info. It has saved me. Good luck to all you still using TRX. You’ll need it.

  • I have been a TRX user for close to 10 years. The past three, including 2014 have been nightmares. I still can’t print a state return, the first two pages will print but the schedules won’t even show on the screen. I have a number of clients that have to paper file the MO return for a property tax credit that requires supporting documents. It is hard to prepare a return that won’t print. TRX tech support keeps telling me to efile the returns. I have explained that I can’t and have had to use the MO DOR website fill in forms to prepare the returns.

    I have just talked with TRX and they say (and you know how to tell when TRX is lying to you? Their mouths are moving) that the 1120S software will be released on March 14. The returns are due on March 15. I can’t even file a business extension.

    Someone needs to put this company out of business. I can’t believe the IRS allows them to sell software this poorly made.

  • I was able to only flie the federal on one return. Other returns that I tried to process did so incorrectly and the bank products were spitting out blank application forms. I am out the 425 bucks plus 35.00 to switch atlas over, a dozen clients and now trx locked me out of the software so I am not able to retrieve the one return I did do. I had to buy other software, Atlas still is not fixed and I guess I am out about 1500 bucks this year and who knows how many clients I won’t have back from last years mess.

    They are not acknowledging the BBB or the Attorney Generals office in Nashville’s written letters to them. As for the people who work there and get abused by people like me calling in, well take a hint. Find another job so you don’t get abused and cussed out. By working for a corrupt bunch like this, you are agreeing to their practices.

    I wish a lawyer would come along and get involved. They bankrupted once, don’t know if they can do it again.

  • As a former employee that got out of there years ago: STAY FAR, FAR AWAY!

    This company is ethically bankrupt and only cares about taking your money and lining the pockets of upper management. I always check back every tax season to see if they’ve managed to stay in business and somehow they’ve pulled it off far longer than I expected. Eventually they’re going to run out of people to con and finally get what’s coming to them.

    Also, please don’t take out your anger on the support staff, they treated us as badly as they did their customers.

    • These people need to be stopped, as for the employees you got out working for and knowing what this guy is doing I give no slack.

  • ATLAS bank is getting calls like crazy changing the software over to other companies. The AG of TN has also had numerous complaints ant it is jut the 1st of FEB. This software did not work on day one and TRX knew it wouldn’t but they sold it anyway. File charge backs with CC company’s, file complaint with AG Consumer protection division and file with BBB. I guess I got lucky cause I didn’t buy the 2012 software package or I would not have dealt with last year or lost money this year.

  • Anyone having Current Issues with their Software? Please give UltimateTax a try!! Above Industry Average in Support!! In most cases new software set up within the first cpl hours! Please email: or call 1-866-686-7211 Ext.102 for exclusive specials!!

    • I just looked at your site, I am not buying software only to have to pay for filing a return. Thanks but no thanks. I already lost 350.00 this season, I don’t have 700 to buy the pro edition.

      • Actually – we can get you a great deal with free unlimited e-filing. Call us to discuss – your headaches with them will be in the past – guaranteed. 866-686-7211

        • get up with me next year I went with another company. I have heard from lots of places TRX has had customers changing companies and Atlas is over run with having to switch accounts over to knew software. This is insane, I really hope others are filing complaints with the AG and BBB. Charge back on credit cards too.

  • Sign me up. I just read refund policy ha they keep 150 for service burea fee then all the shipping and handling. You have to mail them a letter and they have to get it withing 5 days from when you bought it to get a full refund other than that you might get 149.00 bucks back out of 349.00

  • It is 11:56 pm Jan 19, 2015, Tax season starts in 3 min, guess what…………….TRX new cloud based software is not working. Frigging great. They swore and be damed they had the errors fixed and it was a whole new ball game. Yeah its new cloud based but screwed up like you won’t believe.

    Demand a refund now if you have this software, I am in the morning.

    • I demanded a refund the third day of tax filing season only to be told by that “b***h” Karen in sales that I don’t qualify for a refund.

      • I am ruined this year and its done. I have had the IRS contacting clients and being fined because last year the front pages were not transmitted. I was able to get to the returns and print them off and they were mailed into the irs but I don’t know what is going to happen. Yeah the b***h karen is nice enough to take your money but f you if you want ti back. Oh I am locked out of this years software. Can’t use it if I wanted to.

      • i recently had the same issue. The nerve of these people


  • Would love to join class action suit

    • Hi I am going to a lawyer today I have had empty promises for 4 years and every year has gotten worse and is deseptive trade practice if you would like i can let you know more later this afternoon app @ 4!

      • Darlene. Please let me know what the lawyer tells you. I have consulted with my staff about this program and we have even considered getting a lawyer as well. We have had supervisors basically tell us in their rude ways that we are SOL and they will not help up and that we need to figure things out on our own. That is horrible customer service especially coming from a supervisor.

    • Absolutely, I have been with TRX since 2006. beginning in 2012 problems began to arise with their software. I’m losing so much money because I can’t prepare returns properly. I recently submitted my own return and received a letter from the IRS that I needed to send supporting documents for Sch. C as they were not transmitted properly. I unable to file CA part year non resident returns because it’s not available. Being in CA not much room to use their customer support. They tend to close at 5 central standard meaning three in CA. Wait times are extremely long. Oftentimes, I have been told that I reason for the my documents not able to download was because my internet was slow. They told me I needed to be on a landline (I was on DSL) rather than Wi-fi for Cloud working more efficiently. I proved their theory wrong by showing them that I could enter most documents on a specific return and when adding another document the program would not respond. This is my worst experience preparing taxes that on March 30, 2015, I will need to purchase another software to complete the many returns I have pending.

  • TRX is causing me to lose money multiple years in a row. if anyone has started the class action, then I would like to join.
    My email address is

    • I would love to join.
      Please let me know!

    • I have lost money and clients for the last 3 years and was promised better software this year but that is a joke. I also would love to join a class action suit.

  • Used TRX for 3 years. Had catastrophic problems with TRX last year. Switched to what I thought was a mainstream software company I thought I could trust. Now new software informs me they are charging me $49 per return to e-file. What deceptive business practices I have had to deal with! Looking for NEW TAX SOFTWARE. Do you have any recommendations of software under $800.00

    • I use ATX for my individual income tax returns. Does a nice job.

      • I am vacating ATX SOOOO many poroblemsd and after 30 days and still not functionin, they did not give a refund,. I am going with DRake and so far LOVING it. I have spoken to
        some of their clients and they say the Customer Service is outstanding – 6 second answering the phone!!

    • I also got taken by TRX last year. They offered me a discount to go with them again. Not even for "free" would I want to put myself through the anguish and horrors of trying to file a TRX tax return. The IRS had to "correct" several returns that were sent with incorrect tax amounts. This year, I went back to ATX (about $500 to $800 or more). It was a vacation to have a software that worked as smoothly as ATX. No problems, everyone’s taxes were filed timely, smoothly and correctly.

      • Used OLTPro for an entire season. Reasonably priced and excellent customer service. I’ve renewed after using TRX for 4 years. I’m still cleaning up the messes from the problems with their software from 2012

  • this crooks must be sued i am loosing time, money and clients…

    i sent them the below email..

    Your TRX software is a disaster.. it doubles income and dependents it does not save changes to a return and it’s the worse I ever experienced all the above allegations are documented via a screen shots and videos . All I am asking for is a refund for this worthless product so I can find another software quickly to cover my end. I will escalate this complaint if I receive No answer. This really annoying and it wasted my time and got all my clients angry.

  • I had problems last year with this software so I decided enough is enough and switch to OLT pro, so far so good but the season just started so I won’t put my hand in the fire for any company but my own. You would think that TRX would get their act together and also that the IRS would test them before giving them the right to sell their junk software so, if we can get together and sue the hell of TRX lets not forget to include the IRS in the lawsuit for negligence, they don’t forgive and forget, neither should we.

  • I had problems last year switched to new software company mid season. This year they called and assured me that the problem was fixed and they guarantee accuracy. So I purchased and I have been on the phone with them the past three weeks trying to fix problems and tax season hasn’t started yet. I have requested a refund and was told by Kathy it was to late. I switched to another provider today. Please include me in the class action lawsuit

    • I am having same problem please let me know which provider you are using now so I be able to switch over, I am new tax preparer started my business this year 2013 and I am so frustrated Thanks a lot my name is Dzung Le my email is

  • I had the same problems also. I had to find other software to file state taxes and lost 16 % of my clients and I’m a small firm, plus lost revenue of $1600 plus the program cost. I also used TRX for 5 yrs. You can count me in on whoever will be filing a lawsuit, email me at

  • Yeah. Terrible. Program software finally got useable toward end of tax season but they never did get any states done. Had to go to state website to file my state returns. They promised everything would be fixed and fine this year, 2013, but here it is about a week and a half away from filing and still no states.

  • TRX was recommended to me by a collegue and used it for 6 years. I agree that last year was worst, I lost a lot of clients and have to redo tax returns manually just to make sure the calculations were correct. It was also first time for me to have over 50 state returns rejected because of software related errors I ended up mailing those returns. It caused me so much delay, so much time and money. Count me in whoever will be filing a lawsuit, email me at

  • I am starting a lawsuit. If anyone is interested in this lawsuit becoming a class action, please contact me and I will speak to my attorney about class action. I can be reached at

    • I filed a complaint with the Tennessee Business Bureau – TRX declared bankruptcy. I received the product from TRX for the 2012 season and found it incomplete – in addition I could never reach a customer service representative. The email response I did get threatened to take legal action against me for complaining I received poor service. I have all records of time spent on hold and the emails with detail the non sense they responded with. I would be interested in becoming a class action suit.
      my email is

    • i am interested.

      • I am interested

    • I would be willing to join in a class action suit.

    • I AM IN

  • Regarding the performance of the TRX 2012 Software I agree that it did not perform satisfactory. It did not calculate schedules properly for a good portion of the tax season, it was also not user friendly because many of the forms did not populate we had to manually pull them and transfer the information. Out of the 4 years I was with this company last year was the worst ever!!
    Even the customer support was of no support. there were issues that that could not be resolved during our discussion nor did they know when it was going to be fixed. Because of this it caused delays in filing my clients returns and cause me to lose some who were not willing to wait.
    It had so many issues I had to purchase another software just to make sure the calculations were correct. Even after the filing deadline I still could not file some of my state returns I ended up mailing them in.
    When it comes to satisfying my clients I need a company that will stand behind it’s product and one I can trust and unfortunately this is not it.

  • I have used TRX for five years It was never a great program, but the price was great. This year really took the cake, I have problems with the first return I did this year. The depreciation was all screwed up and I spent HOURS on the phone with their support and they never did correct the problem. I had to purchase new software because I could never trust TRX software. I am trying to get my money back. Good luck if you use this company next year!!!

    • I to had serious problems with TRX this year. I contested it with my credit card and got my money back. But here is the kicker. I have been getting updates up until last week and thought that’s great. I am in the process of doing a complex return with rental properties and the program is making numerous math errors to the point I have to manually calculate almost everything I think they sabotaged the program. I would like to file a class action suit against for all the stress and extra time I have put in.

  • I’m glad to hear something is being done about this. I lost so many clients. I was stressed out because tax return were being left in the loop. I had to do Amendment and I was so embarrassed about having to call my client back and having them call me about their tax returns. I called tech support and they would not call me back. I stayed on the phone for days at a time to get the tax returns resent, still did not get send out. or


    • I am looking in to filing a class action suit. That company needs to be put out of business.

    • I’m willing to join a class action against this company, I’m also suffered with incomplete software, I had purchased early before May 1st to get the membership price, I have been with them since 2009 and I would say they were OK when they provided the Red Gear software but when they switched to Tax Exact the nightmare begun
      Please contact me if you plan to start the legal action

    • I am willing to join in a class action lawsuit. Someone please contact me as I have already contacted an attorney but would be more than willing to go class action. I can be reached at, Attention: Karensue

  • Please note that TRXSoftware is no longer online they changed their name to TAXEXACT….We need make the general public aware that TAXEXACT is the same as TRXsoftware. They are crooks.

  • I used TRX for the past several years and have had the same horror stories. I’m still amending returns that we are finding errors in. But beware, they are now operating under the name Tax Exact instead of TRX. I thought I was talking to Tax Act instead of Tax Exact, paid for the program and you guessed it, am paying He$$ to get my money back. I cancelled it and they charged my card the next day, anyway!! Spread the word so that no one else makes the same mistake I did!!!!

  • WHAT A MESS. I had the same nightmares as all of you, It was a difficult decision, but I am glad that I switched software in the middle of the season. Some of you mention the price is good, but I rather pay a few more bugs and not having to go through this.

  • I have several problems with TRX too, and now in May I tried to do some tax returns I filed extension, I printed out the paper copiers TRX has "2013 Demo Version" everywhere on Tax return. I paid for $299 and shipping $32 last May; now I got "Demo Version". I have been using TRX for 6 years, I lost customers this year due to software did not work.

  • Same problems reported by me, I even offered them a deal, "Since you’re in the process to make your own software and this year was just BAD Software, give me 2013 for free to try out and if you make it up to me I’ll consider staying for 2014" Well its if I had insulted them, and on top of all that they gave you a deadline of May 2 to renew OR ELSE….. and raised the price to $599
    Well needless to say I’m not falling for this. Now that Drake is offering software for $289 for 15 returns an $18 after any additional return. I’m not big on clients but I do it for my own S-Corp which they never gave me the state, and for other clients I just had to buy other software to make end meet. I spoke to the IRS and filed a complaint, not sure its of any help unless I see the IRS stopping them as it demands from us to take the test again or we are not allowed to prepare taxes. Maybe a class action lawsuit to both the IRS and TRX might move the wheels, but I don’t know of any lawyers firm who is willing to take on the case. In the end I feel like an ant trying not to get stepped on,

  • This was my third year with TRX. Unbelievable!!!. I only filed 10 federal returns and 3 of them have problems now tha tI need to amend!! My last call to them was on March 5th when i wanted to cancel my "membership" and get a refund. I was immediately canceled and could not do any more efiling BUT I have never gotten my refund!! I was being patient waiting for tax season to be over but now it is time to take steps to go after it. I am in agreement that letters need to be sent to states of Tennessee and our home states as well as the IRS to report the fraud that this company played on all of us. In all my phone calls regarding technical issues and my voiced concerns and complaints about the inadequacy and inaccurate programig, it was always blamed on the MeFiling update – until just before my last call when one rep slipped up and admitted they had to start from scratch last fall due to losing the copyright to their past software program this year.!! That was my finaly straw. I am in a class action suit if someone knows how to get it started.

  • I have used this software for 4 years all. This year was a nightmare. For state it would calculate sometime off credit that make the refund incorrect and too many updates. Also when I would save and camaraderie and open it again it would be the correct and but wrong client. I called several times for help but had to wait a long time or got disconnected.. If there is a class action suit filed please contact me at

  • I have used TRX for the past four years with no problems. This year was and still is a disaster. I read several other reviews and I think I experienced all the same problems. This software was no where near ready to be released. I would be interested in class action suit. I can reached at

  • I have use trx since 2006 and this year is a BiG MESS!! i will not buy it again and I will sooo the company

    • ok not good will sooo

  • count me in to this class action, , I am tired of all the time and money this software costed me this year.

  • After a horrendous tax season with TRX calculating errors and horrific customer support, I discovered today some problems that some of you will pay dearly for. Here is the problem I discovered. I went back to make an address change for my client in her return. Simple huh, well not so simple. The return indicated the address change was complete, and yes I am aware that this awful program is terribly slow in updating. So I saved the return waited 10 minutes and closed the return. The customer had another change, I reopened the return and guess what, the tax return was completed changed. Here are the changes the program made for me: 1) reverted to the old address 2) made changes to the Sched C eliminating mileage and other random expenses 3) Schedule C Cash accounting election error 4) the exemptions were removed, I had to manually calculate the number of exemptions 5) Refund went from $1233 to $410. My customer was right there so I calmly reentered the information, saved and closed again. When reopening the return, the exact same chain of events occurred. My problem now is how many other returns have been indiscriminately changed by this horrible software. Requesting a refund of TRX software is futile, even though I was unable to e-file a single state return, with many states still unavailable and not calculating correctly. This company should be put out of business, what about the poor unsuspecting tax professionals that will try this software next year and suffer the horrific consequences. A class action suit is inevitable. This company needs to cease and desist its thievery and deception. I am and would like to know who wants to file a class action against these crooks and thugs.

    • Count me in. I had the same experience.. horrible customer service; numbers that would not carry to other forms; birthdays it wouldnt let me change.. they should be out of business.


      Lenard there are many of us that would like to do this too! We have suffered this and so much more from them.

  • count me in… (note that this is not spelled wrong, there is no o in bottmline!)

  • Here’s the latest and greatest…. TRX is now selling customer lists to competitors. That sets off big red flags doesn’t it? What going concern sells it’s customer lists while at the same time tries to pre sell software that doesn’t work? This company just keeps getting worse and worse. They are now scrapping for every last dime even to the point of selling their customer base. My name has been sold to Thomson Reuters. I just got an e-mail from Drake Software stating that I should really try Drake first. So, somehow Drake received some kind of a secondary non-priority type of list. Sold twice???? Who knows anymore.

  • After reading Lillie’s posting, i feel like i was reading what happen to me. it was a mirror of what happened to me. How can we post "****" this on all social media -YouTube, etc. That will help other customers or tax preparer from buying their product. Any class lawsuit out there is anyone thinking of one. Please i will like to be there.

    • I am another small business that suffered financial loses as well as an increased level of stress. I ended up switching to TaxAct for preparers. I just received a phone call from TRX trying to sell me the product and when i complaint the salesman was very rude. I agree we should bring a CLASS ACTION lawsuit against TRX.

  • Whom is setting the lawsuit against TRX in motion and how do i sign up?

    • I would like to know too. David (claytontax@****.net, (623) 322-8868

  • I am interested in a class action law suit, I can be reached at

  • Just got a call from TRX Software to renew….. "Not on your life" was my reply. Guess who had time to take my call all of a sudden when she thought there was a client to salvage. Karen Bills herself. She told me herself she couldn’t give me a refund. I told her i thought the company was bankrupt. She did not deny it. DO NOT PREPAY FOR THIS SOFTWARE. TRX MAY NOT BE AROUND TO PROVIDE IT. EVEN IF THEY ARE, IT DIDN’T WORK FOR 2012 AND A COMPANY THAT WILL HEAVILY MARKET SUCH A PRODUCT LACKS INTEGRITY.

    I didn’t file a single 2012 return with this software as it didn’t work. For the State of Utah, something as elementary as W-2 withholding flowing from the W-2 input screen to the state return did not work. There were many other issues as outlined by all these other complaints. How could I have confidence in this program after that.

    Fortunately, I bought another software after clients started complaining. I didn’t file a single return with TRX.

    They would not address requests for a refund. Karen Bills would not retunr e-mails or calls. But she sure has time to make a sales call and look for a new generation of suckers.

  • I will

  • I too have all the problems everyone else has. I am in Arizona and have so many problems with the state software. For example, when I go to print a state tax return (still can’t e-file), the screen view looks ok. But when you print the form, the filing status is different. They finally fixed this, but there are so many errors in Arizona returns. It has cost me lots more money printing tax returns to mail as well as 3 times as much ink, postage, and time. I am all for a class action lawsuit. I can be reached at claytontax@****.net.

    • You are not alone, in 20 years this is my worst year by far thanks to TRX and they sent me an offer to renew which I thing is missing the $5,000.00 the have to give me on top to use again their software


  • please let me know if there will be a class action suit, its been pure Hell

  • I’m in for any class action suit against this horrible company. The damage to my business has been substantial and will be in the thousands of dollars that will carry forward for many years to come.

  • I am ready to join any class action suit against this awful company (TRX).

  • Very interested in class action suit.

  • This is my second here, I did have some problems last year, but nothing like this year, thinking about swhich software but love the price….what to do???

    • price has nothing to do when you lose clients , I think the software cost me at least $8,000 at the end

    • What to do? This is a no brainer. Chalk TRX up to a loss. Do your really think this company will even be around next year? If this company has the Capital to survive the client loss and lawsuits it is going to experience, then it has the capital to do the right thing and refund the customers who had to buy other software since their’s didn’t work. So, basically in my opinion, they are either bankrupt or dishonest and I won’t work with either.

      ATX had an affordable option, but it was limited to three states. I need more states. I ended up going with Taxact all states package for $599. That is what TRX has raised their preseason price to anyway, so now there is no cost savings anyway. I heard TaxWise had a good multi-State option.

  • It’s hard to know how much money anyone has lost until next year when the clients come back saying that something did not get processed….such as the direct debit. I am lucky I only had 2 customers sign up for the direct debit to pay their taxes.
    I was informed just minutes ago that those forms we not electronically sent. The one client was sending his payment the 1st of April so knew well in advance that the payment had never been taken out….but my last client just found out…….Hopefully the IRS will be forgiving this year and not send interest or penalty for a late payment……….gahhhhhh…….

  • I want to join the lawsuit.

    Tony at email:

  • I too have been with TRX for 4 yrs and this is the first yr that I’ve had major software issues, would love to know if a class action suit will be filed. You may as well prepare the returns manually than use this years software. Don’t think I will be purchasing again in the future. If suit is filed please advise me at. I’ll probably give Tax Act a try in the future unless someone can recommend another thats reasonable priced as I’m a small side business owner.

    • Hi Tony,
      This would have been my 4th year with TRX. Long story short saw all the problems with their software and when simple problems were not being fixed decided to go with new software and purchased TaxAct on Jan. 31st. I loved it and am so glad I did not stay with TRX after reading about all the problems.

    • Drake software has a pay as you go program. You pay $185.00 for the first fifteen returns and then pay $19.00 per return. I had to switch in march and redo most of my clients but I have been very happy with Drake.P

    • Tony,
      I went to Taxwise. A lady named Ruby, ext. 107 was a tremendous help. They had all my 2011 TRX returns converted to their software, which TRX could not convert their own software to. This was done and I was sending returns within two hours. A great company in my opinion. Call her and she might give you a deal since you are coming from the nightmare you had.

  • I have also been a TRX customer for many years and never had any major complaints with them, their tech support was always available and excellent…This year has been HORRIBLE. After spending approx 90 hours on hold waiting for tech support i would receive a "we know and there is an update coming to fix that" response from them. I look stupid professionally because of the amount of rejects this year and also have lost the confidence of my clients because of this software. The topper to all this was the phone call I received this morning asking me to renew my contract for next year!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME, I told the company rep that he should probably wait until after we have all calmed down before trying to sell us next years garbage.

  • I went to Taworks in February because TRX lied to me when they said that I would be getting the same software that I used in 2011(Redgear) several times. I did one tax return and it was **** to work with and the software keep loosing my firm information and it could not do a 2 year comparisons either. Thank god I switched early.

  • Guess what I received in the mail yesterday folks?? Yes that’s right… I can’t believe that TRX has the _alls to send out renewal notices with a nice little note from Mr. Hughes! Do they really think that we are going to renew and put ourselves through misery again next year?? NO THANKS. I’m done!!! I have been a TRX customer since 1991 when they were Tax Refund Express in Houston!! Bring back ORRTAX and INTELITAX.. great products!! Just had to comment regarding the renewal gall.

    • I felt the same way when I opened their mail out. I had asked for a refund because I had to go to another company that is higher. Their information had always said, satisfaction guaranteed. Now they say, that they did not have a guaranteed policy until this year. I would love to join a class action suit, if you have any knowledge of one, please let me know. We have all lost far more than what we paid for the program.

    • I wanted to send back the renewal notice with ‘HA, HA, HA’ written all over it! But, instead, I’ve decided to write a letter to the President of the company to explain EXACTLY why I’m not going to renew with them for next year. The poor Customer Service people have been thru enough this season. I want someone else to ‘feel my pain’. And – the guts to increase the price too! OMG!

  • I forgot to add on my other comment that as of right now on April 16th there are only 16 of the 43 states that have income tax that are able to be filed. This does not include the numerous little sub categories of cities, towns and school districts that are include in some state returns. I spoke to someone the other day and was told that they had sent their software to Connecticut for approval just two weeks ago and that they didn’t understand why they had not heard back with an approval since it usually only takes a couple of days. I asked if anyone had thought to contact Connecticut to inquire as to the status of the approval and was told oh that’s the front offices problem. I will be calling CT Department of Revenue to see if they have any knowledge of software being submitted for approval.

  • It is now April 16, 2013 and I am still not able to file any state of Connecticut, Rhode Island or Massachusetts returns. I have called numerous times to ask about and have been told it’s in the works and should be available any day. Of course that answer has always come after waiting at least an hour for someone to answer the phone after listening to the most god awful music on hold repeated over and over. The last few days they have thrown in a voice that repeats continuously the instructions on how to file an extension. I too have lost over $5000 this year due to not being able to file in a timely manner. Since I am a small business this has closed me down after 22 years of service to my friends and neighbors. TRX may you suffer the consequences of your actions.

  • I dont know when the class action lawsuit begins??? please

  • We are still in the midst of filing and:
    1. We can’t help but override numbers that should be flowing through.
    2. Depreciation schedules are not calculating right all of the time on SCH E or C
    3. No Form 568 for LLCs were available to e-file and the Federal 1065 rejected after all diagnostics were cleared
    4. Recalculating is not updated in real-time. This is fine, but sometimes we eventually lose the work.
    5. Etc.

    Good price for the product, but bad quality for the time you will need to eventually put into making the RIGHT tax return for your clients. It’s a toss-up for us small business folks…

  • I also need to voice my complaint re the TRX software this tax season. I have been a tax preparer since 1988, becoming an EA in 1991 and have use ATX/TRX for many years. Now that the season is officially over, I have a little time to reflect on this season, certainly the worst of my career. I am still unable to obtain IL1040ES coupons, the KS forms will finally print but are for 2011 rather than 2012, IL e-filing has rejected everything I sent so I have needed to paper file IL state returns. Not only does the IL e-filing not work right, the data input screen for the IL 8453 asks for information including the client’s weight. (Not too invasive, are we.) Interest from K-1’s doesn’t print on the Sch B, nor does interest from seller held mortgages or interest from US Savings bonds. Pastoral housing worksheets weren’t available until last week and the Sch SE still doesn’t work properly without over riding line 2. In addition, excess housing allowance will not print properly on line 7 of the 1040. R/E taxes except for the primary residence don’t print properly on the Sch A. Charitable contributions don’t handle the income limitation nor carry-forwards well.

    Another major complaint is that the company did not provide me with any 1041 software this year. I ended up having to use last year’s software just to get the returns done. This is in spite of an e-mail that I have from the company stating that as long as I renew each year by May 1, they will supply me with all Federal 1040 forms, all state 1040 forms, all business forms, and all entity forms, all with unlimited e-filing. This e-mail clearly states " TRX will honor this offer each year you renew your membership by May 1st.. This is . . . a commitment to you to provide our most inclusive software package every year you are a TRX member. " I’m not a lawyer but I think this is a breach of contract. I have a relatively small practice so would be interested in finding substitute software in the same price range (if possible) that others recommend. Give me a call 217-638-0491 or e-mail at

  • Class action lawsuit won’t do any good as even if successful the creep and company would just file bankruptcy. Write to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service and the State authority over software approval. Explain in detail the double work caused to you and to them. Tell them about the amended returns that will have to be processed by the IRS when preparers file to correct changes that were made to their submission files. Since they market this on a national basis, file a complaint with the federal trade commission and the postal inspectors. The inaction of the Tennessee Attorney General says a lot about Tennessee concern about the honestly of it’s businesses.

  • I have purchased and used TRX for the past 4 years with few problems but this year is horrible. Since I have received a early sign up for next year you can bet they will be out of business. Nothing at all good to say about this company and its software. I’m up for a class action lawsuit.

  • ***Be aware, If you don’t want to loose money, DO NOT PURCHASE TRX software. I am a home based small business and I have lost $3800 because TRX software is not accurate …not functional at all since they separated from Red Gear the creators of software until 2011. When I complaint about SC, I was told "sorry we have no idea when it will be added." Also their Federal has too many glitches that some of my clients have not received their money yet. How bad is their software…well today April 14, I noticed that we have another update and this time is number 83. Yes, it is that bad and you will loose customers and time because customers will complaint to you why they have not received their money. I switched to TAXACT for preparers. They have two editions a bundle that includes states for $579 and a pay per return edition for $119+24.95 per state. This software is incredible. It has so many features and it is very easy to use. It is extremely accurate. It is worth the money…no more headaches and I no longer loosing clients or money. The only issue is that it does not recognize TRX format…so you have to do a bit extra data entry but at the end IT IS worth it. I hope we continue sharing our bad experiences with TRX because small businesses will lose clients and money. *****

  • If you don’t want to loose money, DO NOT PURCHASE TRX software. I am a home based small business and I have lost $3800 because TRX software is not accurate …not functional at all since they separated from Red Gear the creators of software until 2011. When I complaint about specifically about SC, I was told "sorry we have no idea when it will be added." Also their Federal has too many glitches that some of my clients have not received their money yet. How bad is their software…well today April 14, I noticed that we have another update and this time is number 83. Yes, it is that bad and you will loose customers and time because customers will complaint to you why they have not received their money. I switched to TAXACT for preparers. They have two editions a bundle and pay per return edition. The bundle edition is 579 and includes all. This software is incredible. It has so many features and it is easy to use. It is very accurate. It is worth the money…no more headaches and I am not loosing money anymore. I downloaded the 2011 version to test and it is a full version with the states. The only issue is that it does not recognize TRX format…so you have to do a bit extra data entry but at the end it is worth it. I hope we continue sharing our bad experiences with TRX because small businesses will lose clients and money. Elsa B.

  • I have also been a TRX consumer for approximately 4 years now and I never had any problems with it until this year tax season. I waited until the end of March to get the e-file ok from Michigan and it still does not work right. The information does not go where it is suppose to go on the michigan return. I have quite a few rejects and error messages. It will not hold some information that is put in. It changes the depreciation deductions at will. My clients have been great and very patient with me but that could end on Monday 4/15/13. I want my money back I will probably end up doing quite a few manual returns.
    their support team don’t seem to know what the problem is or don’t care. I guess I will have to go back to the software that I can’t really afford to buy.

  • I am with you. been doing taxes for 10 years and this is the worst software I have used. Still can’t efile the state of WI have been efiling on WI website but taking ever. Contact me at


  • TRX Scammed everyone this year in 2013, I have used their software for about 8 years and I had to bail in late February just to keep from losing customers, I started the federals in TRX software but had to re enter the same info into new software so it would build the state return. Double if not triple work, didn’t sleep for 2 weeks trying to get caught up, and barely got through the ordeal. TRX should be sued! I know they will not voluntarily return money to purchasers of that software they pulled out of the trash and tried to fix it….. but really over $300 and a lot of loss sleep, a weary brain, is it worth it? I say take the loss, learn the lesson, and never look back! Obviously we get what we pay for.
    SC in New Mexico

  • I spoke with Karen Bills – Director of Sales for a refund. She told me TRX does not offer refunds and I can get a credit for next year’s tax software. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I told her why in the world do you think I want to use this software next year?? You guys KNEW the software was not working, but you still sold it to me. I had to buy ProSeries to prepare my business clients tax return. Anyone starting a class action lawsuit? You can contact me at

  • I have used TRX for several years. Up till this year, no complaints. Now, what a nightmare. Hours upon hours on hold for tech support. Then when you do get someone, sometimes they can help and other times, no luck. Forget about state tax returns. We are supposed to have all 50 states. Errors all over the place. Lost customers, but the biggest problem yet to come is tax returns that the software did not calculate properly. Unfortunately I have put some faith in the tax calculations and now customers are already recieving letters from the IRS regarding tax miscalculations. How much will that cost me in the future? I’m all in on a class action lawsuit.

  • I have been using TRX for the past three years. The customer service for the first two years was great. This year 2013 for filing 2012 is a disaster. At the beginning of the season, I got help in a timely manner. For the past few weeks, they will put you on hold for more than one hour, and you never get someone on the line. Until today the State of Massachusetts is not released yet, and no line of communication with consumers.
    I do not see myself going through this again next year.

  • I have prepared taxes for over 30 years now, I am semi-retired in Florida, but still doing a lot of tax returns from clients in other states.I work with about 6 states, and I could not e-file not ONE, and its almost April15… WTF This is my first year with TRX, and do I EVER regret I even gave this company a try. I have used in the past TaxWise, ATX, Crooslink, TaxVision and Tax Act. So I know a **** tax software program when I see one. TRX, miscalculates, gives faulty credits, and NO e-file STATES for unlimited free states. I even tried out the demo, which was a version of TaxVision, not bad software. But the bait and switch came when this TRX proprietary crappy software was substituted for a real tax program. I would also be interested in pursuing some kind of legal remedy.

  • I’m interested in the class action law suit. I have lost money,time and potentially about 20% of my clients. reach me at

  • Count me in. Same issues. Switched software in late february in order to salvage my business
    Tim NIschan

  • I went to taxwise. Call Ruby there at 866-686-7211 ext 107 and tell her eddie told you to call her. I changed early, and she helped me convert all my files, and she came into my computer and installed the new software. Tell her you were with TRX and ask if she can help you on the price. It will be more than TRX, but it is owned by CCH and they make sure it is right. If you want to call me, my number is 817-840-3477.

  • Same issues here. I have been told for 3 weeks that one of my states would be ready (still not ready) and that my main state was not a priority because there aren’t enough tax preparers here. I tried several times to speak to someone or email or get some response. I finally posted on their website stating that someone needed to call me, and finally 3 people did, but none could help me. I then spoke to a manager and was told they couldn’t do anything for me, but I could get the software next year for free. REALLY, LIKE I WOULD USE IT AGAIN?! At this point I’m just trying to hold on the customers I have!
    Now I have most of my clients done for federal, but I am having to find a work around for states. My main state still doesn’t even figure a very main component correctly. I would also be interested in pursuing some kind of legal remedy.

  • I ended up going with Mainstreet the first week of February because I could’t wait for TRX to fix their program… and after filing a complain with my credit card, they gave me a credit. I am really sorry for TRX but they have to pay for their mistakes.

  • TRX has been my software provider for many years. They supplied very good products such as TAXWISE and RED GEAR. This year I downloaded the new software and updated it with 25 to 30 corrections for two days running. I contacted them to ask what was happening and lady stated this is new software and it is being corrected. My response was they are using us to test the product. I purchased TAXWISE from another supplier the next day and found my decision to be a very good one. Paying for two programs was a good investment, not an expense. I have not used the TRX software for any of my returns and happily so.

    • Ron,
      I also did the same thing, and am happier than I have been since joining TRX.

  • This is my 4th year with TRX software. I have never had a problem up to this year. What a nightmare, and I am not at all confident with it. I have had to fix many errors manually. I am not going to go through this again. Switching to Tax Act next year. It is a little more expensive, but worth it to have a nationally known company.

  • TRX software, Since I am in Texas with no state income tax, I have been able to do some returns by overriding the erroneous entries made by the software. It wouldn’t do the most of the business returns and now that it does do some of them half assed, they won’t print. I’ve starting using a cloud based software package for the business returns that I do. Maybe the guy who runs this outfit can sell used cars or housing siding in the future. When I renewed, I was told that it would be the same red gear software as prior years. I will scour the internet and check the secretary of state records and alert people on the net , if I find his involvement in any type of accounting or tax software package.

  • Peter Schumacher OTR Tax Services Topeka KS (785)266-8888.

  • Broken record. Wait times exceeding two hours. You always get the wrong person at the call center. If you get either a software person or a tax person, but you need the other, they refuse to transfer the call. I was told by one person that if I didn’t like her answer, that was my problem. I have already filed several federal returns, but have no idea if the state returns will ever be ready. What a mess.

  • This software/company is junk. We’re very interested in a class action law suit. We loss a lot of money and reputation

  • who did you go with on the new software:

  • Tim
    if you can find another at a decent price let me know. best deal i have found is taxact at 999. ouch
    my name is eddie


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