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Business Name: TRX Software Development Inc.
Category: Computer Software
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Corporate Address: 906 Dashiel St
Murfreesboro, Tennessee USA

Phone Number: 855-880-1040
Company Contact: Karen Bills - Director
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This Has To Be The Most Terrible Company To Deal With

I have been with TRX Software for years. They were always good until last year. I lost several clients.

For some reason, I thought they had gotten their act together, but that was a mistake. This year I had the same issues, and never got much help.

I paid 500.00 for my software, ask for a refund, but they said no. After several rejections, I decided to get yet another software so I could get the taxes filed, and not lose anymore clients.


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Alternate Business Names: Taxes R Us, TaxExact Software, TRX

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117 thoughts on “TRX Software

  1. Used TRX for 3 years. Had catastrophic problems with TRX last year. Switched to what I thought was a mainstream software company I thought I could trust. Now new software informs me they are charging me $49 per return to e-file. What deceptive business practices I have had to deal with! Looking for NEW TAX SOFTWARE. Do you have any recommendations of software under $800.00

  2. this crooks must be sued i am loosing time, money and clients…

    i sent them the below email..

    Your TRX software is a disaster.. it doubles income and dependents it does not save changes to a return and it’s the worse I ever experienced all the above allegations are documented via a screen shots and videos . All I am asking for is a refund for this worthless product so I can find another software quickly to cover my end. I will escalate this complaint if I receive No answer. This really annoying and it wasted my time and got all my clients angry.

  3. I had problems last year with this software so I decided enough is enough and switch to OLT pro, so far so good but the season just started so I won't put my hand in the fire for any company but my own. You would think that TRX would get their act together and also that the IRS would test them before giving them the right to sell their junk software so, if we can get together and sue the hell of TRX lets not forget to include the IRS in the lawsuit for negligence, they don't forgive and forget, neither should we.

  4. I had problems last year switched to new software company mid season. This year they called and assured me that the problem was fixed and they guarantee accuracy. So I purchased and I have been on the phone with them the past three weeks trying to fix problems and tax season hasn't started yet. I have requested a refund and was told by Kathy it was to late. I switched to another provider today. Please include me in the class action lawsuit

    • I am having same problem please let me know which provider you are using now so I be able to switch over, I am new tax preparer started my business this year 2013 and I am so frustrated Thanks a lot my name is Dzung Le my email is

  5. I had the same problems also. I had to find other software to file state taxes and lost 16 % of my clients and I'm a small firm, plus lost revenue of $1600 plus the program cost. I also used TRX for 5 yrs. You can count me in on whoever will be filing a lawsuit, email me at

  6. Yeah. Terrible. Program software finally got useable toward end of tax season but they never did get any states done. Had to go to state website to file my state returns. They promised everything would be fixed and fine this year, 2013, but here it is about a week and a half away from filing and still no states.

  7. TRX was recommended to me by a collegue and used it for 6 years. I agree that last year was worst, I lost a lot of clients and have to redo tax returns manually just to make sure the calculations were correct. It was also first time for me to have over 50 state returns rejected because of software related errors I ended up mailing those returns. It caused me so much delay, so much time and money. Count me in whoever will be filing a lawsuit, email me at

  8. Regarding the performance of the TRX 2012 Software I agree that it did not perform satisfactory. It did not calculate schedules properly for a good portion of the tax season, it was also not user friendly because many of the forms did not populate we had to manually pull them and transfer the information. Out of the 4 years I was with this company last year was the worst ever!!
    Even the customer support was of no support. there were issues that that could not be resolved during our discussion nor did they know when it was going to be fixed. Because of this it caused delays in filing my clients returns and cause me to lose some who were not willing to wait.
    It had so many issues I had to purchase another software just to make sure the calculations were correct. Even after the filing deadline I still could not file some of my state returns I ended up mailing them in.
    When it comes to satisfying my clients I need a company that will stand behind it's product and one I can trust and unfortunately this is not it.

  9. I have used TRX for five years It was never a great program, but the price was great. This year really took the cake, I have problems with the first return I did this year. The depreciation was all screwed up and I spent HOURS on the phone with their support and they never did correct the problem. I had to purchase new software because I could never trust TRX software. I am trying to get my money back. Good luck if you use this company next year!!!

    • I to had serious problems with TRX this year. I contested it with my credit card and got my money back. But here is the kicker. I have been getting updates up until last week and thought that's great. I am in the process of doing a complex return with rental properties and the program is making numerous math errors to the point I have to manually calculate almost everything I think they sabotaged the program. I would like to file a class action suit against for all the stress and extra time I have put in.

  10. I'm glad to hear something is being done about this. I lost so many clients. I was stressed out because tax return were being left in the loop. I had to do Amendment and I was so embarrassed about having to call my client back and having them call me about their tax returns. I called tech support and they would not call me back. I stayed on the phone for days at a time to get the tax returns resent, still did not get send out. or

    • I'm willing to join a class action against this company, I'm also suffered with incomplete software, I had purchased early before May 1st to get the membership price, I have been with them since 2009 and I would say they were OK when they provided the Red Gear software but when they switched to Tax Exact the nightmare begun
      Please contact me if you plan to start the legal action

  11. Please note that TRXSoftware is no longer online they changed their name to TAXEXACT….We need make the general public aware that TAXEXACT is the same as TRXsoftware. They are crooks.

  12. I used TRX for the past several years and have had the same horror stories. I'm still amending returns that we are finding errors in. But beware, they are now operating under the name Tax Exact instead of TRX. I thought I was talking to Tax Act instead of Tax Exact, paid for the program and you guessed it, am paying He$$ to get my money back. I cancelled it and they charged my card the next day, anyway!! Spread the word so that no one else makes the same mistake I did!!!!

  13. WHAT A MESS. I had the same nightmares as all of you, It was a difficult decision, but I am glad that I switched software in the middle of the season. Some of you mention the price is good, but I rather pay a few more bugs and not having to go through this.

  14. I have several problems with TRX too, and now in May I tried to do some tax returns I filed extension, I printed out the paper copiers TRX has "2013 Demo Version" everywhere on Tax return. I paid for $299 and shipping $32 last May; now I got "Demo Version". I have been using TRX for 6 years, I lost customers this year due to software did not work.

  15. Same problems reported by me, I even offered them a deal, "Since you're in the process to make your own software and this year was just BAD Software, give me 2013 for free to try out and if you make it up to me I'll consider staying for 2014" Well its if I had insulted them, and on top of all that they gave you a deadline of May 2 to renew OR ELSE….. and raised the price to $599
    Well needless to say I'm not falling for this. Now that Drake is offering software for $289 for 15 returns an $18 after any additional return. I'm not big on clients but I do it for my own S-Corp which they never gave me the state, and for other clients I just had to buy other software to make end meet. I spoke to the IRS and filed a complaint, not sure its of any help unless I see the IRS stopping them as it demands from us to take the test again or we are not allowed to prepare taxes. Maybe a class action lawsuit to both the IRS and TRX might move the wheels, but I don't know of any lawyers firm who is willing to take on the case. In the end I feel like an ant trying not to get stepped on,

  16. This was my third year with TRX. Unbelievable!!!. I only filed 10 federal returns and 3 of them have problems now tha tI need to amend!! My last call to them was on March 5th when i wanted to cancel my "membership" and get a refund. I was immediately canceled and could not do any more efiling BUT I have never gotten my refund!! I was being patient waiting for tax season to be over but now it is time to take steps to go after it. I am in agreement that letters need to be sent to states of Tennessee and our home states as well as the IRS to report the fraud that this company played on all of us. In all my phone calls regarding technical issues and my voiced concerns and complaints about the inadequacy and inaccurate programig, it was always blamed on the MeFiling update – until just before my last call when one rep slipped up and admitted they had to start from scratch last fall due to losing the copyright to their past software program this year.!! That was my finaly straw. I am in a class action suit if someone knows how to get it started.

  17. I have used this software for 4 years all. This year was a nightmare. For state it would calculate sometime off credit that make the refund incorrect and too many updates. Also when I would save and camaraderie and open it again it would be the correct and but wrong client. I called several times for help but had to wait a long time or got disconnected.. If there is a class action suit filed please contact me at

  18. I have used TRX for the past four years with no problems. This year was and still is a disaster. I read several other reviews and I think I experienced all the same problems. This software was no where near ready to be released. I would be interested in class action suit. I can reached at

  19. After a horrendous tax season with TRX calculating errors and horrific customer support, I discovered today some problems that some of you will pay dearly for. Here is the problem I discovered. I went back to make an address change for my client in her return. Simple huh, well not so simple. The return indicated the address change was complete, and yes I am aware that this awful program is terribly slow in updating. So I saved the return waited 10 minutes and closed the return. The customer had another change, I reopened the return and guess what, the tax return was completed changed. Here are the changes the program made for me: 1) reverted to the old address 2) made changes to the Sched C eliminating mileage and other random expenses 3) Schedule C Cash accounting election error 4) the exemptions were removed, I had to manually calculate the number of exemptions 5) Refund went from $1233 to $410. My customer was right there so I calmly reentered the information, saved and closed again. When reopening the return, the exact same chain of events occurred. My problem now is how many other returns have been indiscriminately changed by this horrible software. Requesting a refund of TRX software is futile, even though I was unable to e-file a single state return, with many states still unavailable and not calculating correctly. This company should be put out of business, what about the poor unsuspecting tax professionals that will try this software next year and suffer the horrific consequences. A class action suit is inevitable. This company needs to cease and desist its thievery and deception. I am and would like to know who wants to file a class action against these crooks and thugs.

  20. Here's the latest and greatest…. TRX is now selling customer lists to competitors. That sets off big red flags doesn't it? What going concern sells it's customer lists while at the same time tries to pre sell software that doesn't work? This company just keeps getting worse and worse. They are now scrapping for every last dime even to the point of selling their customer base. My name has been sold to Thomson Reuters. I just got an e-mail from Drake Software stating that I should really try Drake first. So, somehow Drake received some kind of a secondary non-priority type of list. Sold twice???? Who knows anymore.

  21. After reading Lillie's posting, i feel like i was reading what happen to me. it was a mirror of what happened to me. How can we post "****" this on all social media -YouTube, etc. That will help other customers or tax preparer from buying their product. Any class lawsuit out there is anyone thinking of one. Please i will like to be there.

    • I am another small business that suffered financial loses as well as an increased level of stress. I ended up switching to TaxAct for preparers. I just received a phone call from TRX trying to sell me the product and when i complaint the salesman was very rude. I agree we should bring a CLASS ACTION lawsuit against TRX.

  22. Just got a call from TRX Software to renew….. "Not on your life" was my reply. Guess who had time to take my call all of a sudden when she thought there was a client to salvage. Karen Bills herself. She told me herself she couldn't give me a refund. I told her i thought the company was bankrupt. She did not deny it. DO NOT PREPAY FOR THIS SOFTWARE. TRX MAY NOT BE AROUND TO PROVIDE IT. EVEN IF THEY ARE, IT DIDN'T WORK FOR 2012 AND A COMPANY THAT WILL HEAVILY MARKET SUCH A PRODUCT LACKS INTEGRITY.

    I didn't file a single 2012 return with this software as it didn't work. For the State of Utah, something as elementary as W-2 withholding flowing from the W-2 input screen to the state return did not work. There were many other issues as outlined by all these other complaints. How could I have confidence in this program after that.

    Fortunately, I bought another software after clients started complaining. I didn't file a single return with TRX.

    They would not address requests for a refund. Karen Bills would not retunr e-mails or calls. But she sure has time to make a sales call and look for a new generation of suckers.

  23. I too have all the problems everyone else has. I am in Arizona and have so many problems with the state software. For example, when I go to print a state tax return (still can't e-file), the screen view looks ok. But when you print the form, the filing status is different. They finally fixed this, but there are so many errors in Arizona returns. It has cost me lots more money printing tax returns to mail as well as 3 times as much ink, postage, and time. I am all for a class action lawsuit. I can be reached at claytontax@****.net.

    • You are not alone, in 20 years this is my worst year by far thanks to TRX and they sent me an offer to renew which I thing is missing the $5,000.00 the have to give me on top to use again their software


  24. I'm in for any class action suit against this horrible company. The damage to my business has been substantial and will be in the thousands of dollars that will carry forward for many years to come.

  25. This is my second here, I did have some problems last year, but nothing like this year, thinking about swhich software but love the price….what to do???

    • What to do? This is a no brainer. Chalk TRX up to a loss. Do your really think this company will even be around next year? If this company has the Capital to survive the client loss and lawsuits it is going to experience, then it has the capital to do the right thing and refund the customers who had to buy other software since their's didn't work. So, basically in my opinion, they are either bankrupt or dishonest and I won't work with either.

      ATX had an affordable option, but it was limited to three states. I need more states. I ended up going with Taxact all states package for $599. That is what TRX has raised their preseason price to anyway, so now there is no cost savings anyway. I heard TaxWise had a good multi-State option.

  26. It's hard to know how much money anyone has lost until next year when the clients come back saying that something did not get processed….such as the direct debit. I am lucky I only had 2 customers sign up for the direct debit to pay their taxes.
    I was informed just minutes ago that those forms we not electronically sent. The one client was sending his payment the 1st of April so knew well in advance that the payment had never been taken out….but my last client just found out…….Hopefully the IRS will be forgiving this year and not send interest or penalty for a late payment……….gahhhhhh…….