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Business Name: iolo technologies, LLC.
Category: Computer Software
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Corporate Address: 7470 North Figueroa St
Los Angeles, California 90041 USA

Phone Number: 877-857-9289
Company Contact: Julia Zamorska - VP of Corporate Communications
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Un-Authorised Debit to my Citi Bank Credit Card (Amount US $ 29.95)

I have received a SMS from Citi Bank yesterday evening that an amount of US$ 29.95 was spent through my Credit Card No.55xxxxxxxxxxxx85 at 5.16 PM. In this i have to submit that I have not authorized and permitted any body to do such transaction. It seems that iolo Tech itself make such request to the citi bank without the knowledge of me.

It is a highly illegal act on the part of the iolo tech. Pl. sent the apology letter/mail and return the charged money to citi bank immediately. Otherwise I am forced to lodge a police complaint against the iolo Tech.

Rakesh Sharma

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5 thoughts on “Iolo Technologies

  1. I have received a Email notice from Iolo that they are going the automatically charge my credit card $29.95 to continue my service. I have never signed up for or used any Iolo product. I can not contact Iolo without setting up an account.

  2. Have been using their system Mechanic professional.On renewing CD was sent from Sweden all scratched up complained no response ultimately downloaded from website. Computer had 501 Malware HP had to remove them ,even after, reinfested again HP had to reinstall. This damned system does not work it is a con. They do not respond. My system expires in November still they ask for money paid for through Amex. Told then not to obtain money from America Express again do not wish to renew rubbish, which I disconnected
    Classical case of American rubbish

  3. I'm glad I read these complaints..This Iolo is on my Sony Vaio computer & they are trying to get me to buy it…

    NO WAY NOW!!

  4. I have been a faithful user of System Mechanic for many years and it has generally served me very well. but more recently I have encountered some strange problems after doing a system cleanup. My complaint is that I have contacted Iolo tech support twice and both time I have been connected to some off-shore technical who only know one thing – blame the problem on something else.
    The foreign speaking technician refuses to acknowledge that the problem was caused by the use of System Mechanic and argues that the software cannot remove such things a Windows 7 gadgets. But immediately after completing a "system cleanup" you are forced to reboot your computer and then things on the desktop never reappear (even the System Mechanic gadget itself). It seems that their tech support is clueless and only knows to never accept responsibility for their actions. I will NOT be renewing my subscription any longer.

  5. I have received SMS from citi bank that an amount of US$ 29.95 was spent through my credit card yesterday at 5.16 PM. In this regard i have to submit that I have not requested any such purchase of service/product from iolo Tech. It is very surprise to see that the iolo tech sent debit request to my credit card company i.e. citi bank without my knowledge/permission. It is an act of highly illegal nature. If any such amount is sent by citi bank to you pl. remit the same immediately otherwise i am forced to lodge the police complaint against you.