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Business Name: Customer Focus Services, LLC.
Category: Computer Repair
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Phone Number: 800-966-9940
Company Contact: Marc Haberman - CEO
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Omnitech Is A Scam

my computer started acting weird so i ran a scan and it came back with a keylogging trojan, i tried to remove it but was unsuccessful so i started to look for help. using google i came across this website called omnitech support they offered supposedly good service with over 300,000 happy customers but my experience was to prove far from happy.

after the first omnitech support staff diagnosed my computer has being infected with a trojan, they dropped a bombshell on me, “we can fix your computer” they said “for 249.99″
i just about crapped a brick, but knowing that this trojan had infected my system and replaced various system files. i was desperate to get the security of my computer back.
the tech DID remove the virus, and continued to do his diagnostic on my computer.

everything was fine untill he came across device manager, (prior to this i had informed each and every tech that worked on my system of the following : i have no sawp file, system restore has been turned off to save SSD space along with prefetch and superfech as well as internet explorer. i also told each tech NOT to touch the following programs and devices, anything labled samsung, Clockworkmod/ADB or klink, and please do not defragment my SSD it has TRIM enabled)

shortly after that i figured out that what i ha said to them was nothing more than jibberish because they where not located in the US, and they could berly understand english and speak it.

the tech saw a small triangle next to Samsung Mobile MTP Device which had an error code of 28 at the time, but only because the device did not start, had i unplugged it and plugged it back into the USB it would have initialized just fine, but before i could tell the tech no, he removed the device and my bluetooth drivers became unstable and crashed.
i was **** and while i could of fixed the issue in under 10 minutes, it wasn’t what i had paid 249.99 for.

8 hours later and 4 techs, bluetooth was still broken i got sick of it and canceled the tech support control they had over my computer, i removed the drivers they installed, and installed the correct blue tooth drivers in under 10 minutes my cellular tether and bluetooth modules where fixed.

i then thought to myself that i paid for there service so i was going to get my moneys worth big mistake.  the issues got worse, and worse as they went through my system, injecting scripts into the registry removing my hybrid ATI/intel graphics card, defragmenting my SSD and very poor communication skills after the uninstalled SP1 and my video card drivers they told me that my copy of windows 7 was damaged and had to be redone.
so we did that and the end result was that windows ability to install drivers and software was broken

finally i said some things to the tech that probibly could have gotten me arrested and i yelled at there managers and other support staff for there very poor tech support, i cancled my contract with them demanding a full refund

i then went to geek squad and in 4 hours they had completely fixed the damage that omnitech had caused thanks to the geek squad my 1,300 dollar laptop runs as good as the day i bought it.

do NOT use omnitech there a rip off and a waste of time and just all around bad people.
how they ever got a BBB rating of A+ is beyond me.  also NONE of there techs is certified in anything not MCSE A++ nothing. there just a rip off that prays on stupid people.
sadly this website does not have a rating lower than 1 >.<


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User Thoughts About OmniTech Support

  • Lyn Jorgensen

    I would not recommend, they started to fix computer and came up with a $249.00 charge. It took 4 hours and I had to stay on line with them. I had one request and they did not do what they promised.

  • eunice

    I used Omni Tech…I got ripped of, my computer is still not fixed…I had to put down $100.00 toward $ be paid in 30 days…Omni Tech..has so called technicians who can't even speak English well…Omni Tech prey on people who are not knowledgeable…

  • mec

    Persistent problems with the virus and malware Omni tech installed on my computer lead me to contact Microsoft Vtech and spend several hundred dollars with them. They located much hidden malware and removed a virus. They also determed that omnitech had either instigated or caused a third party to have access to my computer. Vtech said that the corruption introduced by these grifters could have crashed my computer permanently at any time. They have paid off the ripoff report and purchased a membership in the Better business bureau. This latter made it very difficult to file a report though cases are now pending with BBB and the FTC.

    • guest

      I have a Dell, and the Dell Service package. One night I clicked on the Dell Service to fix some email/firewall problems. Given the choice of phone call or "chat", I chose chat. A tech came on, and it was not until the end of the conversation and the "fix", that I realized he was not a Dell tech, but an Omni tech. I continued to have problems, and went to Dell's support team via phone. This staff informed me of malicious programs installed via OmniTech. BBB is reviewing their membership, and I have filed with the FTC.