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Business Name: My Cured Computer, LLC
Corporate Address:
PO Box 1286
Moreno Valley, California 92556 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 877-743-3517
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Average Rating: 2.00 out of 5
Based On: 11 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 11

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Reported Losses: $348.97
Average Reported Losses: $31.72

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Working With Hackers

On December 22, 2014, I obtained the services of My Cured Computer to clean my PC. They installed Microsoft Essentials for security. When they installed the new security, they hide the fact that they installed a program for Microsoft Vista. My computer has Windows.

Yesterday my computer froze. Microsoft Tech told me that “Koobface” had hacked my computer. Total cost of repairs, $313.00.

When I asked for a refund the representative became combative and refused my request.

My Cured Computer – MyCuredComputer.Com Independence Ohio 44131 | 800-943-2617 

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  • Problem resurface 1 week later. My son did it without telling me. After I checked online complaints and the F rating by BBC, I immediately deleted every shred of them.

  • The company is a scam. Customers are being forced to pay even without initial diagnostics.. Their are overpricing their support and upselling products that are not suppose to be installed on the customers computer..

  • this company is being investigated already by local authorities and immigration due to fraud and unauthorized labor within the Philippines. Mr. Kendrek Moultry (owner of MCC) already have a pending case filed by previous employers who weren’t paid for over 1-2 months of being in the company..

  • This company didn’t take any time to charge my credit card for $339.99. $200 of that amount was supposed to be for an on-site technician and the remaining $139.99 was for a new mother board. I have now spoken with 3 technicians and none of them have done anything that they said they would do. It’s been 3 days now and I still have no clue as to when my mother board and technician are supposed to be at my house. I can’t get anyone to give me an answer. I am going to dispute the charge on my credit card, report them to my State Attorney General’s office for an investigation, and file a negative report with the Better Business Bureau. I hope other folks will read these comments before they make the same mistake that I did by giving them my money. They are absolutely the worst service company that I have ever tried to use. STAY AWAY and DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  • SCAM ARTIST…Rehearsed well…..MY CURED COMPUTER is a CON….Please avoid this company at all cost…
    They take absolutely no responsability or accountability for their actions, other then to continually apologize and make promises never intended to be kept….one of the worst companies I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with…….Stay Away …far away from this boiler room operation,
    Their so called certified computer techs know next to nothing……

  • I hope and pray everybody see, and read these posts. Wish I look this company up before I used them. That money back guarantee is a joke. I was told, that I should have my refund back by the 27th of last month. I had to pay more money for someone else to fix my computer, those people had my computer so messed up, if you got it on, you couldn’t shut it off. The person told me this was the first computer he fix, that was in such a bad shape.

  • RIPOFF!!!!!! RIPOFF!!!!!!!!!!! Do not use these guys. I hope they go out of business. They ran some software that allegedly shows the corrupt files on my system and for $99 and another $40 in software we can make this problem go away and you never have issues again, baloney. All they basically do is optimize your system and push their software on you. I wish that I could sue these crooks. I should have done my research first. These guys are nothing but a bunch of liars stealing your money. I tried to find out where their located and was told they were in India somewhere. I should have guessed because no one I spoke to spoke English.

    • They are in Marina California. I had to file a report with the BBB, and waiting on an answer.

      • no, they are all in the philippines working from home,, this company doesnt have permit at all. i Know cuz i worked with them before

  • "Bad,bad bad – make it like pulling teeth to get them to "honor" their money back guarantee. They didn’t fix my problem, but kept my $49. My shoulder got sore from being on hold so long, waiting for a "supervisor". I gave up." This came is from a long time PC user I’ve known for many years, they couldn’t post now cause their PCis still down.

  • I have had nothing but non-returned calls and terrible customer service from this company.There are atleast 30 times I tried to reach a supervisor or anyone who could help me and never recieved a call back.If you use this company you will be ripped off!You can be on hold for 7 minutes and then the call is dropped.According to the reps that I first contacted when I was having computer trouble they were losing lots of customers due to a problem with their server and within 5 days when I wanted a refund thats when the dropped calls and the "we’ll have a supervisor call you back since we can’t transfer you"started.Even when I initially recieved some help from them over a year ago,there were chickens crowing in the background and the sounds of busy streets interfering with the conversation.Is this company so comical they have outsourced calls coming from slums in the third world?If you sign up with this company you will get ripped off!


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