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Last Updated On: November 3, 2016

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Business Name: Rosland Capital LLC.
Corporate Address:
429 Santa Monica Blvd #450
Santa Monica, California 90401 USA

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Rosland Capital Phone Number: 800-679-6482
Company Contact: Marin Aleksov - CEO
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 8 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 54

Rosland Capital Reports

Reported Losses: $10,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $1,250.00

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Bait and switch

I sent for a brochure and was first contacted by Eric Von Detten on 8-26-15. Eric told me that the Chinese had just dumped Billions of dollars of gold in the market and said it was a good time to buy gold. Eric then asked me if I was interested in purchasing gold, and I stated I was.

During our brief conversation as Eric was in a hurry I asked him what the spread ( cost charged to customers to purchase gold ) and he said good question. For 30 seconds Eric talked around the question; then, said I have to take this call as he has called twice I will call you in 5 days on Monday 8-31-15. Because I still had questions I wanted answered I called Eric back a short time later. when I called back I got Eric’s voice mail saying he would be returning from vacation on 8-17-15. Now recall it was 8-26-15 when I spoke to Eric. at the end of his voice mail he said if you have any questions you can call Jason Burson. Strike One!

I then called Jason and told him I needed to talk to Eric and asked if he was still there. Jason said he had seen him in the hall way, but that Eric was a high volume Gold Broker and he was hard to reach. Furthermore, Jason said Eric was getting ready to go on vacation to Germany. Therefore, Eric had no intentions of returning my call that day or on Monday 8-31-15 as he stated earlier, his mind was already on vacation. Jason apologized for what he said was poor customer service, and that he would try to contact Eric. Strike Two!

The next day 8-27-15, I received a call from Chase Greenich. Chase again apologized for Eric’s POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, and said,” I want to make this right for you and that I would like to work with you.” His knight in shining armor routine was right out of a fairy tale, but really a chance to make some money off the back of Eric the high volume gold broker who was on a plane to Germany. Chase told me he was willing to reduce the price of the coins I wanted to buy, and to reduce Eric’s average spread costs of 28.51% . No wonder Eric wouldn’t tell me the cost of the spread. Chase verbally told me the coins I am purchasing would grade AU 58 or possibly up to 60 or 61, and that is why I bought the coins. On my Order Confirmation/Invoice the description of the coins Stated ( $10 Liberty AU-1/2 oz. CUSTOMERS BEWARE! Rosland can charge you from 4% to 21% for bullion, and 17% to 33% for numismatic coins. Wonder who makes that determination$

I received my coins on 9-3-15, and being a coin collector all my life, like my father before me, I knew the coins were not AU quality. I immediately had 3 NGC certified coin experts verify the coins were not even close to AU. the following are the results of the coins conditions i received from Rosland!
1897-coin had been cleaned ! Worthless to a coin collector!
1893- coin had been cleaned!
1894-coin had been cleaned!
1901-coin had been cleaned!
1893-coin damaged, nick on rim of coin at 12 o’clock
1902-F, wear on hair

I contacted Chase via E-Mail expressing my disappointment and anger over the coins that I had received. I guess he thought I wouldn’t know the difference between an AU 58 + coin and those that are worthless. Surprise! Chase I did as well as 3 other independent coin experts. Chase called me back immediately. His voice was not the same calm good guy that wanted to rescue me from Eric. I told Chase I am cancelling my order, and was returning the coins for a full refund. Eric yelled that the customer is always right, and that if I wasn’t happy with the coins I could buy them from someone else! Chase replied by E-Mail “Ok return them and I’ll credit your account upon receipt.” I shipped the coins back Friday 2 day Fed EX on 9-3-15, and the coins were signed for by G Gabby on 9-8-15 (Due to weekend and holiday) is why coins arrived on Tuesday instead of Monday.

On 9-8-15 I was called by Nick Peyour about my coins. Nick said my $10,629.96 would be credited back to my credit card on Friday 9-11-15. What a coincidence, same day the terrorist attacked 9-11-01!!! You draw the comparison !!!! I called Nick on Friday 3:30 EST and left a voicemail stating my money had not been credited back to my account, and asked for a phone or email response. After 2 more phone calls over the next 1 and half hours I still had no response. STRIKE THREE!

I had previously advised my bank about my Transaction with Rosland Capital, and they have now taken over and will deal with them. There are 566 synonyms for fraud. Deception, Deceit, Swindle, Sham, Duplicity, Chicanery, and I could go on and on. Choose your own words! If after reading this complaint you still want to do business with Rosland Capital, do so at your own risk!

Rosland Capital – 11766 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90025 United States | 310-593-2200

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  • If you like holding shiny coins then fine, but nobody in their right mind would ever buy physical gold or silver, where as stated above, the spread is over 20% (ie it would have to go up 20% before you were in profit). Just buy the ETF which is exactly the same as buying a stock. The ticker is GLD for gold and SLV for silver, and the spread (typically <0.1%) is so small people can daytrade these instruments.

  • Ola yussuff

    My recommendations to potential customers about this company called Rosland GOLD Capital Company, are as follows :

    Please be very careful with your money .


    Think very carefully before contacting or doing business with them because they are not interested in you but your money alone.

    Stay safe, better off not dealing with them at all.


    Very unhappy customer


  • David Macewen

    What I really don’t like about their web site is that they don’t post prices. I buy silver dollars exclusively and EVERY other site posts prices plus shipping costs.

  • Jerry

    I’ve watched these commercials for years now and tired of seeing them on Fox News. Clearly preying on people wishing to build a shelter and wait for the end of time. Have any of you ever tried to sell a gold ring or something before. You NEVER get what you paid. Again you NEVER get what you paid. I can’t even believe one of these posts from someone saying they know about coins and they actually fell for this. If you want to lose money buy gold and silver. While you’re losing money I’ll make my money elsewhere. Btw only applies if you’re physically buying gold and silver. By all means, invest in funds at least those aren’t scams.


    Excellent job of detailing the problems you had with Roslind. Guess I’ll look elsewhere! Seems like this outfit is as worthless as wet scorecards! lol

  • LHM

    It is sad that the marketing of such a valuable asset is sullied by so many disreputable companies. It is also sad that so many people place blind faith in such companies.
    The dollars involved are simply too significant to not be more diligent.

  • AngelaRunsALot

    Mr Rowe. I’ve sold stuff to homeowners forever. You know what’s weird? I worked for a huge company and we put plastic on the ground and walls in people’s crawl e cost was enourmous and I kept complaining to OUR company to use white BRIGHT plastic and makemitmlook clean. Ours was clear, so you still saw the mud and the crap. Financing was 21% interest. Anyhow, imdomit for myself now. Their plastic was 6 millimeters thick. Mine is 20. Mine is twice the quality at 1/2 of the price. They still prefer the big company. I’m just baffled. And they offer no warranty. People prefer to be ripped off rather than do business with me. We both lose. But that’s OK. I can’t bring home room much money anyways to keep my Obamacare. Thank God

  • Skip Goodale

    Sept. 13, 2012 the price of gold was $1733 per OZ. Tody Nov. 27, the price of gold is $1058.00 In just three years the price has dropped 39% Silver has alaso been dropping in value. By the way Rosland charges sales tax on your purchase in addition to commissions.

  • Paul

    I don’t buy gold or silver but in regards to the above…by the time you add VAT its going to bump up the price surely???

  • Richard Michael

    William Devane, Rosland Capital and Fox, does it get more disgusting and dishonest than them.

    • AngelaRunsALot

      Fox Dishonest? I call them murderers. They sold Weapons of Mass Destruction to the American people and now they are selling war with Iran. Fox threatens the welfare of the entire world.

      If Obama were to order a US Military Drone Strike on Fox News even in downtown New York, I would consider it to be the bravest thing anyone has ever done for mankind. Even over Jonah Salk and others.

      It’s impossible to know how many lives would be saved by ending their fascist, aggressive, murderous propaganda. Their other advertiser , LIFELOCK just lost a lawsuit for $100 million

      • LHM

        Wow, your hyperbolic hysterics is frightening.
        I hope the knives in your home are out of your reach.

        • Richard Michael

          I agree a bit but Fox News and right wing fanatics spread hatred towards many groups of people, blacks, women, Hispanics, Muslims, Obama, educated people, etc. yet are constantly promoting gun rights. Where do you draw the line with gun rights. Some on the right think since the government has nuclear weapons they should be able to buy them as well. Easy access to weapons has killed countless thousands of people right here with mass murders, street crime, spousal murders, hold ups and home invasions in average towns. When two dozen children get killed in Sandy Hook and about 5-6 teachers Fox made that less of a story than San Bernadino. Even most NRA members believe in strong laws for background checks but not only is the leadership against that but they on most of the GOP reps and senators are against outlawing sales to weapons of dangerous people on the no fly list. I think that fact alone says it all although let’s add the war mongering that Trump and Bush and Cheney like to push, all draft dodgers along with Rove, Gingrich, McConnell and other major Republican hawks.

          • Jim James

            Come on, LHM is ridiculous on the political rant, keep it on the subject of Rosland Cap. you can take your democrat slang elsewhere

      • Recovering Libtard

        You don’t have a clue do you! You need a head Enema!

      • Doni609

        You’re a moron!

        • OLD PIZZA

          She should have paid more attention in those special ed classes!

    • Recovering Libtard

      Fox? You must be some LSP, Liberal Socialist Progressive. Do America a favor, DON’T VOTE!

  • Randy Dynes

    I posted a complaint against Roslyn Capital just 2 hours ago, and it has been removed saying it was pending. Why not leave my comments up for all to see and read

  • Randy Dynes

    If you are thinking of doing business with Rosland Capital Run!!!!!! I just sent my
    $10.00 Liberty gold coins back 9-3-15 for a full refund. My initial contact was with Erik Von Detten, and the customer service was terrible. Erik would not answer my question about the cost of the spread ( percent charged to customers on purchases, can be up to 33% . Wonder who makes that decision $$$$$$$$) Erik side stepped the question and told me he had to take another call as a customer had called him twice. Erik said he would call me back, but he never did. I called back and spoke to Jason Burson and told him I had questions and was Erik available. Jason said I have seen him in the hall way but he is a high volume broker and is hard to reach. Jason also told me Erik was going on vacation to Germany. Erik had no intentions of calling me back!!! Justin apologized for what he said was poor customer service, and would give Erik a message. I have my own message for Erik !!!!!
    I was then contacted the next day by Chase Greenich. Chase also apologized for the poor customer service that I had recieved and that he wanted to make it right, and work with me. His knight in shining armor routine was funny as I knew he was going to make money at Erik’s expense as he was on a plane to Germany. I agreed to purchase what Chase told me was Au 58+ gold coins at a “discounted rate”. When my order confirmation arrived the description of my coins said $10 Liberty AU – 1/2 oz.
    When I recieved my coins I knew right away that the quality of the coins were far below AU, let alone AU 58. I have been a coin collector all my life as my father before me, but I also had the coins looked at by 3 NGC Certified coin experts who agreed with my initial assesment of the coins I recieved from Rosland Capital.

    4 of the coins had been cleaned making them worthless to a coin collector. the remaining 8 were rated at Fine to Very Fine. Far below the AU 58 grade promised. The 1893 coin was also damaged as it had a ding on the rim of the coin at 12 oclock high. . I Emailed Chase about the bait and switch I had just experienced, and he called me back, but it wasnt the same calm gentle voice of the person who wanted to help me and make things right. He screamed on the phone “The customer is always right ” He said if i wasnt satisfied i could buy coins from somebody else. in a quick follow up email Chase said, ” Ok return them and i’ll credit your card upon receipt. ”

    I returned the coins the same day 9-3-15 via Fed Ex. The coins were recieved and signed for by G Gabby. The next day I recieved a call from Nick Peyour about my account. He said my card would be credited the full amount of my purchase . I asked Nick when would my card be credited and he said Friday 9-11-15. Does 9-11 tie in with another attack on Americans?? On Friday I called Justin and left a voice mail telling him my card had not been credited back yet. I asked for a return call or email, but as usuall CUSTOMER SERVICE was lacking. I have turned the mess over to my credit card, and my account is $0.00.

    The word FRAUD has 566 synonyms. A few I like are deception, Sham, duplicity, chicanery, and subterfuge. There are many more but you pick your favorite. If after reading this account you still want to do business with Rosland Capital, good luck!!!

  • neil

    A couple of years ago I received a call from Rosland about two weeks after my mother-in-law passed. Evidently she had agreed to buy some $60K in gold from these crooks but had not paid for it. I argued with them about the legality of selling to an old lady that clearly had no avail. I asked what she had “paid” for the gold. They told me that and I then asked what it was worth…which was substantially higher. I told them that I would buy the gold at the price she purchased it at which is what they were billing her but expected them to deliver it so that I could sell it at the much higher price. At that they agreed to close her account and stop billing her. Obviously they are not the best to do business with.

  • Sgt. Rowe

    Wow!!! I thought that I was the only one, very rude to my wife and I both over the phone. We were told that we are…. well I wont stoop to his level and repeat what the gentleman said if you would call him that. But please beware of this company please!

  • esamax

    I can’t believe anyone would buy anything from Rosland Capital. Just look at their TV adds. Would buy a used car from Bill Devane? One day he is telling us he buys gold every chance he gets and the next thing you know he is pushing silver. The adds just don’t inspire a great deal of confidence for me. It appears he’s got a ranch, horses, and even a plane; so why does he have to do TV adds? I can’t speak for his veracity but from watching those adds,no used car for me!

    • LHM

      His golf swing is questionable as well.

  • NPDeeDee

    I didn’t buy from them–and wouldn’t. I’m fairly certain they pay their spokesperson a LOT. Also, he’s a big Obama supporter which makes him suspect to anyone who worked hard for their money.

  • Barry Kline

    I’ve had nothing but a great experience with Rosland. I invested $15,000 5 years ago and just sold my coins for just over $22,000. I’ve had nothing but friendly and useful help. Great experience, highly recommend.


      That’s not a heck of a lot of gain. Did you consider inflation into those 5 years your money grew 7K more and the government’s share? I think you’re in the hole.

      • rjc2112

        In addition to what Luis observes, last summer gold and silver spot prices were at a 5 year low. Your ~50% profit over those same 5 years is suspect…

  • lj hog

    I don’t buy gold & silver via the internet or over the phone and you shouldn’t either. There are too many honest and reputable dealers you can deal with face to face.

  • Edward Moriarty

    I purchased what i thought was 10,472 dollars worth of gold and silver from rosland. They lied,tricked, and ripped me off for half of my money! When i found out their scam, they bought 2 gold coins back at what i paid for them. That did nothing to resolve the 4000+ they stole from me.They didn’t want me to get a lawyer, but im still debating it. I have lost so much already its sickening.sickening DON’T TRUST THESE SCAMMING BASTARDS!!!!!!

  • Darwin Marx-Freud

    I would only own silver or gold coins physically. This IRA stuff doesn’t make good common sense. They know when you reach 70-1/2 years old you MUST begin withdrawing a minimum amount each year. They also know how much is in your account and the amount you must withdraw. It is very easy for them to low-ball the prices they give you when you sell the coins because THEY KNOW YOU HAVE TO SELL! If you don’t withdraw the minimum you will pay a rather hefty fine on your federal income taxes for that year.

  • donnellbc

    If you want to get back in the positive with anything you purchased from these companies call me we have a program that is designed for it Donnell Connor 1-800-347-3250 ext 211

  • Coke Float 2000

    William Devane looks like and is a crook. I really hate that sun of a b***h and wish the worst for him. I hope when he does another commercial, while flying in that plane, that it crashes.

  • I was thinking of going with Rosland capital to set up a gold ira and Josh called me and I told him I was still looking into it and that I have not decided yet and he asked me if I suffered from split personality disorders because I was not willing to do everything right now and change over my IRA!! Obviously I will not be doing business with Rosland or dealing with Josh.

  • John R. Heinmiller

    Look out folks. I just received this "Welcome" package. I tried to stop this transaction at the time I called their number, however all I was able to do is listen to an automated spiel and make responses to their prompts. I was told that there would be a toll free number to cancel at any time. After looking through this package for this toll free number I finally found one that refers me to Rosland’s chief compliance officer. I called this number only to hear a recorded message stating that this number has been disconnected and there is no further information. . . . . .Please be careful friends, I smell a rat here.

    • Randy Dynes


  • Duane A. Harkwell

    I am to receive a full refund on a silver purchase. Its been almost two weeks with no comments. They will on longer answer their phone. I first called them several days ago, and they stated they would call. no response.

  • H. Laderach

    A couple years ago, I signed a contract with Rosland Capital to supply me with some gold proof 4 coin sets. They weren’t able to keep the contract commitment and I agreed to let them off the hook if they returned my money. They did return most of the money but not all that was owed me. After many calls and messages left, they did not return my calls. I simply gave up. DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!

  • Carl

    I called Rosland to purchase 500 silver dollars. One of their "senior account" fast talkers called me back while I was driving in heavy traffic. One of the total prices he gave me was $19,975.00. I could not write anything down so he said he would email it to me. Got home & looked at his email and was nothing but sales info…no quote. Replyed to his email & asked where the quotes were. When he called me the next day I told him I had already bought from someone else. His reply to me: "You know what…you are just a waste of time for everyone" and hung up on me. I bought the 500 silver dollars for $13,594.15…78% of what he was quoting !!!! Would NEVER do business with Rosland !!!

    • jackie

      Where did you end up making the purchase of the silver dollars?

  • Ken Kedins

    Stay away …

    They will make you a small fortune …provided you started with a large fortune …

    Liars & Cheats …


  • Paul shepard

    I am getting ready to trasfere my IRA to rosland capital is this a good idea. Surley not every body that deals with rosland gets ripped off. I can understand maybe a few bad dealers out of many. That goes with almost any buisness

    • ctob

      Absolutely DO NOT deal with rosland capital for you gold or silver needs. Look up any of the dealers listed there can do IRAs for you or check out CMI gold & silver.

      Rosland is a scam they will talk fast and barely even mention a 25-30% markup. Its a shame because there are many dealers out there doing 2-5% off of spot and these guys like Rosland and Goldline make the real dealers look bad and its all most people see.

      • Jay

        It took us over a year to get my MIL’s total investment back. She had alzheimers (now deceased) and they knowingly took her to the cleaners. We were tenacious with our threats of exposure and lawsuit. If they hadn’t we would have gone to court. Run from RC is the best strategy. We got every penny back; fees, interest, etc. but we hounded them. Not many people have the time nor stick-to-itiveness to follow thru – we do!

      • Jack

        Was going to buy from Rosland, but now, from what I read, will NOT be buying from them. Going to do the face to face deal. Rosland is probably putting the positive comments on here them selves. :)

    • Rob Eisenman

      Hi Paul,

      I hope you haven’t completed a transfer with Rosalind Capital yet. Please check APMEX before making your decision. I have done a tremendous amount of business with them and they are an excellent, reliable dealer.

  • mike sacosky

    The only thing sader than Rosland Capital is FOX News alowing them to be an advertiser Guilty through assotiation Rosland cap is a bunch of liars and thives!!!

    • Sparkyrm3

      Please don’t blame FOX for anything. Reading all of these I noticed they do everything they say Buyer Beware!

      • TeXan1111

        you git what you deserve if you believe fox.. I watch as they have selected some babes for newsreaders.

        • justreality

          TeAnn: Douche

    • junqdawg/Texan

      LAY OFF Fox News. Rosland advertises on many networks. But You Liberal Gun Control freaks gotta bring in a TV network on a conversation about a crooked gold/silver dealer. Y’all don’t pass up any chance do you. You probably nevery touched a firearm. When some crackhead does a home invasion ,rapes your wife, and 10 yr old daughter if you had one ,while you sit and watch ,wishing to GOD YOU had a 9mm for hm protection instead of a bat or golf club. You will change your mind, just before you are all murdured. I hope to God you never exper. This, I wish you no harm, just advice to wise up.2nd amendment is there for a reason,your family safety. Think on it, better to have a gun and not need it then need it and not have it. I speak from exper. My friend, I was shot, but was alert enough to pull my own pistol (legal one ) and kill 2 scum bags before my family was hurt. I obviously lived, but never without a weapon

      • Robert Jones

        trying to figure out what MORON uses a 9mm for home protection when a 12 gauge does the same job faster, and under a high stressed situation.. you don’t have to aim.. you just point in the general direction.. and let them have it. Now you know why when cops kick your door in… they don’t carry 9mm’s….

  • Juan Kehoe

    I would be curious about your paying $2466 per oz for this gold. Gold has never been higher than $1900 area per oz and it was there only for a few days..Right now the highest in a year or more is mid $1700’s. It would appear that you either misquoted the purchase price, OR YOU WERE RIPPED OFF ROYALLY ON THE ORIGINAL PURCHASE.

    • ctob

      Its basically because if you get numismatic coins from them you will pay a double premium of roughly 15% on the numisatic and then they tack on an extra 25% that they mention quickly at the end. Most people haven’t really done the shopping around and are not familar with how the premiums regularly work.

      So GLD spot price of 1700 * 1.45=2465 to give an example of what you might pay for a coin from Rosland during say mid January of 2013. Whereas the same weight in a typical modern bullion coin from an honest dealer would be about 1740-1790 (depending on various factors).

      The 15% premium for the numismaitc part is not actually a rip off (if the coin is a decent type that is Almost Uncirculated) as that can be fairly normal, although you might find better at a place like Provident Metals for numismatics. However you are most likely not going to get a certification with the coins you have from Rosland.

      But when you add the double whammy premium you can get a difference from spot that is pretty substantial. I am not sure about selling back to Rosland as I have not tried that and won’t be doing it but given their shady business practices I wouldn’t be surprised if they attempt to ignore the numismatic premium on buy back and merely for spot which is also something an honest dealer like Provident Metals doesn’t do, they list their prices online and for the numismatics they are above spot (lower than their sell price of course).


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