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Last Updated On: February 24, 2015

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Business Name: Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corp
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1830 Route 130
Burlington, New Jersey 08016 USA

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Corp Email: bob.lapenta@coat.com
Company Contact: Robert LaPenta, Jr - Vice President
Corp Website: burlingtoncoatfactory.com

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Discriminated With No Explanation

After a recent visit to one of the Burlington Coat Factory store locations (Security Blvd.) I was approached by an on duty security officer as I was walking to my car (NOTE: He did not approach me in the store or either at the door). I walked pass security actually spoke proceeded to walk to my car. The officer came up from behind me as I was walking to my car and requested that I needed to open my vest. I asked if he had proof that I had done something wrong. I was shocked that he followed me to my car. So I asked again,”Excuse me officer did I do something wrong….he responded…. NO you did not do anything wrong. I then asked why he needed me to open my vest he stated that “It looked puffy”.

The officer then proceeded to turn off his walkie-talkie and verbally abused me attempting to force me to open my vest. When I refused since I knew I had clearly not done anything wrong, he stated that he was going to physically put his hands on me if I did not comply. I felt violated, angry, confused, but I then got in my car and left. He was not able to give me a reasonable explanation as to why I would have been targeted and forced to be searched outside standing at my vehicle.

The next day I attempted to contact a manager because this situation continued to bother me. I went back to Burlington Coat Factory and asked to speak with the store manager. The store manager who I spoke with was Tarsha (Store 324). The Manager took down my information and stated that she would speak with the officer for the discrimination/mistreatment that occurred. She never got back in contact with me.

I am sending this complaint because I feel I was greatly mistreated and would like this to be addressed. I have went to the store in person and called several times and no one has bothered to respond to me. When I spoke to the Manager Tarsha I asked if the officer could apologize for his wrong actions she stated that she could not force him but would get back in contact with me to assure that the situation had been brought to his attention.

This situation occurred February 18th, 2014 between the hours of 1:00pm-4:00pm. As of now I have sent a complaint to the corporate office and I am still waiting to hear from the manager.

Burlington Coat Factory – 6901 Security Blvd Maryland 21244

Consumer Comments For Burlington Coat Factory

  • Managers horrible and security guards they speak to cashiers and sales associate horribly I didnt know whether he was a boss or security but then saw him quite close to one of the managers I tried to report it but when I went to office they were all in there carrying on so I didn’t bother tried to call and made a complain but obviously nothing was done because went back a few weeks later and the same thing but only to find a bunch of new workers and I dont blame them, I would never recommend anyone to work there unless desperate. That security Guard his cockiness and rude behavior I will never forget I shop there and dread to know he’s in thats how bad my experience was. Chris Lopes Store 307 I called and reported i was told he was being moved and I seem to see him more now than ever. I can tell This store nothing gets done. They do with these employees as they want. It’s really ashame.


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