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Last Updated On: July 9, 2014

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Business Name: Burberry Group plc
Corporate Address:
Horseferry House, Horseferry Rd.
London SW1P 2AW USA

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Corp Phone Number: 877-217-4085
Corp Email: customerservice@burberry.com
Company Contact: Angela Ahrendts - CEO
Corp Website: burberry.com

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Latest Burberry Complaint Filed

Bought a Burberry mens wallet about a year ago in Orlando

I proudly bought a beautiful men Burberry men wallet for my husband on our wedding anniversary, the wallet started to get brickle in the crease, i took it over to the store i bought is from as I paid about $300 for it.

I know, I have more money than brain huh, i heard you, but it was sad when the store clerk told me he will gladly send it off for a estimate on it. um jaw dropping down my face, i want the wallet to be repaired at no cost to me as he said it was the wear and tear, i could have bought a replica and it would have not get faulty at all am sure.

what can i do to get this wallet new or repaired please? my husband served his country for 22 yrs and he is now disabled and he was very happy to see me thought of him so much to spend what we never had and bought this wallet, help please. kindly.

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