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Business Name: Tri-Vesta LLC
Category: Cleaning
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Corporate Address: 400 S. Ohio Suite 203
Springfield, Missouri 65801 USA

Phone Number: 417-860-0329
Company Contact: Jason Madura - Owner
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Average Rating: 2.50 of 5
Based On: 8 Reviews / Complaints
Number Of Comments: 11 comments

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Tri Vesta LLC is F rated, bad, expensive, dishonest and misses appointments.

You pay online. After he misses a few appointments, You pay him under the table for travel. He will negotiate work you think is already paid for.

This guy had an F rating by the Better Business Bureau. He is one of their most complained about operations in his category.

Not sure how much my mother spend on this home warming. But I’m out $650.00 including missed work.

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Tri-Vesta Services Reviews and Complaints

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11 thoughts on “Tri-Vesta Services

  1. Horrible customer service! I purchased a Groupon without researching this company (bad mistake). I had two different appointments…11 weeks apart (first available appointment, after they cancelled on me). They didn't show up either time. The second time they didn't even call me. I called the office and tried to get to the bottom of it. Left many messages. They never called me back. Will be trying to get my money back from Groupon.

  2. Tri-Vesta has once again flooded online review sites. With fraudulent self promoting reviews. It's just one aspect of Tri-Vesta's dishonesty and another reason to avoid them.

  3. I find it VERY hard to believe the single positive comment is not another fake comment, from the owner/operator. All real comments I've found were the lowest possible rating. Point, by point, a total 180 from what the owner/operator writes about himself, while pretending to be a VERY satisfied customer.

    • it's funny that I have a 95% positive rating with all the companies i run deals thru hundreds of positive comments from satisfied customers who weren't looking for hand outs.

      • I'd be surprised if Tri Vesta has even one positive comment, from a REAL customer. I know people at Half Price Ozarks. They would also be surprised.

      • I've been trying to schedule an appointment for WEEKS and haven't heard back from your company yet! I am a legit customer and I'm getting more and more PISSED as time passes! WTF do you have to say for that?

  4. TRI VESTA's owner/operator has a long and repeated history of posting fake / bogus positive reviews, while pretending to be a customer. Also getting neg. reviews removed. There have been about 12 to 15 reviews on TRI VESTA, ALL THE LOWEST POSSIBLE SCORE / RATING. With the exception of the fake "5 Star" ratings Tri Vesta gives itself, while pretending to be a customer.