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Last Updated On: February 24, 2015

Tri-Vesta Services Corporate Contact

Business Name: Tri-Vesta LLC
Corporate Address:
400 S. Ohio Suite 203
Springfield, Missouri 65801 USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corp Phone Number: 417-860-0329
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Jason Madura - Owner
Corp Website:

Tri-Vesta Services Customer Ratings and Reports

Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.92 out of 5
Based On: 13 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 12

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $150,750.00
Average Reported Losses: $11,596.15

Latest Tri-Vesta Services Complaint

Is Tri-Vesta Services a Rip Off, Fraud or Have They Scammed You? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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Deal Buyer Beware!

I purchased this as a ½ price deal because I needed my dryer vent cleaned, the 8 air ducts to be cleaned and the furnace inspection was just going to be a bonus for me. I made the appointment and took a vacation day. The lady that made the appointment said a person would be there between 8 and 10. By 9 I had not heard anything so I called to verify. They said I had the date incorrect. There is no way; I put in my vacation request while she was on the phone. They said the service tech would be calling me asap. Didn’t hear anything. Called at noon, they found I was on the schedule and wasn’t sure what was going on, somebody will call you asap. Called again at 1 and got voice mail, left a message for somebody to call me back. Nothing so I called again at 2. They will have a manager call me. Finally by 3 a manager out of Oklahoma called me and said they would not be showing up today. The previous location took longer than expected and they have broken equipment. We did a reschedule for Feb 17th.

I called the day before to make sure they were still coming. Same thing happened. We don’t find you on the schedule. I asked for a manager to call me. They didn’t. I called back four hours later and all of a sudden they found me on the schedule. I didn’t know if they were really showing up or not.

On the 17th the service guy showed up, almost an hour late but still he was there. Really nice guy but did an up sell job. He left a quote for almost $800 of just cleaning. I even told him I had another service to do the furnace cleaning. He bashed them saying they won’t clean as well as this company and I really needed it else my furnace will fail. No, I don’t need it. Please clean what I paid for. Literally the sell job went on for an hour. I ended up telling him to forget the air ducts and only do the dryer vent. I had things to do and wasn’t interested in listening to up selling me. Just do the dryer vent and we will call it done. He did the cleaning but left the mess. I had to clean up the outside where all of the lint and hair lay (he said he leaves it for the birds, they like to make nests out of it) and the utility room. Heck there was even one point I was asked to help with running the drill. I did, it was at the point I would do anything to get this done!

Beware of this company. It is hard to get them to honor their appointment and then when they do, they are there to sell you more services, a hard sale. They don’t like to hear no, I refused to sign the “quote”, I couldn’t tell if it was a quote or if it was a contract. I asked him to write on the invoice that it was a quote and nothing more. He did. I am done with this company.

Tri-Vesta Services – 855-474-3828

Official Responses from Tri-Vesta Services

By: Jason Madura On: July 18, 2014

Most of these complaints are accusing false accusations. My company has never been f rated with the bbb. We dont accept payments online we have outside companies like groupon that sell a pakage for $49 of wich is fully refundable. There is a trip charge that is clearly stated on the groupon and isn’t paid under the table. bob m and charles myers are the same people posting twice and he was made clear of exactly what he was getting before we showed up work was completed and we were done.

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Consumer Comments For Tri-Vesta Services

  • Purchased a groupon for a furnace tune up and dryer vent cleaning. They came, were here for maybe 30 minutes. Told me I needed my ducts, blades and motor cleaned. Quoted me between $600 and $700. Said they completed the furnace tune up, even though no equipment was ever brought into my house. They did not even give me a new air filter. I called around to have other quotes and a company told me they would come out free of charge to look to see if it even had to be done. Turns out they said no and I would probably need the motor, ducts and blades cleaned in 3 years. Also said that the furnace tune up tri vesta did never was even done. They performed my tune up and was here for nearly 2 hours. Would never ever use this company again.

  • Horrible customer service! I purchased a Groupon without researching this company (bad mistake). I had two different appointments…11 weeks apart (first available appointment, after they cancelled on me). They didn’t show up either time. The second time they didn’t even call me. I called the office and tried to get to the bottom of it. Left many messages. They never called me back. Will be trying to get my money back from Groupon.

  • Tri-Vesta has once again flooded online review sites. With fraudulent self promoting reviews. It’s just one aspect of Tri-Vesta’s dishonesty and another reason to avoid them.

  • I have a major financial loss, well into the thousands. I wonder why it is omitted from this site?.

  • I find it VERY hard to believe the single positive comment is not another fake comment, from the owner/operator. All real comments I’ve found were the lowest possible rating. Point, by point, a total 180 from what the owner/operator writes about himself, while pretending to be a VERY satisfied customer.

    • it’s funny that I have a 95% positive rating with all the companies i run deals thru hundreds of positive comments from satisfied customers who weren’t looking for hand outs.

      • I’d be surprised if Tri Vesta has even one positive comment, from a REAL customer. I know people at Half Price Ozarks. They would also be surprised.

      • I’ve been trying to schedule an appointment for WEEKS and haven’t heard back from your company yet! I am a legit customer and I’m getting more and more PISSED as time passes! WTF do you have to say for that?

  • I do not know why this site shows only $100.00 loss for two people. My loss alone was around $1,000.00.

    • Same here, I wonder why our losses are not counted?

      • because you guys are liars and tri-vesta doesn’t rip people off. Your complaint are useless when they are the same person explain how you lost $1000’s from them.

  • TRI VESTA’s owner/operator has a long and repeated history of posting fake / bogus positive reviews, while pretending to be a customer. Also getting neg. reviews removed. There have been about 12 to 15 reviews on TRI VESTA, ALL THE LOWEST POSSIBLE SCORE / RATING. With the exception of the fake "5 Star" ratings Tri Vesta gives itself, while pretending to be a customer.


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