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Business Name: Regal Cigs Registered
Category: Cigarettes / Paraphernalia
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Corporate Address: 1835A S. Centre Parkway #166
Escondido, California 92025 USA

Phone Number: 888-822-5977
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A scam

I paid Regal Ecigs the $4.95 for shipment of the so-called easy way to stop smoking.

After I “smoked” on one for a short while, I got very sick to my stomach, took a headache, and vomited. I don’t know what is in them, unless it is something they use to try to poison people. This is a big rip off.

Something needs to be done to this “company” to put them out of business. I do hope that an attorney some where files a class action law suit against this “company”, and puts them out of business.

It isn’t about the cost, but I want to help other people from getting sick.

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Regal Cigs - 1835A S. Centre City Parkway, Suite 166, Escondido, CA 92025

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12 thoughts on “Regal Cigs

  1. Yes, I went through the same thing, told them I want my money back and they told me I have to send the ecigs back and it will take 30 days for it to get back in my account, yet if I agree to only paying 40% for them then I can have my money back now in my account and keep the cigarettes relieving the hassle of the wait and the hassle of sending them back and was told that my subscription is now cancelled. They are good at scamming that is for sure. The first time I called, I was cut off, the second time I called I waited forever for someone to answer. Makes me so mad because as I told them, there was nothing told to me about how I would be charged later, only that it is a $4.95 free trial. If a lawyer wants to pursue this, I'm in!!

  2. Same story here – they refused to even provide me with a return authorization, address to return item or any satisfaction at all. Filed a complaint with Scambook, and disputed the charge with my bank and got a new debit card so they can't rip me off anymore. I hope to file a complaint with the stat of california as well. somebody needs to stop these scammers!!!

  3. Same story as many above that has complaints, I know that when I placed my order the link did not mention a time limit, for trying the cigarette, which by the way did not taste like anything. What a scam this company is.

  4. I never received mine its been two weeks from what I read about the complaints I think I will close my bank account before they can take my money.

  5. First off, these things taste NOTHING like a cigarette. My experience was like sucking on a perfume bottle, it was really disgusting.
    That's not even the MAIN problem. Their ad will NEVER tell you that the so called "free trial" is actually signing up for a subscription. If you don't return the trial kit within a certain time, (it varies depending on the ad, some say 16 days, others say 30) they will charge you $119.00 and continue the subscription.
    You HAVE to call them and get an RMA# (return merchandise authorization number) and you have to pay to ship it back. GET A TRACKING NUMBER AND TRACK IT. If you don't track it and get CONFIRMATION that they received it and signed for it, they will CLAIM they NEVER received it. If you've cancelled, and do NOT track it, they will charge you $140.00 for the KIT they'll claim they NEVER received. Even if you do EVERYTHING right, they will STILL charge your card or account the $119.00 and you'll have to call and make them put it back in your account. They also charge you a $23.95 restocking fee even IF you do EVERYTHING right.
    I ended up closing my checking account that I've had for 20 years and opening a new one to keep them from charging me yet again, (WHICH THEY WILL CONTINUE TO DO) and claim it's just an error. In my opinion, and based on PERSONAL experience, this company practices THEFT BY DECPTION. If there's a lawer or firm out there that specializes in class action suits, trust me, you'll find THOUSANDS of clients to sign on to a lawsuit

  6. I to ordered the $4.95 kit and from where I ordered there was nothing about trail or anything else. I should have known better. I have had them a week and went online to my bank and there it is, unauthorized $119.95 removed since this morning. I called and just like everyone before on the complaints board, it was a no until they receive it all back then they are not giving the handling charge back plus I have to pay for sending it back with tracking number and they give me a 15 digit number to put on outside of box. I am so sick of the evil people that sit and think up ways to just take everything people work. I would really like to have my money back.

  7. I ordered the trial kit for $4.95. The package itself is only worth $4.95 at best IF it works. The ecig died after a couple of drags and I couldn't even get it to recharge so I called the company n cancelled my trial right away. I was shocked 2day 2 learn that this company ignored my request(via phone as stated in their TOS) to cancel and charged my card $119.95!! I called the company and the rep was very nasty n told me if I want my money back I have to pay a fee to them for restocking, I would only get a small percent of my money back, and I'd have to pay for postage. Again, I cancelled this trial w/in a day of having received this broken product. I had to cancel my card since they billed me when I called them n said cancel this trial! I really need my money back since it was an unauthorized charge. They won't give me back my $195.95 that they took even though I canceled!

  8. I to ordered this for my husband for a free trial shipping was $4.95 I thought we would at least try It, then I check our account and found out they took $119.95 out of the account I was shock and when I called them they told me there Is a box on the order form I didn't click I don't remember seeing It I told them I do not wan't there produck I was told I need to send It back and I would be charged 20% to put It back on the shelves I think there Is something not right about this company and I would never get anything on a trial bases I'm sure thats how they get us.