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Last Updated On: December 18, 2016

Lift Vapor Contact Information

Business Name: Lift Vapor E-Cigarette
Corporate Address:
60 Belamose Ave
Rocky Hill, Connecticut 06067 USA

Lift Vapor Customer Service

Lift Vapor Phone Number: 888-994-5438
Corp Email:
Company Contact: JohnPaul Golino - CEO Founder
Corp Website:

Lift Vapor Ratings

Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 7 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 14

Lift Vapor Reports

Reported Losses: $460.93
Average Reported Losses: $65.85

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Worse customer service ever.

I have been with this company for well over a year now. Always had a problem with this company. They are always slow to ship the orders and my last order never did get to me almost a month later.

I was ordering extra supplies for $55 and the took my money and did send me a confirmation email but nothing since. I have written a few emails so far but no replies back.

Here is their email is someone can use it. “” or Plus their phone number of 888-994-LIFT (5438) has been disconnected.

This company really needs to be put out of business. A shame too since they do have a good product. They should fire all the present employees and get some people who gives a d**n.

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    YES I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED 148 .00 FROM LIFT VPR ON OCT 28 LAST YEAR AFTER THEIR 7.90 TRIAL I GUESS THEY HAVE BEEN DOING GREAT what recourses do i have to recover my money ?

  • tracy

    I happened to check my account today and seen that $148.00 was to be taken out of my account I called my bank to ask what the charge was and was informed that it was lift. I disputed this and my bank gave me all the info to contact them. I did and was told I should have read the fine print., where I put the credit card info in. This was the first actual cigarette flavor my hubby like you just screwed yourself out of a lot more than the $148.00 because he spends a lot this company is also linked to a lot more of the trial ones. That is why they don’t answer lift vapors. BEWARE OF THEM ALL!!!!!!!! I wont order another one from any of them.

    • aj joesph

      they got me too for $148.00 this is a lying company one cannot trust, please do not fall for their scam.

  • Jim

    I was also scammed by Liftvapor. Monies were taken out of my account on 10/31/2013 and on 11/27/2013 there was a $99.16 charge on my card. I called the company and the person that answered had to give me the correct Liftvapor customer service phone number. I should have known something was wrong when I tried contacting them before the 10 day trial and either no one answered the phone or the mailbox was full. The CS person stated that there was a "contract" in small print (really small print, had to use a magnifying glass to read it), and I stated that I never electronically signed any contract. She stated there would be a restocking charge(for what I do not know since I have not received any more product) and I told her I have not received anything and please do not send anything. I hope my banking institution can get my money back because this is a scam and totally illegal. The worst customer service I have ever seen and that is the business I am in.

  • peed off

    they suck



  • N.M.

    Very deceitful company. I too got sucked into this scam to the tune of $148.00.. When I called the company, the person was rude and patronizing. Yes, I can send them back, but have to pay a $29.95 restocking fee, then wait 30 days for a partial refund. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE RUTHLESS PEOPLE! Complain to your AG-hopefully they won’t be in business long!

  • TTP

    Yes , they just did the same thing to me after I checked my checking account yesterday. they stole $148 for trying their free trial. someone out there must do something about this to stop this outrage scam.

  • Scammed 148.00

    The Lift vapor brochure states as follows: "if you wish to cancel and return this final trial offer you must do the following in order to receive your refund. Call 1.888.994.5438 (Mon-Fri) 24hrs 6 am to 6 pm CST and obtain your RMA number. If the product is sent back in used condition, your refund amount will be adjusted based upon a scale chart"

  • anita

    I have also been charged $148.00 for a free trial….I am disputing this charge but am not hopeful. Yes I was scammed …stupid me but can we not band together and hold this fraudulent company accountable……. .

  • Fred

    I ordered the Free trial for $7.90 on 9/14/2013 and was received on 9/22/2013. Upon receiving my last credit card statement I noticed an additional charge of $148.00. I have disputed said amount with my credit card company and hope to be reimbursed for this outrageous charge. At no time during the purchase process was a mention of any other terms or agreements. This is a complete scam and should be investigated by proper authorities!

  • John

    "Free Trial" is a Scam*. Yes, they will send you the starter kit for 4.99 (AFTER you give up your card #*… stupid …*), but after the "Free Trial Period" they will AUTOMATICALLY keep sending cartridges to you, charging your account. You can TRY to call* (MUST call… they will NOT return any emails!!) and cancel, but then you get hit with 148.00 charge unless you mail Everything back, at your own expense, of course.
    There’s nothing "free" about this… in fact, they hold your account "hostage" until you mail Everything back!
    NOWHERE in the "Free Trial*" agreement do they mention anything about any of this, that I can Find … it is False and Misleading advertising promotion (Imagine That*). IF they would include this information in the "agreement" I suppose it would be "legal", but as it stands I feel the Federal Trade Commission should SHUT THEM DOWN until they DO*!!

  • T.J.

    So far I’ve had great sucess at getting replacement starter kits. One trick is being nice when talking to the rep. so far this is my 2nd replacement starter kit which brings it to a total or 3. Third time is a charm but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for luck.

  • CLC

    They’ve done this to me too only the amount they nailed me for was $148.00. Also, they no longer are answering the phone. Just sent an email to them so maybe (??) something might come of that. Will re-post if something good, right and morally correct happens.


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