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Last Updated On: January 5, 2016

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Business Name: Emerald Lux Electronic Cigarettes
Corporate Address:
2941 Honolulu Ave Suite. C
La Crescenta, California 91214 USA

Emerald Lux E Cigs Customer Service

Emerald Lux E Cigs Phone Number: 888-412-6086
Corp Email: sales@emeraldlux.com
Corp Website: emeraldlux.com

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Average Rating: 1.30 out of 5
Based On: 34 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 47

Emerald Lux E Cigs Reports

Reported Losses: $9,287.28
Average Reported Losses: $273.16

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Scam Artists

Do not order from this company! Returned original items within 14 days, but because they wouldn’t return phone call i did not know i needed a rma#. Not only did they get product back but refuse to return my money!

Finally got someone at their company to answer there phone after disputed with credit card company… only then did a human answer when I got my credit card company to try & contact them.

Emerald Lux Electronic Cigarette

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  • Lilly Hogue

    I had order the emerald lux E Cigs and so did my daughter in law. No we didn’t read the very small print, there for we charged $114 something cents. I went back into the site if you don’t return with in 14 days starting form the moment you order whichs takes 4 days to receive and 4 days to return, leaves you with 5 to 6 days to return. I cancelled right away but not before the 14 days so was charged 114 dollars my daughter in law did not so is now being charged 75.00 dollar on her credit card for cartridges that she has never received at $25.00 a month for the past 3 months and has never received them. Better business beau needs complaints to be able to follow up in order to turn the scam and fraudulent company over to the FDA. On top all of this the e-cigs are loudsley. Do not be scammed by this company. Post post and keep posting scam.

  • nancy parsons

    I was 2 days late (didn’t realize Saturdays were included in the 14 day trail period) and they took $115 from my account and refuse to give it back. This product "sucks". I cancelled and will inform my friends not worth paying for. I am a very unhappy person today so if there is anyone who is going after them please contact me.

  • Jeff Strobach

    I have received another shipment from Emerald Lux after previously cancelling months ago. I immediately called to cancel again and demanded an RMA and a refund. They refused. I then called my credit card company and have filed a dispute. This is definetely a scam! Free Promotion indeed!

  • I am a cigarette smoker and for the more than 4 years of time I am smoking. But this time I’ve seen a very effective one info about the electronic cigarette. That is very helpful for us. I hope most of the cigarette smoker able to change their mind about the electronic cigarette.

    • Kikr

      Electronic cigarettes may be just fine. So you would be wise to use any other one except for the extremely deceptive advertiser "Emerald Lux" You will see many charges on your credit card in the future that you very likely did not know about. My credit card company USAA master card would not reverse the deceptive charges so I cancelled my 20 year account with them as well.

  • Johnny Quitsmoking

    Just was looking around to see what others saw. This day and age, I am just getting into my 30s, is sadly common. I would humbly suggest, as we all have been forcefully trained through suffering to do, pay attention to your Credit Card accounts and your e-mails. I too had started the "free trial" and though they sent me my first shipment of 10 while I was unemployed and short on money did not use the nicotine in time as it DOES have a shelf life. The other day I contacted them, by phone people (ALWAYS the best results by talking to a PERSON) and I was able to get half off due to my ignorance. Corporations are almost always the same, but the product is sound. This is really helping me quit smoking. Sorry to get crude, but watch your financial **** ladies and gentlemen; its a new world. Chomp the bit and get over it. And get your kids OFF YOUR CREDIT CARD, apps are for zombies!

  • John Arrowood

    Looks like I get to join the crowd of ripped off people from Emerald Lux. I too got hit up for $114.95 after my "free" trial. No where was there any mention of more charges for extra money. This company leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Beth

    One of the worst tasting ecigs that are available. It tasted like poison. Don’t bother with this product. I bought the starter kit and threw out the whole thing when I got it. It was only $4.95, so it wasn’t worth the effort to return.

    • kat

      you don’t return the product, they will bill you over $100 ..

  • Cyndi Freed

    if I cant get cleared by my doc. My ZMS has a broken jaw and she is working , there are 4 other employees that have broken limbs and they are still working , so why am I being punished for an injury that’s not major an di am capable of working I just cant do no heavy lifting which I don’t do any ways …. I swear this is discrimination and this store did this to my sister when she worked here 1 yr ago and I know of 2 other people they did this too. I need my job and it seems like they don’t want to be liable for anything ………to me this isn’t right .

  • Cyndi Freed

    I am an employee at store # 2287 New Castle PA . I injured my back at home last thurs. 23rd I had a doc. excuse to be only on light duty until the 29th of may . I worked a whole shift Fri. and sat . 24 and 25th of may. I gave my doc slip to one of my asst. managers on fri he said ok ill put it in your file just go do returns and answer phones which I did that fri. and yesterday . I went into work today and I worked 3 hours and my dept. zms came to me and wanted to talk . So we go back to the office where my other asst. manager is waiting .( This isn’t the one that a gave the slip to ) She tells me that because of my doc. wanting me to be on light duty for a few days that I am not allowed to work , no granted I have worked already 2 shifts since then , and they want me to date my leave for today when my medical slip clearly says fri. They even said I have to call off everyday until I am able to be cleared for work properly and because I am a temp it is a possibility that my job may not be avail.

    • kat

      I thought theses comment were for Emerald Lux?

  • Lee

    After I placed my order, I noticed the fine details. I called them, and waited for quite sometime. When a lady finally answered, I told them it was false advertising and very misleading. She said she could offer me a 50% discount, I took it. Then I cancelled the automatic shipping, and she did. She even sent me an email verifying it.

    I still hate this thing, but after reading the other posts, I guess I got off easier then most at $63 total.

  • Lori C

    Emerald Lux is a ripoff they hit my account for 114.95 on the 16th of may I had been trying to CANCELLED, this for about 5 days I sit on hold for 2 hrs and then I keep trying and got a hold of some one on the 17th and they told me that I could not get a refund I think this company is a scam I live on social security and can,t afford people taking my money wanted to quit smoking but not at that price DO NOT GIVE YOUR INFORMATION TO THESE PEOPLE THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF AND WHEN YOU TRY TO CANCELS YOU CAN,T BECAUSE NO ONE WILL ANSWER THE PHONE YOU GET LEFT ON HOLD FOR HOURS STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU HAVE PLENTY OF MONEY TO THROUGH AWAY.

    • Johanna

      They got me too. First of all I didn’t get the "trial" for a week which left only 7 days to cancel. I tried to cancel on the net and they "couldn’t find the account" I entered. I finally had to call and it seemed to me the lady was scripted for complaints. It would seem they have scammed all who tried this "free trial." Not only that, the e cigarettes sucked. They emitted no vapor and there is no way they equaled a full pack of cigarettes. Even without the scam I wouldn’t have reordered. They suck.

  • blh

    They got me too called to cancel recuring charge i was told that it was canceled im waiting to see if my credit card will charged i told them i would not protest the $114.00 thats on me i should have known that nothing in life is free,i just figured the refill would be really high so i was willing to take the chance and funny part about it is that i actually liked the product and would have ordered more but now i wont do bussiness with them and i take the loss as a lesson learned and now i will always read the fine print.

    • JQD

      I agree product is pretty good. I actually got mine for free. I disputed it, and my credit card agreed. They reimbursed it all and. Got to keep it. Love it!


    • blh

      Call your credit card co and have them call and cancel your member ship thats what i had to do.also if you call emerald lux and cancel on your on make sure you get conformation number sent via e-mail are they will say you never canceled

  • Nicotine Dave

    Ditto, scammed again. I even copied the “offer terms” and re-read the “non refundable $4.95 charge ONLY” with a total on the invoice of $0 for product and discounted shipping. Did not say ANYTHING about having to return it if you didn’t like/want it OR the billing, only gave number for cancelling the NEXT automatic charges. I called to cancel before the 14 days and they said “tough”, you are getting billed anyway, read the OTHER fine print from the box you checked saying your were over 18. Total farce, scam, false advertising, etc.

    For a $30 stop payment fee, which strangely the bank then waived miraculously, I should not get “hit” for their incredible $114.95 scam for 5 tiny cartridges and useless charger. card and strange that the bank would waive any fee, they did.

    A good company that has a great product will discount of even give you the product knowing that you will buy it, no need to scam with fine print and over charge in the first place. 5 cartridges and charger for $114.95, my god.

  • Kathy Callaway

    I also orded E-Cig from Emerald Lux for what I thought was only $4.95 for H&S ,But when I got it,it was broke so I called them the next day they said they would send me another one,but then he said you know it will cost you $114.00 after 14 days and I said oh NO don’t send me nothing,this is a rip off,so after reading all the reports I went to my bank and canceled my card so they wouldn’t take any more money from me,thanks for letting me know about Emerald Lux hope you all get your money back!!!

  • Lee Thibadeau

    I started with OMG Smoke Free I purchased at the Del Mar Fair and was very happy… Emerald lux started emailing me so I thought I’d try their refill cartridges …. fortunately i only paid $8.97 on line with free shipping …. what a waste, maybe you get 5 or 6 drags and the cartridge is no longer any good. If you want a ‘Good’ quality E-Cigerette, try OMG on line…. one cartridge lasted me almost a day. Almost 3 years later the battery is still rechargable as well. I guess the old addage, "…you get what you pay for…" is true.
    Tried to contact Emerald Lux on line and you can’t …. oh well, we live and learn. Lee

  • Holly Baucom

    Emerald Lux is a sham, con and rip off. Got the FREE trial kit for $4.95 shipping and they billed my credit card for $69 within 14 days for an automatic shipment of 5 lousy cartridges…TRIPLE the cost of Green Smoke with whom I am pleased. I checked my credit card statement when I received the automatic shipment and the phone number was on there…called and told them this was an unauthorized charge and they told me basically that that was too bad, their terms were in the fine print upon ordering the kit and without cancellation I had agreed to automatic shipment and billing. I demanded that they cancel my "subscription" immediately and that any further charges were unauthorized. DON’T GET THE FREE KIT AND DON’T GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER!!! YOU WILL BE SORRY!

  • Grandma Gah

    You can get e-cigs at most convenience stores and they are good and they are getting cheaper all the time. E.L. is doing this scam now because of the competition market. Chevron, Shell & QT sell them.

  • Grandma Gah


  • Grandma Gah

    I had thought about using the Emerald Lux when I saw it advertised with Dr. Oz. My first hint that it was a rip off was it was advertised "FREE"…nothing about paying s&h until you are at the end of the application. I sent them an e-mail stating that "FREE" means NO CHARGE. NO $ paid to them. Of course I got no reply. This is when I decided that this was not for ME. I found a GREAT, inexpensive e-cig "by accident". They have a webpage, and their products are fantastic, with FREE shipping. The prices you see are what you pay. Period. And they have the best refills, liquids, and e-cigs. This company is called Dura Smoke. (NO…I DO NOT WORK FOR THEM.) I have tried many e-cigs, and none stand up to these…and their customer service is A-1. Any time I had a problem (which is only 2x in about 30 orders) they sent me what I was shorted, PLUS they sent me an extra bottle of their liquid. GREAT vapor production, GREAT flavors, and their "hardware" is the best of the about 12 different cigs I have tried. THANK GOODNESS I FOUND OUT ABOUT EMERALD LUX BEFORE I ORDERED FROM THEM. I LIVE ON SOCIAL SECURITY, AND SURE COULDN’T AFFORD TO PAY OUT $115 I WASN’T EXPECTING, NOR THE $75 A MONTHS AFTER THAT. HEY…I wonder what would happen if you only had $5.00 on your debit card. Would they not send you the product? SCAMMERS.

    • Lee Thibadeau

      you might want to try OMG Smoke Free …. i thought it was Great as well

  • bette.liponis

    Emerald Lux scammed 80 year old
    I also got ripped off for $114.95, returned the product and they mailed it back to me. I sent it again (suggested by my bank) .I called and the lines were busy for hours.
    After three days of trying, I got Adam ,he told me he doubted that I ever called to cancel. Is there a lawyer out there willing to take this on ?



    • Grandma Gah

      Debbie…contact your c.c. company immediately and tell them you are NOT authorizing these charges, and will not pay for them. Tell them that this company is a FRAUD. If they won’t do it, tell them you will cancel your card altogether, and will NOT pay these charges. Once you notify your c.c. of fraudulent charges, THEY will be responsible for them. Not you.

  • Toni Rehage

    I read where one person says Emerald Lux is located in La Crescenta, Ca. My card says San Fernando, Ca. It appears as if they are hiding. Definitely a scam.
    I am up for a class action suit. Any lawyers out there willing to take them on?

  • SAM


  • David Parker

    I agree with Tony. They ought to be sued.

  • E. Hardy

    Emerald Lux is definitely a RIP OFF, I’ve been ripped off for over $100 only $4.95 for shipping and I ordered the electronic cigarette and found out about the automatic charge after 14 days, then they sent a 2nd order @ $74.90. I made sever attempts to contact them by phone, however, the line is constantly busy. My last try I waited over 1 1/2 hrs before some finally answered only to be told I was past the14 day trail, but could not reach anyone when I tried. I agree a class action suit should be filed

  • lillian

    they are definately a bad joke. they ripped me off for 93+ and sent a product that isn’t worth the cost of shipping. one puff and then nothing. you know you can buy a fake cigarette at the cigarette store for $7.00 that is a whole lot better than their ecig. when they won’t call back or answer emails you know you are dealing with cons. they should be closed down and yes, sued.

  • Shirley

    I received the Emerald Lux electronic cigarette for the price shown on the Internet.. only 4.95 for shipping. It is wonderful and thank you so much.. It helps with the hand to mouth addiction… it is great.. Shirley

    • Toni Rehage

      How many times since have you been billed, Shirley? They call it a "service fee" and the first charge is $114.95, then it’s $74.95 thereafter. It’s a genuine con.

    • Grandma Gah

      @ SHIRLEY: Just WAIT. You just got yours. Check your credit card. I’ll BET you’ve been charged for MORE money…and wait 2 weeks. You’ll start getting more and more, and your card billed for $75 each time. You don’t have to give them permission. They just DO IT. I’d put a stop on my credit card NOW if I were you.

  • Darryl Thomas

    Same here free trial costed me $190.00 such a rip off

  • tony degele

    I to got ripped off for $114.95. They ought to be sued.

  • William Klausman

    I ordered the electronic cigarette and found out about the automatic charge after 14 days. I emailed them and told them I wanted to order them as I needed them. They gave me no problem. As a matter of fact, they discounted the cost of the e-cigarette. I did not expect to recieve it for nothing. They were very easy to work with and I will start buying the refills from them as I need them. I am a new customer my story is true.

    • David Parker

      I agree with your comment.

    • Toni Rehage

      And how long have you been working for the company?
      It was a total rip-off. I was not ready for an "automatic charge" of $114. You can have my sample pack…can you pay me the $114?

    • Grandma Gah

      This must be "Adam" (the only person to EVER answer at E.L’s customer support line) from Emerald Lux.. Let this be a lesson to do research on ANY company you do business with online, using a credit card. I’m just glad I did that research via Google before I signed up for this fiasco.. Google Emerald Lux and you will see that it is ALL COMPLAINTS. Even youtube has them, and everyone is griping about them there as well.

    • Grandma Gah

      William seems to be the ONLY one with "no problems". Makes me wonder if he is a "plant" from E.L., posting positive remarks. I, personally, choose to believe the 30+ others that have had a negative experience with these people. I hope from now on everyone will do their research before falling for ANY company offering something "free". NOTHING is "free". There is always a cost involved. Go with a reputable company that you know for sure others have used. GOOGLE any company you are leery about. If you GOOGLE E.L., you will see that every single entry is a complaint. That should tell you right there that they should NOT be trusted. So glad I did my homework first. I saved a lot of money I can’t afford to lose to some shyster.

  • Andy

    Emerald Lux is the worst! They rip people off and don’t honor their own terms!

    Oh yea, and their product is a joke!

    • scott

      I don’t have a whole lot of money to be getting ripped off for over $100 only $4.95 for shipping and hadling,,, ya right,, I fell for it.. now I get to look forward to a whole lot of phnne calls Monday, autta be fun. thanks everyone for letting me know to threaten them with my bank….


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