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Business Name: Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.
Category: Chain Restaurants
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Corporate Address: 2211 Woodward Ave
Detroit, Michigan 48201 USA

Phone Number: 800-722-3727
Company Contact: Christopher Ilitch - President CEO
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Hostile Work Environment - EEOC violations

I was in Palestine visiting family. My Nephew works at the Local Little Caesars. He came home upset, over several issues. The owner, promoted a 21 year old immature idiot to be his general manager. The General manager “Chris” made the following statement, “now that I am the General manager, everyone must respect me.” He fired in one day two teenager employees, because he supposedly gave an order, one in which no one heard, so he said, “if you are not going to respect what I tell you to do you are fired.” Another employee was told, if he did not answer his cell phone on his day off, he would get fired. Yet, when the 21 year old general manager is called in, because employees quit, he stated, “I do not want to come in, it’s my day off.” He called every hour for 3 hours before finally deciding to come in. Then I was informed by my nephew, he was getting docked 50 cents and hour for no apparent reason.

I am not from the state of Texas. I can tell all who listen to this, they need to contact the local District Attorney, to find out where they need to fill hostile work environments. I know you can file a federal EEO or EEOC complaint for improper treatment of employees. If my teenage son or daughter worked here, the owner would deal with me, which few people want to do when they see my size. Little Caesar’s if they permit their franchises to permit this type of treatment toward employees are just as guilty as the store owner. The EEO or EEOC complaint should be against the 21 years old General manager, the Owner and Little Caesars.

You can look up the US Attorney General on Google and ask them who to contact to file these complaints. Once a complaint is file, it will be investigated.

Good Look Kids, don’t let this money hungry greedy Palestine, TX store owner intimidate you.

Little Caesars – In Wal-Mart Strip Mall Palestine, TX 75801

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8 thoughts on “Little Caesars

  1. Why do LC advertise a $5 Hot and Ready Pizza, and then charge $5.25? Also, I tried to reach LC on their website under the Contact Us…after jumping through several hoops, I was instructed to agree to their Terms Of Service before my email could be sent…

  2. ordered a pizza today that was cold, hard, little sauce and cheese, not sure why my husband brought it home, should have left it there for them to eat. sad to buy something that you cant eat… he should have paid them what it was worth.. nothing

  3. I was at work minding my own business in the office I work in and this was 11/17/13 before 5:30am I picked up one of the phones in the office and received a cursing from a women on the other end and she called me a bad name and I do not know who this lady is but I tracked the number back to the Danville,Ky. store 40422 . I just want you to know I do not appreciate being cursed at by a total stranger, and I will never buy your pizzas again if you are going to keep people like her on your payroll that can pick up a company phone and call people at random and say what ever she wants . Thank her for ruining my morning.

  4. WE Been going To Little Caesars, For About 10 Years ,Along With Our family Members, But The Last Three Times We Gone. We Got Pizzas That Didn"t Have much sauce .Or cheese, And , Very Dried Out, I Called Up To The caesars that WE go to All They Said They were sorry. but Sorry Dosen:t Get It,I Would Like Se . Pizzas replaced We Got three Meat Pizza, and Hawaii,,The Store Is 10720 E Southern Ave#111 Mesa Az 85209. 480-354-5121 Thanks.

  5. Visited LC in Palestine Tx yesterday. My problem is the there is a LC commercial on tv which advertises their pepperoni pizza for $5- well in Palestine they were $5.55 a few months ago- now they are sold at $6 a pizza. Am I missing something. So, the number to call with complaints or questions is mounted for all to see, so I called. And lo and behold, the number is just a magic jack number. Wonderful. That alone speaks tons. Shady business don't you think! About 5 hours later a number calls back, and it's the manager! Would you believe that! He was rude and was offended by my question on their advertisement. I mean I do live in a town an hour away, and our LC does sell pizza for $5, the manager clearly didn't want to speak to me, he said his pizzas were $5 before ( lie! I come to visit mom & dad, and I've been by his LC before; $5.55 last time I checked) so anyways, at the end of the day, pretty smart business man I suppose. Every extra dollar you screw me out of- really does add up. I will stick with my marvelous Pizza Hut from now on- shoot! A few dollars more and I get to choose my crust and toppings! And besides, they honor their advertisements! Shame on you shady LC in Palestine Texas!

  6. So call them. More than likely they will replace their bread. Why do people complain on here about tiny things like this? This place can't help you with a $2.00 restaurant mistake. L. C. isn't going to read this and respond. They will find it laughable. But if you call and tell them it was horrible they will replace it for you.

    • Not true we have called with a problem they have done nothing we ordered a pizza with everything on it it had very little amount of toppings on it I have a picture and wish I had the smarts to put it on here I was thinking it would be $13.00 possibly $16.00 but nope they charged us $25.50 I had a friend pick it up but they didn't know not to pay that ridiculous price so when we called to take it back the girl behind the counter lied and said she told us the price so they wouldn't even pay us back for the uneaten untouched pizza which i gave them back anyways the manager offered us a order of crazy bread with our next order gee thanks I think the best advice I have for anyone is just to boycott this garbage place