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Last Updated On: September 16, 2015

Dominos Pizza Corporate Contact

Business Name: Domino's IP Holder LLC.
Corporate Address:
30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106 USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corp Phone Number: 734-930-3030
Company Contact: J Patrick Doyle - CEO
Corp Website:

Dominos Pizza Customer Ratings and Reports

Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.74 out of 5
Based On: 33 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 6

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $4,238.91
Average Reported Losses: $128.45

Latest Dominos Pizza Complaint

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Will not honor coupon

A local Domino’s pizza refused to honor coupons sent via text by corporate. They told me to complain to corporate if I had a problem with it, so I did. Corporate said local owner would contact me, they did not.

It is obvious the new domino’s is the same old place, just new commercials that try and make them look like they have charged. The manager was very rude and simply could not understand what a text coupon was.

Domino’s Pizza – 1901 J St Sacramento California 95819

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Consumer Comments For Dominos Pizza

  • I picked up a BBQ chicken pizza tonight large at Domino’s in Sedro Woolley WA. $17.60. They use BBQ sauce instead of red sauce. They used so much BBQ sauce that if I had squeezed the pizza out like a sponge it would have given 12 oz at least. Although the BBQ sauce is yummy…there’s is a limit to the amount you add to a pizza. The chicken was just fair in portion, but completely saturated in BBQ sauce. I’m almost sure there was cheese on it, that may have almost measured 3 table spoons. Well you live and learn… but when you spend almost $20 on a pizza you should not expect to drive back to the parlor to have it fixed.

  • Domino’s employees especially in the Hamilton, Ohio area need to be drug tested… I myself have witnessed drug abuse in the Dominos at 908 S. Erie Hwy, Hamilton, Ohio 45011…. I do not want to mention names but if all employees there are ordered to be drug tested the drug abusers that I am speaking of will be found. All employees…including daytime and night time mgmnt, cooks, drivers…. ALL…..WHAT KIND OF BUSINESS ALLOWS DRUG ABUSE in the work area where food is being made or anywhere for that matter? This problem needs to be addressed ASAP…..

  • I was a employee for dominos in Peru Indiana and I had to quit because no one would listen to me about my boss. I was suppose to be the Ast manger so there for that means when the GM is out of town and not avalible then I’m in charge and I have somewhat of a say so. Well nope not in my case I had a manager that it was his way or no way and I couldn’t work for someonIe who wouldn’t listen to me or do things to make my job a little easier. He cut my hours because he said i was wining and i wanted things my way. Ok when you tell someone one thing and do the total opposite then it tends to get people upset. After being cursed at and my driver which was my boyfriend/baby daddy and left without a driver I get punished and get hours cut because I couldn’t work and live together with my boyfriend. I also got called fat a number of times. Pretty much I liked my job untill I got him for a manager. So I quit because I went from 35 hours down to like 10 hours. So I bagged all my stuff up and turned in my keys to the store. I didn’t want to do that because I loved my job and I have a 10 month old to support and now I can’t find a job…….so my question is…how is it fair to denie me unemployment to myself when after I quit but it was for very good reason. The manger there has to relocate to a new store because he gets cought smoking pot in the walk in cooler. But mike one of the head guys wouldn’t listen to me when I told them he wasn’t a good manger and why didnt anyone ever call me back when I called the communications office on him right after I quit and they said they would give me a call back but this has been almost 3 months ago. Wow Dominos wants to always talk about its a team thing and this and that but no one at this corporation cares about other people life’s.

    • There’s lots more to this story but I’m on my phone and it is kind of hard to type all this.

    • Sorry that happened to you. I use to manage a store in North Reston, Virginia and know how demanding that can be. I always tried to encourage my assistant managers and train them to be managers. If you ever get to Virginia, DC or Maryland, apply for Domino’s there. The franchise is called Team Washington and they are a great bunch of people. They won’t put up with managers that aren’t doing their job. It is well organized.

  • Wow! Miami has the worst pizza? I would think that a city that is that populated would have decnet food. I would never have guessed that.I’ve been to NY once to visit my aunt as I was flying back east on business. My aunt used to work for some executive guy on one of the top floors and she still had her ID badge, so she took me on a tour of the UN. She took me on the elevator and pushed one of the top floor buttons utilizing her badge access and she said that when the door opens for me not to step out, but just to stick my head out, as it was the floor where the VIPs were only allowed. Then she took me to the room that you see on TV all the time when they show things being voted on etc. at the UN. She actually took me down to the podium are where speaches are given. While we were down there, a guide was giving a tour up in the top section of the rows of UN diplomat seats. The guide spotted us and came running down, that’s when my aunt just flipped her badge to show the guy and he immediately apologized and left us alone. I said to my aunt, Boy, your ID badge must be a high level one! She just smiled at me. I asked her to take a photo of me at the UN podium. That podium was really high and even tho I’m 5’3 tall I still had to stand on the wooden box at the podium and then use my elbows to lift me up so my head would be able to be seen over the podium. I told my aunt to quickly shoot the photo when she sees my head above it, as I couldn’t stay that way for very long. She did it and it came out fine. I also sat at the spot for USA and she took a photo of that, too. I’m glad I got a chance to tour the UN with my aunt, as she is now retired.


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