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Business Name: Applebee's International, Inc.
Category: Chain Restaurants
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Corporate Address: 8140 Ward Pkwy
Kansas City, Missouri 64114 USA

Phone Number: 888-592-7753
Company Contact: Michael J. Archer - President
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Management is Horrible

I work here at the Applebees in Turlock CA. I am trying to file a complaint anonymously. Due to the fact that it took me a year to find a job and I cant risk losing this job. The Managers Nicole and Audrey and an employee named Jeanette were taking shots the other night at work and on Wednesday night the day before Thanksgiving Audrey (manager) let another employee (Robin) take some jello shots. Drinking on the job is not acceptable. Audrey is a crappy manager and very disrespectful. She yells at the employees and calls them stupid and degrades them when she is in the wrong and makes a mistake.

This store is very poorly ran. The Main manager Rick does nothing to fix things. Many of us employees have tried to talk to Rick about the things that are happening and he says he will fix them but he never does and just blows them off.

An employee (Alex) and a manager (Nicole) are always going in the walk in cooler making out. The managers let employees that are off of the clock come into the back and act like idiots. Standing on the expo line and screaming and acting like children. This is unacceptable behavior. Another employee has even picked food out of the trash and served it to a customer because the manager (Audrey) told him that the time was getting to long and to just find chicken from the trash and use it for a customers pasta.

This is not a company (store) i wish to work for or grow with. I have great potential in the restaurant business and this store is not helping in any way shape or form. Something has to be done but I can not risk losing my job.

Additional Information:

Alternate Business Names Applebee's, Applebee's International Inc, Applebee's Neighborhood Bar & Grill, Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar, Applebee's Restaurant

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Official Responses from Applebees

By: Nicole Anderson On: January 5, 2014

please remove the complaint made by an employee for applebees in turlock, Ca on 11/28/13. the complaint is slander and is an entirely false allegation. It mentions Names and i do not wish to be troubled with any problems arising out of these gross and distasteful comments. This employee, Crystal Smith, threatened me personally to do anything in her power to get me terminated because she was terminated due to embezzlement. I can supply several notations that will prove that these comments are false. I value my position and strive hard to ensure the best service for our guests. Thank you very much.

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2 thoughts on “Applebees

  1. Holy cow, I recently ate at the Applebees in San Angelo Texas and we ordered some food that had some bacon in it. It was RAW!! We sent the meal back got the manager and she told us that she could not get us another one because it was prepared in the morning! I was completely disgusted it was spongy and white! I asked the manager if she had thrown out the food that bas bad and she would never give me a for sure answer which pissed me off. My girlfriend and another girl got sick later that evening due to the raw bacon. I will never eat at this Applebees ever again!