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Last Updated On: June 4, 2016

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Business Name: Toyota Trinidad & Tobago Limited
Corporate Address:
130 Seventh Street, Churchill-Roosevelt Highway
Barataria Trinidad & Tobago

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Toyota Trinidad & Tobago Phone Number: 868-674-8885
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Malcom Bater - Managing Director
Corp Website:

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Reported Losses: $160,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $160,000.00

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Bought the fully loaded Yaris as opposed to the basic one mainly for the airbags protection – 8 airbags I was told. I paid $160,000.00. Three years warranty came with my new Yaris. Eight weeks after I bought the car I was involved in an accident, in which I was hit by another car on the passenger side, which caused my car to cross a four-roads junction and crash into a concrete wall and a metal light post.

The impact was great, both my son and I sustained injuries. The complete front of my car and both sides have been damaged.

Although the impact was great not even one of the 8 airbags inflated therefore we had no protection from the airbags. The estimated repair cost of the damage from Toyota mechanics is $64000.00.

My complaint is that I believe the car is faulty, and that if I were to accept the car after it has been repaired I would have no confidence in its safety. Toyota is making light of this.

I honestly believe that I deserve an explanation from Toyota and a replacement vehicle.

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  • Dimple

    I took my vehicle to Toyota Barataria body shop for repairs that were stipulated on a PO by Colfire.
    However during the repair of my vehicle parts that were in perfect condition were damaged and not replaced since these parts were not quoted for the PO with the works to be done.

    Why should I have to replace these parts that were in good condition previous to the work that Toyota Body Shop performed? Why was I not informed of this during the work and was these not replaced at the cost of Toyota since they damaged these parts? What kind of customer service is this, that the vehicle will be returned to the client with damages that were not there before? Also the work to the vehicle included repainting and fading of the right side of the vehicle – however when I received the car not everywhere on the right side was repainted and only the right headlight was shined. What would other persons think of your service and the quality of work done by Toyota when they view my car – damaged rubber by each of the windows on the right side of the vehicle and the rubber on the top right side of the car, poor/unfinished paint job and only one headlight looking like anything was done to it. You would have definitely have sold your service to other people if they were judging the quality of Body and Paint jobs offered by Toyota.

    Even if these things were not included in the PO from Colfire, I am a client and would have liked to get a quality job done. Once again customer service in Trinidad has proven to be poor if existing at all.

    Why is there no link on Toyota’s Trinidad website to lodge complaints?

  • Natasha

    I just bought a new Toyota Rav 4, after the delivery of the vehicle, only to have seen when I lifted the driver mat, that there was a lot of dirt embedded in the carpet, added to which the finisher on the driver door was scratch quite a lot and a mileage of almost 200km, inside of the vehicle had crumbs and stains in the cup holder from a drink placed there, I did bring the latter to the attention of the Salesman, the next day I wrote an email to the Salesman telling him of all the issues, I was told by him, that he forwarded the information to Customer Service, of course I never heard from anyone.
    When I took the vehicle in at the 1000km for the routine check, it was confirmed by Customer Service that they never received any complaint or email from the Salesman, on trying to get the dirt in the carpet addressed, I advised them that it needed detailing, the Salesman confirmed that he could have this done, a week later he took my vehicle for the expected "detailing" after my vehicle was returned to me, it looked the same when I raised the mat, he said they vacuum and washed, I reiterated, that this area was supposed to be detailed not vacuum, how do you buy a new vehicle for $329 000.00 and get it in this mess?? On calling his Superior, the Sales Floor Manager Mr Jeffery Ragoonanan, I was told to bring in the vehicle, I expressed to him again that I have my business to run and cannot be running around with Toyota, that he is more than welcome to come and have a look at it now, as they already took most of the day it and have not resolved the issue, he stated he is busy, I reminded him of our conversation two weeks earlier about the detailing of this vehicle due to the condition it was received, from speaking to him, it seems they were just trying to cut cost, so they expected a little vacuum and wash would resolve the matter, his attitude left a lot to be desired and I am very disappointed in Toyota POS. The after Sales Service is terrible!!!

  • Clinton Providence

    But before this date I personally visited Toyota on November 4th and test drove the car with the service supervisor Mr. Patrick who agreed that there was a tapping sound coming now from both left and right side of the vehicle and he assured me that he would rectify the problem and also provide me with a courtesy vehicle while my car was being serviced. During our test drive I expressed to him my disappointment with Toyota not being able to fix the problem and why a NEW car is giving this entire problem. I described the problem I was having especially when reversing the car. Mr. Patrick told me that the noise I was hearing was from the disc pads releasing. I explained to him that I find it hard to believe that in the year 2013, Toyota is manufacturing vehicles that emit loud noises when performing “normal” functions. After of test drive, he promised that someone will come and collect the car at my workplace so as not to be inconvenienced any longer as well as to drop of the courtesy car by the next day. I never got a call the following day and the day after. I tried numerous times to contact Mr. Patrick, but to no avail. My sales representative eventually passed me on to another service representative who assisted in getting the courtesy car for me on November 7th. I still had to take the time off of work to collect the car which was a great inconvenience.

    I got a call on November 11th to find out how the car was driving. I responded by asking her if they normally call to find out how their courtesy car was driving. She then informed me that the car was ready since Saturday, but she had instructed someone else to call me as she was not on work. I eventually told her I will collect on Tuesday which I did.

    On November 15th upon leaving the office, the knocking noise came back. This time it was worse than before. The brakes when engaged, you hear a clanging noise from it. My husband was in the car at the time of hearing the noise. I promptly called my sales representative to inform him and to put me onto someone in authority as I had lost all confidence in Toyota.

    My calls went unanswered for the next couple of days until a Ms. Skinner from the customer service department left a message on my phone November 18th. I tried to return her call but got no response until the following day. I then received a call from the service manager Mr. Ali, who was trying to convince me to bring the vehicle back for him to address the situation. I told him I have no intention of leaving my office to bring in the vehicle because clearly the problem is unfixable. I told him I will get back to him and I called the sales representative where he patched my call to Ms. Skinner who I spoke to at length and express my frustration with Toyota. She assured me that she will send an email to the MANAGING DIRECTOR – Malcolm Bater and the Service manager for us to have a meeting. I received a call from her later that day and she told me that the two managers were out and at another branch and they didn’t respond to the email she sent, but will get back to me the following day.

    I didn’t get a call the following day November 20th so on the 21st, my husband decided to call Toyota to get some answers. He first spoke to Ms. Skinner and later on that day, he received a call from the General Manager himself and he assured him that he will have a discussion with his customer service manager as well as his service manager and get back to him the following day. My husband also told the GM that he is no longer interested in having the vehicle fixed and he would like a new vehicle or his money back.

    On November the 21st, my husband received a call from Ms. Skinner who asked if I would consider bring the car back in. He told her that this is beyond consideration and the car has a defect and wants a replacement vehicle.

    Part two:




  • Clinton Providence

    view below the letter we sent to japan regarding TOYOTA flip-pet towards fixing and taking back the car. Part one

    Hi Ayaka,

    My name is Candace Providence and you had a conversation earlier today with my husband Clinton Providence about the above mentioned Toyota Corolla. Since I am the owner and driver of the vehicle, I will be giving you the details of events below with recent purchase of my Toyota Corolla, which was purchased from Toyota Trinidad and Tobago Ltd.

    My wife and I purchase the car early and it was delivered to us on August 17th 2013. From the second day of owning the vehicle, upon entering and switching on the AC, we experienced a wet pungent scent emanating from the vents.

    Sometime on the week of September 6th when the car reached its 1000km and ready for its first service, we realized that the front driver side door had dropped and when we tried to close it, there was a knock. We also heard a loud knocking sound coming from the front right side of the vehicle. We took it in on September 6th to address the problem with the door, the knocking sound from the front right side and also for the 1000km service.

    We got back the car the same day and we haven’t experienced the problem with the front door to date.

    Three weeks after we started to hear the same knocking noise coming from the right side of the vehicle. We also heard the noise when reversing and putting the car into drive. The car was returned back to Toyota on September 26th to address this problem as well as a loud tapping sound coming from the engine. We got the vehicle back the following day and drove the car for approximately three weeks before the noise stated back again. I called my sales representative and he placed my call through to the service department when I spoke to a service representative. I was told to continue to drive the car for the balance of the week and get back to them with a response if the noise continues. After a week later the problem was still there, I was told to bring the car back in to check the problem again

  • Mohan Chadee

    I purchased a new fully loaded Toyota Yaris in January 2012. Ever since I bought the car there was a foul coming from the AC system and the dash board was rattling, more so when driving on rough roads. This problem never existed before and is very annoying, given the fact that this is a new and not a used vehicle. Toyota has made four (4) attempts top resolve the problem they have decided to chance the evaporator. However, while the car was in Toyota they bounced the right side rear ¼ panel.

    I have asked them to give me a new car but they are refusing. If I wanted to buy a banged up rattling care I would have bought a used car. Is this what Toyota customer service is all about? Is this the after sales service you can expect?

    Toyota decision is wrong, harsh and uncaring!


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