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Last Updated On: March 3, 2016

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Business Name: Shantok Motors Southeastern Connecticut
Corporate Address:
2246 Route 32
Uncasville, Connecticut USA

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Shantok Motors Phone Number: 860-449-8000
Company Contact: Jeffrey Mehlenbacher - Manager
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 5 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 3

Shantok Motors Reports

Reported Losses: $16,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $3,200.00

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I went to purchase a car from shantok motors in groton ct because I current car was about to die. I purchased a 2004 Buick rendezvous with about 99000 miles on it assuming this would be a safe car for my children and myself boy was I wrong.

I picked this car upon a Thursday and immediately called the Friday after to ask if the car had been in an accident. They had no idea so then I went on to tell then the traction button didn’t work, the back window didn’t roll down, it also felt like the motor was bouncing when you start the car, and the headlights were loose like the car had been in an accident.

I immediately asked then to just take the car back and give me a different one off their lot and Mike the finance guy or actually the owner of the finance company and the 3 shops refused to give me a different car. He said they would fix the problems for free considering I only had the car less than 24 hours. I then ended up dropping the car off to Jamie to be fixed. Picked the vehicle up about 3 days later and it seemed to be OK at that point.

Then it was just four days later I was driving to the hospital for surgery and when I put the car in reverse to back up the car had to gears. No park drive nothing so basically the car was stuck in reverse. I had to shut the car off while in reverse and put the emergency brake on. I called Jamie who did get the car towed to his shop and was fixing it.

At this point I was so aggravated that I tried to ask mike once again for a different vehicle since I hadn’t even had this one for 2 weeks and its been in the shop more than I’ve been able to drive it. He refused and said we’ll give you back your car and your down payment and that’s what I left with because no way in hell am I going to pay over 10,000 for a car that has been nothing bug headaches.


Shantok Motors – Groton Connecticut

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  • Aubrey

    also i brought my car to them a couple weeks ago because i felt very unsafe in it especially with my two year old son . i explained to them of the noises etc that i was hearing feeling they called me a couple hours later and said they couldnt find anything broken that the ball joints had some play but werent my issue , and they said they greased everything for me. I picked up my car a couple hours later and it was soing same thing so i took to another garage who told me my left ball joint was very bad and needed to be replaced immediatly ontop od that i needed a new caliper and hose in the front left . So i had them fix the ball joint asap and low and behold the car was fine . i then proceeded to call shantok motors to get some sort of a understanding to as why what they told me wasent wrong with the car was exactly what was wrong with it, and they said we havent seen your car in three months. I said you havent seen the car in three months ive only had it for three months and i just brought it into you a month ago to have the back brakes done and whole right side calipers which were bad after only two months of having car which make me think they just slapped a sticker on my car and didnt even look it over , and a couple weeks ago when i was hearing all the loose suspension noises and my wheel was making a dry grinding noise when turned right . He then proceeded to say that he didnt know what i was talking about . I am just very fed up all i wanted was a reliable car and a car im spending over 12,000.00 for should be in a little better shape then what they sold it for and you would think they would be a little more caring towards there customers and the safety of the cars they sell as to me and my two year old son could have been killed when leaving there being told they couldnt find anytihing wrong what if the tire fell off when driving home from there because of the broken ball joint

  • Gregory burnham

    I two bought two cars from there.. both haveing nothing but issues the first was a 03 saab that had issue after issue they told me they replaced the oil pan gasket and upper intake gasket when i get ought it and i was ready to drive to florida and the pan gasket started leaking so called saab and was told there is no gasket there it doesnt require one. So 700i dollars later and a week of rental car at 375.00 i get home pick up the car and my wife stoves to work and the surpentein belt blows apart and this was suppose to be a new part. So ibrought it back tbey took it on trade put us in a 02month mustang wich is a peice of dog poo. Its been wrecked and they said it wasnt i had to put over 2to grand in to the car to make it dri able

    • Aubrey

      i also bought a car from shantok motors a 01 mustang and feel in the same boat as you guys the car has been nothing but money and problems. I have already had to fix many things in the short amount of having it and everytime i bring to shantok motors the right thing isnt fixed .im not sure if there incompetent or just dont care. There website specifically says in quote " Shantok Motors vehicles are dependable, safe, and quality automobiles. " and "A dependable vehicle from Shantok Motors will assure you that you will not have to worry about another vehicle for some time." yea ok then why that everytime i complain about my car there anwser is well you bought the car as is . Well if they were running a reputable buisness that cared about the customers especially me a single mom then you wouldnt be selling junk cars. I have been told by many people to talk to a lawyer or to news channel 8 . They shouldnt be able to keep getting away with this .


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