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Corporate Address: 4597 Dixie Hwy
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Phone Number: 513-829-2777
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Dixie Imports - complete scam artist

Was in the market for a Chrysler 300 Dixie Imports had a catchy 300c. So i was approved and signed my title over of.my trade in. The next day it was all bad with the new car. Major misfire electrical issues stalling out.

Long story short they had the car more than i did so the finance company backed out. Went back for my trade in and was informed it had been sold and was told i wouldn’t be getting any money back from it. So i am out my old car and the new.

I would never recommend Dixie Imports.┬áThe salesman involved also said someone had to know this car was a lemon and he was sorry but it doesn’t get me my van or a new car. Sorry just isn’t enough…..

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