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Business Name: Infinity DISH Sales Group LLC
Category: TV Providers
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Corporate Address: 5201 Congress Ave #150
Boca Raton, Florida 33487 USA

Phone Number: 866-629-1255
Company Contact: Ryan Williams - General Manager
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Third Party Company Infinity Dish Charges Also

I called Dish Network to order new services for my home November 18, 2013. I saw an ad that advertised $19.99 for 12months. When I spoke with a representative I thought that I was speaking with a Dish Network representative, but unknowing to me I was speaking with a third party company (Infinity Dish). It was never disclosed to me who they were. I was giving a price of $ 89.99 for monthly services which included 1- Rcver Joey, 1 Rcvr Hopper w/sling. Free HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, Blockbuster @home(x3 months). Free Protection plan(x4 months). And with this because I signed up for dish and hopper I got a free Ipad 2. Because I took the up grade I did not qualify for the discount which was fine.

My issues came in during billing. The three party company which is Infinity Dish and not Dish Network charged me an activation fee of $49.99 plus I had to pay Dish Network $89.99. When I noticed that the charges of $49.99 was taking from my account I called Dish Network which was the same number I called before and was told that the charges were from a third party company and they could not do any thing about it because they did not do it. I then asked “what do you mean because I called who I thought was Dish Network and never was told I was speaking to another company and they were going to charge me also”. I was given Infinity Dish (855-515-4477) number and they told me that they record all calls and when they ran the tape back the representative asked could he charge me this free. I stated that I was under the impression that it was coming out of the $89.99.

I then stated to them that I wanted to hear the whole tape where I was stating to the representative over and over that only $89.99 was coming from my account and he stated yes. They continued to state that there was nothing they could do because I was on tape and I agreed to allow them to debit my account the $49.99. BUT WHEN I STATED THAT I WAS GOING TO CALL THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU THEY THEN CHANGE THEIR TUNE AND REFUNDED MY ACCOUNT THE $49.99. Watch out for companies and their hidden charges.

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Alternate Corporate Contact Information: 561-665-4310 |

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