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Business Name: East Arkansas Video, Inc.
Category: TV Providers
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Corporate Address: 521 N. Washington
Forrest City, Arkansas 72335 USA

Phone Number: 870-633-8932
Email: videowebmaster@wehco.com
Company Contact: Laurie Ringler - General Manager
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East Arkansas Video Not Clear on Billing and Unprofessional Employees

I have been using East Arkansas Video, who is the main Cable Company here in Eastern Arkansas, matter of fact, “They are Cable Monopoly for Lee, St. Francis, and Cross Counties in Arkansas. For the last couple of months, I received a bill for $91.30 per month then I started to get bills like $120.00 and now all of the sudden, I am receiving a bill for $212.00. I contacted East AR Video Cable and asked them to take off some channels, which they slapped another $4.00 for changing the cable package. I still get a bill for $190.00 and apparently my bill has not came down very much. I contacted the company and I had this representative who was totally rude, she outright told me to bring the entire box, which is hooked up on my TV to Forrest City, AR so they reduce the channels. I explained that I do not want to ruin the connections and asked for Technician to come but they refused to help out. Anyway, I had more channels cutoff and guess what $275.00!

East AR Video Cable Services are very unprofessional because I have called them several times in telling them that the channels are not working and I was told it was the weather (on this day, it was clear). It took me 20-30 minutes to spend on the phone to discuss my bill and the representative stated that I owed a $275.00 because the rates went up again. East Arkansas Video are not clear about their cable rates. The Forrest City, AR East AR Video Office has very unprofessional and rude employees due to the fact one of them yelled at me “If you cannot afford it, then just cut it off!”. I have also overheard employees calling customers “Retarded, Stupid, Ghetto, etc.”

By the way, East Arkansas Video Cable employs just anyone to be a technician and a representative. I had a technician came to my residence and he was very unprofessional towards my elderly mother because he stated that I was complaining too much. Well, if I spend money for Cable, I expect better service.

For some reason, East Arkansas Video will not allow another Cable Provider to come to Eastern Arkansas.

Additional Information:

Parent Company:
Wehco Media Inc
115 E Capitol Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72201-3819
Walter Hussman Jr - President
Paul Smith, Vice President
Judy Nethercutt, Telecommunications Executive
Charles Van Deventer, Chief Financial Officer

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