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Last Updated On: October 18, 2016

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Business Name: DISH Network LLC
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9601 South Meridian Blvd
Englewood, Colorado USA

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DISH Network Phone Number: 303-723-1000
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Joseph P. Clayton - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.24 out of 5
Based On: 70 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 26

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Reported Losses: $27,029.96
Average Reported Losses: $386.14

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Had Dish in California, then moved to Texas. Told by Dish to bring my receiver with me if I was interested in re-establishing service at our new home. Got to Texas and checked for satellite and cable service providers; was told my choices here are DirecTV satellite through ATT or Time-Warner Cable, although Google fiber will be here in a couple of years. Was told Dish doesn’t service our area in Bee Cave. Went ahead and connected DirecTV instead.

Was charged for monthly service for Dish on my credit card; called and told them I had not established service in Texas. They insisted on collecting their early termination fee. Eventually reached a supervisor who was argumentative with me, but who eventually calculated my early termination fee of $320, less credits totaling $165.74, for a net of $154.26. He then reduced that by credit card payments made, for a net due of $91.80, which I authorized to pay on that card to conclude this.

Believing everything was finished, but still having the Dish receiver, I called in October to get their mailing box so I could do the right thing and return their equipment. Then I was told I owed an early termination fee of $300!! The “customer service representative” (who is apparently located in another country) had difficulty focusing on the fact that the reduced termination fee had already been paid and that all I needed was their return box. I grew frustrated and eventually told her I wanted to speak to her supervisor. Instead, I was transferred to “The Office of the President” and spoke with “Jimmy.” Jimmy insisted on the full termination fee, despite the fact that their own file notes showed the credit to be applied and the reduced total. If “arrogance” has a picture in the dictionary, it will have his face on it. He said I have to produce written proof of what their own supervisor said and written proof from my locale of what I earlier told him about having only the two providers to choose from.

What nonsense. Dish claims to emphasize “customer service,” but that is flatly untrue. I checked their listing on Yelp after this exchange and discovered that ALL the comments were highly negative and their highest rating is one star–with comments that Dish would be lower rated, but that one star is as low as Yelp goes.

Dish will give you a big sales pitch, but I strongly advise you to run the other way and find anyone else. They are not honest and actually seem to take pleasure in cheating people. Hopefully, the word will get around enough so that they either make dramatic changes or go out of business. Frankly, I would prefer the latter.

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  • Ada Ong

    I live in Houston Texas and I was shopping for internet and Cable TV and came across Dish (12/2015). The sales guy was nice and had promised me the lowest price of $19.99 per month for Dish and promised me internet services as well (none of these was record in any form, or they couldn’t find the conversation). He sent me the contract to sign, never mention anything about the cable and internet would be separated. He said he’ll add on into the bill when I get my internet installed. He never mention that I had an introductory period of 1 year for that price. After they came and installed my dish, I called back for internet and they told me that internet is all separate and I have to find my internet with a different company because dish doesn’t provide internet. Now I’m stuck with the contract with dish for 2 years. Called them again in August of 2016 to cancel because I moved and don’t the new house have everything ready. They will not cancel my contract without a $200 termination fee. I was waiting a few more months so the early termination fee will go down. January of 2017. They doubled my monthly fee and when I call and cancel, they said I have to pay $220 for cancelation fee. When I asked them about the conversation about the cancelation fee with them in August, they said they don’t have any record of it. Now I’m stuck with paying over $50/month for fee or $220 for termination fee. AND I DON’T EVEN LIVE THERE ANY MORE. I DON’T EVEN USE IT. I asked them why I can’t cancel when I don’t live there anymore and my new house has a new contract already, they said its their contract. Please… anyone has authority, please look into this. Their business is tricking people into signing into contract that has their own language and hard for customer to understand, then they use it against customers. WHY CAN’T I CANCEL WHEN I DON’T USE IT ANYMORE AND MY NEW HOUSE HAS SERVICE ALREADY, PRIOR TO USING THEIR SERVICES, WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY EARLY TERMIANTION FEE? I DON’T LIVE AT THAT HOUSE ANY MORE. Any one who’s looking for Dish, please avoid them at no cost. I do not know how they are still in business and haven’t served under the laws. PLEASE, ANYONE WITH AUTHORITY, PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS COMPANY!!!!

  • Linda

    I just have to vent about this company. First of all we are a retired couple with a set income. When I signed up for this cable the person from the Dish cable company told me it was going to be $50 s month for two years. jNo more no less, unless I changed my package. Well then it started going up first over $50 then $60 something and now $70 something! To top it off they took off the sport channel that they had given me and others, now all I have is talk shows, home shopping networks, etc. Now they tell me that only the first year was $50 then after that it was the now price of 70 something! Does anyone monitor this company? They are getting away with murder! Can’t we do something about it? I am tired of company taking advantage of all of us! I also forgot to mention that three of our boxes gave out and now we have the Wally replacing those other no good boxes! What’s next?

  • Karen Rose

    My dish network was started in Oct.2013 and there was no problem at first.. Then they came out in Feb. 2014 with the one time payment of $11.00 to change the bill date from the 27th of Feb to the 3rd of March. I paid the extra to have it changed. in Feb. they said it would take 2 months for it to go through and now in April I have had to go on having my dish turned off on the 29th of every month even though I already paid the one time payment to them to extend it until the 3rd of the next month. However, they always turn it on in 15 min. and I pay it on the 3rd. Now they are refusing to turn it on until the bill is paid .Furthermore, they are saying it will take until June to fix it. Saying I didn’t order it until April. However, they clearly see that the extra was paid in Feb. Why not turn it back on like the rest of them… until it is paid on the 3rd .(it is 12:21pm April 29th and I finally got a hold of a person out of 15 of them that knew what he was doing) So I guess if you talk to someone that questions you and disagrees with you… then hang up and keep calling back until you get a hold a person that knows what you are talking about…. In other word at dish only 1 out of 15 know what they are doing . Sorry to be so blunt.. But that is how it has been.

  • martin forrester

    My complaint is about one of dish network vendors dba as dish direct they mail out a flier offering a $ 50.00 visa card to get connected to dish. the card never comes and when you call to check on it they tell you to call mpell solutions who say we have no record of you . I spoke with a rep at dish direct he said his name is Joshua and he said he would see what happened and call me back in an hour and he even gave me his direct phone number he said.888-502-1142 guess what 3 weeks have gone by and no call back and that direct phone number is nothing more than a automated info number that end up with a message all of our agents are busy leave a message we will call you back. And guess what they don’t return phone calls.
    I have even called their corporate office at 480-339-1275got the voicemail of Lauren left a message and got no return phone call this company is still mailing out the same fliers just got another one in the mail this week.
    Total fraud Isent an email to dish comercial operations to complain about the vendor who represents their company and got no response from them either

  • angry

    I called to inquire about new tv service and I internet. After being quoted a price I was asked to listen to a 2 minute tape before my order was submitted. I changed my mind during the 2 minutes and told the representative I did not want to order service. I received a phone call an hour later telling me my credit card had been charged anyway and after 2 more hours on the phone with them this problem has not been corrected. This is called fraud and I will be seeing an attorney on Monday morning.

  • Ann Williams

    As a Dish network customer I have been charged (doubled) for the same services since year 2012. I made copies of my Dish Network statements, copies of my monthly credit card company statements, and also duplicate copies of my monthly checks that i sent for payment, but they played "stupid" as if they have no knowledge of who accepted the "return requested receipt" indicating someone signed to receive. I was transferred to several Dish representatives, including "Rose", who allegedly works in the President’s office in Rio Grande, Texas. After I informed her of my situation, she requested that I "re-send" this information, again, via "FAX", which would cost me $1.00 a page for approximately 50 pages. I became frustrated and stated that I cannot afford it, because I am a "senior" person who is on a "fixed" income. This Company has no respect for its customers, so therefore, I will contact legal representation and give the courts opportunity to make the right decision.

  • jalal moghaddas

    on the basis of advertisement , I ask dish net work to install dish for me, at the end of year I ask them to stop services for me, they did so, but they charge me $217.00 as a fine , and refer it to collection agency , they cheat me first and want to ruin my credit , it is not just , the big organization cheat customer and wants to get money by force , my account number is 8255909758558305 would you please refer my case to impartial mediator to make a judgment .

  • Regina Northington

    Time Warner abruptly stopped providing service to our small town in North Carolina. So, we sought DISH as our new cable provider for our vacation home in August 2010. I obtained a two year contract which typically would have ended in October 2012. During the months my husband and I were not in North Carolina, DISH charged us "vacation rates" which we paid with no problem.

    We were selling our home in North Carolina December 2012 and was canceling our service with DISH. I called and asked when our contract was officially up and what I needed to do to get their equipment back to them. The representative told me December 8, 2012, and UPS was going to send me a box to place the equipment in and return to their office. I canceled the contract on December 11, 2012, and DISH received their equipment on December 28, 2012.

    I receive a collection call on August 21, 2013, stating I owe DISH $300 plus dollars due to an "early termination" . Not only did I find this call upsetting and totally ridiculous, but most likely, this was effecting my credit. When I tried to speak to a DISH representative (Shane22G) about this, he tells me every time we placed our account on vacation rate, it extended our contract. I am thinking to myself, that if my contact was suppose to end in October 2012, and was now ending December 2012, I would think the December 2012 date was the extended date. So I said, "if this was true, when I called in December, someone would have provided that information correct? Since the representative was condescending not to mention, unprofessional, I let him know I was going to write to their President and CEO concerning this issue. I asked for their president’s name. He tells me Charles. I ask for his last name, he tells me he doesn’t know it. I said, "You do not know the name of your President and CEO?". Then he tells me Bill. Then he says, oh….it’s Joseph Clay. I asked for the address to send the complaint and he provided me a PO Box located in Littleton, Colorado. I ask if the call was being recorded, he tells me no. I asked if the call could be recorded, and he said no. So, I let him know I will record the call from my end. I prepare the recording and said this to Shane, "I am recording this call, do you have any objections to this?" He tells me yes. I asked why? He tells me he doesn’t like being recorded. But then he changes he mind and says, "Yes, record the call. " I confirm the mailing address he provided which he acknowledged was correct. Then I said, "You originally provided me your President and CEO’s name as being Charles am I correct?" Well, Shane22G hung up the phone on me. Like I said, NOT PROFESSIONAL.

    I called back a couple of hours later and spoke to MJ2CN. This person confirmed the termination date of December 8th which is what I was told. But he couldn’t explain why I was receiving an early termination fee. Then he wanted to put his supervisor on the phone. I told him, No thank you and you have a great day."

    I do not believe this company is a fraud. In fact, I believe they are worthy and competent in some of their customers eyes. But what I do believe is that they make things up as they go along. Some of the representatives do not understand the policy so they just say anything that comes to mind. Then there are those who simply don’t give a darn. They are unfamiliar with how to read transactions and don’t know how to apply common sense. For example, if something doesn’t sound right, then most likely, it isn’t right. I do not need to speak to a manager or supervisor for them to tack on a false statement or made up policy. You are doing nothing more than insulting my intelligence. Sadly enough, MJ didn’t even understand what the meaning of "prorated" was. Why is he answering phones when he doesn’t understand some of the commonly used words in that type of business?

    Well, in the end, I reported this to the Better Business Bureau and am sending my letter to Joseph Clayton located in Englewood Colorado. Hopefully, I will get some satisfaction from this. One thing is guaranteed, I will never use DISH again or recommend it to anyone looking for a provider.

  • Cody

    Attention Mr. Joseph Clayton President/CEO DISH Network L.L.C.,

    My name is Cody Whitwood,
    I live in Plano, Tx and manage a large group of DirecTV installers in the Dallas/Fort Worth & Waco markets. So naturally, as you may assume I am currently a DirecTV customer. My wife and I are happy to celebrate a new addition to our family by relocating to a larger apartment that unfortunately provides no line of sight for our DirecTV services. The only other services available to us in the area are VerizonFIos and DISH Network. When we moved to the apartment we originally signed up for FIosTV and was expressively unsatisfied with it. This leaves us with the option of DISH Network. When I contacted your company today everyone continued to tell me that I was required to contact a direct dealer that manages my complex. I contacted them and was informed that they would only provide the basic receiver and dvr services. They do not offer the Hopper/Joey services and do not plan to. I called back in several times to tried and escalate the issue. I even made contact with you executive relations department. No one in your organization is willing to sell me the more expensive services I am asking for. I am told there is nothing they can do and they continue to refer me back to the same dealer. I have a friend that is a dealer that has offered to come by and set me up but made it clear he could get in a lot of trouble for doing so. Why is it so hard for me to give you my hard earned money. I receive flyers and phone calls all week advertising the newest and greatest offerings from your company but will never be able to actually try them without breaking some internal DishNet "Law".

    I would like to the end result of this email to be a small nudge in corporate policy or even a standardized change across the board. I would like to be able to call your company and receive your services just like anyone else that does not live in this apartment complex. As part of the required information I have added my phone number and email address. I would like to hear directly from your office about this situation and will continue this email campaign until I do so. Please let me know if this letter is received and any resolution you can provide.

    Until then, Thank you – TV’less in Plano. (Cody Whitwood)

  • Cassie

    …just got Dish & wish I had read the comments before. I also have next to nothing in channels since signing on with them. Don’t you all think there should be a way to start class action law suit for services not rendered??

    • Deeja

      I too just got Dish and no longer have the channels in the pkg. I am paying for.
      When I called to cancel they told me it would cost me $460. + 17.00 to send back the equipment. I have read all the complaints but no one has offered a solution to what appears to be this company’s fraudulent tactics. Please someone out there tell us all what recourse we have beside losing all this money. Dish should not be allowed to continue hurting folks especially those of us on fixed incomes.

  • Willis A. Hickey

    Added Comment: I cannot see why Dish Network needs to raise prices, everyone that watches the satellite TV know that most channels repeat everything over and over many hundreds of times. The prices they charge just aren’t justified.

  • Willis A. Hickey

    When I signed with Dish Network, I was quoted a price for the first 12 months and then for the last 12 months. First year OK, but they have used a bait and switch on me. I read on the Internet that dish had raised prices on the 200 Pkg. $5.00 per month. They raised my price $10.00 a month with no explanation. When they have access to an account they abuse the privilege. I sent an e-mail, but no answer. I have tried other ways of contacting them without any luck. I think I will write and see if out Attorney General is interested. I hate liars and crooks and Dish Network qualifies for both.

  • zena

    I signed up with Ia third party provider authorized Dish Network Provider a year ago. I was told I was able to cancel at any time. My contract was on a month to month basis. Now that my Cable has gone up to $70.00 a month I had called to cancel it and I was told I signed a 24 month contract. I never signed a contract. The only thing I signed was the installers PHONE that he told me to sign stating he installed my cable and it was working properly. FRAUD is all I can say about DISH network.

  • Ticked OFF

    I signed up with Infinity a year ago. I was told I was able to cancel at any time. My contract was on a month to month basis. Now that my Cable has gone up to $70.00 a month I had called to cancel it and I was told I signed a 24 month contract. I never signed a contract. The only thing I signed was the installers PHONE that he told me to sign stating he installed my cable and it was working properly. FRAUD is all I can say about DISH network.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m not even getting service no tv, went out days ago haven’t heard from a service man yet .I’m being told two weeks I’m in line. They will call me. I’m still waiting ,I have 6 months left on my contract.What can you do?


    I joined DIsh and at the time my payment was $29.00 a month, for which they had to have access to my checking account, and deducted that price each month.

    Well two months ago, without any notification they increased my payment to $34.37 a month, merely by taking that amount from my checking account, without even notifying me, until I called and asked why!

    We’ll this month they took out $48.37, nearly a 40% increase, without notifying me, and when I called up they merely said my contract was for a year, and therefore the price increased.

    By having access to my checking account, it appears they had a blank check, and thus were able to deduct any amount that they wanted to! Therefore, I cancelled automatic payments, and have elected paper billing each month! However, this only solves them having a blank check each month, and does not justify why they increased my payments by $14 a month!

    How many other companies are simply ripping us off with easy-pay, and deducting any amount they want each month, increasing the payment without your approval, or knowledge, unless I had checked my checking account.

    In effect they have a BLANK CHECK EACH MONTH!

  • larry

    I was told that I had a thirty days to cancel dish if I did not like it. When they came to install it we ask the person that came aslo said that we had 30 days before we sign. when I call they told me that they did not havea 30 day to cancel. we had problem with dish a person came to repair it he also said they had a 30 day del if you did not like it. when I call they said they did not have anykind of policy to cancel unless you paid 480.00 dollars. I hope they go broke.

    • Bonnie

      Gotta tell you. I have been a customer for over 8 years and have experienced TERRIBLE service in the last month and a half. I am looking into direct tv. I am very tired of spending my free time dealing with them. They have gone WAY downhill.

  • Mike Allen

    cont… I have now tried to call and cancel services with Dish, I have been told that although I pay my bill to Dish that Dish is not responsible for my internet and that the services are seperate. I have reqeusted to be released from term liablity on my contract due to my negative experiances and have been told that they will not allow this to happen. I have a two year contract, for this two year period of time I will be bullied by Dish network, forced to pay for sub par service, and literally scammed into being a customer. Revenue is all about customer retention, they have lost this customer for life and I will tell everyone I get an opportunity to tell why. I am only 3 months into this two year contract. It’s goign to be a long 2 years.

  • Mike Allen

    cont… Last time I was on the phone with them I spent 45 minutes escalating to finally get someone on the line that might be able to help me. Unfortutnatley it was during buisness hours and I was working. I had to get off the phone and hop on a conference call and was told to call back when I had more time to trouble shoot. On top of it all I was promised by the sales rep who sold me the service that my EFT would be automatically withdrawn on the 25th of the month (per my and my wifes request) however it happens sometime in the begining of the month.

  • Mike Allen

    I signed up for Dish about 3 months ago under the promise that I would get better value, better customer service, and equal if not superior services than Comcast. This could not have been further from the truth. Since I have had the service I have encountered continued issues with the internet they are providing me, I constantly bounce and have to have all my devices reconnect to the network and anytime I call I am forced to prove to Dish that the problem is not me.

  • Sharon Simmons

    Dish did not give me the package they offered me over the phone. When I receive the signed contract between Dish Network and I, the company signed their own contract agreeing to all terms. My signature is no where on the contract and not did I autherize anyone to sign my name. Contacting my bank to stop all action until problem is solved, contacting FCC, States attorney and my Attorney to see what they sudgest I do. I have wasted days and phone calls trying to solve this problem. Top it all off, they didn’t install it correctly. They ran wire to hook up one of the TV’s but didn’t connect it. This has been the worst experience I have went through. I have heart condition and the stress over this has just about done me in. Anyone who would like to know more contact me at


    Dish Supervisors are very polite and professional , but don’t have much power to make right things right.. have have sent executive management an email for a phone.. let’s see if Joe Clayton calls me… More to come…

    Rick W

    • Kris

      Hey Richard how did you get the contact for Joe Clayton? I as well are having major problems with this company and its been going on since December. I have spent many hours (atleast 10) if not more trying to get my account corrected. I am so exhausted with these idiots.

      • Michael

        Yes, I’m looking for Joe Clayton’s phone number or email address and can’t get it. I’m being charged $420 to disconnect my internet that I’ve had for 7 days….I think that is ridiculous.


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