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Last Updated On: February 21, 2017

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Business Name: DIRECTV, LLC.
Corporate Address:
2230 East Imperial Highway
El Segundo, California 90245 USA

DIRECTV Customer Service

DIRECTV Phone Number: 800-531-5000
Company Contact: Michael D. White - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.28 out of 5
Based On: 315 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 373


Reported Losses: $65,387.46
Average Reported Losses: $207.58

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Shame on you.

I have been with Direct TV for years now and I can’t believe the type of customer service reps that they have working for them. I don’t know if they even understand the reason they lose so much business is because of the way the customer service reps treat its customers.

First off I had 2 months left before my contract was up and because I had to move they made me start my contract over from beginning, I could not believe that. So I decided to go with the wireless boxes for my bedrooms, but I regret that terribly those wireless boxes have not worked right since I have gotten them and what I was told when I said that I want to go back to the wired boxes was that I would have to pay for them. I told them I am not paying for nothing when it is your boxes that is having the problem not me so I told the rep to let me speak to a supervisor ( I don’t know why I even tried to speak to a supervisor when they are not any better).

So the supervisor tells me that the only way he can make it where I don’t have to pay for the wired boxes is if I start my contract over from the beginning again. I told him I will not be doing that at all and I also informed him that the play back they have don’t even work right I have had problem after problem with Direct TV playback since they started it.

I told the supervisor that I want the corporate office number because they are not living up to they’re end of the contract and if they are in breach of their own contract then what do he think I should do. I know that I would be put in collection amongst other things if I breach the contract so my thoughts is contact a class action attorney is willing to take on Direct TV and if there is anybody who would like to join me please contact me because it takes a lot of complaints to get a lawsuit like that going.

The supervisor tells me that he doesn’t have a number I informed him that I also record my phone calls because of companies like his and that I have proof about what he told me and of course he rushed off the phone then. They seem to think they are the only ones who can record a conversation, but its funny to me how they will record us but once you tell them they you are recording the same conversation they hang up on you or rush off the phone.

Needless to say that I am still in pursuit of getting this rectified. It is a shame that Direct TV has done down since AT&T has taken over and I have been with them a total of 8 years. So I ask anyone who wants to stop this company from ripping off its loyal customers to help me get the ball rolling against them.

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  • T!me Warper

    My mother has been a customer of theirs for years and years. They just added Starz and Showtime to the account without permission. When we called to find out what was going on, they said one of their people had called with a promotional package and my mother had agreed to add it. That’s a lie. My mother always hangs up on telemarketers or anyone trying to push something. She never agreed to add channels.

  • Tom Jaszewski


  • DonCentTX

    Must be endemic to the business. I’m with TWC and was considering switching to AT&T/DirectTV because of TWC’s billing policies and poor service. These letters have me reconsidering!

  • Jim Buchanan

    I moved my services from Illinois to Florida and was billed 277.00 for not returning the equipment that I was only transferring. So I called 10 days ago and was told it would be refunded and called again 4 days ago and was told the same thing. Both times they told me someone would call me back and it never happened. I even got a text asking me to rate the service and it wouldn’t even take rating. This has to be about the worst customer service I have ever experienced and I cannot believe I am dealing with one of the biggest companies in the world. They SUCK!

    • DonCentTX

      “they told me someone would call me back and it never happened”

      I was a Direct customer and exactly the same thing happened to me. They
      make promises and commitments but never follow through. Switched to TWC
      and find they are not any better. Plus TWC will find a myriad of ways to
      increase your bill including adding “services” you never asked for.

  • Klaya watson

    I called them to let them know that my remote wasn’t working in my room .the guy tryed to tell me that I had to pay 15 dollers for another one ..smdh..why would I buy something that belongs to them ..they refused to fix the remote so now I can’t watch TV in my room

    • T!me Warper

      You can actually buy the remotes at Best Buy. They even say Direct TV on them.

  • McArthurdw

    The hardware is garbage and the Customer Services is some of the worst I have ever dealt with in my life I moved the receiver six inches and the coaxial connector fell out of the back

  • Buddy Dawson

    Reception is pretty good unless it happens to be raining then you are out of luck…. Yes, I have the ultra package and pay for a lot of channels that are strictly advertising channels, but then there are the channels no one ever watches, thanks again….Talk about a con, starts at $99/mo and now they have me up to $148/mo with no added benefits…. It is a money making scheme for them and a money losing proposition for me… Please bring cable to my area so I can rid myself of this beast.

  • John Mendel

    Word to the wise: Your a very important person when you are a 10 year customer on auto-pay @ $235/mo, but don’t think you can escape their grasp if you want to disconnect !

    I was very happy with the service since 2007, telling all my friends and family how wonderful DirecTV was and that they should consider switching providers. Even my neighbor switched from Time Warner after my suggestion. Come to find out later they were giving $100 credits for this same action throughout this period without notifying me of this nice little perk! When I contacted them about the sales I initiated, they said the policy was that the new customer had to give the installation representative my account number before the installation was scheduled. Too bad for me I was selling their service for free. Now for the real negative rant !

    I recently had a lot of billing issues with DirecTV. Since the AT&T purchase they decided to stop accepting the payment option through Verizon One-Bill. I found out a few months later that my bill was not being paid by Verizon, which whom I had been still paying, and was suddenly in default with late charges and fees escalating. A few phone calls later (6-7) I had the ability to speak with a 2nd tier Supervisor, Rachael (whose last name was not provided) who would not accept the idea that I wanted to part ways with DirecTV over this billing debacle. I was not going to continue a relationship with a company whose first instinct is to presume a customer is in default by their own volition. I finally coerced this supervisor to disconnect my services, as I already had a next day appointment with their competitor. Needless to say the disconnect order was not placed that evening, or the next day or even the next 2 weeks. I had all the equipment disconnected and replaced with the competitor when I get a bill from DirecTV for 3 months + service owed. I call customer service to explain their confusion, I’m told there was no disconnect order on the account and I would be responsible to pay for the next full month of service plus fees and late charges. That was the last straw, this has been going on for a month now back and forth with supervisors and billing department. They refuse to credit the overcharges or the late fees, they disconnect you during difficult phone calls, their complete disregard of professionalism and rationality. What a repulsive business model to extort customers for fraudulent billing charges. Then to top off everything the customer service representative explains to me that if I don’t pay this inflated bill in full within 30 days they will just take it from my credit card on account. Unbelievable, I spend $27000.00 with this company over almost 10 years and this is the treatment I get ? Be warned, do business with a snake and you will eventually get bit, and this one is poisonous! I will post this everywhere I can, lets hope enough people see it to affect their earnings.

  • Carlos

    Bad business practices….
    They purposely tell you installation is free… when it is not.
    They tell you that you’ll have 3 moths of premium channel free., then charge you the fallowing month.
    They do this in hopes that you will overlook the bill , or just get fed up and not want to deal with calling and arguing with them.

  • eaglenest71

    I subscribed to Directv through a Sams Club promotion in January 2016. The sales rep told me that after the first year was up I was to call Directv to continue to get all the same discounts for the 2nd year. I asked him repeatedly if he guaranteed that I would still get the discounts and not see an increase after the first year; he continually reassured me that I would as long as I called before the beginning of the 13th month. Well you guessed it…I called and they refused to honor the agreement, even though I had it in the rep’s own handwriting. The only options I had were to downgrade my service and return genies to lower my bill; or, I could terminate but they would charge me $240 early termination fee. I was paying $87 a month for the first year; now I am hit with $147 a month. Can’t wait to finish this contract and ditch these crooks!

  • Stephanie

    Got married, moved, husband had direct tv, cancelled my existing service, returned equiptment in the prepaid return bags provided. I had 3 boxes, they sent 2 prepaid bags, I call they say it’s because the 3rd box I have is outdated, they only need the access card, they will send me a prepaid envelope to return it. I wait 2 weeks, nothing. I call, they say they will send another. I wait over a week, nothing. In the meantime my account shows a 143$ balance that they says is for “unreturned equipment” I explain the situation I was awaiting the prepaid envelope. I ask for a direct address I can just mail the access card to in order to have the account to a 0$ balance. After transfer after transfer, I am told my account was already sent to collections for non payment/equipment return. Needless to say I am so angry at this point. I finally get the address, I mail the card back to them. 2 weeks later, still no change on the account to reflect the return of the card. I call, they try and pressure me into “just pay the balance” then inform me they never received ANY of the equipment!! So here I am, 143$ in collections, no equipment, no access card and no service. No one knows what the other is doing when you call, everyone you speak to gives you different information or is “looking at your account notes” but everyone says something different. I would love to know this magical “note” system they review as it is always changing information on its own. No one seems to be able to help me resolve the issue, find the equipment returned but they are all too quick to suggest I pay them or direct me to someone else who ends up being a debt collector!! I had been a direct tv customer for over 8 years, and this is what Im having to deal with just because I got married and moved and didn’t need TWO accounts..

  • CMT

    I called to cancel & rep stated she could try to help me lower my bill so I could keep service. I said ok but she stated that the change wouldn’t take place until the next billing cycle. I said nope cause I couldn’t pay them the $153 due next month. This was the whole reason behind my call in the first place. Any other service I’ve ever had could downgrade my service mid billing cycle without complaint because not only do they want to get my payment but they also want to keep me as a customer. I’m literally four days into this billing cycle.

  • tlee_l

    Our neighbor had Directv installed in St. Petersburg, FL in Jan 2017. Their installer used our pick-up bed as an ash tray and put trash in our recycle bin. When I called to complain they said they couldn’t look up which tech it was by the address it was installed at and would need the account owner to call and register a complaint instead. I spoke to Mariah in Tech Support who felt it would be better if I complained via blog instead of her entering my complaint.

  • Cheryl Abel

    Called direct tv yesterday about a 135.00 dollar charge on my bill for a genie. They told me I ordered it. I told them I did not and wasn’t going to pay for it! The man on phone said I have to pay for it and then the next bill they would credit my account! I’ve never heard of anything so absurd! I informed them I will not pay for something I don’t have! They said if I don’t my service might be interrupted! Been a good standing for over 10 years and that’s how they treat me! They basically called me a liar! I will never sign another contract with them again! Also told I have a 50.00 dollar visa gift card coming for bundling back in October. I’m still waiting for that and have called 3 times on that matter! You guys are a bunch of liars and crooks!

  • JDL

    So besides for the price increasing constantly we had direct tv account suspended for 6 month with no cost added (they kept their word on that) but we then had a moving fee when we got a new home it was about $300. So we asked if we could pay it off in 6 months time. After having that ok 2 times we got a warning the first time that it would be suspended if we didn’t pay $250 for one month then 150 next month but the second time we got the ok to pay off the moving fee in 6 months time they cancelled our subscription and stated when we call “There was nothing in writing about this so it must have never happened so once you pay the $250 this month we will turn it back on”. Not only did I call 2 times about this but apparently no one cared to do anything about it or make a note of it. Thanks for nothing except wasting about 3 hours of my life talking to the “helpful techs”.

  • DeniseC

    I want to know why prices are going up again 1/22/17, “due to higher costs of programming.” They just dropped Esquire (which we actually watched for NCIS: LA) so isn’t that saving them money? They ought to charge less when they drop a channel. Tons of crappy shopping channels I don’t want but if I go to a smaller package, we lose the few channels we do like.

    • M Traill

      Same ole Direct TV. Dropped them years ago over their price changing tactics. Finally told them they were being dropped from my home. They threatened to sue me and I told them they broke the contract over what they promised in service to this account.
      I asked them to please sue me….end of hassle…STAND YOUR GROUND PEOPLE.

  • felicia

    I had an issue with direct tv increasing my bill from $65.00 to $103.00 for the same service I have had in the last four years. The increase was due to AT&T buying them out. This is no way to treat a loyal customer.

  • Judy

    I AGREE!! I”M IN!

  • Judy

    I have had issues since moving from Ft. Worth to Colorado now since AUGUST. Its JANUARY. Every week I get a different bill. When I call, I always get a different person who “HAS IT ALL TAKEN CARE OF”…then I get another bill..totally different. I am past fed up with them. Even now they say my equipment which I returned back in SEPT does not show I returned it. And yet…they TOLD me..oh yes we show you returned it. I would file a complaint with BBB and Attorney General if I knew what to do as this is past harassment stage and I am sick of it. They make my blood boil every time I have to call back. It seems like each person you talk to likes to blame the person before that told me “it’s all taken care of” and then the new person’m sorry its not correct. WHO THE HELL IS CORRECT THERE THAT KNOWS ANYTHING???????? Ridiculous and I would never recommend them to anyone.

  • aptucker

    After noticing an extra $10 equipment fee that has been
    added to my bill since August, 2016, I contacted DirecTV January 2, 2017, to
    determine why the fee had been added and to request a refund of $50 I had
    overpaid from August through November 2016, along with a correction to my
    current bill. I spoke with a DirecTV employee who informed me that a service
    tech had installed the new HD receiver during a July 2016 service call I made
    to fix problems with my satellite dish following a hail storm. I advised the
    employee that I neither ordered nor consented to a new receiver at an increased
    charge. The employee advised me that the company no longer makes the receiver
    that was installed during my 2014 setup, so he could not refund the extra
    charge they had been billing me since August 2016 and could not replace the HD
    receiver with the one I initially ordered when I signed the two-year agreement
    in June 2014. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor and, instead, the
    employee simply put me back in the cue. I hung up and called to cancel my
    service. Not only did I get no help from the woman in that department, she
    refused to cancel my service. She said, “What I can do is have one of our
    investigators listen to all the calls and go through all the notes to determine
    whether you did or did not order the HD receiver.” I told her that I
    wanted a refund of the $50 overcharge and to cancel my service. I have not had
    an agreement with DirecTV since July 2016 and, yet, she refused to cancel my
    service. She explained that she needed to read several disclosures to me. I
    advised her that I have filed bankruptcy and that DirecTV needed to cease and
    desist from attempting to collect any money from me and needed to refund the
    overcharges to my account. As of today, January 4, 2017, DirecTV has not
    canceled my service.

  • Damme

    I moved to an apartment which didn’t allow satellite dishes. Before I moved I was told by a DirectTV rep to send them a signed letter from my landlord stating that he doesn’t allow a satellite dish on his home and I would not be charged the cancellation fee. I went to the the ATT store as instructed by the customer service rep and had them fax the letter to DirectTV. After I moved I spoke to another rep about returning my equipment and confirmed that I would not be charged the fee, in fact they owed me $30 and would send that out in the form of a credit card. Now I am being charged the cancellation fee. I called again and was told that someone did not approved the letter I submitted and thus I would have to pay the cancellation fee.

    I also have had another issue with DirectTV. When I first signed up for DirectTV I was told I would get a credit card for $300 one $200 and one $100 for signing up for service. After a couple of months I didn’t receive anything so I called. I was told it takes some time and to be patient. I called back several times during the next 8 months. Every time I was told to be patient. The last time I called I was told that they sent a form to my home a month after I signed up which I was suppose to fill out so I can get my $300. I told them I never received the form and I had been calling and was told every time to be patient it would arrive. They transferred me to multiple reps and finally I was told there is nothing they can do for me. In fact the last rep I spoke with told me he was going to take the case to his supervisor and he was going to “fight for me”. He came back less then 30 seconds later and said no there is nothing they could do. Thirty seconds, couldn’t have been much of a fight.

  • savinghorses2

    Paid my Bill and after not recieving one in the mail i called them and let them know I needed amount to pay. The told me 3 times confirmed by email amount to pay. I paid over the phone. The next day Dec 25th 2016 I was disconnected. When I called they Confirmed i had paid what they had said emailed and confirmed but they had given me wrong amou t And Admitted it. They then did the unthinkable instead of restoring the service due to their actions being wrong they said I had to pay More to restore their Mistake! Why did I call them? To get the correct amount to pay. Then they emailed to confirm amount i was to pay then confirmed I paid it. STILL SHUT off! The worse part its for my disabled 8 yr old child while hes on vacation from school. Direct tv lied and still lie. I have been trying to figure out why our equipment has issuesafter a year of issues no resolution. I havent revieved a bill in 6 months and the paperless never allowed me access. I proved that Saturday. They couldnt access paperless for me either. I cannot believe they did this on Christmas Day. Direct tv has not yet resolved this fiasco. I was told they would call back in 15 mins that was yesterday. Never heard a thing again.

  • Denise Wright

    I call DirecTV every year to ask for discounts because they charge ridiculously high prices for their service. Come to find out that last year they snuck in two promotions without my consent and after they gave me the discounts. Unfortunately, I haven’t been looking at my bill that closely and now I find out that they added two promos and started charging me for them after 3 mos and they also upgraded my protection plan right after I had a service call without my approval also. I spoke to a very rude supervisor and he refused to pull up my recorded call because I was past the 60 days to complain. After doing the research with a customer service rep we were able to confirm that when they gave me the discounts they slipped in two promos and then started charging me monthly for them. They absolutely refuse to refund the charges. They claim that I’ve signed some contract that I understand that I must contact them within 60 days or shame on me. We actually argued on the phone because the supervisor kept telling me that I did agree but yet wouldn’t pull the audio file to confirm. This only confirmed to me that they crooked. They lie, cheat and steal from their customers. Companies like this should be punished for how they treat their consumers. And then have the balls to be rude about it. Well now they can take all their equipment and shove it up their butt.

  • Minnie Baldridge

    DirecTV called me and told me that I was given and promotion for 6 months after three months they started charging me I called the customer service person told me it was a mistake and that she would fix it second month comes I call they tell me oh no that was a one-time courtesy but that if I signed back up for another 12 months I would get $50 off my bill so I agreed and that it would be effective immediately fixing my previous bill that should have been reduced due to the promotion I go to pay my bill and surprise surprise it was not fixed I called today spoke to a representative she told me there was nothing she could do I ask for a supervisor who again told me there was nothing they could do about this bill but that day I was lucky I got the $50 promotion off my bill for the next year this is the biggest scam I’ve ever seen they also told me that I needed to call in to tell them to take the promotion off once it ran out that’s why I was charged more the original phone call they told me it would automatically stop and automatically be taken off my bill when I signed up for the $50 She also asked me if I would like 6 months free of HBO that again I was told would automatically be turned off and automatically be taken off my bill today until I know in 6 months you have to call in or you will be charged how can they tell you one thing and turn around and do another this is false advertising and it should be illegal I paid my bill today anyway even though it was much more than I had agreed to if I knew how I would get ahold of the FCC and file a complaint and hope that maybe there would be a lawsuit for their misconduct if there is one out there I would hope someone would contact me so that I could get involved in it I like and never have had any problems with my service until now but I do not like being lied to

  • Kentwood

    Absolutely worst provider Ever!

  • Lawrence cross

    After I moved service I was offered 3 months of premium channels at NO CHARGE. 1 month later bill shows being charged for the premium channels. Called customer service and believe it or not they told me that those charges were pro-rated charges because the channels were added in the middle of a billing cycle and they think that that is a logical answer. I went on to tell them that something offered at NO CHARGE should not have a charge no matter when it was added. So the next answer was it will be balanced out at the end of the 3 months promotion. I told them that was ridiculous. Eventually the charges were wiped but it just makes me wonder how many people they screw over that don’t pay attention to their bill. Or just accept their ridiculous answers.

  • David

    I live in Wyoming and get Utah channels as my local affiliates. I called and was told sorry but nothing I can do for you. Translation, I could care less. Asked the guy if he lived in Atlanta and came home at night to watch Chicago news after work just how much he would enjoy the service he was getting. He chuckled, yes chuckled, and said no that he would not and could he help me with anything else and have a fine day. I was told by my installer that I could just call up Direct TV and they would change any programs I needed changed. Feeling screwed right now and will dump Direct TV as soon as possible. My neighbor has Direct TV and told me he has the same problem, but was told the reason they won’t change. We live in the radius of advertiser dollars coming out of Utah and that they in fact paid for the right to say what just exactly I watch when I get off of work. Streaming seems like the way of the future!

  • Barbara

    Every so often get 775 error code. Call number only to have someone come and before they get here picture on. I think it is a scam because new bill show protection plan upgrade. I already had protection. When you call and as for tech support this happens also.

  • D.Lerch

    In Sept. 2015 it was a promotion from Directv with together an AAA
    discounts rewards in the AAA Magazine. Because I’m watching only 3 channels
    (CNN,,Fox, Lifetime only weekend) I took the offered, cheapest ‘select’ package
    for $19.99 +fees with the AAA $10 monthly discount . It was a phone order. I
    didn’t signed anything but it was stated in the ad that this price is for 12
    months and it is a 24 months agreement. On Oct.1st I almost fall down from my
    chair when DirectTV sent me the bill with a credit card charge with $54.29.
    When I called them a lady told me that my $19.99/month price was a with $30
    discounted price which I have to pay now as $49.99/month or if I cancel now I
    have to pay $240 penalty.. When I asked where can I find this strange
    ‘agreement’: she told it was sent to me…It is a dirty lie. I didn’t receive or
    signed any agreement. Months before it was e-mailed some modification. I read
    that.. there is no one word about original price of $49.99 or penalty $240….

    With my 78 years old age I never had such kind of bad cheat or trap….. I
    feel it is a real rubbery of the elderly people like me who has $125/month Soc.
    Security income and don’t have anybody to back up..

    I sent my honest complaint for both companies. From October 10, 2016 as of
    today there is no answer or help or proof of the $49.99 : 150 % raised price
    without any before information of September 30th, 2016..I saved the promotion
    paper with the offered service. If I know I’m dealing with a not honest, unfair
    company, a price increase of 150% , a horrible, rude customer service their lie
    and delay of my cancellation,and on the top all of this they try to charge me
    –as told- with cancellation fee which was never told from Oct.1st 2015 until
    Oct.1st, 2016 when I called them because of high bill. I felt as a victim of
    a bad company which can increase the bill as much as they want and then charge
    you an unfair cancellation fee if you can’t afford to pay their high priced bad
    service. More than 2 weeks now from Nov. 28 they didn’t take my cancellation,
    they didn’t tell me the address to where I can return the boxed equipment. I
    have the proof ‘Christopher A. wrote on Dec. 1st: ‘kit will be shipped into 7
    days… As of today… December 16,2016 they didn’t ship it. .

    Furthermore I printed out the ‘Customer agreement’ on Nov. 28, 2016.. . In
    the agreement there is nothing about the 150% price raise or the $240
    cancellation fee which is anyway a public betrayal.. a rubbery …there is in
    only a $15 deactivation fee.

    Directv is a very bad company. It is a shame they can operate a business
    in our country. I will record my above story all over and try to find my
    customer right to cancel a not honest service without $240 unfair cancellation
    payment. .

    Besides of all above let give a word about their service: it was
    interrupted numerous times because of ‘lost signal’. Plus I have one more claim
    which is a $28.35 hardware charge on Oct.1st. 2015 which by the equipment
    return has to be returned tome.

    Today I spent a lot of time to find out the address of the equipment
    –return. I couldn’t..

    I would appreciate any assistance..

  • Alicia Smith

    Direct Tv hasn’t even made it out to my house to hook anything up and they have already ripped me off! I paid for the Direct Tv service through ATT when I got my new phone and line hooked up. They took the money for that at the store and now not even a week later, I’m being charged again. Overdrafted my bank account. I was also lied to about the service I’d be receiving. They won’t correct this. This is not even the icing on the cake. I am now blocked from calling customer service because the customer service rep put me on hold for 20 minutes, came back on the line laughing about me..( I heard her telling someone about “this stupid lady” then she laughed.) I am appalled that your customer service reps can do this. When I asked her for her name and her employee ID number she hung up on me. I know for a fact she can lose her job over this.

    Service has been cancelled before it’s even started. Really sad.

  • msve

    Will be getting rid of Direct TV real soon, I called for a tech to come out to fix one of my TV’s and yes he did an awful job, I called to get someone back out and I have been going through hoops just to get someone to fix a terrible job since aug 2016 same tv , ok now I get an email saying thank you for signing up for protection plan, I never did that, I called to get it removed and the lady said someone must have hacked into my account, hmmm really hack into my account to give me a protection plan that I have to pay for how would hacking into my account benefit someone else, this is such bs , I asked for a supervisor and as of yet no one has contacted me , I asked for a transcript of the conversation and of course she cant do that either this company is so bogus, every since Direct Tv merged I have only had problems, will be looking for a new service ASAP……

  • Don Hall Sr.

    Direct TV sucks….they don’t have any provisions to record programs when sports interferes with recordings of requested programs. Tired of all the programs I cannot watch because they can’t conform to the timing!

  • Malita Lane

    I have my service cancell after two years. Because the price was too much. I turn in all the equipment. I had a balance of $219.00 they sent me an email state in 5 days they would go in my account. I call them and told them do not debt my account. I also when on the chat line and was told that i could call and speak to a account manger about this. They said that they can’t stop it. Call my bank.

  • Dan

    We have had direct tv for 3 yrs now and almost every month they mess up the bill and our payments. Nobody there can give us a direct answer as to what is the issue or even the same solution. Yesterday we paid the bill and today they turned off the service. When we called Customer service all we got were rude people who didn’t listen and one even hung up on us. Our bank even verified that they had received payment but all they would say is no you need to pay again or send in a bank statement and in 7 to 10 days they may turn it back on. Terrible Customer service! They even called my wife a liar. I’m done with them and would never recommend them to anyone.

  • Connie

    I have had direct tv for 20-25 years total though not the last couple years because I divorced and moved. I have also been with AT&T for over 30 years.
    AT&T used to be a good company. It is terrible now. I have been thinking of leaving them for months.
    Direct TV used to be a good company too.
    I think the catastrophe happened when AT&T bought Direct TV. This should never have been allowed to happen. Now they both are such terribly run companies, it should be illegal! RUN away from both companies!!!!
    I was pulled into staying with AT&T because they are so bundled in with Direct TV service. And this is their trick to handcuff you into being a victim to their circus act.
    I have spent so many hours and they just keep transferring you, then you hold again then you have to re-explain the whole story over again, then they transfer you and you hold. This goes on over and over and over. I was on the phone four hours today, so frustrated I can’t see straight. One department tells you one thing then transfers you and another department tells you something else.
    I tried AGAIN to sign up, even though this incompetent process has taken twelve hours of my life away from me already….
    Costco was offering such a good promotion, better than any other sign-up promo’s I’d seen, even the “great offers” because I was already an AT&T customer.
    Plus I thought Costco might be an extra layer of backup protection since Direct Tv and AT&T are such grossly incompetently run, poor POOR customer service( I mean they talk pleasant on the phone, but the company can’t follow through on anything they are so fragmented and don’t follow through on all their promises).
    But this is so ridiculously stinky that I don’t think any offer is good enough to be worth putting up with this bad bad awful experience (and I haven’t even gotten my installation and service started-God forbid what this experience would be once they had me completely tangled in and my first-borns life signed over to them).
    No offer is good enough to sign up for this torture. I think they should have to PAY YOU to tolerate their agonizingly painful horrible customer (dis)service experience

  • deborah

    I figured there were other complaints like mine so came here to find out just how many. I would like to get a headcount of how many people have nfl season pass that they did not subscribe to. it was added to my 85 yr old mothers programming. when I called them to have it removed they said she had to pay for the upcoming month and then they would remove it on the third bill. so she actually had to pay for one month. I have filed a complaint with the Oklahoma attorney general office, after my sister told me she has paid for 4 months of the same thing and was disconnected today for refusing to pay this month. she of course never subscribed to nfl either.

    • Cheri Hogan

      OMG! I am having the same problem. Just viewed my statement and realized I had been charged for last year as well. They tell me since I didn’t cancel the free trial it automatically renewed. I maintained why I should cancel something I never used or ordered. They refuse to credit me with the $404.00 they have taken from my debit card. Have filed a complain with FCC but don’t know if it will lead to anything.

    • Cynthia Buhler

      Just found the charge on my fathers acct that I set up. Never authorized this charge. Is there a class action lawsuit concerning this issue?

  • Carla

    I telling everyone to cut the cord this this company. Is anyone experiencing this Bait and Switch from DirectTV. I signed up for bundle service 12 month for both TV/Internet, all was well. Then my Box started acting up about month later freezing. I call and of course after all the bells of reset and test box, Tech needs to come and I need new receiver card. Tech states OH you have outdated receivers, I have replacement in truck. Done. Why after one year and now that I have found a cheaper service and called to cancel, I am told that when my new receiver was installed the equipment is a two year contract. so even though my contract is now up I still have a two year equipment contract because tech came to fix a problem gave me equipment and not tell me I would be charged. I even have my original contract and nothing states such charge or that a tech can do such thing. An guess what, My old boxes were just fine. So I am taking the early cancel hit going to peruse class action on Bait and switch game and have no record of it ever happening other then my words. I now have a new TV on Demand Service and have cut the cord. $69.99 I all my existing live cable channels plus I get 400+ channel all HD no contract no credit check on subscriptions All the premium channel and music. And I can use on 5 devices and you can share your log in state or country wide as long as I have WiFi the service works. So the trade off is I cut my bill by 165.00 and still enjoy all my channel and it is live TV so take that all cable companies. Anybody wanting to know what I use now please feel free to reach out to me, I’m telling everyone I know to stop letting them screw us. I’m so mad at them but at least I got better and cheaper service. I am perusing a class action for those hidden equipment charges due to techs and Bait and Switch game so Please check you bill and if you had a tech come to your home and changed equipment, you may now be in a extended contract just for equipment. So if your interested in possible class action please reach out and lets see what happens. Carla Email: I’m getting my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jane

    I was told we would receive $200 visa card when we switch to Ditectv. It has been 6 months and nothing. I have called multiple times and they promise to help. But everytime I call they say my notes are not in the computer. I want what was promised. I will never recommend you to anyone.

  • Kyle English

    I scheduled an installation in person for a week out and
    received a reminder call days before as well as the day of for the 12-4 Appt. .
    . . 1 o’clock, nobody . . . 2 o’clock, an automated call saying no worries,
    they were on there way. . . 3 o’clock, nobody . . . 4 o’clock, nobody and I
    called the company to see what was going on . . .

    4 o’clock – Rep #
    1 : very nice and accommodating, but had to place to me on hold for over a half
    hour to try and figure out the discrepancy between her computer stating someone
    was en route to my house currently, as well as it saying I had been rescheduled
    for an appointment three days away. Returning with no answers, she stated she
    had called my local office and that a local supervisor would be in contact with
    me shortly.

    After 30 minutes and no calls . . .

    5 o’clock – Rep #
    2 : After explaining my situation and asking for a supervisor, this short and
    abrupt representative put me on hold, only to return and state my local office
    was closed and that she had spoken to her supervisor and that I had a scheduled
    appointment for three days away. She was promptly hung up on . . .

    5:15 – Rep # 3 : A
    very pleasant man answered and stated his supervisor was in a meeting, so he
    made over a half hour of efforts to call my local branch(which he confirmed was
    open until 6, despite the previous rep), while finishing by stating a local
    supervisor will return my call in 30 minutes to an hour, to my protests of
    “I’ve already been through this”.

    45 minutes later, with no returned call . . . .

    6:30 Rep # 4 : A
    pleasant woman answered the phone and handed me over to her supervisor after
    some brief questions . . .

    Supervisor :
    “We’re sorry, but somebody is on their way”. To which I responded,
    “your local offices closed at 6”. I was then told that I had an
    appointment scheduled three days out and that I would receive compensation for
    my troubles. When asked how much compensation I would receive for almost 7
    hours of waiting, confusion and incompetence on their part. He replied “one
    hundred dollars is the highest I can go”. One hundred dollars barely
    covers the satellite pole installation, with $20 left over towards my first
    months’ bill!!!!!! What a slap in the face!!!!!! Avoid this disreputable,
    dishonest, cluster of a company like the plague!!!!!!

  • Big Johnson

    I say lets all of us tell Direct TV , do not p**s down my back and tell me it is raining ! I am Done also after 20 years of lies

    • Carla

      I’m with you I took the early cancel hit. Got a New TV on Demand Service for less then $70.00. I’m telling everyone to cut the cord. and trying to get class action.

  • Homer

    This company has gone down the tubes. The worse customer service experience ever, flat out. I have been a loyal subscriber since 2005. Little over a year ago my bill was $80, now a year later, and a 32% price increase to $118, what do I get? Same TV, crappy reception during rain or even high wind, and uncontrollable rate increases with no explanation, then there is the “There is nothing I can do”. No more recommendations to friends and family, actually the opposite. I will bad mouth you where I can and when I can. The acquisition by AT&T is an epic fail.

  • James

    A couple years ago they switched movie search to icons of DVD covers or something takes forever to find out what a movies about what a waste of time

  • Sheri

    Cancelled my service effective October 1, 2016. I received an email several weeks later stating I owed the almost $300. I called thinking it was for equipment since they have never sent labels to return equipment even after 2 calls for labels. Now they are saying they don’t have a record of me canceling and they won’t cancel until I pay a bill I shouldn’t have. It is still connected even though I don’t live in that house or state any longer.

  • Bob mo

    DirecTV offered me $75 a month if I would sign for an additional 12 months Eight months into the contract they raised the price. DirecTVhas turned me over to a collection agency because I refused to pay the additional $50 charge. after paying them $78.60 a month for 12 months I probably would have continued using their service after I moved but now I will never do business with them or AT&T.
    I have since filed a complaint with the FTC and I placed ads on Craigslist all over the nation warning other consumers about this unethical business practice.

  • shirley roach

    I just got a call from a woman that I could not understand, india, phipines, need English people, please. she said I just wrote a letter saying I COULD NO LONGER AFFORD DIRECTV! I never wrote such a letter. she had my infor. right. she could not put me in contact with her boss, or send me a copy of this such letter.very upset.!! what gives with such rules??

  • brian

    Horrible service, equipment has been broken for weeks before a serviceman showed up. Bad, bad, bad!!!

  • Jeffrey Chapman

    Directv worked fine with my older TV. Last spring I bought a brand new LED Smart tv. Plug my DTV hi-def box in to my new tv with the HDMI and get an HDCP content protection error. If I unplug the box and let it reboot it works. I have to do this every time I want to watch a show. Finally after 6 months I call directv. They have me try a bunch of things I had already done and was then told I would need a 49.95 service call, or I could purchase their protection plan. Cannot return the equipment for a new one until my contract is up in February. So I can either pay up or keep their defective equipment. Needless to say I am not giving them another cent, ever!

    • Carla

      I canceled and have better service no stupid contracts and get all my current channel. I dislike all that they do. so many games. much cheaper. I took the hit but saved 165.00 so I’m using that to pay off the early cancel then I’m Sooooo done with them

  • car333

    The only good thing I can say about DIRECTTV is January 2, 2017 I will be gone from them and HELLO DISH. I am fed up with their lies. They have to be the most dishonest TV servers out there.

  • Carla Cresswell

    Attn: Anyone who has Direct TV should know their scheme!
    I had them two years and the contract was over. I told them that I would remain without contract until I decide to get another service. Meanwhile, I added a small box in the guest room that only cost an additional fee. But I did not sign an additional 2 year contract at the time, unknowingly that’s what they did. So when I got a good deal with a bundle from another carrier and I got their final bill, they charged $120 for an early cancellation Fee!
    If I’d know they would do that, I’d never would have gotten that extra item.
    So when I called to dispute it, they did not want to take the fee off. Then spoke to billing. Then a manager in billing. Then she said they were not able to do that and that they would charge my credit card for it if I didn’t pay. I said it was a scam. Then she said that the only way to argue this would be to go online at So I reluctantly did. But that Web page had mandatory information that was needed to complain about my issues. There was boxes to fill in with my credit card info that if you did not fill out, you could not send your complaint! So I called my bank and they told me not to send the email. Now what do I do? Direct TV told me that they would send it to collections if I did not pay it and dispute it with my bank after they charge me….
    Well, I’m fuming! I told them I would let the whole world know about their scheme.
    They are rippoffs! Please pass the word around so that they stop their scam.
    I had many cable companies in the past and when I added an extra box in the empty rooms they never forced me to pay an additional 2 years. I feel that should be illegal! I never would have signed another two years if I had known about this! Did anyone go through this before? What did you do? Help!

  • Dave Nantz

    They charged me for NFL package I did not sign up for. BS

    • Cheri Hogan

      The same happened to me. HFL package @ $44.99 for 6 months. Then after researching, they billed me against my credit card last year too. They are refusing to credit my account saying I should have cancelled. I maintain why should I need to cancel something I never used or ordered to begin with. This is definitely fraudulent practice. Have filed a complaint with FCC.

  • Nat

    was with them for ten years but ever since at and t bought them its horrible they add charges and you can never get through. I was hung up on everytime I ask to speak with a manger. I finally go to Kristin badge number # 03961 who refused to provide me her last name. I was on hold for a total of 48 minutes and I finally got to speak with Larissa her boss who could not get anyone who could help me I finally ended up canceling my service. They’ve been charging me for NFL package and when I first signed up I told three different customer service reps I did not want any add-ons but they still add it on and even if you call in. To stop the add ons your still get charged. That was 8 days ago.
    Called direct tv again today 11/8/16 was transferred to a supervisor asked about the credit she said she said that I had to pay another cycle and be current and then call to cancel. If they would have canceled the last request I wouldn’t have another cycle I ask to have a manger call in 48
    Hours when I ask her badge number she hung up.

  • Gwen Tartaglia

    I am a disabled person who cancelled ” Auto Pay ” w Direct T.V. in August. How, then, were they legally able to drain my entire checking account this past Wednesday??? They NEVER, no, NOT ONCE, contacted me about a payment plan, or anything else of the sort. They are CROOKS, & as soon as they want your money, THEY WILL TAKE IT!!! I only receive $733, per month, & when I signed up with Direct, my package cost $80 per month, yet, SOMEHOW, within less than a few months, I was seeing my bill getting higher, higher, & finally, I was paying $180+ per month. Every time I called about dropping channels, I was ” comped” free channels, & other b.s. that was described in such broken English I never understood exactly WHAT I was being comped. So, I cancelled Auto Pay in August, & BAM!! $523 ( all I had left in my checking account, & EVERY CENT DESPERATELY NEEDED!!!) GONE, & I’ve gotten 5 SEPARATE ESTIMATES FOR HOW MUCH THEY WILL/ WILL NOT REIMBURSE ME. These people are SCUMBAGS, PERIOD.

    • Peach

      Same thing happened to me .. I suspended my account cos I moved out of state to another .. I cancelled auto pay in August cos my card on file is being used by someone for now for their pay cheque . So the 11/17/16.. These ppl went into the account took 600 dollars n then cancelled my contract with them . The told me all type of bs . Called my back to dispute the money and we going ahead to to sue them . I ain’t playing with them . Any unknown withdrawal I see on my card I am putting it on them .. They forgot they got more money than me and they definitely wouldn’t want me to get more than 600 they took from me

  • CatG

    3rd Day of satellite code 771 interference – we have had no storms, known power surges, or weather interference in our area. This creates an impossible TV watching of any programming! All weekend no football, none of my favorite news shows, or any other programming available… Customer service only states “we’re working on it” – not good enough! However, this situation evokes me wonder about AT&T/Direct TV as a monstrosity of bad service/customer care and blocking information. Interesting that they are under Federal prosecution for deliberately blocking channels from voting constituents in earlier elections now, very suspect to me, especially on such an important weekend prior to our National Presidential election.. Hmmm… They are undoubtedly, monopolistic in the Atlanta area, (isn’t our government supposed to protect us against these tyrannical conglomerates by denying their M&A’s, when they create such entities that control and disenfranchise consumers?) Frustrated and frightened by the very scary potential to erasing/blocking free will, free speech, and an individuals right to choose what is best for themselves. Don’t consumers deserve to access the service we pay for without deliberately manipulating when and what information we get? Let us all not be treated as passive pawns in their game. I am going to contact the local news networks to let them know that At&T/Direct TV is blocking me from their broadcasts… Anything else I can do to be effective, get this resolved – let me know. Thanks for the “vent”!

  • Alex Bohacheff

    My DirecTV dish stopped working after the first heavy rain. Satellite received was not weather-proofed and water was inside device. Charged $50 for a service call to replace THEIR defective equipment.

  • St8kout

    About satellite ‘rain fade.’ I used to live in Louisiana where daily afternoon storms in the summer are almost a given. In my 22 years of having satellite TV it’s never really been that much of an inconvenience, and has always been WAY better than cable, in both programming options and price. If anything, the rain fade is like an early warning system to let you know bad weather is coming. The clouds/rain have to be pretty thick before it blocks the signal, but it doesn’t last long, maybe a few minutes at most.

    Another advantage of satellite over cable is during a power outage. Living in hurricane country the outages can last one or two weeks, and of course cable will be out too. With a backup generator and/or solar power backup you can still watch satellite TV while your neighbors are sitting in the dark with nothing to do.

    Overall, directv has been very satisfactory. Now I will say that when you are under contract, they won’t give you a free upgrade when a new receiver/dvr comes out. You have to wait until renewal time, THEN they will roll over backwards to keep you as a customer.

    They just now let me downgrade my programming because there just isn’t that much worth watching anymore. I’m pretty much down to watching just Football, Netflix, and the occasional premium channel movie. And I’d dump the Networks too if it wasn’t for Football season. Nothing worth watching there either.

  • Keith Reynolds

    This company is not well run. I pay for channels, most of them that I do not want. During a rain shower, not a storm, my sports channel went out. I asked for credit and they say they do not do this. I was cut off twice and had to call back three times. Their automated phone system is so poor that it cannot decipher a yes or no.

  • Dave Nantz

    They billed me for the NFL package. I don’t watch the NFL. What now? You cannot talk to them on the phone.

    • Kiva

      good luck getting it removed,Still have to pay.Just got off phone like 2 minutes for real.

    • Jan Duren

      They billed us for the nfl channel in sept., we got it removed. We just got off the phone with them, their promotion has ended and now they are doubling our bill. Evidently the promotion ended in June? This company is a crock!

  • Robert Chase

    Don’t sign up for Direct TV. Here in Florida we have frequent afternoon rains. Almost 100 % of the time the system goes down. Second I do not want or need all these shopping channels.. I do not buy things off the infomercials and see no reason to have them.

  • rudy padilla

    Everbody look at your Bill under OTHER CHARGES,ADJUSTMENTS,& TAXES
    you will see a REGIONAL SPORTS FEE
    which is included in every package weather you watch sports or not.
    8/17/16 spoke to customer rep
    I was told 2 things that contradict each other , so basically EVERYBODY. pays this FEE. First I was told everybody pays this fee, then after 5 mins he said only certain packages have this fee. So I told him he contradicted his statement. He did confirm to me everybody pays this fee. So that’s like $60 a yr xtra they get from like 20 million customers across United States.
    What a rip off. Nothing we a consumers can do anything bout it.

  • Mary Rougia

    Direct TV should not be permitted to operate in NYS. Our bill has doubled from the time we signed a contract in July, 2014 We called today to ask if anything they could do to lower our rates, we were told no, we have used up all our discounts. We decided that we were going to cancel, our contract was up in July. We were informed that when we ordered a receiver for a seasonal use for our garage in May of 2015 & that we agreed to a new 2 yr contract. If we cancel now we will owe them $120. They deceive customers..I do loath that company.
    Does anyone know how to remove your credit/ checking account from our account?

  • Evie

    I am not receiving Channel 7 and 56 where I live and I’m paying for it. Seems to be a problem with Direct TV settling their contract. I’ve contacted Direct TV and they keep saying to wait a few more days. It’s been almost a month. Any suggestions.

  • Gene King

    Direct TV guilty of Spoilage of Evidence a tort

  • James Ravinski

    If I don’t acknowledge on the directv billing that I do not want the next years nfl sunday ticket you will be charged that fee on your billing until you call and cancel Not a happy camper when my billing increased over 40 dollars until I called today to cancel the nfl package. They were kind enough to offer me a 20% discount for that package. How many people will this effect ?I will be putting this on topix to make people aware this can happen to you like it did to me.

  • John

    My Mother just had her bank account tapped by DirecTV. They charged it over and over again, some charges were $3.00 and under, until they had taken every penny out of her State Employees Credit Union account.

    They literally did charge after charge until they had taken everything in the account. They didn’t want a certain amount, they didn’t do one charge, they never called, never sent a letter, just took it all.

  • Eric B

    4k ultra hd receiver. I bought a new tv and need to upgrade my equipment, I go online and it says $99 for the receiver I need. It won’t let me order online so I call customer service. They tell me I need to replace both receivers even though I only have 1 4k uhtv. I say ok, they say its going to be $299 for receiver and $99 for mini and $50 installation fee. I say i’m not paying $450 to upgrade service. I get mad and hang up and call back a couple days later. I finally get someone who is trying to help me because I shouldn’t have to pay what new customers aren’t paying. She waives my $299 fee and half my installation to $25 so I only have to pay $130 for upgrading equipment and installation and in return I have to renew my contract another 2 years at same price which I agree. But right before I make payment I am disconnected. I call back and get a diff operator who gives me the first info the first operator gave me stating it will cost me $450 and noone will work with me to get the price I had agreed to pay. What should I do now? Should I cancel and go with comcast? This is annoying I have a brand new tv where I can’t even use it to is max potential.



  • peteyone

    For some reason, my dvr did not record the Canadian F1 GP on Sun. Instead it recorded golf. I called DirecTV to complain but the gent who tried to help couldn’t find the repeat showing for me to watch. I had already tried Ch 696 to try and that failed. I found it again on Ch 642 but again it did not record. I’m going to demand a refund for something which is obviously their fault. These problems seem to have occurred since I started using ATT & T for my phone and internet service!

  • Peggy Garrett

    My nephew is in prison i have called direct tv and also wrote a letter this has been almost 3 mounts they are still billing his account, they say they need to talk to him his p.o.a am that is impossible at this time, how do i get them to stop this i

  • Kay

    I have a P.O. Box at US postoffice but for last 3 months my bills are arrivi.g after the due date.

  • Bad Service

    I went to upgrade my cellphone from AT&T store. The sales person offered me Direct TV said they have the best service and packages going on at that point I was convinced to purchase the highest package including cameras, motion sensors etc, . We had set a date and time for setup & Installation . I took off from work, my appointment was from 8:00 am to 12:00pm. just waiting and waiting then there was a message on my cell phone stating that the installers are arriving between 9:20 & 10:20am so I started cleaning the area outside. At 10:15 an AT&T / Direct TV Van went slowly in front of my house and the person just kept on going….I thinking what the hell ! went in the house called Direct TV and the dispatch said he was there. I explained he passed by but thats it. He then went on describing my house…color , door & number location. It was all OFF! the dispatch person then said I will look in to it was going to give me some compensation of 150;00 off my bill and call back in an hour for someone to come down.. That hour went by then two hours NO call. I’m very upset at this time with Direct TV. I WOULD NOT RECCOMEND DIRECT TV TO ANYONE! FRIENDS ,FAMILY, NIEGHBORS AND BUSINESS PARTNERS!!!!

  • Anna

    Reading what Renee posted is like reliving the exact same thing that happened to me. In my case, my technician was on the conference calls with me and customer care so he heard what they promised. I want someone to make companies like this to regret and pay strict FCC fines for their deception.
    Poor Customer Service/Wrong Information
    On: May 20, 2016
    By: Renee

  • speedy3333

    These complaints are the norm when you deal with any part of at&t. They will lie to sell you anything, then tell you that you misunderstood what they told you in terms of your service agreement. Then they tell you it will cost you $$$ amount to get out of your contract that you never say BEWARE of at&t!!!

  • William C

    Wasted a whole Saturday afternoon-failed to show up one hand dos not know what the other hand is doing

    That Saturday I waited for the tech to show up-no show-I called them and they had no clue about my appointment and gave me the run around
    Also during the sales call,I was cut off and when I called back,I got someone who did not know what was going on-to hell with you people-get your house in order

  • Richard H

    Direct TV sucks. The sub-contractor they scheduled was a lazy a__. He installed the cables in the easiest way for him, but it looks horrible on the house. He needed to borrow our ladder to do the job and didn’t even caulk where he drilled into the siding. Since the install, even the slightest hint of rain in the area, we lose reception. The pricing is not what we were told when we signed up. Direct TV sucks. I am about to pay them the cancellation fee and return to my previous carrier.

  • Mark Blodgett

    I’m not very happy with their protocols. On 4/16/16 I called to cancel my 3 month FREE movie channels package as of 4/19/16 (my 3 month end date) but she said she couldn’t schedule the service change for 4/19/16 (end of billing cycle) which is when it SHOULD have ended. Instead she said the FREE 3 month package must be shut off RIGHT THIS SECOND or I would have to call back on THE EXACT DAY that I want service to end(???). How silly. So if I was PAYING for, say, the HBO package for a year, then called to change my service and have it removed… they would have to disconnect it THAT SECOND??? Of course not. It would be SCHEDULED to drop off my bill at the end of THAT BILLING PERIOD. Why would you have 2 different cancellation procedures, one for ending a FREE package and another for ending a PAY package? What a waste of 42 MINUTES on my cell phone.

  • Tom

    I have been with direct t.v for over 15 years.First off my local sports channel Comcast sportsnet.Shows all the locals teams in the bay area on channel 696.I can watch the pregame activety but when the game starts It get blacked-outat my house.Yet in the same town same area code as mine I can watch the game at friends house that has the same service DIRECT T.V. as I carry .I am told that there is nothing that they can do that its the FCC that is blacking out the game at my house.And that if I wanted to watch the game I should go across town and watch it at my friends house.When I asked how a game can be blacked at one house in the same area code as the house I was watching it.There response was well theres nothing we can do for you.No Warriors no Giants no Sharks no Local sports teams.And if the game is on ESPN or TNT they black out that channel because its suppose to be on Comcasr sportsnet.Either way I am screwed .Well I have called over 25 times with Help no Luck.

  • Timothy Raffety

    My 83 yr. old widowed Mother had to cancel DirecTv/AT&T services as the price per month kept going up, plus they were taking channels out of her package. She called DirecTv/AT&T on February 17, 2016 to cancel her subscription and to request her refund. To make a very long story short after a lengthy battle over the phone with these A******S, she finally got her $78.89 refund on March 26, 2016, it should have been $94.00 not $78.89. Plus she couldn’t get the money put back into her checking account, she had to use it as a gift card instead. The way she finally got her money sorta refunded, is she got a hold of the Federal Communications Commission (F.C.C.). Their mailing address is Federal Communications Commission, 445 12th. street S.W. Washington DC, 20554, their Toll free number is 1-888-225-5322. Two days after she contacted the FCC, she had her refund in her mailbox by overnight mail. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) won’t do you any good, as they are only statewide in your state. Hope this helps somebody.


      Great Info. I just cancelled my direct tv & FORTUNATELY had no return problems, etc although I do have a $24.00 dollar credit which I TOO have to use as a gift card. direct tv sucks!!! Thank You!!!

  • reuben

    Just talked to a CA at Directv as to why my bill went up for 2016. Long story about cost, etc. I don’t watch alot of these channels, plus why am I paying a regional sport fees of $5.00. Forced to watch local stations out of New Orleans which is 70 miles away. Hattiesburg is 30 miles away with stations. Again the CA couldn’t give me an answer. If the web speeds improved here, good by DTV. I doubt if the Dish is any better.

  • Dimitrios Marantidis

    I have a big problem with Direct TV at this point. I just spoke with the experts over the phone and they told me that they will charge me $450.00 for closing the account. I just open the account on Febr. 05, 2016 but other things you talk to them and other things happening right now. I told the expert who came home to put the minimum minimum channels on my TV. I am on disability with my aggressive episodes and I do need noise at home. I cannot see movies or games etc, just for noise I need the TV’s at home . A few days later the bill came on the account and I did see they charges me $28.35 for the visit and the connection or the visit and I did explain to that person what I need. Very very minimum, only for the voice . He did wrote all that information but did not work when I receive the bill on the Internet I did see they charge me $48.99 plus taxes = $52.41 per month without explanation . Now I did spoke with the experts over the phone and she did told that they will charge me $450.00 for the cancellation but meanwhile as far as I know I had 30 days time to respond of any problem or choice that I have to stay with Direct TV or not. What happening to us? How we can get help? From where ? Anybody wants to get paid but do not provide the correct services or explanation before you sign in to join the company you deal with. I may have to close my credit card account to prevent a future charges. Is this is the way we end up and much more to come.

  • Hoyle

    Wow! Direct TV is full of deceit and they never want to resolve your complaint but keep putting you off. I voluntarily suspended my TV service for 6 months leaving me with a credit balance. As the 6th month approached, I received an email saying they would automatically restart my service unless I contacted them. Why should the burden be on the consumer? Anyway, I did call and was persuaded to go ahead and restart service and they would send me a HD receiver. From day 1 the TV receiption was awful. Picture would freeze and then required rebooting which took several minutes each time it froze, which was frequently. I won’t describe further problems for the sake of brevity. I ended up telling them to terminate the service, which was on for about 3 weeks. So what do they do? Charge me a $440 early termination fee because my 2 year contract was extended when they sent me the HD receiver without telling me. I refused to pay. What happened next? They cut my phone off with
    AT&T because I had combined my TV and wireless bill for a discount. Bastards.
    I’ve filed a complaint with the Texas Department of Consumer Affairs. These big corporations don’t give a s- – – -! They’re making so much money they’ll stone wall every consumer for as long as they can.
    Yes, a class action suit would be terrific. Does anyone know if one has already been started?

    • no1unohere

      They cut off your phone service because AT&T BOUGHT DirecTV. I specifically went to DirecTV over 16 years ago because AT&T screwed us over on our internet and cable service. Now, the only way I can get away from AT&T is to drop the DirecTV service I’ve had forever and loved and go to Frontier FiOS video. Don’t blame DirecTV…your issues are with AT&T…believe it.

      • leftoversright

        Do blame DirectV as they are now AT&T! As soon as AT&T took over reception and my ability to record became spotty. And the customer service became AT&Tesque! Where to go now?

    • mrgrowz420

      Have you found out if there has been a class action suit against them. I would like to join it if there is!

  • Joan Lee

    I was told that my bill was going to be 36.62 a month. I had a “Friends Referral” which stated that I would receive 10. Off my bill for 10 months. When I received my bill the 10.00 was not taken off. When questioning Directv I was told that my bill was correct, that when quoting the charge of 36.62 it included the 10.00 off. Funny they didn’t know that I had the coupon until after the service man put in my dish. It’s a rip off! I had 7 of my friends switching to Directv, I have told them what happened to me, now they have lost 7 new customers. As soon as my contract is up they will be losing me.

  • Lisa Jones

    I think if we have enough people we should get a class action lawsuit against them. I have wrote a letter to the corporate office spoke to just about everybody at AT&T direct tv and still know help. Worst company I have encountered in 48 years of living. About to complain to the BB right now.

    • Chris Jones

      Lisa my name interestingly is Chris Jones, no relation I am sure, but you mention a class action law suit.
      I have filed with the CA and NM AGs to go after them for criminal charges. Check out this website:
      They are still doing this to a huge number of customers!
      I too would love to go after them in a class action suit and make them pay big time.
      I will be glad to work with everyone here to get something moving.

    • Laurie

      Hi- read the response from Tim above as to how his mother got a refund. Seems to work-

      ” The way she finally got her money sorta refunded, is she got a hold of the Federal Communications Commission (F.C.C.). Their mailing address is Federal Communications Commission, 445 12th. street S.W. Washington DC, 20554, their Toll free number is 1-888-225-5322. Two days after she contacted the FCC, she had her refund in her mailbox by overnight mail. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) won’t do you any good, as they are only statewide in your state. Hope this helps somebody”

  • coozbee

    Hey, I have seen everything! I had direct TV for over 10 yrs. Canceled these Pr*cks, and WILL NEVER use them again. Now I see the Supreme Court says that you HAVE to ABIDE by Direct TV’s hidden arbitration CLAUSE in their contract. So the UNKNOWING, UNSUSPECTING customer doesn’t have a clue as to WHAT this company is capable of doing!!!! I’m surprised the big boys at AT&T who bought Direct TV, haven’t sh*t canned the WHOLE LOT, and started over. ANYONE with COMMON SENSE, should do a 180, and RUN from this company and the SHYSTERS who run it. The CEO of AT&T, HAS GOT TO KNOW, how this company operates. I keep WONDERING HOW LONG these managers will LAST, running this company the way they do. AT&T BOUGHT
    a LEMON, when they took overt DIRECT TV. P.T. BARNUM, was right. There is a “SUCKER” born every minute, and DIRECT TV is TRYING to SIGN THEM up. WISE UP PEOPLE, DIRECT TV is like the MAFIA, and NOW they have the SUPREME COURT, ENFORCING their STRONG ARM tactics. The REASON for the ARBITRATION CLAUSE, is because of the NIGHTMARE stories of previous customers, wanting NOTHING MORE to do with this company. It WAS AN EXPERIENCE, THAT I WILL NEVER FORGET. GOOD LUCK, getting rid of these F*CKS.

    • no1unohere

      You seem to love AT&T. I never had any trouble at all with DirecTV until AT&T BOUGHT THEM!!!! I left AT&T over 16 years ago because their cable service was always out and they screwed me over for over $400 on internet service and went to DirecTV….never regretted it. Now, AT&T is screwing me again via DirecTV. Before you know it, there will only be one or two cable service to go to and you better get ready to bend over when that happens.

    • leftoversright

      Oh, I think you are so wrong. I’ve had DirectV for 8 years after a bad break-up with Comcast. No problems at all until AT&T bought them. All of a sudden I was back with the same old HOLD you get with AT&T. I knew it was going to be bad before I even encountered any problems. It took about 3 months.And yes, now I’m in hell!

  • The IAm YvetteExperience

    It seems like we all have similar complaints, so I won’t reiterate what’s all over the Social Media. I will just take my complaint to the FCC, and I encourage all of you to do the same thing.

  • bigtoad45 .

    I switched from Dish. Big mistake. I thought I was getting the foreign news channels I was getting with Dish. Directv installation was a rush and I didn’t have time to ask a lot of questions. I was told later I would have to pay for an upgrade to even get a couple of the news stations I once had. When I got angry I was simply told it would cost me hundreds if I cancelled. So I am stuck. I will finish the contract and never come back to this company. They simply don’t want long term customers.

  • Nate Hegi

    Direct TV is terrible. Doesn’t work when it rains or snows hard. They have price gauged me for a year and a half. Have never given me any kind of rebate or showed any remorse for how bad they have been. I have friends that get more channels then me, and pay half as much for their direct tv. Last week, it took me an hour to rent a movie with a date over to my house. Everytime you call, you are on hold for a half hour plus. I didn’t want the NFL package they gave me for free the first year, and they started charging me for it in the summer before the season started. I would not recommend Direct TV to anyone. It is so bad. I have regretted giving up cable from day one. And they have never given me any retribution, and treated me like a second class citizen, just because they know they have you in a 2 year contract. If anybody has any action I can take against them, let me know.

  • Julie Quintinsky

    Stay away from directv, I receive local news that are 1hr 1/2 away from my house, funny thing is I live 10-15 minutes away from the state capital. I should have stayed with cable at least there’s no contract with them.



  • Angela Jones


  • Rena Sternfeld

    Terribly disappointed. Used to love the company but was present when a dish was re-installed after renovation. The darling tech set up the boxes in each room explained how we can watch, record and earase from every room. The owner of the house asked specifically if there will be additional chatges. Tech said no, it’s all part of the service.
    The first bill arrived, and the owner was charged for every aspect of this service. What was promised to be a $75 bill, came out to be $122. Not only that, apparently with the new installation she is now locked into a 2 year service with a penalty if she breaks it. Again, nothing was said about that. So she is stuck with high price, penalty if she leaves and a bill that is much higher than promised. It feels like a real fraud.

  • Nikkilovely

    They keep changing my bill charging me more money every other month stay away from them!!

  • Jhizzle

    DirectTv has been adding “promotional” charges to my account without my permission. XTRA channels I never ordered, wanted or use. The NFL Sunday ticket. And movies that I did not order or ordered 1 time but was charged for it multiple times in the same 10 min!!! (I know they expire and u have to repurchase but this was not the case). I called DirectTv back in April 2015 and spoke with a rep about canceling all the promotional channels I had and made clear I did not want any other services. Unbeknownst to me that Direct recharges every NFL season until you call in and cancel again!! When I told a manager my situation she told me that had I called in May there wouldn’t have been the confusion! And refused to refund me for charges I never gave them authority for. I am canceling my service with them as I can not do this type of garbage every month and sit on the phone with them and cancel everything they just add to my cart! This is sickening. It’s fraud. I’ve cancelled the debit card they had on file.

  • Donald C Nielsen

    Direct TV came to my house and installed all the wrong equipment. I asked the tech to return the wrong equipment and bring back the correct equipment. He said I had to call. While I was on the phone with customer service, he walked out my front door and got in his truck and left. I tried to cancel the brand new account , but was talked into letting another tech bring the correct equipment and there would be NO additional charges. The next Monday the new tech brought the correct equipment but wanted me to sign for many new additional charges. I refused. He left and I still had no TV service. I never had one day of Direct TV service. This was within the first 30 day trail period , so I called and cancelled and immediately sent back the equipment in their boxes. I cancelled the credit card that they had on file. Now I receive a charge on my new card of $418. They stole my account number.I do not know how they got it. I will try to persue criminal prosecution of this company. They are thieves.

    • Sarah

      No your bank should her the money back you cancel you card because you say someone stoled it they can’t get your account number!! You have by law a 60 days cancelation policy!

  • CARL210

    My bank account showed a credit from DirectTv for 21.15 recently. When I contacted them online, they wanted, among other things, my S.S. number. I did not give it. Has anyone else had this experience ?


    DIRECTV is the WORST

  • Gahlon James

    I have been a DISH customer for years and have been billed for my DISH TV and internet through CenturyLink. Two weeks ago I called CenturyLink and asked about upgrading my internet to a higher speed. CenturyLink used to bundle their internet with DISH, now bundle with DirecTV. They mentioned that I could save $60/month by bundling with DirectTV instead of DISH. Sounded good, so I agreed. Settled on a delivery time and I was called several times and reminded that I should be at my residence during a four hour period for DirecTV installation. I was scheduled for 12PM to 4PM on a Thursday. I took off from work that afternoon, got home at 12:15 PM. The tech called and said he would be at my residence around 3PM. He then called and said it would be 3:30 , then silence. At 5:00 I gave up and left for the beach. At 5:40, when I was 60 miles down the road the tech called and asked for directions to my house. He had my appointment scheduled for a whole week and yet he didn’t know how to find my address. I unpolitely told him where he could go. If DirecTV can’t install their equipment on time within a 4-hour window, why should I even bother to do business with them. Screw DirecTV. Losers.

  • Steven Du Bois

    Ive had directv wice, you would’ve thought I’d learn a lesson the first time…They are not only the highest price for television out of ALL companies, but the most unscrupulous in their dealings. I have never signed a contract but insisting I had I am being charged termination fees, etc, Be careful. I made a conscious decision after my dealings with them that I will never do business with a utility that does contracts, whether required or not, you could easily be mistaken for someone who signed one. Sounds crazy, but these companies know that no one is taking the time to go to court for such small amounts of money. If you are providing services to me, I should demand a contract from you, not the other way around to force me to continue to pay even though there is no longer satisfaction in the product. Please save the headache and do not give them business or any other contract based supplier…there are more than enough other options out there for television today!

  • Nicole

    They stole $275.08 from my account and it had nothing to do with me. Not for a directTV account in my name. Never gave them access to my account. I have emailed proof. Going to the bank and the lawyer’s office today to report the theft!

  • Megan

    Shady billing practices. I went out of my way to ask what would be entailed in disconnecting services. I was told just a return of equipment. When I called to disconnect a termination fee for 200 bucks was “found”. When I asked why it hadn’t been mentioned before I was told “dunno”. Evasive and horrible.

  • Cliff Reed

    I had Direct TV and I did regret it. The product works very well, but there agreed billing is completely wrong and I have a feeling they are fully aware of this. I had called them at least 20 times to try and to correct the billing agreement and I was impossible to do. after I discontinued them I found there is another class action law suit against for this problem and other mismanagement problems. I thought I would get this to a site and make my opinion public.

  • Ar Te

    Worst costumer service I ever experienced. We have been customers since 2011 and they did even take that in consideration. I needed technical support, I was attempting by Elier Segovia, he was very rude and never intended to helping us, I try to talk with a supervisor, had to wait for almost an hour and what was my surprise when Guillermo #1946 which was the supervisor, he was even worse than Elier Segovia, they both didn’t even care that we change company which is what we did, dish network is going to install on Monday, they gave us better deal.
    I had Direct TV on the past and they were different, I don’t know what changed

  • hopebest

    In 2010 DirecTV settled with 50 Sates for 14 million and agree to a number of things.( You can google the story). As of that year, they received 41,000 complains with the BBB. They agree that customers are not required to sign a new contract if repairs cannot be made to the equipment and it’s replaced. If you upgrade outdated receivers there is no protection there, you have to sign a two year contract. DIRECTV continues to get complains but perhaps lack of competition keeps them in business.
    Perhaps is time for old fashion antennas if they work and buying a low cost movie provider like Amazon and others.
    Satellite, cable and cellular phone carriers charges continue to go up. If we want the convenience of these things, we are at their mercy and we have to pay for whatever prices they charge. DIRECTV merger with AT&T is only going to make things worse for consumers, they are too powerful and 14 million dollars fines is pennies in comparison to the billions they are making.

    • Pissedoff

      Everything you said is 100 percent true. I am so upset with them. Clearly the need ANOTHER CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT! I have a recording of them with all of their lies. They refuse to listen to my recording since they can’t “find” their recording. I just wish I knew where to start.

  • stormydog

    I almost signed up for direct tv today. thank God I found this forum. I called my cable company instead and talked to someone and actually lowered my bill by $30. Funny thing is I originally called dtv to sign up but got hung up on and decided to look up reviews before I called back. Whew dodged the bullet.

    • Rick

      We have noticed that their customer service recently has been awful. When we first signed up, their customer service was fairly good, but now it stinks. They signed me up for a service I did not request, did not want, and certainly did not authorize. It took 3 calls to get it straight, but they still would not remove the charge for the service I did not request. We live in the country where there is no cable, so it is either DirecTV or Dish if we want satellite TV. We got DirecTV because my parents had it and they got a credit for referral.

  • Cynthia Susan

    I reported it to the bank and they put a block on all debit transactions
    till the money was credited back in, it came in a few days ago and I
    closed out all of my accounts with my bank. If you get new debit cards
    they will have access to the new numbers because they are linked to the
    checking and or savings accounts, the only thing left was for me to
    close my accounts completely.

    • Cliff Reed

      I did the same.

  • Nang Sure

    Please be careful everyone: They did overcharge $41.99 for NFL Program that we said no and never get money back. After we did called them 4-5 times to correct it, they said will correct next billing, but it still did not correct, over charge still keep coming. We should cancel it soon.

    • Kiva


  • Kathy Mitchell

    I started my account with Direct TV in April of 2014. I bundled thru CenturyTel & was told by both rep of CenturyTel & Direct T.V that my programing (choice) would cost me $29.99 for the 1st year & increase $10.00 more into the second year. They told me that the advanced receiver would be free for the 1st year & $25.00 a month after that. My bill started to increase after April of 2015 & I am now paying $70.99 for the choice package plus $25.00 for the advanced receiver & with taxes & fee’s my bill went from $67.14 a month to $102.89. I was told I would pay up to $480.00 if cancelation happens before my contract is up. I am very upset with this company & feel their very deceptive. They can make great offers to get people to take their product because after 1 year your costs double & your paying for the next new customer to come a board. it’s a viscous cycle & unfair to the people. I am looking for answers as to how & why a company can get away with this. I have made several attempts to talk with someone & was put on hold. today I got thru & they passed me on only to find out I was put on hold for 25 minutes before I decided to hang up. The smartest thing I did was to refuse setting up auto pay with them. Terrible company.

    • Cliff Reed

      Agree. The over charged me from the beginning.

  • Feeling violated

    I am one of several hundred people that have been robbed by Direct TV they just help themselves to $660.00 out of my bank account without my knowledge or permission and they think they did nothing wrong. I work in corrections and they bring people in every day for the same thing I don’t see how they are allowed to stay in business. I am not getting anything from them yet.

    • bernice

      Thank you! Exactly the point I was trying to make to my room mate that signed us up for Direct TV, installed 72 hours ago. No reliable reception, no Weather Channel, any many other service quit interuptions, oh….and 55 minutes on the phone tonight to cancel service (AFTER the CC was billed 65.00 w/ zero authorization, btw)…and told that we owe $480.00 for an early cancellation fee?

      You are not one of several hundred, you are one of several thousands!
      Word of mouth would have saved me, so spread the word and save someone you care about! Just say NO to Direct TV!

    • Michelleand Tom Kepner

      They did the same thing to me on the 21st off of my school debit card. 613 dollars!

  • Judi

    I want you to have a CBS contract with (8) IN SAN DIEGO.
    Please put CBS (8) on your list of channels. Channel (8) is the best.. All my shows are on it.

  • Mi Nyzbyg

    After moving, I had new DVR/HD receivers put in, 3 total. They continued to charge me for the 2 extra I had at my old residence, in addition to these (charging me for 5 total) even though their guy did the installation and they knew d**n well we didn’t have 5. Didn’t notice because there are so many fees it’s impossible to know what your total should be, and by going through Century Link you get s****y detail on the bill. Total charged was $156 over one year, and they won’t refund or credit any. BYE Directv

  • Cynthia Susan

    Directtv is now part of AT&T, I am cancelling the service and going back to Cable this week, I already went to the bank to change my Debit/ Credit cards numbers and to obtain new cards, with these people you have to be a step ahead of the games, you cannot charge a card that has been cancelled, if they want to come after me, do it the old fashioned way, through the mail. My bills have sky rocketed and I am being charged for services I did not even ask for, I am all done the Direct TV

  • debbie r

    never use a bank debit card when enrolling with directv

  • debbie r

    I have never had a problem with directv. after the initial installation and credit card payment, I called the credit card company and reported card lost. they closed my account & issued a new one. I still have directv because it is a good deal. they still ask for a credit card however I just ignore them. I have been a customer for 3 years.

  • Dee

    I paid my bill but didnt receive a confirmation email. I immediately checked my bank account to see if my payment had gone through and found that I had been double charged. I then immediately called directv and was told that it happened because of a glitch in their system. I was instructed to call my bank to put a stop payment on the 2nd payment and to inform them that the 2nd payment was an unauthorized transaction I shouldn’tt have to go through the hassle of finding a ride and driving miles with young children to my bank to file the paperwork to do that nor should I have to spend $35 to put a stop on the payment. A refund should have been issued immediately by directv instead of them making me wait for however long its going to take to get this mess straightened out. I am on a strict budget and need the money they stole from, but all I’ve gotten is “I’m sorry for the inconvenience” which does me absolutely no good! If they had the option to cancel a payment on their website like just about all other businesses have I wouldn’t be going through all this hassle, but it appears that all they care about is taking money (even when its without authorization), not about customer satisfaction.

  • coalminerdgtr

    Service went out today 1:50est called and wait for it 10 days before a tech can come to home….10 days this has got to be a they can do is credit account for 10 days..and if I cancel charge me $140.00 on top for 6 remaining month on 24 month agreement. Any suggestion for Hampton VA area

  • Robert Reed

    I called to set up service for Direct TV and when I got to the scheduled the appointment they was updating their system. I got an appointment for 2 weeks They told me to call back in 1 hour to get a soon date. When I called back they say this is all I got. But if I cancel I will be charged cancellations fee. Total rip off don’t buy I will continue to spread the word about this company is a rip off-Robert

  • Craig Baker

    John L. Brown- DirecTV stole $209.00 out of my personal checking account over two months ago and despite repeated attempts to rectify the situation, I have still not been reimbursed. If your experience with DirecTV has been so wonderful, why are you on a complaint forum? Seems fishy to me.

  • John L Brown

    I am baffled by the number of complaints on these pages. I have been a customer for 15 YEARS and during that time my concerns over technical problems or any other facet of program delivery have been quickly and satisfactorily concluded. Today (6-29), I called about my discount on the NFL Sunday Ticket package & was courteously helped by the 1st call center & subsequently by problem resolution at corporate headquarters. My problem hasn’t been resolved, but I know it will be. I will remain a satisfied customer for 15 more years, if I live that long.

    • Poppa Pa

      I’m curious about the availability of games in your package. I have a free viewing offer for a month but haven’t been able to view a single game. All of them say they are “black out”. All? All reps I have spoken with claim DirecTV has no controlling on the airing restrictions. This is a warning to those purchasing sports packages: DirecTV also agree that customers purchasing sports packages are NOT guaranteed to view that game; since each individual station broadcasting the game controls that option. If a game was blacked out even replays will be blacked-out on later airing dates. This includes all games being aired. They affirmed that customers purchasing these packages are at their own risk of paying for service even when games are not viewable. Again, even if all games are blacked-out. Now that’s interesting.

      • Cynthia Susan

        Being charged for Blacked out channels, the reason why I am leaving them and not paying the d**n bill.

  • crystal r

    my name is crystal ruiz from wichita falls tx i am a single parent of 3 children and i was with direct tv for 3 long years altho my record with them seems to be wrong everytime i call. anyway, friday the 5th they withdrew my entire paycheck bc in very fine print that was apparently sent to my email undisclosed to me by anyone or the tech. that there would be an early cancelation fee. i was engaged to a direct tv tech and he even admitted to me that they hide details from clients. well due to this problem im now behind on my house payment and my phones been shut off instead of just working out a payment plan if there would be one afterall even after i called not only were they rude but they refused to do anything about the issue and keeping my debit card # on file without permission from the beginning of service. thanks alot direct tv multi billion dollar company for looking out for clients !

  • Calog

    I was inquiring about how to get direct tv services but I got a bad experience with their very unprofessional sales representative. I was trying to convey to him that I need to study and see what’s best for me on the package they prepared for me but this sales rep is compelling me to provide already a credit card despite explaining him my side. That since he got my infos I told him to get back on them tomorrow but he became rude. He even emphasize that they had already my SSN (seems trying to imply something?)I don’t know if consumers are protected in this instances. Is it not the right of the costumer to proceed or not in this kind of transaction? I think so but he seems to say otherwise. Please treat your costumers right regardless of who they are. Does not mean that I have the accent that am treated how you treated me. I am educated too with 2 bachelors degree and I don’t want to be unethical like that rep did. It’s not right, please be kind.

  • Mike

    Went to cancel DTV. Got streaming services now. Worried they would do me like Comcast does their customers, put me on hold forever, cuss me, do their best to keep me on, etc. But no, they were very nice, never even placed on hold. I was told I would receive an “exit package” in the mail with labels and instructions on where to send the receiver. They cut off the service on the exact date we agreed upon but I’ve yet to receive the “exit package” material. So of course I’m still being charged “rental fees” for the receiver which I don’t need and cannot use. It’s called “loop-hell” and companies like Direct, Dish, Comcast, Verizon, etc. have perfected it. They make you use a credit card to even sign up for their service. Once you give them that card number, even if you cancel it, they can still levy charges against it and you are liable to pay those charges, according to the credit card companies. These companies make it virtually impossible to exit them quickly, pulling stunts left and right to squeeze just a little more out of you before you are able to finally get away from them. This type of business ethic was unheard of only a decade ago but has become more and more commonplace in the new amerika. It blows the minds of the older generation that companies so blatantly do these things to their customers as companies back in the day were the opposite, totally ethical and moral, always doing whatever they could to do the “right thing”.

    • bobby

      Very good post but let me tell you what the real problems are. Elections do have consequences. We are electing legislators, governors and filling State Houses with Tea Party people, they are not on the consumer side, their only purpose is to protect big corporations like Direct TV, those Companies feel they can get away with anything and they will unless we turn the tables. I live in Florida, we have Rick Scott as Governor, the Koch Bros bought the Governor chair for him 2 times, my home State of Wisconsin has Scott Walker, the Koch Bros bought that seat for him 3 times, one of those times was a recall election, he was attacking teachers right to negotiate contracts. Scott Walker took 300 million put of the University of Wisconsin, that was the college I received my degree from. The latest attacks is on the very food we eat, they want to do away with labeling on meats, right now they are require to tell you which country the meats originate in. They want to take 700 million out of Medicare. If Gorge HW Bush had not been elected in 1988 we would not the Supreme Court we have today, these are the 5 Justices that ruled Corporation could spend as much money as they wanted on Political Campaigns, that is called Citizen United, they don’t need any accountability, for all we know foreign governments are electing our leaders. So, when you see Companies like Direct TV get away with not caring about the consumer, you now know where it starts but we can end it by going to the polls and voting for Progressive Candidates (Democrats) that is the only and most important voice you have.

    • bobby

      I am not sure if they can use a cancelled credit card or not but if they can it would be as much the credit card company fault as Direct TV. When I decided to cancel my service, I had my debit card on file with Direct TV, I cancelled my card, told Chase I wanted a different number, Direct TV was not able to use my card. My advice is to always change your credit card number, if you say you lost your card they will automatically change the number and will not let anyone bill against it. You are right, a decade ago there were regulations in place to prevent such practices but if we keep electing Conservatives/ to Congress it will be getting even worse, they are all about eliminating all Government Controls, in some cases we need to look at regulations but when it comes to the things Direct TV pulls, we need to tighten down, these Conservatives are in the back pocket of Direct TV and companies that operate the same way.

    • Renee Martin

      Send your equipment back to them. Their address is DTV, Dock 22, 4600 Pleasant Hill Rd. Memphis, TN 38118. I have had the same problem, I cancelled with them and still haven’t received the recovery kit. I am giving them till 6/14/16 and then I will send it back and they WILL pay me recovery fees!

  • Nina

    I got promised a $200 giftcard from Walmart but only received a $ 125 giftcard, call the guy who signed me up and he said he would take care of it . Never heard from him again and he dont answer his phone. Direct TV told me I only can get a $125 giftcard but on my contract it says $200…

    • Nathan Tice

      Nathan T.04/26/2015Edit

      ordered the the direct tv package that came with the nfl package and 3
      months premium channels with a $150 visa gift card and a
      “supposed locked in rate for 2 yrs” Well come to find out there is no
      record of my gift card and the rate is NOT locked in after the first
      year it goes up almost $30 . None of this was explained at all it was
      all smoke and mirrors and when i called about the gift card not being
      sent out when i called to
      cancel the 3 months premium channels i was told that the card was coming
      just give it a little more time . So i called again and there is no
      record of the gift card being promised nor is there a record of the
      conversation I had regarding the card the first time . I asked the
      supervisor to look at the date i ordered and see that that promotion was
      going on at the time and he told me there is nothing he could do. I
      told him to check the call recording of the conversations sense all the
      calls are recorded and he would find i am speaking the truth and he says
      unfortunately there is nothing he can do. What a rip off they do not
      honor their own promotions. So ticked off right now , I under stand that
      people try to scam to get things but this is a legit complaint and even
      giving them everything they need to check into the situation they
      refused to use what could validate my claim . I will never do business
      with them again and it sucks because I liked direct tv but not if they
      are going to not honor their own promotions

  • Ally

    I have been with direct TV for 18 years at the house I rented. GREAT SERVICE until…I bought a house and set up the move for this past Friday. I am on day four…no TV. Each technician has a different reason they cant install. Customer service also tells me something different each time. No one showed up for the Sunday appointment. Now I have missed two days of work and have had to postpone my walk thru with the landlord three times. Direct TV has one more chance to get it right…and then I am switching. Also…BOTH technicians were unkempt, illiterate and looked like they crawled out of a sewer. I am not joking. They were disgusting and unprofessional.

  • Marion Carroll

    I have no complaints about Direct TV. I think they offer a great and consistent product. Satilite Television is not for someone who is trying to save money! It is quite expensive. I would not recommend it to anyone on a fixed income or someone who doesn’t have disposable income. Those on a fixed budget would probably be better off with a cable provider. You can take advantage of some deals when first subscribing to Direct TV, especially if you are a first time customer. Even better deals can be realized if you are changing from Dish to Direct. You can receive other deals once you are a subscriber by convincing others to join.

    • Jeff

      I have been a loyal customer of Direct TV since 1999. But I believe I will be leaving them since they have no loyalty to their customers. I found that Dish would be less expensive. 1) Dish has a 12 month pricing of half off 240+ channels ($30 off regular price of $74.99) I am currently being charged $70.99 for 150 channels. 2) Dish would provide Hopper with Sling DVR where as Direct TV said I could get an upgrade to a free Genie DVR but have a 24 month commitment added. They told me my equipment is old and should be upgraded. I informed them that since I have been a customer for 19 years why don’t they just send me the upgrade without the commitment? They refused. So it came down to this A 24 month commitment to Dish with new equipment and a monthly bill of $103.99 for 12 months (currently paying $156.58 with Direct TV) and saving $631.08 the first year and paying $146.99 for Dish the second year. It is a shame that Direct TV will lose a customer for their lack of loyalty.

  • Jeffrey Johnson

    I’ve been with DirecTV for about 18 years and, in general, I’ve been happy with the DirecTV service, but do have three complaints:

    1) Most important: When I originally signed up, you had to buy your own equipment and there were a number of companies making competing equipment. I bought a Sony receiver, and it worked great. Now you can only get leased equipment from DirecTV and the equipment is crap – the slow processors can’t change channels quickly, and there is often a long command latency before the receiver responds to a button on the remote.

    2) Pricing: The package prices are ridiculous, but, I guess there isn’t much competition since the cable companies also charge such high prices. Part of this pricing is because you’ve got content providers like ESPN charging DirecTV and the cable companies a monthly fee per subscriber. It would be nice if we could opt-out of individual channels that charge the carriers per subscriber (e.g. since I think ESPN is absolutely the worst sports format imaginable, I would drop it in a heartbeat).

    3) Another equipment complaint: About 10 years ago, I bought a couple brand new, current model, HD DVRs on Ebay for $550 each. At the time, DirecTV had been running ads for about a year stating that soon they would have 170 HD channels. I assumed that when they added these extra channels, the current HD receivers would be capable of receiving all of them. Instead, when the new HD channels were available, I got a call from DirecTV saying they would, at no charge, install new equipment that I would need to get the new channels. I assumed that since I owned my equipment, I was a customer for about 7 years, and my equipment was made obsolete due to technology changes made by DirecTV, that, when they said they would replace the equipment at “no charge” that I would own this new equipment, sounds fair right? Not so! Apparently, “no charge” just means that there won’t be a charge on your bill for equipment replacement and installation of the new dish needed to receive the additional satellite. Instead there will now be a monthly lease fee for the new receivers! How is that “no charge”?

  • Dissatisfied customer

    I have been with Directv for over 10 years now (not by choice).
    We have no tv for hours when it rains and it rains all summer long in Florida. No discounts for that either and since the starting date the rates have been doubled. Last month my bill was $84 for just regular tv.. no HBO no Sports channel packages added. Today I received the bill for this month $93 !! I called and asked what was going on. Well their contract negotiations resulted in an increase of their prices so they added only a small portion to their customers blah blah blah… So my reply was: “If your rent or insurance increases do you tell Directv to increase your wages by a certain amount per month to cover your extra expenses ? Needles to say the supervisors answer was no. She offered me a $15 discount for 12 months if I would sign up for 12 more months or a $5 discount if I would sign up for paperless/automatic bill payment… I don’t think so… Well she continued we can change your package to a lower cost package… THAT IS NOT MY POINT… I am paying double price for the same package I started with. Of course there was no other offer to reduce my monthly price. I will cancel my service by next month. I’m done with them.

    • Mike

      I finally got my television hooked up and am streaming Netflix. Cost is about $20 a month. That is with streaming service and DVD service. Some movies that are available on DVD are not available via their streaming service but they still have a lot of good movies via streaming and, more importantly, a lot of good television shows. There will be an adjustment period where you will miss regular satellite television on occasion but you’ll learn to cope by remembering ho much money you’re saving by not having Direct TV anymore.

  • Jim Oates

    The previous button on my new Genie often doesn’t work. It has been replaced and still does the same thing. I am stuck on a 2 year contract. A repairman told me it is unfixable and Directv is going to do away with the option! A TV with no previous channel button??? Sounds like Directv is heading to 1960’s technology. After my latest complaint, a maintenance supervisor, who told me I couldn’t be having this problem as she has the same model and has no problem (I’m either an idiot or not telling the truth?!?!), put me on a Equipment Protection Plan without telling me. Another $8/month for a useless service. Why would I want a repair service plan for a new piece of equipment they cannot or will not repair. NEVER SIGNED A AGREEMENT WITH DIRECTV. Once they have you by the short hairs, they forget you exist, unless you don’t pay your bill.

  • brian

    they suck

  • QUEN99

    The rep who sold me Direct TV straight out lied to me. I knew that we would be moving in 6 months and when I asked her how much it would be to move my services she quoted me $15.00. However, when I moved it was $342.00. I also noticed after 1o months of service that there was an additional 64.00 charge that doubled my bill. They said it was for equipment services. When I called the first time the rep said that they would take it off. When I received my next bill they had marked it as a past due amount not paid. Weird. So, I called again and they said they were taking it off again. I asked her if I am going to have to call every month about this. The whole company is a sham, from false advertising to taking advantage of their customers. I would not recommend them to anyone, EVER.

  • tessaprn

    DIRECTV charged my expired on file debit card. I did not authorize this. Anyone doing business with them do not give them any of your information. I suggest you just drop their service but if you must have it I suggest you send this dishonest company a money order without any personal info.

  • Helen


    • Hotasfishgrease

      Same thing happened to me. My account was debited a total of 4 times. They drained both my checking and savings accounts, basically my whole paycheck. I was left with nothing. I am a single mother of a small child and this was very devastating to me.

      • LADY


        • bobby

          The court thing is a very good idea, if all these people that have grievance against Direct TV would join a class action law suit maybe they would be stop operating the way they do in their tracks. Not only this web site but there are many with similar complaints, the Complaints number in the thousands. We can post all we want but these complaints are ignored or maybe not even known by Direct TV, lets take action and get the job done.

    • Marion Carroll

      Not everyone, they have never charged my credit card one extra penny that I didn’t authorize!

      • bobby

        My guess is, you are one in a million, Direct TV is the most dishonest Company on the planet earth. Hope some of the reviews you are reading here never happens to you.

    • Marie Noybn

      hughesnet does that too, i solved it by giving them only a prepaid american express card. They get what i give them, period.

  • Helen


  • clay

    Just signed up for Direct tv but am of the opinion that they are false advertising their referral discount I told the girl that signed me up that my daughter referred me and gave her the info but she never posted the discount of ten dollars for ten months. I have contacted them a couple of times plus had my daughter contact them but all they are doing is giving the run around by saying have to get in touch with someone else . So it is false advertising. !! One call should be all it takes instead of a half a dozen calls.

    • Nathan Tice

      Nathan T.04/26/2015Edit

      ordered the the direct tv package that came with the nfl package and 3
      months premium channels with a $150 visa gift card and a
      “supposed locked in rate for 2 yrs” Well come to find out there is no
      record of my gift card and the rate is NOT locked in after the first
      year it goes up almost $30 . None of this was explained at all it was
      all smoke and mirrors and when i called about the gift card not being
      sent out when i called to
      cancel the 3 months premium channels i was told that the card was coming
      just give it a little more time . So i called again and there is no
      record of the gift card being promised nor is there a record of the
      conversation I had regarding the card the first time . I asked the
      supervisor to look at the date i ordered and see that that promotion was
      going on at the time and he told me there is nothing he could do. I
      told him to check the call recording of the conversations sense all the
      calls are recorded and he would find i am speaking the truth and he says
      unfortunately there is nothing he can do. What a rip off they do not
      honor their own promotions. So ticked off right now , I under stand that
      people try to scam to get things but this is a legit complaint and even
      giving them everything they need to check into the situation they
      refused to use what could validate my claim . I will never do business
      with them again and it sucks because I liked direct tv but not if they
      are going to not honor their own promotions. Looks like they do not honor their promotions at all

  • Chris

    We just had a bad incident with this company also. We cancelled our contract because of the high costs of useless channels and sent the Genie unit back (with their tracking number). My wife made arrangements to make payments towards the balance and 3 days later they took almost $400 dollars out of our checking without authorization causing us $170 in bounced checks. This was completely unethical for this company to pull such an underhanded act. We are currently seeking charges (if we can) for unauthorized use of a credit card and filing a complaint with the BBB. Has anyone else had this happen and what was your best course to get compensation?



  • Jrlh

    I was in business for thirty years…..and I always felt a loyal customer was worth a lot more than a new one….NOT TO DIRECT TV…!!!

    • larry1

      I feel the same as you.Payroll comes from (loyal / returning) customers. If you had to depend on the new to make your payroll i dont think you would of made it 30 years.It truly sucks that i am paying well over double the price of a newbe.

  • Jrlh

    Just cancelled my Direct TV…..13 Years of loyalty, and can’t get half the deal of a new customer….So, I will leave….Maybe in a few years I can be a NEW customer again….and be treated right!

  • Jeana Bertani Matney

    We have been with Direct TV since 2008 and yeah I know what the heck took us so long to change. We finally changed to Dish today and best thing we could have ever done! Hate to say it but our friends were sure right about the nightmare Directv has been and is. NEVER EVER AGAIN !!!

    • LADY


      • james

        Did going to court work ?

  • Commodore & Chef of the naive

    Listen up everyone. DO NOT give your account number to DirecTV for them to take money out of your account, it may end up biting you on the a*s later. If you have a dispute with them in reference to a charge when they have access to your account you will lose that battle. IF YOU HAVE A DISPUTE with DirecTV go file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, it’s easy AND it will bring them to their knees. I’ve done it. Don’t waste your valuable time chit chatting with mindless customer service agents time and time again. Tell them that you are going to the BBB if they don’t get right and give them a reasonable time frame to accomplish your request. This site is good for making complaints but its not going to solve your problem. This is the link to the BBB complaint form online. EASY EASY!

    • Breeze

      I had DirecTV a few years ago while in NJ then I moved to Florida so it made sense I thought to do the movers package with them so service would be installed at my new home, well it never was then they took the disconnection fee out of my account while I was traveling. I called the customer service dept and explained to them that they never came to install the equipment as was requested for which they showed in the account records, they said they would not return the disconnect fee which was over $300.00 at that time. I spoke with a supervisor and explained to them that they did not have my permission to withdraw that amount ( they can only withdraw the amount you are billed for contracted service ) and I was filing a complaint with the Attorney General Office for a case of Fraud, Wire Fraud, Interstate theft of funds relating to wire fraud. Because of the overt act crossed state lines due to the change in residence, needless to say the funds were returned to my bank account the next day.

      • King and Supreme Hiney…

        I took DirecTV to the BBB and received money back for some fees I didn’t realize they charged me for due to their confusing billing methods, (years ago) plus received extra for the inconvenience.

    • brandy

      Thank you for the link. But I wonder how you got your money back. I have viewed many complaints, and majority of the people don’t get a refund. Direct tv basically says they are s**t out of luck.

  • KatherineZ

    Purchased DirecTV for my mother and made automatic credit card payments. When my mother moved, I called to cancel the service and was told I couldn’t cancel it even though I had her account number, address, and social security number and had paid the bill for nearly six years. I spent 40 minutes on the line with the company, and was told I couldn’t cancel it for legal reasons, because I could have been anyone and they wouldn’t have known. After calling my mother on my cell phone, and putting both phones on speaker, the second representative (a supervisor) accepted my mother telling her she wanted the account cancelled. The representative didn’t even ask her to identify herself or provide her account number, address, or social security number! To quote the supervisor who was concerned about legal liability, “She could have been anyone.” The whole thing should have taken 5 minutes, if common sense had been used, or if I had just lied about my identity.

    • Commodore & Chef of the naive

      I used to have this service, then I went to cable after having a run in with DTV. Now Im moving out to the countryside and DTV and ATT DSL is the only game in town. IF ANYONE HAS ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS please let me know. I heard DISH was worse.

    • Jrlh

      I had that issue, when my father died….Finally, I had to just call get a rep, and pretend I was him, to get the service ended….Jeez

  • ReupblicanManHATER2BREITBART

    I just read the news that Directv is being bought off by the worst provider that is AT&T. I gotta say. Farewell, Directv. I will no longer have your service. Since you allowed yourself to be sold off to a phone company that has the worst customer service in the world. I humbly say. **** YOU AND FAREWELL!

  • Joann Bloniarz Kramer

    it really p****s me off when these people can STEAL money from peoples accounts without permisson, and you dont even have to have an account with them. i made a onetime payment for my son once, a couple months down the road they were charging him for services that he never wanted so he disputed it, of course got nowhere with the CSR and told them to get his bill straight and he will pay them. to say the least they acted like they never heard of any problems and decided to empty my account of every cent in there and told me they had the right because i had made a payment to them. THIS IS AN OUTRIGHT CRIME, i had to close my account and am trying to fight this s**t but there is really NOONE to protect people from this s**t…..BOYCOTT DIRECT.TV. please dont let them keep stealing from people, tell everyone you know. i can see they have been doing this for awhile.

    • Steve Meadows

      The same thing happened to me, I paid a direct tv bill with my checkcard (chase) in 2012 (one time) and when my contract was over a year later, I decided to close my account with direct tv. The next thing I know, they took $547.00 from my checking account saying that I still had their equipment. The interesting part was I had purchased my direct tv box from radio shack, and I owned the box, it wasn’t a lease from direct tv.

      Long story short, I had to fight to get my bank , Chase to reverse this charge which they finally did, and it took over a week to get my money back. The next day I closed my account with Chase to prevent direct tv from pulling the same crap again. Screw Chase, and screw direct tv, they both suck.

    • Dr Dee

      never give out bank info. simple. hope that helps

    • debbie r

      I have a bundle with Verizon and pay all my bills the day after I receive them. never had a problem with directv. in fact, I call periodically to see what kind of deals I can get. if I don’t get an American when I call, I hang up and dial till I do.

  • Jethro

    I had it out with them years ago , and ATT will treat you the same way. What I have learned I have credit blemishes due to these thieves and my credit sucks now so guess what? Here is what I do now, I get one of those Wal-Mart cards and pre pay on it. If their service sucks I don’t put any more money on that card. This way they don’t tap my bank account.Turn me over to the bill collectors and I’ ll just change my pre paid phone # as well.

  • Charles Jones

    Technician # TN424538 di a great job in updating my reception on my receiver. He make it so much easier and I must commend him for his time. Thank you Ernie for your service. You were a great help to me and to Direct TV.

  • Mark

    Direct tv may be worst than most but the whole industry (wireless, internet, tv) is all out of control. They have all the power to charge you whatever they want courtesy of fine print and your credit card/ bank access. We can thank our wonderful legislators for looking out for us consumers! Congress- you are all worthless.

  • Maddie Blosenchek

    Directv has been horrible! I have 11 months left out of my 24 month contract; they want to charge me $220 for early termination fee. The credit card they have on file is an old one; however, I have paid my monthly bills with an updated card. Can they take the info from the card I used to pay my monthly bills online, even if I don’t authorize it? How can I avoid this fee, and if I don’t pay it, will I get bad credit? It’s not like it’s a credit card bill or something. Their agreement says "we MAY charge an early termination fee"

    • Dee

      I would let the bank know to restrict any charges that they try to take. You will probably pay $25-$35.00 but it will be worth incurring debt because of them. Good luck.

      I just got a call from a collection agency stating that I owe Directv $500.00. I told the woman that they didn’t want their boxes returned when I cancelled my service and that I am unemployed but I can pay $5.00 a month less the two boxes that she said were $29.60 each. I’m supposed to be getting something in the mail for my $5.00 monthly payment. We’ll see.

      • Guest

        I would ask for an itemized statement for the charge of $500. Watch your bank account if they have the # because they will automatically take the money out.

    • Ramesh Patel

      No. Diret TV cannot charge your Credit/Debit Card without your authorisation. However, if they do charge your Card a/c, request
      your Card Co. to charge back the amout in question.
      If Direct TV reports the outstanding amount to your Credit Bu, please dispute it for removal.
      You must have a valid reason to disconnect service. So often they breach the Contract. I wish I could help you more ?

      • Guest

        You are absolutely wrong! DTV can and most certainly will charge someone’s credit card or bank account because by giving DTV the account number this automatically gives them permission to charge any card or bank account.

        • Joann Bloniarz Kramer

          they do keep card numbers even if your not on their account, they with empty your bank account and rob you for charges you never agreed to, bank can dispute it but good luck with that. they should be shut down and the CEO should be in prison. if you or I were doing s**t like this we would be in jail. let me see another one of these scumbags in walmart try to talk to me. they may have to arrest me cause there will not be one person in that store who doesn’t know about their crimminal actions.

          • Laddy21876

            TOTALY AGREED!

      • Guest

        Yes they can charge your credit card or bank account if they have the #. You can dispute the amount with the cc and the money will be refunded pending their investigation but if they find in DTV’s favor the charge will be reapplied. same goes for a bank if they do a dispute

    • Guest

      If the new credit card is with the same company as the old one yes , they can get the new number from your cc company. Call your credit card company and "demand’ they not give DTV the new card number make sure they post this on your account . If the cc does give the number you can file a report against them with the BBB and the BBB will answer.I don’t know of any sure way of getting out of paying the cancellation fee. Yes they most certainly will charge the early cancellation fee any other fees they can come up with. If you decide to stop be sure to send back all equipment and keep the tracking # to verify they get the equipment.Yes, they will turn it into your credit report. I really don’t know how much damage they can do to your credit

  • Daaniel DeMello

    I think it’s about time that Directv gives us WWE NETWORK.If we don’t get it,iwill cancel out with them…..Regardless

    • Daniel DeMello

      No problem,i just want things done right.Not just myself but over 100,000,000 customers…..Thank you

  • B Stone

    I called to cancel our service due to their dropping The Weather Channel. They said they were still working to see about bringing it back but at this time, Weather Nation is it. I told them I would wait and see if the bring back The Weather Channel in a few months. If it doesn’t come back to Directv, we will cancel. A week later someone calls and offers us a Free Genie and $10.00 off bill for a year. Husband agrees to the FREE offer. Bill arrives with $150.00 increase for the FREE GENIE and installation. I called to get the charges for installation and Genie removed. Was on phone with 3 different departments for an hour. No one would remove the charges for me. Husband calls and they remove them for him. They told me there is a $10.00 fee for stopping the protection plan that I was not told about when installer advised me I could call in 30 days to say I do not want the plan. THEY CALLED US to offer FREE Genie and then bill us for it and the installation. Even though my husband got the matter resolved, this is HORRIBLE!!! Now we are locked in to the 2 yr contract. Been with them 6 yrs. At the end of 8 yrs we are terminating service. Very unhappy with this company! If you want something from them, make them email you the offer stating what is FREE and if there are ANY charges related to what you’re wanting, they need to state them in an email. Get it in writing from them. All tv providers today are full of ways to gouge customers. It’s all about the money.

    • Marion Carroll

      Just a tip about calling the direct tv call center. When you call you will be talking to someone in the Philipines. For whatever reason they follow the rules to the letter. So when contacting direct tv, always ask to be transferred to a call center in the United States. I’ve found they are much more willing to work with you.

    • debbie r

      who cancels a tv service because they lose the weather channel?

  • Karen

    I’ve been thinking of taking advantage of the specials that Direct TV keep sending me through junk mail. It looks tempting..more channels at a lower cost, but after reading all these reviews, I’m certainly not going to switch from Cox Cable. I’ll find other ways to save a few bucks.

    • Rick

      Yay for you! Don’t sign-up with them. All I’ve read about this company is based on dishonesty. I had a bad experience with them too. I signed-up, agreed to the pricing I discussed with the rep on the phone, only to find out later that there were more charges that the rep did not ever mention. I will not give them my business.

    • Guest

      Good for you Karen you don’t want to get mixed up with this dirty company. Those so called specials are bogus by the time they add everything on you will be paying much more and have to put up with them for 2 yrs plus. I say that because their equipment most likely will not last 2 yrs and the acceptance of new equipment extends your contract another 2 yrs!

      • Joann Bloniarz Kramer

        i made a one time payment for my son to them. after some time my son disputed charges he was getting for hundreds more than agreed, so he terminated his contract and disputed it. after about 6 weeks pass i check my bank account and find out that they had drained it taking every cent i had. i am not even on the account. they told me because my card was used for a payment they had the right to take my money. i am going to the media and anyone else who will listen. i cant wait till one of them want to talk to me in walmart. DONT GET DIRECT T.V. THEY ARE THIEVES.

  • Ana Dobson

    We originally got direct TV because of the triple play offer. For over three months they mailed the bills to the wrong address because we live in Monson but have a Wilbraham telephone number. We had to call to find out why we had not received a bill. We finally got our bill and what a surprise. We were billed for three months but not for the original triple play offer. We were told then that we did not fill out an application we should have filled out. We asked to fill out the application then because we had not been told about it. We were told we were too late the offer had expired. We explained that we could not fill out the application first because we were not told about it and second because we had not had gotten a bill for three months. Customer service would not let us talk with the manager that had originally told us that he was going to look into what he could do since it did not seem right that we had to pay a higher price and it wasn’t our fault. We were required to keep the two year contract although they broke theirs. Our contract will be over in August of 2014 and we want everyone to know how unhappy we have been. _A Dobson from Monson,Massachusetts

    • Freddie

      Did you think to check the address on the original order? Seems to be the employee who filled out the application probably got that information from you.

    • Guest

      Sounds like "bait and stitch" you can file complaints with the BBB,FTC and Attorney General and these can be filed online. I honestly know how much good it will do but hopefully one will answer. DirectTV uses so many scams and are coming up with new ones all the time. A piece of advise for the future is to change the # on what ever account they have on file and get a prepaid credit card for their files and pay them in money orders to keep them from getting your account information.

  • Rick

    They have dropped the Weather Channel and INSP which are 2 channels I watched a lot. We had 8 inches of snow where I live in North Georgia. This replacement DirecTV is trying to push on us is far inferior to the Weather Channel and gave our winter storm warning only a mention. DirecTV claims that Weather Channel had become reality TV, but they continue to air trashy stations like Bravo and MTV which have nothing to do with movies or music either. I dropped from their Premier package which included all the stations down to the their basic package which will be about $60 less per month. I live in a rural area and Dish is the other alternative, but I have to pay an arm and a leg to get any baseball coverage, so I just will be paying less for DirecTV because they have become less valuable to me. Been with DirecTV 9 years and they treat loyal customers like crap.

  • Bobbie Williamsn

    The dumbest thing Direct tv has done is to cancel the Weather Channel and run Weather Nation. It is absolutely horrible,I’m thinking of changing to Dish. Maybe they’re not as dumb and Direst Tv.

  • Gomez

    I have been a DTV customer for about an hour and am already unsatisfied and feel ripped off. The advertisement they sent out says that they will provide customers for a free genie but they do not specify that you will be charged an extra fee every month. Also they do not tell you that you need the HD TV box to get the 3 months of free premium channels. So I need to pay twice as much as is advertised to get what they advertised would be free. When I called to let them know that I was unsatisfied i just received allot of "unfortunately you need to pay extra to get what we advertised as FREE". I was told that they could fix but I would be charged an extra fee for upgrading as well as a monthly fee for the promotion. Oh and if I canceled I have to pay a monthly fee which is almost as much as I would pay for a product that I am unhappy with. I don’t understand how they can function being so dishonest and taking advantage of customers. I was excited to get cable but within the first hour feel so disillusioned with the Direct TV and it’s policies. If I would have known that this company was full of lies and BS I would have sticked with Netflix and HULU.

    • freddie

      Obviously you only saw the price , not the statement that the price was for your base programming, additional receivers, hd , dvr service and all may be extra.

      • Susan

        Wow, I believe the post. I was on the phone with Direct TV and they offered me the Free Genie and package prices. A day later when a rep felt the need to review my pricing, "why, I just signed up yesterday", I found out there was a charge for the Free Genie, not mentioned at all, prices were added that were not mentioned when I signed up and the rate changed. Hmmm, sounds like this happens often. Direct TV is scamming their customers!

    • Robert Johnson

      They have already been sued and are supposed to abide by these conditions, but they are not. Google consumer complaints against Direct TV, they were in a 14 million law suit from consumer complaints back in 2010. Nothing has changed despite the law suit and complaints. They are still ripping off consumers.

      According to Washington officials, here are some of the agreed-upon policies:

      Cancellation Fees: DIRECTV will not impose a cancellation fee on a consumer who ends service because of a recurring problem that can’t be fixed.
      • Advertising and Sales Disclosures: The company must clearly disclose the cost of the service, the contract length, additional charges for HD or DVR equipment, cancellation penalties, whether a promotional price is conditional on a rebate, whether an offer requires a particular payment, and other pertinent details. Extremely important disclosures, such as the requirement for a rebate, the required term of the consumer’s commitment and the period the promotional price will be charged, must be disclosed in direct proximity to the price itself.
      • Contract Changes: DIRECTV can’t require consumers to enter into a new or extended contract when simply replacing or repairing defective equipment. If a service upgrade or other change by a consumer requires a new or additional term of commitment, DIRECTV must first obtain the consumer’s consent to enter into a new or extended contract.
      • Rebates and Promotional Offers: DIRECTV must disclose whether a rebate is required to obtain the promotional price. If the consumer’s first bill does not reflect the price agreed to at the time of sale, DIRECTV must either provide that price or cancel the contract without penalty, if requested.

    • Ramesh Patel

      In your case, it will be a breach of Contract and you may terminate it witout any penalty.

    • Guest

      Sadly DTV has all the cards stacked (illegally) in their favor. you can lower your package to cheapest they have and DO NOT under any circumstances accept any new equipment for this will automatically renew your contract for another 2 yrs. If you have them on auto pay stop this. pay them with money orders and insist they send you a paper bill . Change the number of the account they have on file for you to be safe. Don’t believe a word they tell you. Read the other complaints on this site and you can pick up some good tips…

  • Cindy


    Don’t use DIRECTV!! They falsely bill you for services you NEVER requested. I asked for the cheapest package $29.99 that included Hallmark & Disney to remove everything else. Asked this on 7/3 & then on 1/18 I looked at my bill thinking it’s been too high here lately….guess what? They have been charging me for a monthly maintance that I would NEVER sign up for NOT to mention I stated I called in on 7/3 to get my bill lowered and took the $29.99 package, right I did cover that. They also have been charging me for NFL package of $40 extrra a month too….. This is WRONG!! Then when I called in on 1/18/14 two different times their SO CALLED Customer Service agent hung up on me. Then when I called in the 3rd time I went thru 3 different agents to supposedly got the highest up Sedwick who just laughed at me once I explained that DIRECTV had been falsely charging my account for services I asked removed back on 7/3. His response was even though you requested that on 7/3 since you didn’t specifically request NFL package & monthly maintenance plan be removed specifically that in their eyes I didn’t request it. BULL S**T!!!! What part of I want the cheapest package possible and to remove everything else do they not understand? Oh, I know…they don’t have an ENGLISH speaking person working who understands ENGLISH. This is BULL!! I’ve filed a BBB complaint on this company & would NEVER EVER EVER refer them to my enemy or dog. Go with DishNetwork or RoKu something else than this RIP OFF company who has to STEAL from their loyal customers to make a profit. If that’s how you continue to run your business how about closing your doors? Better yet…let the BBB help close your doors since you STEAL for your own loyal customers.

    • Mary Neilsen

      Cindy, I agree with you. This is an unethical company and they do not deserve to be in business since it seems their goal is to rip off their customers/potential customers and charge for services and equipment you never agreed to. I was lied to by the sales reps and their business principals do not exist.

  • Louise

    Direct TV is very dishonest, They sign you up for specials then say they never have specials. They tell you, you will not be charged an early disconnection fee if you keep for special of one year then charge you for a year of service. They give you a folder to put stuff in that has the 2 yr contract info but represesntative states that does not apply to you we don’t have folders for specials. BEWARE of them they are very unethical and very unhonest. I will NEVER recommend them and I will take every opportunity to discourage others from signing up with them. They are DISHONEST.

    • Liam

      I agree, Louise, they are very dishonest. The sales representatives clearly lie on the phone to get people to sign-up with them. I will never recommend them either.

  • pattt

    direct tv is slowly going out of business, one station at a time. we used to be able to check local weather. no more


    I want to thank everyone for their comments. I was considering going to Direct TV but thanks to you guys "I Won.t". It’s bad enough to be lock into a 2 year contract, but to receive horrible customer service, lied to, deceived, made to pay for their technician error is down right reprehensible, mean spirited, and down right UN AMERICAN. Shame on you Direct TV. I will cancel my order.


  • David Stohr

    we need it now wwenework please

  • David Stohr

    Would love to see you pick up the WWE Network,

    • Benjamin

      hi im Benjamin working for DirecTV. Read the post and Yeah! DirecTV already pick UP WWE network we made some improvements in the past couple of months now.

  • Dawn w

    We cancelled our service with Direct Tv in November 2013. We received a credit of 37.00. Then returned cards from boxes… Never received recovery boxes for equipment. Then started getting phone calls saying we owed $184.00 for movies from 2009! How can they do this? Never received a statement for unpaid movies. Our last statement showed our $37 credit & 0 balance. Now we owe them! Called them twice they were rude& said they were turning us over to collections. How can they get away with this?

    • Guest

      DirectTV does this to many customers and they know it is their word against yours and you can’t prove anything. The bigger thing to worry about now is if they have charged your account for the non-returned equipment! this is usually a huge charge placed on you cc or debited from your bank account whichever they have on file for you. If they have no charged you account yet try and get the numbers changed or close the account to prevent charges from them. Keep calling them until you get the boxes and labels to return their equipment and hang on to your tracking# to prove they get it. If they charge your account for the equipment,getting your money back may not be easy.

    • BEN


  • Deborah

    When I first ordered Directv I went over the first and second year charges with the agent very carefully. Before I ordered, I read them back to her and asked her to verify that these were the exact amounts I would pay, and she did. Since I was committed for two years, I assumed the amounts were contractual. Then, to my surprise, I got a rate increase. Now I’ve been notified of another increase next month.

    How can I be held to a two-year contract but they can raise the rates whenever they want? Not only did the agent lie to me (intentionally or not), but I would never commit to something without knowing the price. Who would?

    I want out. I have six months to go, but I don’t want to pay the increased fee. Based on prior experience with them, I expect to be treated like dirt by the CSR. As I did last time, I will go to my state Attorney General if I have to. This is the pits. I’ve never hated a company the way I hate this one.

    • Tammy Clark

      Don’t bother with Attorney General MIKE DEWINE…..his office is pretty much useless……We cancelled our service with direct after having them for several years. Our problem is the technician that came out, FAILED to get our signature for the two-year contract and now they sent us a notice saying we owe the cancellation fee. When I asked for a copy of the contract we signed……the signature on the line was a slight curve….I just laughed, That is not our signature and for them to think they can pull this is LAUGHABLE.

      • Guest

        Their two year contract is usually on the back of their work order if you signed off on this this is your contract but it does not matter whether you signed or not they will hold you to the contract because you have their service. The best thing to do is if DTV has your bank account# or credit card# change these asap if you can’t change the #’s close the account so DTV will not be able to debit your account.(get a prepaid cc for their records) DTV has been "pulling" this for years along with many other scams and will probably continue to do so. Do Not accept any new equipment for ANY reason even if the ones you have fails, because this will extend your contract another 2 yrs!

  • Bruce McDonalds

    Directv has procedures for everything, If you operate within their procedures, you will have no issues. I’ve had service from them for over 10 years. Knowing how they operate, knowing what a csr can and can’t do, and by knowing what is available and it’s cost, you will find out you can get by with relatively good service and moderate cost. If you call and say you over-charged me $30, there is nothing the CSR is going to be able to do for you. If you call and know how to spin a story, (I need to cancel, I lost my job, I have no money, by wife’s lawyer stole it, I make $10/hr, my unemployment is running out, etc) they can hook you up with a CSR that can look for any discounts and specials out there, and you may end up with a monthly discount for anywhere from 6 months to a year. Only ask to talk to a supervisor if an option/discount you want is greyed out ont he CSR’s computer (a supervisor can override that for you if you act like an innocent retarded person and/or a victim of circumstance). If you work within their tightly written procedures, and ask them to do things for you that are within the scope of their jobs, you will have less conflicts. I won’t give you all the secrets, but as an example, if you call and put your system "on vacation" for 5 or 6 months (tell them you are unemployed but expect to get a job within 5 or 6 months), you do not pay for those 5 months that you are on vacation, but those 5 months count against your 24 month commitment (assuming you keep your mouth shut and don’t brag about it). There are other secrets, but I’m afraid to disclose them as Directv will update their procedures at any time if they see too many people taking advantage of them.

    • Steve

      To a point….you are right. When I moved from CO to TX I let them know I was moving. They put my account on hold until I got moved into my new house. It took me 6 months to get my new house up to living standards and then moved in. Directv charged me $25.00 a month ….just to be on HOLD. So there IS a charge. Sence then it’s been one BIG NIGHTMARE!!!!. They’ve been over chargeing me and suckered me into a bundle deal for my tv and internet. I signed up for a $90 bundle and it was quoted to me as that. What they didn’t tell me is their bundle deal is thru Verizon and they have no power over what Verizon charges. Now I’m billed $69.00 from Directv…and $70 from Verizon. Anyway you add it up….it’s NOT…a $90 bundle deal. How can Directv offer a bundle deal if they don’t know what the other Co. is going to charge you???? Directv is nothing but a RIP-OFF and once they got your name on that contract….there’s not ONE D**N THING you can do about it.

      • Guest

        You have got that right and DirectTV has their customers money to prove it!

      • Guest

        Heck they don’t even have to have your name on a contract! DTV only provides satellite tv they do not have internet service. They simply lie to customers about their "bundle" deal leading customers to believe they offer both.

    • Jonny

      Absolutely untrue. Dealing with "supervisors" is very hit and miss. Some will call you names and hang up on you, and all will try and sell additional services even when the call was to report a problem with a service you already paid for. Further, the level of service has deteriorated significantly over the last year. You can actually get a concession from one "supervisor", and when it turns out you didn’t really get it the next one will claim it was never offered. You will never get the original supervisor back – you can’t even get the original call center that gave you the cons=cession in the first place back. CROOKS!

    • Freddie

      This guy is wrong about putting your account on "vacation" as he called it. Your contract will be extended for the time the account is on "Vacation" . But the car you speak to will help you out depending on your circumstance. I went on disability and called to see about lowering my bill. The Directv CSR was able to lower my bill by $13 a month and upgraded my standard receivers to HD , gave me the genie and upgraded my dish for me to a HD dish. I got 3 HD receivers , a HD dish, Whole Home Service and Genie and my bill dropped $16 and then when I added Whole Home it did go up $3. They gave me the HD service free for a year . Seems this website is for the few people who would complain about anything.

    • Guest

      Bruce, I hope that DTV continues to work out good for you. Some have no problems with DTV but others are not so lucky. It isn’t anything they do or do not do, I was an unlucky one, my bill was never correct from day one. I had DTV for 5 months of pure Hell! I was on the phone every month only to be lied to. I paid their bill with money orders and I think maybe that may have been part of the problem because DTV demands to have your personal accounts on file. I paid my bill on time each month but when DTV billed me for 2 months and I had the receipts where I had paid and they refused to acknowledge my paid receipt and tried to make me pay again. I refused and canceled service. My credit card had promised not to accept charges from DTV but when I checked online 3 days after cancelling DTV. There was a charge from DTV for the amount of $987.00 early cancellation fees and non returned equipment. They had not given me time to return the equipment before charging my account. I did get my money returned after filing complaints against DTV and my credit card With the BBB. I know what DTV did to me and I hate what they are doing to so many others. DirectTV uses many scams and they are not particular who they use them on. Everyone should beware because anyone can become their victim at any time.

  • Danielle

    Direct TV linked my account to my employers account as my work number was listed as a secondary number (what company doesn’t ask for work # these days) I have had Direct TV since 2009, then one day in March 2013 they linked my account to a corporate account with my employer. My employer thought I was stealing from them and terminated me. I was with my job for 6 years, if I was going to steal I would have went to Hawaii not pay a dumb Direct TV bill, anyway Direct TV won’t give me answers to their error and how they stole from my pervious employer. I left them and they can have their receivers back when I get answers.

    • Guest

      They probably charged your former employer for the equipment as well. This is one company that you do not want to have your personal information whether it be bank, credit card, phone# or anything!

    • Freddie

      If this is true I would return the receivers and then seek legal help . If this is true ( and I doubt it ) you have a lawsuit on your hands.

  • vladek

    Direct TV installed equipment without owners knowledge and permission. They had ruin the roof and sidewalls.

    • Guest

      That is their installers fault, these guys are usually contracted out by another company. The dish is yours to keep for they do not remove it and you will either remove it yourself or pay someone to do so because if it is not done properly,your roof may leak.

    • Freddie

      Directv requires customers to get the Landlords permission if they are renting before they will install the dish. There is a form that HAS TO BE FILLED OUT.

  • NICO too bad……………………..SUCKS MOVIES. TWO MONTHS $$$$$$$$$196.00 REGULAR PLAN?

  • Bart

    I have been scammed on the nfl additional service. I paid it two months without looking at the bill. I noticed this charge and called them. Two representatives said I had agreed to it and they would have to leave the charge on for the rest of the year.

    Im looking at other services. These guys are a scam

  • unhappy customer

    Do NOT apply for Direct Tv..They are no HELP at all rude and trying to keep ppl on the acct and not credit back something they accidentally charge my card for which is not MY fa ult…all I can say Direct Tv SUCKS!!

    • debbie r

      I guess it is hit or miss. I have had directv for 3 years and I am satisfied. the csrs have always been polite and helpful.

  • deejay

    DirecTV will not let me talk to customer service until I pay my bill in full. I need to give them my new mailing address so they can send a recovery kit so they can get their stuff back. It’s not their fault that I lost my 2nd job and can’t pay my bill, but why can’t they just talk to me so I can explain? That just seems wrong.

  • Nancy

    My mother is 85 years old and lives in a HUD housing complex. We have had ongoing issues at trying to keep her service from going out. We have cancelled the service because it could not be resolved. I mailed the equipment back on Monday in the provided kit. We have spoken to numerous departments and have had the calls documented with customer retention, tech support etc. I was assured we would not be charged an early cancellation fee. My mother received a bill this week requesting the payment for the early cancellation. The company cannot provide the service for which she signed up for. I have all the documents proving that we did try to have the company remedy the situation. I would like to trust that they would make this right by honoring their commitment to have provided good service. Which they could not! Again we signed my 85-year-old mother up hoping this would be her long time service. I spent two hours on the telephone two weeks ago sent from one department to another.

    • Kathy Hine

      I too have had issues with DirectTV… Cancellation being one of them. They will not take cancellation in writing…NOTE: If you do not pay the bill within a certain amount of time they will send her account to an outside agency and report it on her credit report. If you read other reports on your particular issue you will find they were sued just for that reason. I have NEVER sued a company before and I NOW truly understand why people do. I wish there was a way to stop them once and for all from the rude, lying, unethical business practices and lack of customer service that they so regularly advertise.

      • Guest

        There have been numerous class action law suits filed against them and DTV winds up paying a fine but are back to their old tricks the very next day. Money talks I suppose The one piece of advice I would give is everyone to not let them have your bank account# or credit card# If they do have these get the numbers changed and if necessary get a pre-paid credit card for their files and never write a check to pay them pay them with money orders if possible and keep the receipts and always get a tracking # when returning their equipment.

    • Guest

      Please make sure they do not have your mother’s bank or credit card# as they will automatically put the charge on the cc or withdraw it from her bank account. I hope too that you got a tracking # when you returned their equipment because they often say they did not receive it and charge the customer. Get in touch with "Crimes against the eldery" and place a complaint with the BBB,FTC and Attorney General. If your mother is not worried about her credit don’t pay their bill but this will mean she needs to change her bank account # or cc#. Cable would be a better option if possible for her. no contracts.

  • John H

    Talked with directv techs today for about 1 hour. Tried to have DirecTv Everywhere (watch shows and movies anywhere) on my laptop so I could watch the SF Giants at the Ariz Diamondbacks. Turns out that the ad that says "watch anything you watch at home on your tv when you are away on your laptop or phone" is not true. They only have live tv streaming for a few channels, none are local tv channels, and when i wanted to watch the 690 series channels where baseball and other sportsm are shown I was told several different things by several different reps. First rep said no problem, then the second rep said they do not support any live streaming tv, the third rep said you could do it if you were at home (ehy would you want to?) and the fourth rep said only some channels are available. They do not have the ability to let you watch anything you can watch at home on your DirecTv while you are away, just a few select channels. I told them I wanted to void my contract since the ads (and even their website) indicates that you can watch any live tv you watch at home while you are away I was told that the small print says that only a few channels are available and since the small, unreadable print of the tv ad says that, the contract was not invalid and I would be charged a termination fee for early termination regardless of the fact that their website and tv ads maybe (ARE) misleading. So I am contemplating taking them to court with this and see what the judge has to say. Anyone else have similar experience?

    • Janette

      I think that everyone should get together and take them to court. I am being charged $5.99 for a computer player of theirs that won’t work with my computer, so even though I can’t watch that movie,
      I am still being charged for it. I have had nothing but trouble with their movies that you order. They have had to come up with the 6mths free Starz and Encore because they goofed up the watch 2 and pay and get 2 more for free. I see it as I payed for 3 and am getting only 1 for free. I had trouble even getting set up for their service which I will write on the board so all can read it after this. I say stay away from this wack company.

    • Guest

      You may want to read your contract because I don’t think you can take them to court. There have been plenty of class action law suits filed against DTV and DTV pays a big fine and are right back to their old tricks before the ink dries on the paper. Also, you might want to check with DTV about receiving any new equipment if this will extend your contract for another 2 yrs.

  • David Trader

    I David and Barbara Trader have notice a Program Adult Only has been added to our programs without notifying us. There are already plenty of those program listed without adding them. You cancel OWN and added trash such as that adult stuff. We had no idea the program was going to be added, what a disgrace!! If this kind of action continue we will have to cancel Direct TV sooner, because there is enough trash on now! Parents are burden with enough now let alone adding channel without their consent.

  • marlne reeser

    Ddirectv gets you in a two year contract and tell you that your bill won"t change. LIARS- im in ten months of my contract and paying $28.00 more for the same services. THEY ARE A BUNCH OF LIARS!!! Corporate will not help you ,

  • Susan Eason

    We have been loyal–through outages, etc—customers for twelve years. My husband is now ill and we are having to move in with our daughter. We had a year left on our service contract for something they sold us last year. They refuse to negotiate on that service contract, disregarding completely the twelve years, the fact that we have also had internet through Hughes AND the fact that our house has been sold to someone who also would have been a good customer for them. Not now though!, and at some point, had they cooperated on ANY level, we might have returned to them What a very very shortsighted way to run a business. They wont’ have the almost monopoly forever.

    Susan Eason

    • Glen Hale

      I have had a problem with them also. I had been a customer for over 4 years. My contract was up almost 2 years ago. I wanted to upgrade my equipment. This is free for any new customer, but not for someone who has been loyal for over 4 years. They wanted to charge me almost $500.00 for the equipment and an extra $8.00 per mo. over what I was already paying. This would have been free for a new customer and almost 1/2 of what I was paying per mo. for the first year. I would understand if I were still under contract, but like I said that was over 2 years ago. I just cancelled my service & signed up with Dish. Not sure it will be any better, but Directv needs to learn how to treat a loyal customer!

    • Eshban

      Just give me your number and i can help u out in that…

  • Frank

    WOW…I’m glad I went online and read the reviews of Direct and Dish satellite TV service. I was contemplating leaving my cable company (there’s no contract in effect) and changing to satellite service for better rates and programming. After reading the experiences of contributors to this site, there’s no way that I’m going into a contract (a hook) with these outfits!

    • Debbie

      Frank, I currently have Dish and they aren’t any better!

      • debbie r

        Comcast either. they are getting so expensive. I am paying $87/month for my husband in a nursing home and he doesn’t even have any movie channels.

    • Guest

      You were very wise in checking out the complaints first. There seems to be no end to DirectTV’s Scams they continue to pull on their customers. Their so called "cheaper prices" all have big catches that most people do not qualify for and they are not told this until it is too late.

  • Chris

    I had Direct TV and decided to go with AT&T U-verse. They gave me a one year contract I couldn’t afford to turn down. Before switching I called Direct TV (on May 14) to see how long I had in my contract and what it would cost to terminate the contract. Customer Service told me had a few months left and it would cost me $63 to terminate the contract. I had everything installed on May 17. I called Direct TV back to terminate my contract and settle up with them. When I called to do this I had to listen to how much better they were and what they could do and I politely declined and asked to terminate my contract. The person then becomes very agitated and very rude and tells me that’s fine I just terminated your service and you owe us a $300 termination fee. I replied you are crazy and the lady said no you added another receiver in August of 2012 and that automatically put you in another 2 year contract. I simply told her good luck getting that money and if it was reported on my credit they better have a new contract I signed, because I had my contract in my hand. Wished her luck and told her I would see Direct TV in court if necessary if it is put against my credit. Amazing how on the 14th it’s was $63 to terminate and on the 17th I actually terminated the contract and it jumped to $300.

  • candy

    Directv is the worst ever. Their service is sooo bad they are afraid customers won’t pay unless they can gain access to your credit card. They will tell you if you don’t give them accessto your card, they cannot give you their steep discounts. Then they will bill you charges 10 x your supposed discounts and never let you know by mail, instead, they will say, your bill is paid in full! Take a look at what your credit card chargs are. I asked one of the corporate people, but aren’t you losing money by letting credit card companies pay 5%. They said, well, better then not getting paid at all. A most unethical company

    • J. Vego

      yea how unethical of a company in business to make a profit want some kind of security to make sure that deadbeats pay their bill, if you intend on paying your bill then giving a credit card should be a problem. I rent heavy equipment at my business, I always ask (and run) a credit card prior to releasing equipment because I want to have security and assurance that I will get paid.

    • Guest

      They insist on your credit card or bank account # so they can withdraw money from your account anytime they see fit. when you cancel service most of the time DTV does not give you time to send back their equipment before they place a huge charge for early cancellation fees and non-returned equipment fees on your card or they will withdraw it from your bank account even if it throws you into the negative. They also keep on file any other card or bank account # that is ever used to pay your bill and will not hesitate to charge this as well. I would never trust DTV to make automatic with drawls from any account.If you do not get a tracking # when returning their equipment it is your word against theirs as to whether they got the equipment and they charge the customer for this as well and getting your money back from DTV is almost impossible.

      • Joann Bloniarz Kramer

        they stole from my account and i was just making a one time payment for my son, months later he was disputing unautherized charges so they decided to drain my account. i’m not even on the contract…is this really LEGAL, losing all faith in our whole system. had to close my bank account and am now down hundreds, trying to fight it but feel like i’m going in circles.

  • Sam Croucher

    These people are deceptive. I was on the phone for an hour going over details for sign up and installation. I clearly told the lady we had an HD and NonHD tv. She said that was no problem we would get HD. When the installer showed up his orders were for nonHD and he wanted $10.00 more per month. Needless to say I sent them packing.

  • Ronnie

    $300. To lease a genie. Too much money.

    • debbie r

      you would have to be nuts or rich. I got a roku for Christmas and just have a basic pkg. Netflix is pretty cheap.

  • Gail

    Direct TV is way off the mark. They charge more and you get less. The equipment they sell you is inferior. When you have a problem you have to listen to the stupid prompts and beg for a tech. Then you supposed to go reset, unplug all your equipment, which has never been my problem. When you reach a human you get lip service and have to wait three to five days for a tech to come out. I am contacting Comcast and begging them to come service my area. Shame on Direct TV for not hiring more outside techs. Too cheap I guess to really give customer service.

  • kari

    I like the direct tv channels but as far as the company goes it is the worst one ever. The customer service tries to help but they dont follow thru and dont have common sense. I have had them 3 months and have had to call over a dozen times to get things straightened out. Something new comes up every month. I wasnt getting my bills at first then they charged me an extra $5.99 for something and when i saw the automatic payment on my credit card was too much i called and they said oh it was stated on your last bill they were going to charge for this – but they didnt even have my right address! So I did get the fee off any further billing but still had to pay for the time period b4 (if i had gotten the bill first i could have called b4). Now the bill i received in the mail is a credit for $-27; but i get an email that my payment is due – I ignore it b/c I know i have a credit. Then I start getting past due notices in my email so i call – they say the bill they sent was done b4 they added my monthly charge and my new balance is $22. Now how do I pay a bill I dont even have/ They want to take payment over the phone so i dont get a late charge – you mean you give me NO time to make a payment when it is your stupid mistake? Well I write this to tell you they need watched like a HAWK. i stopped auto pay so I can read over the bill each month – hope i get them as requested. I like the stations (fairly cheap AAA deal until it expires and then i get full billing the last few months) I dont like the 2 year contract and the upbilling near the end of it so may go back to time warner -` at least i didnt have to call every month for their stupidity -Or should i say their thievery tactics?

  • Wendy

    Direct tv is lousy, to say the least. Both my Mom and I had a very bad experience with them. Both lost money, and they were completely unjustified in taking our money. I am looking for a way to report this, and for it to make a difference. Class action lawsuit maybe?

  • Amanda Woodward

    As a long time Direct Tv customer I have to say that I agree with about everything that is said here. I called to move my service in Feb. and was informed that the charge was $500 to move 3but they would do me a favor and discount the charge to $200. I told them that part of my service agreement was that it was free transfer of service if I moved. The man replied with "Things change." I told him that I had been with the company for years and never complained about the constant rate changes even though I signed on for a specific service and amount. I didn’t complain when I lost 40 channels from my package a few years back but was charged an increase of $12. he replied again with a snide comment of " Ma’m you don’t go to the gas station to get gas and expect the price to be the same as five years ago do you?" At this I lost it and told him that a service contract and gas have nothing in common. That he doesn’t bring my service in a vehicle it is a signal traveling through the ether." His condescending attitude lost him a customer. I had my service cut off there and then. Now 2 months later I sit on the phone and am being told that I did not shut off my service until March 25. They are calling me a liar and leaving me on hold for long periods of time only to come back and tell me the computer is frozen.

  • Lola


    I just went into BestBuy yesterday, and a really nice DirecTv sales rep offered me and my father a $66 dollar a month for the "Optimo Mas" package. We currently had ATT U-Verse which we paid $83 dollars a month.

    Supposedly our deal with DirecTv would guarantee us a FIXED 66 dollars for satellite tv, AND 33 FIXEDDDD for U-verse internet (I had the Uverse 300 bundle… so internet and tv for about 122 a month)

    well, we sign the contract for 2 years keep in mind… 66 FIXED dollars for tv.. 33 FIXED dollars for our 18mbs uverse internet.

    okay… so 2 days pass and the DirecTv guy comes to our house and does a basic install. "DirecTv is taking everyone’s business" he says… "OnDemand is completely free and some movies that are still in theaters you only need to pay $4.99 and you can even record them yadayada"

    well, that same day I had to call ATT to cancel my uverse tv and give them my "account number from DirecTV" because supposedly we are given an account number from DirecTv that we are SUPPOSED to give to the ATT reps and our "bundle" will guarantee our same internet price and now our "$50.99 because we qualify for even more discounts because of the credit check"

    Well the ATT lady tells me that DirecTv is only supposed to be offered to people who dont have Uverse available in their areas… and that the internet is completely separate from the tv… so when our original uverse bundle expires our internet price will rise… EVEN THOUGH THE DIRECTV LADY EXPLICITLY TOLD ME THAT THE 33 DOLLARS WE PAID FOR OUR UVERSE INTERNET WOULD STAY FIXED FOR 2 YEARS… NOT TRUEEEEE

    Now we have directv with the not at all free ondemand… not at all free 3 month hbo and showtime channels. and I called twice, TWICEEEE and they told me I could still cancel because 24 hrs hadn’t passed… they transferred me to another lady.. and now I can’t cancel w/o paying the early cancellation fee.


    • Joann Bloniarz Kramer

      i agree, stop robbing people, direct t.v. is a lowlife company with LOWLIFE PEOPLE WORKING FOR IT. unhonest. can’t wait til one of these asswholes wants to talk to me in walmart again…everone in that store will know about these asswholes.

  • lou

    Direct TV is a crap outfit. I had it installed on 3/28/12 and have had nothing but problems. Their equipment is crap and their non existent customer service is even worse. I had Dish for six years and no problems. Be forewarned, stay away from this gypsy outfit. The only thing they are really good at is sucking in suckers with their tricky ads. Not worth the time or effort!!!

  • Jessica

    Almost every month, our DirecTV bill increases & I have to call customer service to find out why, argue about, & ask for a refund. Last month I was told I would get a $10 credit for the next 12 months. When I received my bill this month, there was NO credit. Once again, I called customer service. The CSR argued with me & told me over & over that I had a $5 (not $10) credit. I asked her to go over the bill with me line per line, as my current bill compared to the previous month was exactly the same. She kept arguing with me, saying that she doesn’t have access to Verizon (our Verizon & DTV are bundled). I told her numerous times it had nothing to do with Verizon (as that price was exactly the same as last month too). She was very rude & argumentative & finally reluctantly transferred me to a supervisor. In 30 seconds, the supervisor had the problem explained to me – they print their bills a month ahead of time. Thus, my credit will start with NEXT month’s bill. I’m not so upset about the fact that I was told I’d get a $10 credit & it’s only $5, but am more upset by the argumentative rude CSR from INDIA. I don’t know if there was a language barrier, but if they don’t understand English, they should not be CSRs!!!!! I HATE DIRECTV! When my husband dies, I will immediately cancel my DirecTV service. That is a promise.

  • Jeanette Gonzales

    I switched over to Direct Tv in January, 2013I I was suppose to get all my receivers for free and just pay the monthly bill. Well 4 months later I was bill $579.00 dollars to my account without authorization. They were trying to bill me for all 4 receivers and when I was on the phone with Direct TV for almost 2 hours and they still could not refund me the money. They were trying to give me a $400.00 credit to my Direct TV account and not my BANK account. I am not very happy with my service with them. Does anybody know who I can call to file a complaint with??? my email is

    • Dayle

      YOU HAVE TO FILE A COMPLAINT WITH YOUR STATE Attorney General. BBB cannot legally file against them
      But your state government can!

  • Megan

    Direct TV does nothing but LIE to their customers in order to get them into a contract and then b/c you’re in, you can’t cancel unless you want to pay outrageous fees. First, we thought we were getting one package, when they came to install that wasn’t the package we were ‘eligible’ for. So they said this will be the monthly cost, sign up for auto bill pay at any time and you’ll save $10.00. After we received our first bill we tried to sign up for auto bill pay and what do you know…. we aren’t ‘eligible’ for that discount. Each person has a different story. We were specifically told yes, that will be a $10.00 credit. Then when we called to question, "yes, I see where the agent told you that, but we can’t do that". WHAT??!!! Worst company that DOES NOT stand by their customer promise of ‘honesty and integrity".

  • Tara

    i have had nothing but issues with Direct tv since May 2012. First, I signed up with a bundle package with verizon phone and internet, I was told I would be receiving same internet speeds as Time Warner which was 10 mbps come to find out I’m barely receiving 1.5 mbps, internet is extremely slow! Second, some how they did the credit check under my husbands name and said because of the credit that I had to buy the equipment and pay $200. Don’t understand how they did the credit check under his name if the account was under my name and I gave them my social security #, (I did pay with his credit card tho) I did not find out till 8 months later when we did our credit reports. I didn’t get the channels I originally was told I was getting. I asked them today about canceling procedure she stated it would be $240 and will need to send my equipment back, i stated i paid for the equipment I own it and she said no its leased, so why did I pay $200 and still have to pay monthly and I received no response then the phone went dead the idiot hung up on me. Third, They never bundled me in the beginning I had to call them and scream at them for them to change it. January comes and my bill is much higher than the other months I call them and ask where is my bundle credits they tell me your not bundled what are you talking about, I told the lady to go back and look at the previous months and she hung up!! I called back and spoke to a supervisor and he stated it will be fixed. After 7 phone calls and 3 months i’m still not bundled and my bill is now triple the amount I was paying. They never stated that after the first year your bill will triple the cost! Another issue, since the beginning one of my boxes continued to freeze, couldn’t watch DVR shows. I called them at least 3 times a month about it they kept saying theres nothing wrong with it take the power plug out and it will be fine, I should not have to do that! I called again about it and they stated I would have to pay for a new one and for a tech to come to my house because i’m outside the warrenty time period. At that moment I flipped out how many times did I ask for a new box and they kept putting if off. They are liars, crooks and will do anything to get you to sign up!

  • Kaarle

    NEVER USE DIRECT TV!!! I ordered the "Genie" which they advertise for $39.00 and even quote this over the phone. When you get your bills they are well over $150!!!! They even tell you when they sign you up there is no contract and can cancel at any point in time. I called to cancel since they did NOT follow the quote they gave me. I asked for a manager to call me on 4 seporate occations and the last manager even confirmed no one made an attempt to contact me!! They then told me it would cost $450 to cancel my service and they sent me a contract, which they never did nor did I sign! I disputed this amount and they automatically took the amount out of my account! I have filed with the Better Business Bureau and recommend every one does the same! Crooked business and will scam you out of hundreds of dollars!

  • Tyler maybes

    Just signed up and direct tv is the biggest scam. I called on their flier that the mail out and it say you can get 4rooms connected,genie,hd,nfl ticket for 39.99. When setting up the told me it would cost 51.99 with taxes I said okay sounds about right. Then we check our bill online our bill is now at 72.00. I called to see wh the increase in price and they said oh there’s this fee and that fee. Direct tv wouldn’t budge on my account. They are a bunch of hustlers and con artists. Dooooooooont sign up.

  • robert klein

    This company is deliberately misleading its customers. Everything from placing unordered items on your bill to changing their prices in the middle of your contract. Most don’t complain so they get away with it. I’m currently a customer and can’t wait to get off their %^$#$%?**&^ contract.

  • Jen L.

    DirectTV lied to me from the start. They told me I was getting a package I didn’t get and when I told them I wans’t getting the channels I signed up for, they told me they would give them to me if I upgraded my package! Then months later, they removed basic channels from my package and when I called them to find out what happened, I was told that they have a right to add or remove channels to any package at anytime and if I wanted those channels back, I would have to ….you guessed it…..upgrade my package and pay more! Funny they didn’t go over any of that when they were selling me as a new customer! And if I want out of my contract….HUGE penalty fees! So once you are a DIRECT TV CUSTOMER, THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT WITH YOUR PACKAGE, GIVE YOU THE WORST SERVICE IN THE WORLD, REFUSE TO LET YOU SPEAK TO A SUPERVISOR ON THE PHONE, DISCONNECT YOU AFTER HAVING YOU WAIT ON HOLD FOR A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF TIME, AND IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY WITH THE SERVICE…TOO BAD….THEY DON’T CARE, THEY DON’T FIX THE PROBLEM AND WILL JUST KEEP TRYING TO MAKE YOU PAY MORE AND MORE…..I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE DEALT WITH A COMPANY SO CROOKED BEFORE! NEVER AGAIN, ONCE MY BALL AND CHAIN IS OFF. I’M GOING TO CALL TIME WARNER CABLE AND SEE IF THEY WANT TO BUY OUT MY DIRECT TV CONTRACT TO GET ME BACK AS A CUSTOMER. IT WILL COST THEM $160.00.

  • Comment

    They must make a healthy percentage of their income off of cancellation fees. The thieving bastards.

    • Jason Vego

      What nerve this company has for wanting the money that was due to them under a contract

    • Guest

      You are exactly right…. DTV does not hesitate to go into your bank account or credit card and take money often times leaving the customer in the negative with his bank without consulting the customer first and a lot of the credit card companies and banks work in favor of DTV for fees .Even when the customer files a dispute with their cc because of a big charge placed on their account by DTV if the credit card’s findings does not result in your favor this charge will be reapplied and you have to pay it. I would never trust anything DTV says or does. They are capable of anything and it does not have to be legal.

  • ABBY


  • Robyn

    Cancelled my service with direct tv the first week of March. Should have been a simple phone call and it should have been done. They said that they would ship me a box to mail back my receiver to them. No big deal or so I thought. I have had to call every week now for 5 weeks because they can’t seem to ship out a stupid box to pick up their junk. they are now trying to bill me $145.81 for not returning their receiver. I just called again right now for them to ship the box and the customer rep that I got had a cow when I asked to speak to her boss. she began telling me how she is different from the last 4 reps and she doesn’t mess with no ones kids, husbands, jobs, ect. she went off on me for asking for her boss for 5 about minutes. INSANE!!!!!! Do not ever sign up for direct tv unless you never plan to leave their service. Beyond frustrated! What a joke.

  • susan

    NEVER NEVER NEVER SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY! I lost my husband am on disability for a serious mental condition. They kept me on the phone for over an hour and a half when I requested service. Where I am moving to they don’t allow dishes and there is no one in this neighborhood that has a dish. I had no idea what they were saying now that I am moving they want either 130$ to transfer service and 300$ for early cancelation. Due to my mental disability I am unable to grasp what thet were saying. I am going to have to comit suicide because I cannot pay these fees. What monsters!

    • Derpy Hooves

      uhhhh…..WTF Women Suicide? over a dish company??? you need to be in the funny farm

    • Paul

      Hi Susan. Im sorry they will not allow dishes in your area. Have you considered using paper plates instead?

    • Jim

      Find a good md. There are medications that can help. Losing a spouse is one of the biggest stressors there is. A psychologist could be helpful too but the md can do both, psychotherapy and medication.
      By the way if direct tv puts a negative report on your credit go online to the free credit report. There is one site that is free And open a case. If the credit reporting agency agrees any negative postings from direct tv can be removed.

    • Dave

      You really are CRAZY come on your going to commit suicide over $300 you really need to be put in a mental institution

    • Guest

      You need not worry just make sure DirectTV does not have your bank account# or cc# and if they do change these nimbers and don’t tell DTV what they are. They cannot touch disability payments unless they have your bank account # then they can withdraw from it. DirectTV is certainly not worth harming yourself over.

    • debbie r

      businesses are businesses not your friends. you are naïve to think they would change the rules because you are in a jackpot. businesses do not operate that way

  • Jay

    Direct Tv is RIDICULOUS!!!! Ive been given a great quote with internet included and they totally screwed me over! They installed the wrong equipment and when they came to fix the problem they made things worse. My bill has went higher and ive probably called customer service over 100 times!!!!! I am so frustrated, and thats not all i was told i was supposed to receive a call from a supervisor in 7-15 days and its been a month and i have not received jack ****! I keep getting placed on hold and then they transfer me to someone else who asks me "what is the problem mam" after i have repeated the **** problem over a gazillion times. Save your self the headache and do not get direct tv go with comcast or something else i dont care if its more expensive the customer service with direct tv sucks and thats one of the most important things!!!!

  • tina

    I’ve been with direct tv for about 10 years now and have never had a complaint with them. They have always been upfront about their charges.

    • Derpy Hooves

      well thats good…but im not quite sure if this will make me change


    The DIRECT TV commercial with a man coming out of the water with his body COVERED IN LEACHES is NOT CUTE AND I WOULD NEVER GO TO DIRECT TV!! IT"S NASTY and gave me nightmares!!!! REALLY???? What does it have to do with TV???? I HATE THIS COMMERCIAL!! And it’s so close to summer where you want to get in the water!!! STOP THIS COMMERCIAL~~

  • paul

    I was getting Deployed and so cancelled my service with direct TV. in Dec 2012. I asked for by total bill and they told me so i paid with a check over the phone. They sent me a receipt acknoledging payment and oh my i wish i knew whati was getting into. 6 months down the line they sent me to a collection agency for the same amount I generosly paid. I called them and now they are saying they did not receive my payment-what happened when they received it and sent a receipt acknoledging payment. That how they are, my friend told me they dont care and they tried to bill him 3 times for the same . stick with other services because these are rich people who care less about how we work hard for our money

  • a person

    remember people those people you talk to on the phone that you like to abuse dont make the policies that **** you off, weather those policies are right or wrong the person on the phone is just a person just like you doing their job. treating them like crap will not help you situation, in fact you will get a lot less help from a person the second you start being hateful to them.

    • susan

      The people on the phone trying to sell you their program are on commision. When I signed up no one told me I could not cancel. Now that I am moving to another residence first they 130$ to transfer service then I found out I can’t have the dish so I canceled service…now they say I need to pay them 300$ for early cancelation. I do not have the money to transfer or to cancel and now they get to mess up my credit. I am a widow on disability… in what universe is this right?

    • debbie r

      they are a representative of that company & they know what they are getting into. who else would you complain to?

  • adam

    Direc Tv are the biggest scammsters over any other cable company. The government should shut them down! Put those bastards out of business. They don’t let you know you are paying for up front. They give you at first all these unnecessary things that you don’t need. Also, they don’t tell you when you initially sign up for their service what this or that costs initially. They are idiots! They insult the intelligence of us Americans. When I find out the correct governmental agency to make a complaint, I certainly will!

    • Kar

      New to Direct TV since January. So sorry I went with them. The nightmare is just beginning. No satellite and the technician (so difficult even finding a tele no and I get e-mails from them every day but when I try to contact them…..impossible) said they cannot come out til next Wednesday. Today is Friday. She tells me I have a protection plan (never signed up for one) but glad I have it. Charges are way above
      what they quoted me. So dissatisfied. Stay with cable if you have it. Really disgusted with Direct TV. Our local cable company was expensive but you got a real person and satisfaction.

    • Mr. Velez

      Federa Communications Commission is the place you want to make that complaint.

  • Donald Wagner

    I have been with Direct since 2009, today called to see what it would cost to upgrade to the Genie after two hours on the phone over $500.00 in equipment cost, If I was a new customer $99.00. Direct must think loyalty means screw harder, I don’t get it.

    • grandpatimbo

      Genie is not worth the cost plus the $25/mo advanced receiver fee. There is also an unbelievable mess of cables and wires to make the damned thing work. Who needs to record 5 shows at once anyway. Stay with your current DVR, let your contract expire, wait three months and then you are seen as a "new" customer or threaten to leave and see what they offer. It will surprise you.

    • Jase

      I agree with the loyalty part. Have been with them since 96 and have been lucky not to have too many problems with their equipment or service. My only complaint is seeing everything they offer to try to get new costumers and it is like puling teeth for them to give us long time customers a little relief on our bill. I do what the other person suggested call here and there to see if I can qualify for a discount or something. They have followed through with what they told me they could do but it is usually just 3 months of a premium channel or a $10 discount for 3 months, one time both were offered. This time I might just threaten to leave and see what they offer. I don’t know how many times when they look at my account, I hear they see how long I have been with them and they just say thank you for being with them so long. Only once, a few years ago, one of the csr’s said they could offer something for being with them so long. Anyway it seems like they would try and do more to keep their long time customers instead of just a thank you and then act like they can do nothing else for you.

      • debbie r

        everytime you ask for a discount or something, they extend your contract

    • larry Stewart

      Hey Donald, I felt the same way about TWC after 10 years I switched to Direct TV because TWC treated me like crap, new customers get so much even 300.00 gift card, loyalty is out the door in business these days.

      • Guest

        I have TWC and I do not like them either but I am under no contract and this means a lot. I had DTV for 5 months and it was a nightmare! My bill was never right it did no good to call because it would be the same next month.DTV tried to make me repay for a months service that I had already paid for and I sent them proof by mail and fax. they still tried to make me pay.I cancelled service and sent their equipment back.They put a $800 charge on my credit card. I did get my money back but it took a lot of work and filing complaints with various organizations. I saw first hand how dirty DTV is and now I tell everyone I know or will listen to never get DTV and if you have them change whatever account # they have on file for you be it your bank or credit card#"s

  • Joy

    Was going to switch over today but after reading all these comments will stay with my cable company. Isn’t this the same company that was featured on Undercover Boss….guess they didn’t learn anything.

    • a person

      if you look in the right place you will find plenty of negative comments on any company, remember no mattwer who the company is the price you are quoted up front is temporary, it will go up

  • Sonya

    I have been with Directv for a while all I have to say is do not enroll in there programs they rip you off every chance they get!!!!!! With of course no one to fix the problem!!!

  • Rob Patton

    Direct tv is the mist impossible company tovdeal with. If you have billing or service complaints be ready to spend hours on the phone. They do not stand behind anything they sell abd gid forbid you get tgere service agreement it covers nothing. Way to stick it to people dtv

  • Diane G

    I’ve been a customer for ONLY 30 days and I already HATE directv SOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been on the phone with them today more then I have ever been with a cable provider. If you can go with another provider, GO- RUN! DO yourself a huge favor (and a headache) and go with another cable company.

  • Brian Skidmore

    I was thinking about trying D-TV, but from the sounds of it I’d be better off sfourcing an ice-pick up my nose. With CS like what was talked about above, the outages mentioned, installment errors, there is no way on Gods green earth I’ll stick my hand in that bear trap. D-TV needs to get a clue on how this world works, if you don’t strive to make your cutomers happy soon you wouln’t have any.
    The D must stand for Dumb.

    • Dayle

      THAT’S HILARIOUS!!! my husband just got off the phone with them a little while ago and we were pissed!! After 12 years of loyalty we are letting them bite the dust!! So I got on here to see what everyone else says. You lifted our spirits with a good laugh. It’s just a shame that they are getting away with a scamming fraud. Everyone needs to call their state attorney general. Then we all need to file a class action lawsuit against them. If we consumers don’t stand up & do something about it…this won’t stop!! This is why we need Government regulation!! Next it will be something really harmful!!

    • Freddie

      I see this guy did not mention why Directv took 1,100 from his account. I bet he signed a 2 year agreement and then broke it and then did not return the Directv receivers. Part of the Directv upgrade is to notify you that by upgrading you are signing up for 2 more years, just as when you give them your credit card number they notify you that the card will be kept on file and used for early cancellation fees , non-return of equipment fees and late charges. I think maybe you ought to look at the article in Consumer Reports where they rated Directv as one of their top tv providers. Every company has their disgruntled customers, but 30 million people cannot be wrong. And as Brian said someone needs to get a clue on how this world works. You break a contract, you steal the equipment and you pay.

  • marcus

    i love directv been with them for 10 years never had a problem thanks directv keep doing what u do

    • dan buck

      Direct TV has the worst customer service out of any company that I’ve ever delt with my entire life. Please do not go with this company for anything, nobody cares about the customer and it’s just 1 nightmare after the next. Hold time is like an hour and then when you get the rep on the phone their is nothing that they can do for their customers. Once you sign a contract they have your money for 2 years and it is a freakin’ NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Derpy Hooves

        uhhh kay?

    • brian juga

      Are You kidding me. I’ve a been a customer since 1999 and purchased my units/antenna and installed myself me AT MY COST. Then I was told I would lose service if did not install new units and pay monthly lease fees. So I did. Guess what I GET NO ADDED VALUE.

    • kari

      I like the direct tv channels but as far as the company goes it is the worst one ever. The customer service tries to help but they dont follow thru and dont have common sense. I have had them 3 months and have had to call over a dozen times to get things straightened out. Something new comes up every month. Now the bill i received in the mail is a credit for $-27; but i get an email that my payment is due – I ignore it b/c I know i have a credit. Then I start getting past due notices in my email so i call – they say the bill they sent was done b4 they added my monthly charge and my new balance is $22. Now how do I pay a bill I dont even have/ They want to take payment over the phone so i dont get a late charge – you mean you give me NO time to make a payment when it is your stupid mistake? Well I write this to tell you they need watched like a HAWK. i stopped auto pay so I can read over the bill each month – I dont like the 2 year contract and the upbilling near the end of it so may go back to time warner -` at least i didnt have to call every month for their stupidity -Or should i say their thievery tactics?

      • guest

        Hey…how can you "like" their channel line up…they have 140 channels advertised where I live….78 of those channels are INFOMERCIALS….this company sucks!!! I live on the Gulf on Mexico in Florida

    • alice

      I’m a 20 year customer (soon to be not). I used to be you. I loved Directv. No more. Hope your luck continues.

  • Bill W

    Was considering Directv but now no way would I deal with them…

  • Nichole Taylor

    I recently signed up with direct tv, and had a dish installed in my apartment, and also purchased the insurance on it. When the installer came out, very nice, he told me that if I had any problems with the dish, the insurance would cover any charges that required him to return.. he never asked me for rules or regulations on how to set up a dish on my balcony, so he drilled it right on to my balcony. Since he is the professional and it is his job to know what is appropriate and what is not, I assumed he knew what he was doing. Two days later I got $100 dollar fine for "incorrect position of dish". Apparantley, it is supposed to be drilled onto a tripod, which I noticed all of the other 50 people in my apartment complex had, but he didnt do that for me. TO NO FAULT OF MY OWN, which even the manager of my apartment complex said, the installer should know better, I called direct tv and simply explained to them the mistake the installer had made, and that he needed to come back out and take it off the railing and put it on a tripod before I got fined AGAIN. They then began to explain that in order for this to be done, there would be a 50$ charge. I spoke to five different people , whom all of them were no help, and not considerate to my situation at all. Why should I have to pay ANYTHING for something that was not my fault. I was never told there were certain ways they were allowed to be set up, and He never once asked me for a copy on dish regulations. HE is the professional, not ME. The lady then told me that " all apartment complexes are different, and all have different rules." I was unaware, but if YOU were , then why , as a "professional" did you not make sure it was set up according to my apartment complexes policy. If he would have asked me for a copy of it, I would have walked down to the front desk and got one, and this all could have been avoided. I finally spoke to a Manager named Josephine , who proceeded to tell me " No amount of your words , is going to change the fact that you HAVE to pay this" I am disgusted that I now have to pay a company who treats new customers so horribly for the next two years. To me, loyalty is everything, if I am treated fairly, I would have been a life long customer to them. Because of their mistake, I am now $150 out of pocket for UNECASSARY charges. I am a 22 year old woman who is 8 months pregnant, I work full time to be able to provide the basic needs for me and my baby. $150 might not seem like anything to them, but to me That is groceries in my fridge, diapers for my child, or a minor bill paid. I am not an unreasonable person, but I feel as if in this situation I was treated extremely unfair. I should I have never cancelled with cox. Cox never once charged me for installment fees, or cancellation fees, because as a customer I was not happy. If a customer is not happy with the service, they should not have to pay. PERIOD. I will go out of my way to make sure that I stop people from signing up with direct tv, and I will NEVER refer ANYONE to them . I am counting down the days untill my contract is up. I can’t believe that I had to go as far as writing the president of the company a personal email to let him know how the people who represents his company treat their new customers. The only reason I went with direct tv because they were cheap. never again will I choose cheap over better customer service. ( direct tv over cox)

    • DAN BUCK

      Direct TV is a Nightmare that you cannot escape it’s like running from Freddy Kruger, worst customer service in the world. I’m a customer service rep at Omaha Steaks and I have never seen anything as bad as these people. PLEASE SOMEBODY ANYBODY END THE PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lynn H

      I like the channel setup that DirectTV has but after all the trouble I have had with them, would never recommend it to anyone! Like Nichole, I first lived in an apartment and had a dish installed. When I moved from the apartment, I called DirectTV to remove the dish and they said they didn’t want it back. I had no tools to remove it so just left it there. I was later charged $50 by the apartment complex because they had to remove it. Then I moved from one state to another. The house where I moved to was in a very wooded area. My landlord told me that they had had DirectTV come out before and and the only place that they could get reception would have been to put the dish on the front of the house which the owner didn’t want because it would look bad. I told DirectTV this and told them I wanted to cancel my contract. The cancellation was going to cost me $80. They said if I would let them come out and check for a signal, if they couldn’t get one, they would cancel my $80 fee. I asked them that if they found they could get one but only by putting the dish on the front of the house would I still have to pay to cancel. They said yes. I said to just forget it, I would pay the cancellation fee. The guy on the phone just kept badgering me to not cancel. I finally told him I had no more time to spend and to just cancel. I received a final bill which I paid and then another statement showing that I owed 0. I was mailed a box to return my DVR and remote in which I did.
      Much to my surprise, the next month, a charge of $15.27 was charged against my bank account to DirectTV. When I called to question this charge since I had gotten a statement showing 0, I was told that after the DVR was returned it showed that I had bought pay per view movies 3 times 2 years earlier. I had no idea these had not been paid for. In fact, one of the movies I did not even remember and they said I had ordered it twice! Since the money had already been taken from my bank account, I had the operator give me her name and ID number and she assured me that I now owed nothing. I now have cable, I didn’t have to sign up for a contract, it is cheaper and I am happy. I will NEVER do business with DirectTV again and would never recommend it to anyone.

    • stacey chan

      I totally agree, if we as consumers go into their corporation and rob them the way they do consumers we would be brought up on charges

    • john

      There is a 90 day worry free service on new installs I am a rep with DTV , don’t know who is telling you what, but your story isn’t making since. So sick of everyone complaining blaming the company, since I’ve worked there we always strive to do as much as possible for our customers. Our pricing is upfront and we don’t claim to be the cheapest, but the best. Such as HD, sports, movie channels no one else is even close. My only job is to do whatever is possible to help customers out, but no one ever wants to lower their program package to save money they expect handouts, Do you think you should get a discount on a Mercedes just because you can only afford a Honda? We are no worse than any other company out there. So I hope people reading these blogs don’t actually believe all this, everything you read on internet is true, right? There is so much bologna in here it would take hours to explain everything stated falsely.

      • Brandy

        Actually I have friends that cannot wait for their contract to be up with direct tv. Their bills almost tripled from what they were told it would be and the customer service has been awful. That is great that you are a good customer service rep but unfortunately for you the bad is out weighing the good. I have dish network and have been with them for 10 yrs. no hidden fees not customer service problems and if something is on my bill that shouldn’t be it agents taken off. Good customer service will go a long way.

      • Julie Davis

        I think your job is more important than the truth…"always strive to do as much as possible for customers"…in whose dreams????? If the customers were that important then why are there contracts and early cancellation fees and absolutely NO REFUNDS????? It’s all about the money and not the customer and I’m sure every customer out there would agree!!!!

      • kari

        Do YOU have dtv? That is when the problems start – they try to charge for things not agreed on and then ask like oh we told you -when that is just a lie, they shoud go back and listen to the recordings of the customer service and the lies. They are thieves and if ppl do not watch tier bills they will constantly try to run something by you; obviously they get away with it enough or they wouldn’t do it. I know of no other legitimate company that tries to get away wiht what they do. cant wait for my contract to be up. i hate having to babysit a company that steals and then lies about it. For 3 months i have had to call over and over to get stuff corrected – it gets corrected but takes many calls and wasted time.

        • Guest

          I agree with you 100% I had them for 5 months and it was nothing but a nightmare. It was a nightmare getting my money back from them (Most people do not get their money back). there are many other things they do also like if your equipment fails and you need a replacement this will automatically renew your contract for another 2 yrs. they will not hesitate to go into your bank account and debit it for any charges you may owe or they say you owe. If you cancel service before your contract is up they will charge you $20 per month for every month left on your contract plus try and charge for non-returned equipment fees. always get a tracking # when returning their items to prove they get them.

      • Andy

        John, you are not telling the whole fact. I would agree that few DTV customer service reps are ok but the majority have no clue what they are employed to do. Or maybe they are just helping DTV to steal from the customers. John, if you like I will give you my account number and check how many times I had to call DTV to resolve just a minor billing problem. Before I moved to different apartment, I called DTV and I was told since that was going to be my first move with DTV, it would be free to transfer my service. When I actually moved, I was told I would be charged $99. Nothing I said could convince the customer service rep it was free. The tech who came to install the receiver also said it should have been free. The $99 charges included $19.99 for shipping and handling. DTV didn’t ship anything to me or to the tech. I brought my old receiver and even the cable the tech used at my new place. There was already a DTV dish at the apartment. Well, probably they shipped the tech! I have 8 months to go and that would be it. No one should even think about getting DTV, unless you want to lose weight. It’s too much of work to be a DTV customer.

        • Guest

          DTV does not remove their old dishes from anywhere. You may be charged by your apt when you move to have it removed if you don’t do it yourself. DTV lies and then charges the customer for anything and everything they can. You would be wise to change your bank or credit card number they have on file for you and give them a prepaid cc for their files. this will prevent them from helping themselves to you account. If your equipment fails remember this adds another 2 yrs to your contract if you accept a replacement. and when returning their equipment get a tracking # to prove they get it. They often charge the customer for the equipment saying they did not get it. You really need to be on your toes with DTV because they have many dirty tricks ups their sleeve

      • Guest

        You may work for DirectTV but you obviously don’t know or are lying when you say DTV is "Up front". If that is the case why do they often not tell people there is a 2 yr contract they hide it on the back of a work order in very small print. DirectTv gives the customer only 24 hours if that to change their minds and cancel.without charging them a big cancellation fee. DirectTV may say they give a 90 day service on new installs but if their equipment fails but this often means extencing their contract for another 2 yrs. You pricing is anything but upfront to qualify for the lowest package price one has to have excellent credit and sign up for autopay. If DirectTV is "upfront" as you say why do they have such a bad BBB report and hide their requirements in such fine print? Everything you read on the internet is not true but 99.99% of complaints about DirectTV is!

      • Guest

        John, I don’t know who you are or who you work for but the complaints on here are valid! I don’t know where you get the 90 day worry free service because this is the BOLOGNA and we all know it!!!!

      • Freddie

        I love the fact that a Directv CSR has spoken up. The people complaining do not read the contracts, do not understand how Directv works. I am tired of people complaining that they were charged for movies they watched and never paid for or charged because they broke the contracts or charged because the stole the directv receivers and never returned them when they cancelled their Directv contracts.

        • bobby

          We all read the contracts, it is one sided, nothing in the contracts to protect the consumer. Legitimate Companies don’t need contracts, cable companies don’t require a contract. A contract is only needed to protect crooks.

      • Linda

        I had a friend who was an installer for DTV. After 3 months he quite. He was tired of the lies. He was told what to say to customers and the rest you were to keep your mouth shut. So there are things the installers know they just don’t say. He was getting a commission on all the dishes he installed and people that he got to sign up. I have had DTV in the past and the bills were never right. charges for things I never got. So I would never recommend this company to anyone. I will go out and rent a movie first or watch my net flex.

      • bobby

        I would expect you to defend your livelihood, companies are only as good as their weakest link, you may be an excellent employee but at Direct TV there are thousands of weak links and all of these negative post are spot on.

    • Guest

      I hope for your sake that your bill is cheaper but most people find they are more expensive. The installer did know better this is just another of DTV’s scams to get more money out of the customer. Beware if any of your equipment fails and you need a replacement, this will extend your contract with DTV for another 2 yrs. they will not tell you this until you try to cancel service then they will charge you a big early cancellation fee .when sending any equipment back to them be sure to get a tracking# to prove they get it. also if you gave them your bank or credit card# you need to change the number or account of whichever they have on file for you and get a prepaid credit card for their files this will prevent them from going into your account and debiting your account and not telling you if you owe any back payments. Don’t believe a word DTV tells you because they lie. It would be wise to read the other complaints against them and you will realize what kind of company you are dealing with.

  • J.G. Metscher

    I would rather try and make contact with the IRS, worse customer service ever!!! A root canal would be better!

  • srs

    Horrible customer service. I have been on the phone for 3 1/2 hours and they keep telling me there is nothing they can do to help me. I was quoted one price and then given two completely different prices. I have talked to 9 different people about this and NO ONE can help me. I was given a phone number to talk to a manager and the girl told me that all the managers were in a meeting at 10:26 pm. I just can not believe this is how direct tv treats their customers.

    • Jim Green

      The reason you cannot get anywhere is that you are talking to people in the Phillippines that can speak English but do not comprehend English. Next time you call them, ask them what country that are in and if they can transfer you to a person who speaks English as a first language. They cannot.

  • Jane

    SHAME on Direct TV for your ad about the dog being carried away by an Hawk/Eagle! IT IS NOT FUNNY!!! What is the point you are trying to make , I will never again consider Direct TV as an option.

  • Jane

    SHAME on Direct TV for your ad about the dog being carried away by an Hawk/Eagle! IT IS NOT FUNNY!!! What is the point you are trying to make , I will never again consider Direct TV as an option.

    • Derpy Hooves

      what dose that have to do with the tv service lady?

  • kay

    I hate your add for product, where the little dog is picked up by the hauck, this is something that Dish tv would put on, never thought you people would. It’s NOT funny, it’s sick, from a very SICK minded person, you might check to find just how many people have lost there pets to something like that.

  • mark

    Directv gives special prices for new customers, and then doesn’t honer them. Debits your account for full price.

  • Doug Brace

    As far as i’m concerned, direct tv should be stuck strait up their "***"!!! Nothing but a ******* rip off. **** forbid if the power goes out and it has to reboot, it will take a minimum of 10 minutes to reload, but it says on screen, only a few seconds more. Yeah RIGHT!!! Then of course if a bird happens to take a **** inline of the beam, the signal fails!! Worst of all is their customer service. And AND!! As of now I’m on my 2nd box and that cost me 20.00 to return it. And NO I was not offered the service plan by the jerk off at the Sam’s club store. So now to even get that plan and / or want to get, say HBO added? I have to renew my contract all over again. Last but not least, talk about slooooowww!!! Hey c-mon it’s 2013 DUH!!! So where is all that technology at ?????? I just can’t wait till 2014 so I can dump this piece of **** so called sat system. Like I said in the beginning…STICK THIS **** IN YOUR ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • La'Shunta Leach

    Could you believe that DIREC TV placed a friendly PPV block on my bill in 2009, just for me to get a upgrade on my t.v. in 2012 and receive a $700 bill acording to the receivers. They had found that supposely had happen in 2010. What a joke are you for real is that the way they keep their business going bye cheating people out of their money? This did not just happen to me but, my 62 year old aunt also, according to them We were looking at movies called. Nude Sugar Mommies: H***y and Suicide Girls Italian Vil.


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