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Last Updated On: March 13, 2017

DIRECTV Contact Information

Business Name: AT&T Corporation
Corporate Address:
2230 East Imperial Highway
El Segundo, California 90245 USA

DIRECTV Customer Service

DIRECTV Phone Number: 800-531-5000
Company Contact: Michael D. White - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.28 out of 5
Based On: 317 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 407


Reported Losses: $66,062.46
Average Reported Losses: $208.40

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Run Away - Liars And Cons

To start with I had several issues with DirecTv Customer Disservice, spending nearly 2 hours on the phone trying to figure who canceled my account with out my permission. Finally got a supervisor named Shannon who apologized for my 2 hour inconvenience and told me if I would set up another new account she would send me a $200.00 gift card. I agreed.

Now 2 weeks later, I called about it and was told they have no record of the additional gift card promised to me. Then they proceeded to let me know they were unable to look up who set up my account and unable to search for a supervisor by that name. AND if I wanted to cancel my account because I was misled/lied to I would have to pay the $400.00 early cancelation fee. These people really have no idea how to provide customer service.

If you have no other choice but DirecTV, I strongly advise you to get a library card instead. They are beyond Terrible. They are liars and cons. They will promise you the sun moon and stars until you get the dish set up on your house, then deny everything, even though you have names and dates of your previous conversations. And then snidely tell you that you have no choice for 2 years or it will cost you $400.

RUN, do not walk, as fast as you can from DirecTV. Do not get suckered by their lies.

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I got direct tv and got screwed, could never use my service, after many times and hours spent, I cancelled the service and then got charged 488.00 for early termination few when they should be giving me money for no service, they had my direct tv bundled with my internet with AT&T . They tell me I can’t use my internet until I pay the charges. I spoke with a supervisor at direct tv who told me she took care of the fees and I would not be charged. Well that never happened, all these people do is lie, lie,… Read more »
I called AT&T U-Verse to cancel, and was asked if I’d like info on DirecTV. They promised me the same channels and features that I had on U-Verse, plus the EPIX channels, and a guaranteed price for 24 months. Plus I had 15 days to decide if I liked it or not. The installation was flawless. The technician was polite, competent, and very helpful. When I noticed I didn’t have the EPIX channels, I called Customer Service, only to find that NONE of what I had been told was true. The premium channels were only included for 3 months, and… Read more »
my mother-in-law moved to our house in 2013 brung her directv here and we have had nothing but problems they changed our local programing because our mail they said comes out of a county we live in but it don’t our mail come out of the other county so they changed it we are not getting all of our progams and the price has gone up cazy I don1t think there should be a charge on hd there is to much change to charge it to customers we have called about these things and we seem to get no wear… Read more »

For all interested customers: FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION (FCC) 445 12th St SW , Washington DC 20554 Phone 1888225 5322.

Do not sign up for direct tv. I was happy with AT&T u-verse when I called to cancel some programming they told me there was no more AT&T U Verse they had to switch me to Direct TV. I explained I had too many issues with Direct TV They said AT&T had bought Direct so I did not have a choice. That was a lie. Two weeks later my daughter called about her Direct TV and was told she would be switched to AT&T Uverse as there was no longer Direct TV. As dissatisfied customer I am asking all Direct… Read more »

i have been with directv for four year i never have tv issues until i had a upgrade to a genie now my 60″ tv gave out screen just black an now my 45″ led tv went to so i have a regular tv tube in my living room i call customer service an told me they cant do anything bout it

Directv sucks. Have been with them for 17 years. Their customer service is a joke. RUDE about everything.
If its not in writing they will deny it. Take a screen shot of offer. They all lie and hate senior citizens who are attempting to find discounts. Directv has been discriminating against seniors on fixed income. Please those who have unlimited minutes should call Directv keep them on phone so they can.t ripoff someone else.

Direct TV rips you off and when you call you get a different price and they never recitfy
what they quote..

Direct TV went up $30.00 and I don’t even have the sport channels. Every time I contact them they give me a different price. I’m tired of calling them and getting no resolution.

Since AT%T took over the time honored TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE is now the norm. What after ENDLESS MUSIC ON HOLD what ever they promise THEY DO NOT PERFORM. Roku Netflixs and Hulu or SLONG HERE WE COME gEt ready.

We signed up with DirecTV because of the unlimited data option with AT&T. Now that everyone has unlimited data with AT&T we want out of the DirecTV contract. The only way out is to pay the early termination fees of $20 per month. Their product is the worst TV service we have ever had and we would never have considered switching providers if we knew in the near future everyone would have unlimited data. Their equipment doesn’t function as promised/advertised. Programs don’t record even if we set the program to the highest priority. Different customer service agents give different details… Read more »
I was with WOW cable for many years, but my bill kept going up. Was seeing all kind of newspaper ads, TV commercials and mail ads about Direct TV and a 2 yrs guaranteed price. I called, my main concern was that we would not have problems with reception, from wind,rain or snow. They assured me in my area that I would not have any problem. First week no weather problems TV went out, called Direct, sent someone out. He said that the dish needed to be turned. 2 weeks later problem again, sent out Tech and said that there… Read more »
i was told that I would not be charged for relocating my service to a new address for the first time. how disappointed I am now with DIRECTV, not only is my bill incorrect but they have applied a $199.00 relocation fee to my bill and have disconnected my service. upon finally speaking to a supervisor, she stated that it is sometimes offered that you will not be charged for a relocation for the first time and then we were disconnected, hmmm could have been a hang up but anyway, i have called back and asked for a supervisor and… Read more »
Do NOT do business with this carrier. Do NOT give them authorization to your cards. DO NOT SAVE YOUR INFORMATION ON THEIR SYSTEM! They have the worst customer service I have ever encountered. First, I was supposed to be bundled with a package but you need to be at a zero balance in order to do that. Not my mistake, theirs. They never bundled me with Centurylink and I could never get down to a zero balance long enough for them to bundle. No discounts for 2 years, paying 150$/month for the same channels I receive now through SLINGTV for… Read more »
Direct tv is the worst. Promised me a 200 dollar gift card if I signed with them. After making my third payment I called to collect the gift card that I was promised. I was told we have no record of that. You must have misunderstood. Then they promised me a 100 dollar credit on my account. Again another lie.. Something must be done to this company for lying to their customers. Anyone reading this who has had similar problems with direct tv , please file with the better business bureau. It’s easy, you can do it online. The more… Read more »
I have been a customer for 7 years and I can say I now hat DIRECTV it was a bad idea to merge the wo together. The customer service SUCKS, all the incentives you use to get is gone its all about the money ,AT&T SHAM ON YOU, you have managed to make a good company bad. and that’s why I don’t have your phone services cuz they suck to. my bill keeps going up and what do we get nothing. and you wonder why you are losing customers here is a good reason why. YOU SUCK……………

Yes, I had the same (nearly issues). Charged for two services I never received, as my landline and internet were never working. Never received rewards card, over charged and no help plus at&t kept raising my inverse bill after I no longer had them and went to direct tv. Now I have two bills from the idiots at at&t as they own both direct and verse. I’m in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My name is Amy Knight. Please contact me anytime to start this suit.
My landline number is(616) 534-5616
And my cell to text or call is 616-238-4654.

I went to Centurylink and added Driectv I was told it would cost me about $25 per month for basic Directv I gave up Comcast so I could save money the first month my bill was double what I paid Comcast and the next month it was almost the same as Comcast. Comcast offered the golf channel with package I had ,now it’s extra about $20 more a month all I got was sorry you where misinformed on the price All i want is what I asked for not an apology.

This and so much more is why I switched to Dish. I had had Dish for over a year when a contractor for Direct followed my grand daughter home from a friends. He convinced me that the Genie was so much “better” than the hopper & that my bill would save me over $300.00 in the first year. I early disconnected from Dish, which cost me & than my internet speed would not work with their Genie so I had to upgrade which was an increased cost on my part. I was supposedly locked in for 2 years on the… Read more »
Similar situation , I got direct tv a year ago with 2 year lock in price. The first month was the price that I was quoted, second month it increased, third month increase again, so I called them , got transferred to about five different people who know nothing as to how to correct the bill. Twelve on months into the plan my bill went up $55.00 so I called and I was told the promotion had expired. I asked them about the 2 year lock in rate and still count not make understand that a deal was deal and… Read more »
I have been with Directv since 2000 and for at least the last five years they have been screwing with my bill! They try to make it difficult for the layman to understand! I HAVE BEEN GETTING OVER CHARGED OVER AND OVER AGAIN!! The people on the phone act like they don’t speak our language or they have too many games they play to over charge ” valued customers ” example this year was I just paid my NFL Sunday package for 6 months and they still charged me for another month over 200! For TV service!!! What a joke!… Read more »

I’ve been with Directv since its birth. Every year I have to negotiate a price for the next year. After I agree, the price goes up in 2 months. I just got off the phone with their Loyalty Department. They won’t honor their price agreement, but I must honor the 1 year contract. This is enough of poor customer service, price gouging, and lack of price locking. At the end of my contract I am going to DISH. People, don’t waste your time & money with Dirctv. I did for over 30 years.

My complaint is this, before I called Direct TV and told the that I didn’t get my check until the Third wk of every Month. Direct TV replied, NO PROBLEM! This morning, I turn on my TV and Direct TV Turned me OFF!!!!!!! I called and Direct TV said I needed to make a PAYMENT. WHAT!!!!!!!!!! I said the Agreement was the THIRD Weds of every MONTH!!!!!!!!! The Amount that Direct TV Needed was MORE than what I was Told Originally!!!!! So here I am without TV. This Company is TERRIBLE!!!!!!!! Direct TV does NOT care. It’s there Way or… Read more »

I also have a complaint against Direct TV for early cancellation. To begin with I ordered FIOS with Verizon, they bought in Direct TV said I could not get FIOS after numerous problems with the service, no TV, no internet, kept raising prices, I cancelled. Now Direct TV want $200 early cancellation fee. Is there a Lemon law like with automobiles where one has the right to cancel for bad service. Where does one go to file a complaint against Direct TV? Do we go to the Attorney General? To our Senators or to another government agency?

Write the FCC or E-mail them. We need to get something done about this company. Perhaps on of the big Law firms who do class action suits would be interested. I am checking on this..

I have spent untold hours over the last 6 months dealing with the most incompetent employees at direct tv. I have the vacation program because I have 2 homes. I am only in one home at a time so switch back and forth. I have a bill that has been messed up for months because they keep charging me a non return fee for equipment that I was never supposed to return. On top of that it takes me anywhere from 1 hour to 2 1/2 hours of dealing with untrained employees, perpetual holds and finally getting a supervisor only… Read more »

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