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Last Updated On: August 2, 2016

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Business Name: Comcast Corporation
Corporate Address:
One Comcast Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103-2838 USA

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Comcast Phone Number: 215-665-1700
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Brian L. Roberts - CEO
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.34 out of 5
Based On: 131 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 29

Comcast Reports

Reported Losses: $1,060,383.59
Average Reported Losses: $8,094.53

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Hidden Fees

On August of 2014 we decided to use Comcast for our business. Someone came to install it and we went on with them as our phone and internet provider. However, we decided to sell our business and requested the service to be discontinued.

To our surprise, no later than a month we found out that we were being charged $1,365 as a penalty for early contract termination. As a result, we are extremely unhappy with their service and with the following facts:

1. We were never told we were getting in a contract. The company failed to inform that to us.

2. We signed a service order which they decided to call a contract.

3. There is no clause in such contract that describes the amount a customer will be charged if they decide to discontinue the service.

4. The terms and conditions on the agreement are provided in the form of a link. This means that you don’t get to read them when you sign, they are only available online. This also means that they can edit them whenever they want and that you do not get a hard copy.

5. The fees are extremely high.

Comcast – 141 NW 16th St Florida Pompano Beach | 180-093-4648

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  • Kathy Frazer

    Comcast is forcing me into bankruptcy and are very proud of themselves. I am a single mom that just loss my business and they will not let me out of my contract that I tried to cancel 7 days after they forced me into a new contract. The reason why they won’t cancel is they are holding my building hostage in hopes new owners will continue with their service. They are the lowest of lows. All other banks, creditors, vendors have been more then reasonable in trying to help me with the closing of my store,

    Just making me sick thinking one of the bigger Corporations I did business with is so unreasonable. I am sure losing my contract would put them in the rears forever. Thank god putting me into bankruptcy will save their corporation.

  • Erica

    These bastards charged me 674.62 within an 90 day period they are the shittest company ever im going to pay to end my services with them the last time i went through them they had an miscellanious bill out there that i never owed inhad returned the equipment and got an reciept for it but yet they claim they never had proof that i returned the equipment and still owed money which i did not because i had paid my last and final bill and had an credit on my account i hate i have to go through them in order to get cable for now i will be using streaming services as my source of t.v. how can a scamming a*s company thats already been fined 2.3 million dollars for scamming its consumers still be up and running they should be shut down and reopened with stricter mandating fcc laws that are under watch tightly i hate this company and will never be using their cable services only the wifi consumers be aware they run promotions every single month for lesser than what your paying with the same package but sign you up for the highest packages and say oh well you have to pay this or that in order to downgrade direct t.v. has their a*s beat when i had direct my bill never changed it was always the same price for a whole year under their promotion

  • Rod Knox

    Comcast offered an upgrade for 129/month and after a long discussion with their customer rep I ordered it. They sent a technician to install a new digital tuner and I paid $246 for that but my first monthly bill is for $173. I sent a text message to the company web site last week but have not received a reply so I guess they expect me to pay them the full amount. Looking around the web it seems quite a few people feel cheated by Comcast. If anyone has been successful in fighting these people I would appreciate their advice. Thanks in advance.

  • Syrece Williams

    If Comcast will not have the Word Network I will cancel. I pay the price (which is stupid) to see what I want to see. I enjoy the Word Network and would miss it. So time for a change.

  • Ernestine Carroll

    People love the Word Network, especially African Americans. Comcast holds a monopoly in Detroit since Coleman Young who took bribes to land the deal. The Word Network supports the many churches in Detroit. Do the right thing!

  • Richard Wolf

    I have had problems with Comcast since I moved to this apartment complex in September, 2014. At first the problem was millions of spam calls and then I found out that if you get an unlisted phone (which they charge for) they sell phone numbers to businesses. I eventually gave in and got a new phone number and now pay $4/mo for them not to list it. More recently I have had major problems with wifi and therefore my phone and internet. They don’t know what they are doing. I told them it was an outside cable problem which they didn’t want to hear. They recently came out and gave me the most current modem which they should have given me in September. It didn’t help My modem still resets as many as 32 times a day, thereby cutting off phone and internet. I called and asked that they come out and check the outside wiring and the agent said they would but they would charge me for the service. I told her to take a flying leap and went to the nearby Comcast Store. They are coming tomorrow to check the lines and promise not to bill me. I am now keeping a log of every contact them so that I can either file an FCC complaint or a law suit in the future. It is obvious to me why they are rated the worst customer service company in the US year after year. If the next visit doesn’t fix it I am going to take serious action. IF YOU CAN AVOID IT, DON’T GET COMCAST CABLE.

    • notsofastnow

      Comcast phone service is internet based. You can sign up for free to block robo calls. If you do this while also placing your number on a do not call list, the solicitation will end.

  • Ken Miley Sr.

    Took equipment back to service center got receipt 05-04-15. Still being
    billed for modem, late fees, HBO did not have it.Got me owing $442.00.
    Was all paid up when service was canceled.

  • PaulC

    I switched to Comcast about 6 months ago (I had AT&T U-Verse for over 10-yrs.). I am on their “triple play package” (phone, cable and internet). I have had nothing but problems with all the modalities. My cable needs to be re-set/re-started every 45-days because it freeze’s up. The phone still garbles (voices are not heard), so I’ve reset that more than 4-times in 6-mos.. And my internet drops off (either slows down to a crawl or just doesn’t load pages) at least once a week. I didn’t have half as many problems with AT&T during the 10-years I had them. So, the next time I get a “new” offer from them, I am switching back to them. Comcast has been an ongoing service disaster. They just can’t keep their systems up for any length of time and when you want to chat with them (during an issue), there are thousands (of customers) in the queue before you. I should have never left AT&T (for “better” Comcast pricing). It is my opinion their systems are either over-engineered or under-engineered and they can’t do a thing about it. So, they just tell you to “re-set/re-boot/re-start and just pass you off as “satisfied”. What a crock?

  • Sven

    I’ve got Comcast and every time I have a problem they will send out a tech, they don’t tell you it will cost 75 dollars! They installed the cable and all jacks and I rent my modem from them so as it will be there problem. There favorite answer is we’ll reset your modem, which I can do myself. You can never get through to tech support! And when you do you can’t understand the techs. I call as though I’m going to order new service and get to tech support much faster. This is insane! There billing dept. is awful. Why do and the FCC. and Govt. close there eyes? Bring Comcast in front of the senate? Cell phone company’s aren’t this bad! If the Govt. lets the merger of Comcast and time warner go through I’m afraid things will only get worse! Look at the airlines, phone company’s etc. are we better off?

    • That’s not true. After going through technical troubleshooting over the phone, they do mention if a tech needs to come out there can be a charge depending what the tech has to do at the home which you have to agree with before accepting the service call. If you don’t want a charge order their 3.99 SPP warranty!

  • tom

    i am only in florida for one month out of the year and through the hoa i have cable all year even though i do not use it. i called for a price to get internet for one month and i have my own modem router so they do not need to come to the house to give me service. I was told that it would be 29.95 or 29.95 for a month and be pro-rated per day with no fee to connect or disconnect service. when i called to cancel my service i ask for the total i owed and they said 65.50 and i would have a credit on my bill. i said i wish to pay for what i used and that was it. they said they could not give me that amount that i should just pay 30.00 and there would be small late fees added on each month. i asked to talk to his supervisor and waited over 35 minutes and he gave me the total i owed of 28.29 which is most likely right. I will send a check but i am sure this is not the end of it. they are good at lying and getting people to sign up but its like hotel California getting out. Also it took over an hour to get it activated when i got there and it was suppose to be activated when i got there.

  • jan

    I moved eight months ago. Was comcast customer before. After eight months they still don’t have my email address correctly, nor my phone number. They could not connect my computer properly but bill me anyway. No answer on any complaints. Now they charge me for service that they refuse to provide because payment is late.
    Comcast is the DEVIL, stupid, evil, STAY AWAY FROM THIS MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BUSH


  • Rich

    We have been dealing with Comcast for the last week and a half. We tried to set up a small cable black box in our bedroom with no results. I called eight times to customer service reps who sent eight signals to the box to no avail. The last rep said to bring the box back to the service center for a new box. I did and, again, more calls, more signals more nothing. Then, the signal on the main tv off the large black box started to scramble. I ordered a service technician to come out the next Monday from 10am to 12pm which turned into a "no show." My wife called and somehow was connected to a supervisor and she said that "absolutely, positively" a technician would be there between 8am and 10am. Again, a no show! My wife, today (Tuesday), went to the service center and was told that a supervisor would be calling this afternoon and that they would order a service technician to come out to our residence tomorrow (Wednesday) between 1pm and 3pm. Now, for three days we have been imprisoned in our residence by Comcast. Obviously, they lied to us and their technician is being paid by Comcast for services he hasn’t performed. Isn’t that stealing/fraud? Customer service is a joke with this company whose mantra is "pass-the-buck/no accountability/get me off the phone with this crazy-mad customer" ……Comcast is awful and I don’t know how they stay in business. Now it’s on to the BBB and the FCC. Thank you for choosing Comcast!

  • Andrea Johnson

    I am very disappointed with Comcast services. Requested services to be disconnected on August 5 and services was not disconnected until August 20, but what is so crazy is that they sent new cables boxes out to me at my old address once I requested it disconnected and they wanted me to pay for them after I was gone. It has taken me 4 months and 15 customer service reps to receive a particle credit for the amount charged.
    Comcast will never be another provider for me I will look at regular tv with the black box if Comcast was the only cable provider.

  • abraham

    according to my apartment complex manager Comcast has breached their contract in issuing me equipment that failed twice in 5 days. upon returning equipment, I was charged $70.15 and given a second tech call for two weeks after second equipment failure. all calls are routed to business depts. in Mexico, not New Mexico; Mass, Ill. Wis.Ca. for 6 hrs after automated system says it has my account and being put on hold by bus. techs promising to connect me with billing but never did. still trying to connect with fraud depts. in my state of tn. now thinking state will side with Comcast to collect fees and taxes from all the weak consumers that give up.many returning equipment at local office, some customers destroying Comcast property.

  • Barry Lind

    I have the same problem with comcast – massive over billing. Billing never changed. Being charged for equipment we don’t have.

    My suggestion: CUT THE CORD

    It’s impossible to understand their bills and they do this on purpose.

  • Savannah

    I had Comcast for a month and when i got my first bill, it was over $400 dollars. They claimed it was service fees. I decided to change cable companies. I got my final bill and it was over $800 dollars. HOW THE HELL DID IT GET THAT HIGH IN AN EXTRA MONTH?!

  • Coffee

    I have had Comcast for years for my kids…Comcast always tell you about some deal that will save you money but when you get the bill it higher every month. I have been having problems with my internet connection since Feb. Everything was fine, I paid the bill to off and have been having problems every since…I lose connection all the time, a technician had been out and told me it was my router got another one same problem. Then they said to take equipment back and exchange it did that still Internet connection will not stay on, demand does not work unless you turn the box off and on. I am just tired of Comcast searching for another company, they charge you all this money and the service is cramp, also the customer service reps.

  • C Jones

    After a telephone conversation in late March with a Comcast representative in which she extolled the benefits of the X-1 DVR, I had two "installed" before going on an extended vacation (one to replace an existing Comcast old model DVR and one to replace a recently deceased TIVO). Actually, when the technician left, neither of the new DVRs were working properly, but he said that it took time for the information to be "digested." As it turned out, both DVR’s were set for East Coast time (I live in California) so the guides and recording function were not working. Further, the technician did not activate all of my channels so the DVR only worked on basic cable channels. After many hours on the phone with Comcast, I finally got it to "work," sort of. I was very happy that my favorite programs would be recorded over the 3 weeks that I would be away. I spent quite some time setting up the recording schedule. When I returned to town on May 1, I saw all the programming on the DVR and made a plan to start watching the next evening. When we tried to turn the unit on the next evening, we received an error message to contact Comcast. After a lengthly telephone call with Comcast on May 2 (Robert in Denver), we gave up for the night. Comcast was to telephone me between 9-12 on May 3 and, as a precautionary measure, we set up an appointment for May 3 from 4-6. Of course, no one called on May 3. The technician (Jerry) came that Friday about 5 p.m. and determined that the new DVR was dead!! Even though, he agreed that this model of DVR was dreck, he installed a new one. He refused to leave the dead unit so that I could talk to Comcast on Monday and try to get the programming transferred. Since then I have called Comcast many times to get a credit on my recently received bill for $365!! I spoke with Jerry and Jericho on May 3. Jericho said that he could give me a $20 credit and, when I said that was not enough, he said that was all he could do; he put me "on hold" for his supervisor and, of course, disconnected me. I called back and spoke with Paul and then his supervisor Erick (URER 0209). Erick said that he would escalate the credit request to the Director of Billing, who would call me back within 48-72 hours. On May 7, I called and spoke with Zach at 10:58 a.m. who tried to transfer me (disconnected), Sergio at 11:00 a.m. who tried to transfer me (disconnected) , and then Oscar at 11:05 a.m.; Oscar successfully transferred me to Lewis (#0309). Lewis advised me that Erick had NOT escalated my issue!!! Lewis promised that he would do so. Today, May 9, when I had not heard back from anyone from Comcast, I called billing again, Michelle (#0612) who said that it would likely be one to two weeks until I heard back from anyone. My bill is due on May 11. Since a failure to pay would cause all my "Triple Play" services to be disconnected and ruin my good credit, I guess that my only recourse is to deduct a reasonable credit (what is really reasonable would be to not pay at all) and copy Mr. Brian Roberts, CEO, on a letter outlining the dispute and accompanying my payment. I have initiated a complaint with the FCC. Later searches on the internet indicate the Comcast has known for sometime that the X-1 is flawed. Why would the FCC permit a monopoly to install and charge for faulty equipment. I do not understand why the FCC does nothing about Comcast’s service. Does anyone have experience with AT&T UVerse?

  • Lidia

    After 3 call trying to transfer my service to my new address. I was never disclosed of any fees for a tech to come out and was told it was just a 30 dollar fee to install as many cable outlets as I needed! Tech finally comes out and tells me he has no order to install any outlets and leaves. I then call Comcast again an was told I would have to pay an additional 50 dollars for tech to come out and 30 dollars for each cable outlet + 50 dollars for the tech that was sent to my house today and 60 dollars for 2 outlets he "worked on"!!!

  • Dot

    I don’t like Comcast . They say one thing then my bill come it saying something all different .
    Yes Comcast is a ripped out!!!
    Lied, lied!!!!!

  • Polly Salisbury

    Why are all the commercials on comcast so loud and you can hardly hear the programs .even when turned up as loud as it will go.

  • John

    Jenn Is right they will steal your money, they got quite a embezzlement ring going on…I tried to pay my bill on the 2nd of the month they did not take the funds out at first and tried to say the Bank did not authorize the payment ..The bank said the did authorize the payment and to have them re run it…I called comcast to tell them to try again and they refused to try again and told me I had to resubmit a new payment and assured me that the other would not be taken out..I did not want to pay again but they told me that is the only way or I would just be late..So they forced me to pay resubmit..Told me time and time again there would not be a double charge..Come the 22nd they ended up taking the extra payment out of my account causing my bank account to go into a negative balance …I called them and they denied taking the money out ..I fought and Fought with themand they just flat out denied it and told me I had to bring my Bank statement to a service office to show proof …I took my Bank statement in and showed that proof , I had to drive an hour and a half to do so..The lady there seen it right away and put it in the computer to refund me my money..Now after all that and showing proof they are back to denying it again …They are trying everything to hide this payment on their end and are now asking me to do the same thing prove it with my statement when I already did..Well I dropped their service and am going to take the equipment to the office in person and get a receipt with numbers of returned equipment and I am going to take my bank statement back once again when I return the equipment ..I am also contacting a detective because this is Fraud against the bank and me from someone behind the billing department..All this for $113 is ridiculous and I for one am not going to let them get away with it…They more than likely rob millions from people this way everyday..Everyone they do this too should drop them and keep pressing them to refund what they stole we can’t just brush these things off and let them get away with robbery…

  • Kristie

    I am writing out of frustration!! My cable box literally had flames shooting out of the vents on top. Is it just me or is this really not a big deal, my house could have caught fire??!! I pay my bill on time have been a customer close to 20 years, never complain and CANNOT get a civilized person on the phone to hear me out, let alone get the problem fixed. I have literally been on hold a combined total of 2 1/2 hours today, with 2 promises of a call back, and a tech visit in 4 days. I have kept my end of the bargain and paid for thier faulty products, why can’t they keep theirs and fix them!!!! Ugh………..I agree, thay are A MESS!!!!!

  • sloan

    Comcast email was trouble for me, but not with sends and receives with email. The darn site would not let me log out, it kept overriding settings to keep me logged in. It and I would reset every darn time. At the time knew it was a cookie thing, and since have put a clean program, a couple of that, which wipes drive, etc. which works.

    That was an after thought deal though, abandoned the email at the time, went with other not a problem. Now-a-days no cookie(s) remain on drive like that, just essentials which work computer/browser. At the time too, figured out the log out code from Comcast site at the time, would enter that logging off which forced a log off. This became a nuscience with system with them, so went elsewhere, no problems like that since.

    Sometimes cookie fowl ups can be problems for systems, going and coming, especially when you land a page which won’t work cause the cookie is not doing they way they want it with my computer/browser. I don’t give in, there’s more to the reason they want info, as in tracking, signatures signal, etc., so today if the page dont jive with me, I move on. My system today runs without cookie logs on anything online, it’s just a temp thing now, every log off is wiped deep to essentials with computer/browser.

    This frustrates the systems sometimes, cause some of them think you there is always brand new, cause there’s no memory for the signal, as in with a cookie, or signature signal, as banks use this for id, like computer thumbprint. It’s not a problem, since there is id from login anyway, with password, which wipes out logging off page, and, my signing off computer.

    Maybe this email send/receive problem was a cookie deal, I know that’s what kept me trying to be not logged out back when with their email. Just my two cents here with something I remember, this was almost five years ago that happened.

  • Jenn

    Comcast customer service has to be located in India. I never got a single person that spoke English. I CANCELED MY SERVICE AND IT WAS THE BEST THING I HAVE DONE.

    5 weeks after I canceled I’m still trying to get my refund for the service I didn’t use. I call every 7 days and they just keep saying the check has been issued. Today I finally asked to speak with a supervisor and waited for 39 with just music.

    Then the rep picked up said she would transfer me and then the music came back on before I could say anything. 28 minutes later the Supervisor pick up and said sorry there was nothing he could do but tell me there check was issued and I should wait till next week because even though it’s issue it can take them 15 day to get it in the mail. REALLY who needs 2 weeks to stamp a letter. Says a lot about they must hire or that itis being mailed from India.

    I have filed complains with there corporate office, FCC and BBB. Hopefully someone will help.


  • Rob

    I have been ripped off and lied to by Comcast for 2 months, no one knows how to add or tell you the whole truth THEY ARE A MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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