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Last Updated On: December 17, 2014

AWD Management Corporate Contact

Business Name: AWD Management Services, Inc
Corporate Address:
1745 North Brown Rd #110
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043 USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corp Phone Number: 678-377-4890
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Candace WattsCorp Website:

AWD Management Customer Ratings and Reports

Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 23

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $90,500.00
Average Reported Losses: $45,250.00

Latest AWD Management Complaint

Is AWD Management a Rip Off, Fraud or Have They Scammed You? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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AWD Management - Because of this company, I'm out of work

Because of this company I lost my job. We teamed up on a proposal together and blew it because of one mistake. This was a big contract that I really needed. That mistake was made by AWD MIS management Services. I wanted my colleagues to back out the deal with them because I saw how inexperienced they were.

If we called them because we needed something done, it took days for a response. The person who answers the phone there is totally clueless and unprofessional.

I hope other companies will think twice about teaming with them.

Official Responses from AWD Management

By: Danielle Jones On: January 30, 2013

Mr. Martinez’s allegations are misleading. His allegations are being addressed in court. AWD has been in business for 7 years and has a stellar business record with not one single complaint from a customer or employee. All of our customers and employees will attest to the fact that we have performed our business in an ethical manner and are above reproach. This is a personal matter that Mr. Martinez has unfortunately chosen to make a business/public matter.

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Consumer Comments For AWD Management

  • i happen upon this site because my gut told me to google this company and owner. we live in the same neighborhood and something recently happen that caught our attention. found her mugshot, read the lawsuit now this. her son absolutely scares me.

  • Stay away from this company at all costs. Along with the arrest of Danielle and that of Candace Watts, the total incompetence of Belita Elmore staggers the imagination. This company is unethical to say the least. They don’t care about the employees, only about their “customers”. I wouldn’t waste my time or energy on feeling sorry for any of them. All the government agencies they deal with will know about them sooner rather than later if I have anything to do about it. A current AWD “employee” is being harassed by a federal worker and they are taking the side of the fed. What does that say about this company? I was let go because of a MINOR mistake but was also set up. They don’t give any verbal or written warnings before firing you. They claim they pay for your healthcare but in reality, those that choose to have it are paying over $600 per month because they are getting paid almost $3.50 LESS per hour. This company as a whole is a scam and I would enjoy nothing more than to see her empire come crashing down around her.

    Again, as a last warning – STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AND REPORT THEM.

  • Danielle Jones is a money hungry, backstabbing, fraudulent individual. I know of someone that recently was in a relationship with her. He almost died from that situation. Hospitalized for 3 weeks because of the stress she inflicted upon him. She wanted him arrested but she was the one that ended up in the county jail. She even tried to sue him but that didn’t work. Now look who’s being sued! People, please read the lawsuit. It exposes this fraudulent person. My buddy is doing excellent now. Thank God!

  • This company was just hit with a $1.25 million lawsuit. I’m glad my wife severed ties with these people. The owner of this pathetic company, the company itself and her brother are mentioned in the lawsuit. Also we discovered they moved from a full functioning office to a virtual office. Financial trouble perhaps? After reading these comments. we’re surprised that there are not more complaints. You can not do people wrong and then expect a good life afterwards.

    • Hey , I just read the 30 page complaint It’s in Federal Court and the plaintiff is out for blood. Her & her brother are thieves. AWD is going down! The most unprofessional company ever. They put my husband through pure hell! Every night he came home and complained. The government (SBA) should have stricter requirements for these 8(a) companies.

    • I was directed to come to this site by a friend that briefly did business with them. She would tell me that something wasn’t right with this company. She hated going into that office. The owner’s son freaked her out. We ran a background check on everyone. The son was on probation for robbery, and the owner was arrested for stalking. The receptionist was also arrested for domestic violence. This lawsuit is not surprising.

    • Karma! I read the lawsuit as well. I’m not surprised at all. Thats how AWD was started back in 2007. Danielle stole a contract from PPI a company she quit that same year. I don’t know her brother but he sounds conniving just like his sister. I never wish bad on anyone but she had this coming.

      • I’d love to read this lawsuit so where can I find it? I worked for them and it was the most stressful year of my life. Don’t even get me started on the incompetence of Belita!

        • Just google awd management services lawsuit. I think you and I worked together. i briefly worked with these people but i just didn’t feel comfortable with them. one night i googled the owner and saw her arrest for stalking. did you get interviewed by an investigator?

  • the owner of this company is a crook and a fraud that cheated the government to get her company started. we worked together for the same company in 2007 and 2007 shes 8(a) certified with her own company? crook thief liar fraud.

  • Not surprised to see this tread. Back in 2010 ms. Jones gave a speech at the Small Business Conference in Atlanta. Her success story did not add up to us. We even reached out to her for advice on getting our 8(a) application expediated as quickly as she did. There was never any follow through. We were put off. My husband decided to look further into her background. Her former employor had nothing but harsh words about her. "She was with us in 2007. She got her 8(a) cert that same year using information she stole from my company." Then we learned she was arrested. She own properties in Fl and Ga and driving luxary cars. Small and disadvantage? I totally disagree.

  • Currently working for this company………no comment. "If you dont have nothing nice to say..dont say anything at all."

    • Really? Are you that friggin stupid? These are complaints and this company is a complete scam. This company screwed me over royally and I’m still waiting to get paid. Belita Elmore is the most incompetent "Project Manager". Don’t even get me started on the rest of them.

      • OMG @ Belita. Yes and yes. You forgot to mention the extremely bad breathe. When she came to the site we talked about her for hours after she left. To make matters horrible, she has a business acumen of a kid at a lemonade stand. The director always said "I really question Danielle judgement." Rumor going around that Danielle family runs her office and they all have mental disabilities

  • bad management. a contract ended in October with awd. she never was around. she barely came to the site to check on us. that was the word going around about her. she appears to be nice on surface but don’t be fooled. we had a few disagreements which resulted in shouting. i was glad the contract ended with them. the new company that took over wanted to do business with her but changed their mind.

  • I’m not surprised to see this. I did some work with this company. Let me tell you, that place was a joke. I had heated words with Danielle because I asked her for money that I worked for, and she kept changing what I was doing for her. Really? Very unprofessional.

  • I hope she gets whats coming to her. You don’t treat the hand that feeds you and your family like crap. If it wasn’t for me, there wouldn’t be a AWD Management Services! Plain and simple. A friend of mine called me 2am in the morning to look at her mugshot and to come to this site. First thing that I said "It’s about time her bad karma is coming back to her," Her name and company reputation is trashed throughout the government. If I wasn’t busy while she was in jail, i would have sent her a package personally.

  • This sounds vindictive on your part, especially to put someone’s name and information about a mugshot. Be careful there will probably be a lawsuit filed against you.

    • I disagree. The damage is already done. I’m sure this person already filed suit.

  • If you have solid evidence that this happen to you, then lawyer up. Most lawyers will take this case on a contingency basis. Meaning, no money is paid to them until the settlement is over.

  • That is strictly forbidden. Since 9/11, the laws are very strict when it comes to violated people privacy. That happen to me a few years ago and I suffered emotional duress. I was eventually awarded damages. However, its a bad feeling when you’re violated like that

  • sounds like you have a lawsuit on your hands. If you have proof that they in fact violated your privacy, you can seek damages. open and Shut case. Good Luck

  • Sad that happen to you. A friend of mine wanted to do some business with them. He changed his mind after he saw how unprofessional the staff acted.


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