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Last Updated On: January 28, 2015

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Greyhound bus hasn't returned my money!

Last August 2013 I purchased a round trip ticket from North Hollywood, CA to Oakland, CA. I waited for over two hours but the bus never showed. I only had the one day, the people I had planed to visit were not going to be available any other day. I talked to the person at the ticket desk, and he told me he would get me a full refund. I asked when I would see the money back in my account, and he told me within two weeks.

I went back to my home in Virginia, and checked my bank account two weeks later. When I didn’t see the money, I called the company. I was told sometimes these things can take 4 weeks or more. I checked my account again in September. Again I did not see the money.

I called the company again. This time I was told they had no record of my issue. They wanted me to mail my paperwork to them. I didn’t trust them at this point, and put it off for awhile. Then I asked if they could take a faxed copy. Then I sent over a faxed copy. I was told they had received it, and again my money would be in my account soon.

I check with them mid October, and was again told it might take some time. I was given a e-mail to contact if I didn’t see the money.

Called again in November, near Thanksgiving, at this point I was told my money would be in my bank by January and to contact the e-mail if I didn’t see it.

In January I put the e-mail out, only to be told that it wasn’t a valid address. I called the company to again confirm this. The agent at this point told me I needed the ticket or she would not be able to give me the refund. I told her the agent at North Hollywood, CA had told me they would send it in. She called North Hollywood to ask about it while I was on hold. She told me that she would have the ticket this week, and could process my reimbursement then. I asked her when I would see it and she told me February.

I called the first week in February, and was told that they still didn’t have my ticket. After speaking with the agent, telling her the whole story, she asked her supervisor for permission to get my money back to my account. She even took the account number. I was told it would be 14 to 17 days and I would see the money in my account.

On March 5th of this year I checked again and still have not seen my money. I was told today, March 10th that the department that handles reimbursement was behind, the agent who spoke to me said she would contact them to find out why I hadn’t gotten my money, and she would have an answer by this Friday.

I know other people may have been dealing with this same issue. I am posting on bubblews , and facebook.

Share this with all your friends and family. If enough people, about 100 or more say they had, or are having the same issue. The Attorney general of Dallas, TX will take some action. It’s time to fight the companies that think slip shod customer service is ok. Share this today!

Consumer Comments For Greyhound

  • sign the boycott petition posted on

  • i have been trying to get paid for my lost luggage and they keep giving me the run around they say it took longer than 30days to file and when i faxed it they still dont have it


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