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Last Updated On: November 22, 2014

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Business Name: POP Yachts Florida LLC
Corporate Address:
6384 Tower Ln, #A
Sarasota, Florida 34240 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 941-257-0111
Company Contact: Scott McNally - Owner
Corp Website: popyachts.com

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 7 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 47

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Reported Losses: $62,700.00
Average Reported Losses: $8,957.14

Latest POP Yachts Complaint

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Shame on you David Perkins

To: CEO David Perkins

Dishonest leaders breed dishonest employees.

He says he’s a veteran but did not act like one. He showed a lack of respect and treated a fellow vet like dirt.

I dealt directly with David he was helpful for a 2-3 days and then with out cause he refused all calls and did not respond to any emails. He has not offered any resolution. I have forwarded the case to the Dept of Boating and Waterways

I would not recommend these guys, look to a local broker not these jokers. I made a
40k$ mistake don’t do the same.

Mr. Ogg,
Thank you for bringing this to my attention directly.
To ensure you have a direct line to me, please use davidp@popyachts.com for my email address or simply reply to my emails. The rest of my contact information is at the end of this email.

I’ve created a Customer Service ticket on your issue to ensure it is given priority treatment by our staff. From this point forward, please consider me your primary contact until this issue becomes resolved.

I am familiar with your situation and was under the impression that your situation was being handled to your satisfaction, but I see from your email that something has inhibited the solution that I believed would be satisfactory to you. I will be more than happy to look into this personally.

I will contact Dave Gonyeas at Gonyeas Marine and determine where the breakdown has occurred. Once I have that information, I will be back in touch with you. I will attempt that contact today and continue until I am successful.

I do note that you would like to have a “new” heads/parts and I wonder if that is something Dave may be at odds with. I had been made aware that be might be willing to replace the entire engine with one in like condition at the time you signed the AOV. Of course, I am sure he wants to do right by you, but at the least cost possible, which is understandable. But I’m also aware of your desire and understand that as well.

As a past enlisted member of the Air Force and an Officer in the Army, I also understand your deep knowledge and dependence on your tools….your boat. With your service in the Coast Guard, we both know that military people have a deeper sense of taking care of the things that can often save their lives and want them to be in the best possible condition to guard against failure.

As you say, I’m sure that everyone had the best intentions and were trying to go above and beyond so all had an extremely good experience. But even with the best of intentions, sometimes things go wrong. For that part of your experience, I do apologize that this has happened.

I will work to find a balance where everyone is satisfied and can exit this process with as success an outcome as possible.

Thank you again for coming to me directly and trusting all of us here at POP to meet your boating (and fishing) needs. J

David L. Perkins | President/CFO
POP Yachts | 6384 Tower Lane, Sarasota, FL 34240
P: (941) 894-3215 | F: (941) 894-3214| Web: www.popyachts.com

Begin forwarded message:

From: Kevin
Date: August 23, 2014 at 11:44:33 AM EDT
Subject: FW: 2006 North River Sold by Robert Waldron in Portland OR, Need Assistance ASAP

Mr Perkins,

I would like to make you aware of a situation that is unfolding as we speak. I have followed you chain of command working through Scott Wild and Justin. I feel that I can not gain any traction with my situation and I’m asking for your oversight and assistance. The following is a time line of events;

06 Aug Pat Devlin of Portland or performs my marine inspection with no major or minor hits

08 Aug I send POP yhacts my acceptance of vessel memo

13 Aug Gonyea’s Marine Service performed oil change on 06 Yamaha F150TXR owned by Cecil and Kathy DeLashmutt. (Invoice attached)
16 Aug Kevin Ogg takes ownership of 2006 North River with the Yamaha F150TXR

17 Aug While on the 1st test run after the oil change after ~ 15 minutes of run time the low oil alarm sounds. The engine is shut down. Upon inspection the oil filter is found lying on its side above the oil filter threads, ~ 4 quarts of oil were lost with the loss of the oil filter. 4 quarts of oil were added and the engine was started, this is when we saw the oil filter eject off the threads once the engine was started. After further investigation it was found the Sierra Oil filter part # 18-7914 that was installed by Gonyea’s Marine Service, was the incorrect oil filter. Sierra oil filter part # 18-7906-1 was the correct oil filter. The 2006 North River was then towed in at a cost of $250.

18 Aug The correct oil filter was installed and the boat was ran again. At this time after 5 minutes of running, the engine lost RPM and shut down. The engine would not start again. The oil starvation from the incorrect oil filter being ejected has caused a severe lack of lubrication and seized engine components.

19 Aug I have dropped off the boat at Bobs marine in Modesto CA. The service center confirmed that this was the wrong filter and that they will continue with a diagnosis. I called Dave Gonyea and let him know that the boat was at the Yamaha service center. He wanted the shop to call him before any repairs were made.

22 Aug I speak with Scott Wild and his boss Justin. Justin assures me he has spoken with Dave Gonyeas of Gonyeas Marine and he will take care of the engine replacement. Justin also states that there is no liability on POP with this situation. At this point Bobs Marine gives Gonyas Marine the diagnosis of a power head needing to be replaced(~7000$ plus 1500$ in labor to remove and replace). I contact Gonyas Marine to move forward with the repair, Dave Gonya becomes combative and un willing to help. After asking for Gonyeas Marine Liability insurance information he denies and terminates the phone call.

I am not looking for anything but getting the engine replaced or repaired. My concern with POP is that I paid for and inspection and purchased the vessel because of the inspection results. Bob Waldren of POP allowed the vessels condition to change after I had my marine inspection completed. There were no contingencies add the the purchase agreement for this oil change to occur. I understand the seller did this out of good faith but in the end it has left me in a bad spot. I believe this could be a combination of fault between Gonyeas Marine, The Sellers, and POP Yachts. Currently the boat sits at Bobs marine in Modesto CA, they are waiting further direction.

My ideal resolution would be for a new engine to be installed. I choose this option because I was in the United States Coast Guard for 10 Years and piece of mind and faith in my main engine is paramount to successful underway evolutions. Second would be for the powerhead to be replaced, this is a concern because the remanufactured power heads do not have a good track record. Third would be POP takes the vessel back with a full refund. The difference in price between replacing vs repairing the engine will be ~2k, I think it would be a good faith decision because of my time and energy spent so far.

David any help you can be in this situation is greatly appreciated, I am in a bad spot and just want to go fishing. Im flexible and open to all options I’m trying to handle this with as little inconvenience for anyone as possible. Thanks for your time and below I will include all Points of Contact I have for all that are involved.

Attached you will find a video of the difference between the oil filter installed and the correct oil filter, pictures of the condition found, oil change invoices, closing documents with dated and signatures, MFG oil filter cross reference chart.

Invoice of the oil change

Pop Yachts – 6384 Tower Ln Second Fl Sarasota FL 34240 | 941-894-3215

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More About POP Yachts

Pop Yachts International currently has a B+ ratting with the BBB
Currently Listed Company Contacts From State Of Florida: Principal: Mr. Scott McNally (Broker), Mr. Nick Owens, Mr. David L. Perkins (Vice President)

Consumer Comments For POP Yachts

  • Wow! I can’t believe all the complaints against POP-Yachts.
    I was starting to wonder why anyone would use them to sell their boat!

    I’m looking for a boat and inquired about 3 different boats where they represent the seller’s. After several weeks I have only received one text message telling me how busy the agent was and he was sorry and would be emailing me the information I requested.

    They never got back with me-LOL ! I’m looking for a boat call and email their “sales” people( 3 different agents) and none of them can get back with a “Buyer”

    Sooooo anyone trying to sell your boat and you have them put your boat in an ad best of luck!
    You would be better off just putting it in Craigs list! or sinking it at POP’s lol
    Glad I found this site-I will pass on allllllll POP’S !!!!

  • "George" very clearly works for POP. His defense of POP hits all the points of their "pitch." Next time someone from POP contacts you, ask them if they’re members of the Yacht Brokers Association of America (YBAA). They are not because they do not want to have to subscribe to YBAA’s Code of Ethics. As for their tagline about "we don’t get a dime unless your boat sells," nobody in the brokerage world gets paid unless they sell your boat. POP is widely known for their unethical practices. Steer clear.

  • I called POP on a boat but found its better to email. Kevin Stigal is the broker and has been very professional and diligent on this deal. He is out of state but set up a showing within less than a week and followed up with emails if i had anymore questions. We made an offer and it came back with a counter within an hour and the deal was made. Seller and myself sigined via esign, wired the deposit and we wait till sea trial and survey…. hopfully to an AOV.
    I will repost after closing.

  • Castaway !! that’s what we should do with these IDIOTS. Yes, the employees do post on this and every boating thread pretending to be happy with the service. Let me ask you this: I was contacted by a Mark Evans who told me my 46′ Bertram/ twin diesels , 8-71s, 231 hours, was priced waaaay too much for the market, and if I came down $85,000.00 Maybe he could get it sold. My wife & I bought this boat BRAND NEW, and now we are looking to sell to purchase a 92′ Hargrave. This Mark character, after much going back and forth, called me a " Douche Bag " who doesn’t know what I’m talking about. I believe that if we can afford a new custom Hargrave (2012) maybe we should take this idiot and leave him on Gilligan’s Island.

    • Mark,

      Sorry to hear about someone at our company calling you a DB but it was not me. I am Mark Evans with POP Yachts and I have never referred to anyone as a DB. You might have spoken with one of our sales staff, i do not even discuss pricing with sellers.

      I tried to find your boat in our system but can’t and you do not use your full name so I can back check and make sure this is looked into.

      Mark Evans
      POP Yachts

  • You may as well go on ebay…if you submit a price and it is accepted (on their fancy agreement that is digitally signed) akin to toilet paper in effectiveness , then you are advised it was sold to someone that had a different broker for a higher price. Screw you Art and the POP you work for.

  • I listed two boats with POP Yachts inorder to meet their minimum of 25K. They were still going to charge the minimum for commission at $2500 per boat. When I ask for some negotiation on 16.6% and 20% rates they would not commit to a lower rate. Which put me in a position of not know how to pric my boat to recover their commission.
    They secured one agreement only to have the buyer back out. They then lost a second buyer because they would not budge on the commission. They also trashed the boat to the buyer telling him that I would lily take several thousand less.
    They have a good marketing idea but the salesmen and sales managers area bunch of incompentants .

  • Ahh Pop Yachts where to begin , from the idiots in the office and the central listing brokers right down to the brokers, the customers lolol. They all call themselves "captains" too funny.If you are a buyer plan on paying more than at your local boat yards.Plan also on total incompetence inside their "closing department"Lots of infighting,

    If you are stupid enough to work for them, (the turnaround is incredible).It is a revolving door.Promising you 6 figures a year.they have a few of the owners buddy’s who get all the good leads and do make 75k.But the rest outside of Florida get scraps.Plan on working 70 hours a week.You will be paid 300 -600 on a closing.You will be using many many gallons of gas showing boats that no one wants.

    They have a small core of uneducated "managers" who try to brainwash you into believing you are going to sell many boats.They have 150 revolving door brokers trying to get the scraps from the central office Florida brokers.

    The customers suffer, the sellers begin to hate them lololol..it is just too funny.They advertise on craigslisy constantly for down on their luck individuals.

    very funny stuff

  • pop yachts in my first hand experience and opinion are nothing short of the biggest bunch of lying flea bags on the planet I am very surprised the principals have not been keel hauled or given the deep six on the end of a cement block . unconscionables had me drive 8 hours to view a boat which I was told would run , it had battery problems the battery charger malfunctioned and the boat would not turn over .i later learn the boat had not run for months and had carb problems and a list of other hic cups a foot deep. the boat is now listed for 26,000 and again for 56,000 by pop yachts please figure that one out. and with twin 8 cylinder gas engines burned a gallon of fuel per mile at cruise from Chicago to key west. the boat is now being picked and is probably over priced at $2500.00 another example of pop yachts integrity is when a boat sells the selling price is rarely if ever shown its usually the original asking price that’s shown as the price it sold for. LAY ON MACBETH

  • I keep getting unwanted emails from these jerks. I have my boat posted on Craigslist, which, I know, is not the greatest place to try to sell a boat. But at least is free and you don’t have to deal with idiots that CAN’T READ. What part of "it IS NOT ok to contact this poster with other commercial interests." does Popyachts not understand? I see all the above complaints and agree that one should NEVER list their boat with a "broker" like popyachts. I am turning my yacht over to a reputable local broker to sell my yacht. I am reasonably sure these are the knuckleheads that send "paypal scam" emails daily.

  • I currently have a boat listed with POP yachts, is it frustrating….yes. #1 this economy doesn’t support selling a boat easilty, nor does the banks in providing loans for those who want to buy. POP yachts does charge 10% or $2500, but look at the marketing involved. I did have some issues initially with a revolving door of brokers, but my current broker actually came, took about 30 pictures and made a you tube video.
    My only issue thus far is the broker not being available at showings because of location. They do have some brokers that will show the boat, and yes, they don’t know the vessel the way they should. Unfortunately when it comes to having employees in remote locations, its difficult for a company to manage or be made aware of their short comings. Instead of complaining on a website they may not read, contact their director of operations. I did, and my issue was resolved promptly.

    Go to your local marina sales office and see what they charge for commission. It may only be 5%, but are they posting in multiple areas online, or are they relying on foot traffic casue your boat is parked on a trailer with a for sale sign taped to it?

  • POP Yachts is a complete joke. In order to see the photos they have posted you have to SIGN UP with them. What? Why would a seller want to make it more difficult for a purchaser to view photos of their boat? Is this confidential information. No. POP is a scam. I emailed them to tell them how I felt about their system and they continue to send me harassing emails and in one called me a Scam buyer. How professional. I will never deal with this company, and, as I told them in my email this morning, I will flag everyone of their ads i see on Craigslist.

    • Hi Jon,

      I totally agree with you. I had my 42′ Post listed on Clist, and these idiots emailed me at least a dozen times a day. When I finally replied to them to STOP emailing me, a Mark Evans called me a ‘ Douche Bag " and said he hoped my boat sank….How very professioal.

      • Mark,

        Sorry to hear about this. I am Mark Evans with POP Yachts and I have never referred to anyone as a DB. You might have spoken with one of our sales staff, i do not even discuss pricing with sellers.

        I tried to find your boat in our system but can’t and you do not use your full name so I can back check and make sure this is looked into.

        Mark Evans
        POP Yachts

  • Very interesting to see Mr. Dealer and his comments, I agree with "unbelievable people" he is an IDIOT of the first class variety… From what I read he about sums up the poor level of professionalism that comes from this scum bag company….POP Yachts really is a joke and while their staff keep commenting like this they continue to make themselves look even more stupid… so keep it up POP Yachts and you should slip out of business with natural wastage, the sooner the better….

    • You fill out a registration form so they have your contact information so they can e mail you!

    • POP yachts will go from selling 430 boats last year to at least 900 boats year. We are growing because we are reputable and professional.

      • A company with THAT many sales staff should be selling more boats than that. Company started off with a good idea, but owner Scott just turned into a greedy SOB

        • Owner Scott "just" turned into a greedy SOB…. There is no JUST here……Maybe you should look at the $10 Million DEBTS he and his bother left in the real estate market last time they ran this scam… same scam, same attitude, just boats now and not houses, Google Todd McNally and Scott McNally….. Many lost thousands to the McNally’s!

  • I have tried to purchase a boat thru POP and the agent stated, "do not discuss price with the seller" REALLY? RED FLAG, RED FLAG, RED FLAG, Seems NOW, the seller is leaving town and cannot show the boat, REALLY, AGAIN? Me thinks POP has huge problems and I agree with above commenter, "I SEE POP, I RUN."

  • Pop Yachts contacted me several times to list my boat, I finally did. Nothing, not even 1 showing, my boat is Seattle, I now decided to replace 1650 hr engines and cancelled contract. They accepted my cancellation, but send me alllllll the names that looked at their site and want their commission, if I sell to 1 of the names listed. This is a completly different boat since the rebuilds. I wrote to them but no answer, I send this E-mail to Jacob Jewett, the rep in Seattle area, no answer. Now I am getting legal advise, WHY WONT THEY ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS

  • I worked for pop yachts for a couple weeks. I was told several lines of bull crap about how the job worked etc. The put in this great new system etc. I was told the average listing agent was listing 50-70 boats a month and that was before the great new system. Only one rep had made close to that and the only one who made bonus. I couldn’t get into the system for a week due to their incompetence. Adam Koenigsberg lives in a dream world about this job. If you have three months to work for little or no paycheck then go ahead but I opted out. I have turned around companies by raising sales, broken records that have stood for over 20 years. I have been around the block and I won’t work for these people.

  • I have been looking at boats for more than 6 months and every boat they have listed is at least 25% over book value, I just ignore ant boat with there name, which sure **** is not in the sellers best interest.

  • I’m calling BS on Willie, Dave, and the other brokers posting as buyers in here. Bottom line, POP does something they refuse to do….. they DO NOT CHARGE any fees to the seller to list and sell their vessels NO MONEY is exchanged unless that Boat sells, period. If you have been able to hustle unknowing sellers that don’t want the hassle of dealing with 50 phone calls etc into giving you upfront money, and a company comes along and asks for nothing other than a few minutes to properly and professionally list their Boat throughout the world, on over 100 sites, you’d be looking for any way you could to discredit them too. The actuality is, POP does 10 times more, and doesn’t charge a cent unless they do their job and sell your Boat for you. YEAH.. that’s a bad deal.. PA-LEASE!

  • POP Yachts Venture is just that. It was a novel idea but has quickly become a scam. I am a successful yacht broker. My commission is included in the sales price. POP adds 10% onto the price for their commission. As I understand it, from calling on a few of their listings, most have NEVER seen the boat they are representing and have no idea of what it takes to sell a boat. It is not just the sale. It also includes market research, keeping the seller informed of market trends, arranging sale, survey and sea trial, answering questions pertaining to taxes, escrow accounts etc. Anyone can sell a boat but it takes a real broker to do it well. My brokerage is the largest in the USA and we will not do business with POP Yachts.

    • So Mr. Peterson are you saying that if a PopYacht broker brought you an offer from a qualified buyer, you would not present it to your seller? Interesting.

      • Amy, if thats your real name? You spell POPYachts like all the other employees from that company who continuously email me about my boats. I am a private seller who buys nice boats for pennies on the dollar ( Distressed owners )
        I bought 9 last month and have already sold 6 of them. Funny thing Amy? I very rarely see the boat. I hire a college to look & email me pics. I will not any furthur as what else we do, but I do very well for myself, and I only work about 10 jours a week.

  • Stop your all your wining !!!! Look, you are all upside down in your Boats …. I have been in the Marine Business for over 40+ Years… You wanted a dream and now can afford it now.. You Paid to much and now you want to b***h about the Yacht Broker that is really trying to help you and make some money to pay their bills, Make thier company Profitable. Stop Your F— b******g. Let them Sell Your Boat or Sell it Your Self. You all should be in Washington. With all the other Bull s**t. I worked for this company for 3+ Years They work there **** off for everyone and sell everything they can….. At the best price for all ……. Stop b******g …… Sell your own Boat and deal with all the Bull s**t that goes with it. Or let POP Yachts Sell it for you… I bet you can’t get your Wife, Girl friend to wire you a CHECK and Wire it to you in one day …….. Stop b******g…..

    • ur full of **** u are still an employee there trying to cover ur **** seen this **** thousands of times

    • You are one complete and total IDIOT, no one in the maritime market would ever write anything like what you have. To tell the truth, if there are this many comments as derogitory as this I could bet that dealing with this company is a very bad idea. And you should really expand your vocabulary, 40+ years in a business and have no class at all, a true tribute to the company you protect.

    • Wow – you sound just like a Sarasota scammer – are you the chief thief?

  • POP Yachts are a joke, no one knows anything about the boats they have hijacked from CL. I tried to buy from them last year and gave up in the end…. I would never let anyone from POP Yachts near my boat? Has anyone checked out who owns this scum bag company?

  • Selling my 43′ Viking and was contacted REPEATEDLY. They DO NOT LISTEN, their "internet marketing specialist" could not answer basic questions RE: banking escrow, professional affiliations etc. and became INDIGNANT. She actually asked if I was from NY! (no offense).
    Contacted again though Clist (same as above terms of use), even took my pics from Clist (last August) and started a preliminary listing on their web-site!!!
    They also want 11% Commission.
    I may report to State of Florida AG’s office for business practices.
    PS-I’m no schmoe…25 plus years on yachts to 140" I know of what I speak.

    • 140"?

  • Why was it deleted, Administrator?

  • I not only worked for them but wanted them to list my boat – had 3 Internet Reps email me – never followed up. This compay is a joke and touts their great lead system. A lead to me is someone who is really interested – not a phone call their phone system forwards to you at 2 AM. Or if someone emails you at 4 AM and you don’t respond in 30 minutes you lose the lead.

    Watch the Their Team page to check out the high turnover.

    • I have a business idea that I would like to discusswith an honest trustworthy Yachtbroker.

  • Of course they are persistent and sometimes even a little annoying, but that’s the nature of aggressive salespeople. Isn’t that what sellers are really looking for in a broker? And of course they add their fee onto what the seller wants to net from the sale. How else are they supposed to make a profit? Do they provide a benefit that justifies the fee? Of course they do. Selling your boat today is all about getting maximum exposure and that exposure costs money. It doesn’t matter how competitively you’ve priced your boat If nobody knows about it. The bottom line is quite simple; the more people that see your boat, the faster it will sell and at a higher price. Companies like POP Yachts advertise their clients boats on virtually every web site that promotes boats. The great thing is that they don’t care if you sell your boat yourself. You only pay them if they bring you a buyer that nets you what you want out of the sale. There isn’t really a downside to their concept. Actually, I buy and sell boats for a living and I list all of my boats on POP yachts as well as market them myself. I tell them what I have to get and they add their fee on top. If I sell the boat myself, which is usually the case, I just call them and tell them to cancel the listing and that’s that. Trust me, if they are real close to making a deal they will trim their fee to make it happen rather than walk away from a commission. Hey, if you want to know who the real thieves are take a close look at your bank fee statements or cell phone bills. At least companies like POP Yachts don’t get paid unless they perform to every ones satisfaction. Think about it.

    • What you said sounds simple but adding their fee to the asking price of the boat makes no sense when the majority of the time the boat is priced in line with market value. You are basically pricing the boat out of range for a real sale.
      Why wouldn’t the broker just get paid 10% of the final sale price agreed to by the seller and buyer?

  • Dont buy anything from this company they are just incresing the price of a boat that you can find in craiglist for less

  • This review is keeping me from pursuing a sales position with pop yachts.com. When the company doesn’t bother to respond, I find it incriminating.

    • Bill

      I have deal with POP Yachts and they are probably the most serious and honorable yacht brokers in the market.

      I purchased my yacht from them and they are very profesionals.

      • All they do is take Craigslist ads or Boattrader Ads, up the price by 20% and re-list them- often with the same pictures. I have heard of them doing this without the seller’s permission to solicit an offer and hopefully get their commission (pretty slimey). I have called on two of their boats and they do not know basic things like the hours (4 stroke motors w/ digital gauges), exact location of the boat or if there is a trailer or loan on/with the boat. Run away as fast as you can.

        • I can tell you that my husband works for POP and that is absolutely not the case and he works 24/7, unlike most boat brokers. He picks up the phone at any time of the day. He may not immediately have every detail on every boat in his head, but he is timely in getting back to buyers and sellers on details needed. The difference is that, unlike other brokers, they acrtually have a large repository of brokerage boats, not just a handful.

          • When they called me in Baltimore after I posted on C/L , explained how they work, no real obligation to them unless they sell and I always had the ability to sell it myself or via the boat yard for sale. I wanted 25K , not a dime less. I signed the agreement over Adobe program. They found a buyer, the buyer sent in a marine surveyor, he surveyed , ten set up a sea trial, all passed, we signed all necessary paperwork confirming everything, buyer wired transferred the full amount, and as of now, I am awaiting PoP’s transfer into my account. If all goes well with that , buyer picks up Friday. So from Monday to Friday, boat was looked at, sold and will be paid for hopefully. Will update if I remember. All went perfect and all were very professional.

      • I suggest you start using MS Word spelling/grammer check before you make a posting.

    • Bill,how long have you been a broker for?


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