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Business Name: Select Comfort Corporation
Category: Beds / Mattresses
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Corporate Address: 9800 59th Avenue North
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55442 USA

Phone Number: 763-551-7000
Company Contact: Shelly Ibach - President and CEO
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Buyer Beware, Hidden Fees And Misrepresentation

Buyer Beware Of Hidden Fees And Misrepresentation Of “free 30 Day Trial” Claims By Sleep Number In Fox Valley, Aurora Illinois.

Arrived at the Fox Valley Sleep Number store to see what these beds were all about and if one might be able to help myself and fiance (who is a disabled veteran) sleep better. Our salesman, Howard K., seemed knowledgeable and showed us all the details. Up to this point our experience was good.

Then came the lies.

He told us that we would be able to get a “FREE 30 day in home trial” to see if the bed worked out for us prior to committing to purchase. He also told us that he would give us free deliver after I heard how much they wanted to charge and almost cancelled the whole thing. We found a bed that he said would be good for our needs and agreed to the trial. My fiance can only stand up for a short time so we needed to wrap things up and get out of there, so I signed the papers, bought a mattress pad that was supposed to keep the bed cooler then went home. The pad works great but the whole bed experience was a disaster.

We went through the 30 day trial without ever being able to get any relief for our sleep problems, our pain and discomfort actually got worse. So I called to cancel the order and get the bed removed. The customer service rep suggested sending out these foam pads that should help with support and extend the 30 trial for another 30 days to see if we were then satisfied. I specifically asked if that was still going to be the FREE TRIAL and she said at least three times that extending would not cancel the 30 day FREE trial.

These pads did nothing and I called back after 2 weeks totally disappointed in the bed and arranged for a pick-up. One month later I received a bill with deliver and pick-up fees of $512.81 which also included charges for the mattress pad. $384.00 is what they are trying to charge for delivery fees and pick-up fees. This seems ridiculous for a “FREE in home trial” especially since Mr. Howard K. promised we wouldn’t be charged the delivery fee.

I have sent two appeals to corporate Sleep Number at 9600 59th Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55442 for these fees to be withdrawn and they have refused. So I decided to go public with our disappointment. I consider the fees to be ridiculous and false advertising. How could they claim this is a “FREE 30 day in home trial” and charge those types of fees? I guess that is one way to make money.

Please Be Aware – No Real Free Trial, Just A Gimmick To Try To Get You To Commit To Getting The Bed Home Then Charge Outrageous Fees If You Want It Returned. They Hope You Won’t Want To Go Through The Hassle Of Cancelling And Get Charged Almost $400 For Nothing So You Submit And Keep The Worthless Bed!!!

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2 thoughts on “Sleep Number Beds

  1. This company may have been customer oriented at one time but I'm not feeling that way about them right now. They sure were friendly taking our money when we bought a total of five of their beds. My 91 year old father has had problems for at least the last year and a half with his bed. I've been to the store that sold it to him and I've called customer service. They are more than happy to sell you a bed but have minimal service after the fact. They have NO one who can come out to actually see or fix the problem he's having, so we've done everything the customer service folks told us to try. At least they tried to help us. The salesman? Not so much as far as getting help to actually fix the problem. End result? We just spent the last two nights at the emergency room making sure my father hadn't broken his ribs because of this bed. All because this company has made no allowances to have someone come out to SEE what was actually going on. We would have happily paid for a service call. Instead he is now dealing with severely bruised ribs and huge medical bills. Guess what? We told everyone we could in the ER exactly why we were there. We're going back to Sealy Posturepedic.