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Business Name: DrLous Place
Category: Bars / Clubs / Lounge
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Corporate Address: 1501 Hornberger Ave
Roebling, New Jersey USA

Phone Number: 609-447-0158
Email: drloumusic@gmail.com
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Suffering Silently at Dr Lous Place

I have never done anything like this before, but i can’t stand back and watch my friend and her family go through this anymore!!! My friend is a very charitable person and gives beyond measure!! She puts together charity events, for families in need, fires, medical bills, people who are sickly, in need of medical supplies, hunger, cancer!! you name it she has done it!! Meanwhile, her boss Dr. Lou at Dr. Lou’s in Roebling, NJ owes her several months pay of $3,200 !!

She has watched him receive up to $9000 per event and cry poor mouth when it comes to paying her!!! The other day my friend almost ended up in the hospital from a nervous breakdown because she couldn’t feed her kids!!!! He is supposed to pay her $225 per event to give you an idea of how far behind he is! The amount of time and effort that is put into these events is way beyond the 225!

My friend will Not stop doing the charity events because they help so many…meanwhile her and her family suffer! My friend asked him for $60 dollars to feed her children when she was working for him the other day and he totally ignored her :(

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