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Last Updated On: May 27, 2016

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Business Name: Alliance Data Systems Corporation
Corporate Address:
7500 Dallas Parkway
Plano, Texas 75024 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 214-494-3000
Company Contact: Edward J Heffernan - President
Corp Website:

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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.13 out of 5
Based On: 153 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 166

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $2,897,430.03
Average Reported Losses: $18,937.45

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Is Comenity Bank a Rip Off, Fraud or Have They Scammed You? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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A Dream Come True for Identity Theft Experts

I feel sorry for them, actually. Comenity Bank’s rapid credit program is sadly a dream come true for identity thieves, harming persons who suffered identity theft.

It is no fun walking into a police station with hordes of others, each reporting that Comenty Bank’s loan program provided the blue print for identity theft, in throwing caution to the wind.

Expect to lose 2-3 days work without compensation and to have to contact 3 credit agencies, and to submit reports to Comenity Bank and to wait weeks. Yes, it was resolved, but I suspect that the number of people who have been hurt – and who are less skilled to resolve this, number in the tens of thousands.

If in a small town, people are streaming in, and you add the larger communities – not just California but nationally, the potential harm could be $100 million. That’s a lot more than most of us have in our piggy bank. Comenity Bank needs to resolve this problem – use a thumb print identity or something else, rather than simply say it’s not their problem since they were not the thief.

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Comenity LLC, Comenity Capital Bank, Comenity Bank, Comenity Operating Co., LLC, and Comenity Servicing LLC

Comenity Bank
3100 Easton Square Place
Columbus, OH 43219
Phone: 888-428-8810
Phone: 614-729-4000
Fax: 614-755-3175

Comenity LLC
3100 Easton Square Place
Columbus, OH 43219
Phone: 614-729-4000
Fax: 614-755-3175
John J. Coane CEO

Comenity Capital Bank
2795 E. Cottonwood Parkway, Suite 100
Salt Lake City, UT 84121

ADS Alliance Data Systems, Inc

Consumer Comments For Comenity Bank

  • elna james

    Every since Monday April 25 they have been calling me all day and night i have know credit card with them i call this harassment and i want them to STOP CALLING ME

  • GamerGalelite

    They are still charging me interest fees for a qualifying no interest purchase, and when I’ve asked them they’ve just been giving me the run around. I am will paying off the balance and closing my account immediately for their under handed tactics.

  • Hortensia

    This bank telemarketing, debt collectors are not only a scam but breaking the law according to FTC. I just block every number they use to phone me for some unknown debt they say I owe. I do not have Credit cards. Period. Telling them I do not have card, account, debt is useless, they still call at all hours.. If you do not know how to block their incoming calls, ask your phone provider for procedure. Be prepared, they have at least 2-3 dozen numbers.!!! They are being reported to FTC on regular basis. Good luck dealing with these criminals.

  • salsarider62

    I’ve already filed one with the FTC. I received an invoice today for a purchase made through a Paypal Credit account. Interesting, because I never opened a Paypal Credit account nor did I make the invoiced purchase. After speaking with the Comenity CSR, I’m convinced that I’ve been been hacked and their ineptitude failed to spot the fraud. The CSR said she froze the account and reported it to their fraud department (outsourced, of course) but I don’t expect a resolution. Hence, my pre-emptive report filed with the FTC.

  • ann Smith

    I have been unable to use my Virgin America Comenity card even once since the end of November despite calling four times and being assured there is no hold on my card or any problems. The very next day I try to buy a ticket on Virgin, or upgrade, or pay for excess baggage and the card is ALWAYS declined. Today they said they have security perameters. What? What is more secure buy than standing AT the Virgin counter AT the airport with my ticket, passport, TSA clearance, etc trying to pay a 25 fee for heavy bag? I’m not buying a drone on the street in Miami……So when can I use the card? What are the perameters? Seems it’s a total crap shoot when the card will work or not. My husband threw his away. Too unreliable. I am a Gold member wx Virgin but now since I can never use this card I will lose that status and Virgin will lose this client. They don’t care. They must have saved a few pennies switching to Comenity Bank. Big mistake. No other card I have is this reliable, this confused when I call, or fails to take note of travel abroad. No service Comenity. Don’t know how their workers can take the abuse that must be heaped on them daily and rightfully so.

  • liz29

    I started keeping track of the calls from Comenity on 12-12-15 I have had 14 calls in the last 4 days the most recent being 6:07 PM today 12-16-15. They call no one is ever on the line if I pick up and never ever leave a message. All my debts are paid and I have no outstanding debts due. I know they are running some kind of scam I just can’t figure out what it is. So now I just let all incoming calls go to voice mail and keep track of the no message calls the number they are using this week is 913-312-1013. I am going to keep track and if the calls keep up come January I am going to start filing legal complaints. Maybe we should all get together and file a class action suit.

  • Ashleigh

    I have also tried to pay online through my checking account, they will not allow you to pay with your debit card. They constantly said the payment was returned from my bank charging me late fees and causing my credit score to drop. My bank even called them and sent letters to the companies stating I’ve had the same account number for 18 years and never had issues with returned checks or writing checks that were not good. It took me months to bring up my credit score. My bank said it was an issue with Comenity and Comenity of course blamed it on my bank. So I have to make payments through my personal online banking. This is the most ridiculous company I’ve ever had to deal with! I will make sure I do not open any charge accounts that are associated with Comenity Bank!

  • TheREALstoryis

    I just reported them to the FTC. I’m getting 20 calls a day from them. I had payments set up for next week, but if they’re doing this, I yanked the payments

  • donallover

    Sat 112815 11:30a ET – Just called 866.423.1097 (# in the Information Sharing brochure I got yesterday in the mail) and Karen helped me Opt-out of Sharing my credit information AND telemarketing. She told me it could take “several weeks” to get removed from the TM list. She was very nice and seemed to sincerely want to help…She’s sending me out a printed letter Monday (supposedly) with my request to opt-out of both.

    She also cancelled my PierOne account. Good luck.

  • DianaManwaring

    There was a number on my caller id today – 614-212-5286. The name on my caller id said “Sonitrol.” Hmmm….I know it’s a security company and I am not interested in getting a security system. I googled the number and found other complaints about Comenity Bank and how they spoofed Sonitrol’s name. I called the number back and their automated system said “Comenity Bank.” Shouldn’t that be illegal?

    • TheREALstoryis

      let’s see, using another company’s name…….what is fraud?

  • Beverly

    These are professional rip off artists who don’t care about no one but themselves trying to close the account and they still charge you $45 late fee even if your a day late and you set up payments that’s crazy I paid my bill down to 600 some dollars now it’s back up to eight hundred and I also made arrangements with them and they said they can’t close it but they’re going to keep on charging late fees even after I lost my job and I try to set up a payment agreement they’re rotten to the core they don’t care bout nobody themselves but then I’m going to find a way they’re going to pay for what they’re my losses is over $200.00

  • janet

    you need to go suck lemons you rude, obnoxious, intolerable CS agents! I have never EVER seen or heard ruder and more poorly trained individuals. I told your agent I wouldn’t be able to make a payment until the end of the week and she yelled into the phone, CALL BACK LATER and hung up. THEY SUCK- fire everyone of them!!!

  • Karen Augustine

    BTW, they CANNOT hold your wages. If they are threatening that, you need to document who you spoke to, date and time, what was said and forward that info to your state’s AG.I know these idiots won’t leave their names, but if they leave messages, save them.

  • Karen Augustine

    Someone asked about an executive at Comenity; his name is Ron Ostler and he is based in Salt Lake City. He’s the CEO. When the housing market folded, we were having problems with Bank of America and the minions gave us a hard time. I wrote a letter to the CEO and his assistant personally handled our refinancing. That’s what all of you need to do, write him a letter. I bet if he gets tons of complaint mail, he might take a look at the peons. The people who are in CSR are usually uneducated and read from a script or they’re disgruntled college grads who can’t get a better job. I almost applied for a card with them, but I did some research and oh hell no! It looks like they just settled some type of class action suit, also. Good luck and God bless.

  • V. Yanez

    Can they withhold your wages? I’m being threaten by them withholding mty wages. I’m trying to make payment arrangements with them but am asked to pay within 3 months.

    • Karen Elaine Damron

      They can’t withhold your wages without first having taken you to civil court and being awarded a judgment against you in court. Then, if you make arrangements in court to make payments, if you are one day late, they can garnish your wages for 25% of your take home pay. It is also illegal and unethical for them to threaten you with that. You should definitely report the threat. They can call you to collect, but they’re not allowed to threaten to garnish your wages or sue you. The smart ones know that and will just tell you they’re going to seek other means of collecting.

  • Sherrie Fuller Dobbie

    your public relations department is a mess. How dare you call my home from 8AM and every hour on the hour every day? You are a menace to the telemarketing world; the worst sort of caller the public has to deal with. I sent you an email. I want my phone removed from your telemarketing calls. And I want it done immediately. What and who is running this company; you are rude to the nth degree.

  • P.Stoker

    Someone also from comenity has called me 155 times in 30 days, with 3 different area codes, 303-255-5352, 720-456-3689 and a 913 they have called Mon thru Sun from 8am to 8:45pm

    • TheREALstoryis

      I get 913 and 614 at least 15-20x a day

  • Rob Jacobsen

    I have been getting these same calls, now from three different area codes and different extensions of the ones listed below in S. Barat’s post. To my knowledge I do not have one of their cards nor do I want one. I have tried every conceivable way to answer the calls, politely, say nothing, curse them out very good and no one ever comes on the line so I just let my answering service do it now as I recognize who it is. It is very aggravating though to keep getting them. My phone service lets me block 12 different #s and I am about to run out of available slots for that. I may try the AG route though and see if they can get thru to them. They have to be genuine a******s to be so persistent and never say a word.

  • Santosh Barat

    Someone from Comenity has been calling me for the past 2 weeks every day from 8.30 AM till 7.00 PM at least 6 times a day.There are 4 telephone numbers that they call They are 614-212-5290,, 720-456-3600,720-456-3679,913-312-0540 and leave no messages. This is becoming a harassment.

  • Geraldine Shifflet

    I want to cry. Comenity Bank has totally SCREWED ME OVER. I had okay credit before, but NOW…I was stupid and got a credit card for a clothing store, Avenue. I paid my bill the day it would come in. That’s how I do it with all my bills. A bill comes in, a payment goes out. I had the account for maybe six months. I went shopping one day and tried to charge something, and they told me my purchase was declined. I was shocked! The sales associate called the bank, and was told I hadn’t paid my bill. It dawned on me that I hadn’t yet received a bill for that month. The bank told me that I was late, and again, I told them I hadn’t rec’d a bill…Letter after letter to Comenity…FINALLY I get an apology letter that looks like it was written by someone new to the English language. With that grammatically incorrect letter were attached copies of two bills, BOTH with my name AND account number…with an address in a city in California I do not and have never lived in…they stated it must have been a clerical error….Duh….but the best part of this trouble? BECAUSE I WAS, ACCORDING TO THEIR RECORDS, I WAS 30 DAYS LATE, MY CREDIT REPORT WENT DOWN APPROX. 150 POINTS.

    I despise Comenity Bank and the idiots that work there. With all of the angry problems we all are facing with this moronic company, why isn’t something done to shut them the f**k down?????

  • Deborah

    Hmmmm, so it appears I’m not the only person having difficulty with Comenity. I tried paying my JJill bill three times, only to have them return my online checks to the bank. Turns out my credit card number changed when JJill changed over to Comenity – something I did not notice. I eventually paid the full amount for all items purchased, but the penalties, late fees, and interest on said fees, were astronomical. I tried explaining this to both Comenity and JJill and nobody seems to care. All they expect is for me to pay up – the amount in late fees, etc. is not far behind the amount I paid for a few items of clothing.
    Yet another example of big business winning out! I’ll pay the bill because I’ve always had great credit, and I don’t want this to screw that up. And also because I”m so tired of Comenity repeatedly calling me every day. However, I’m also going to file a complaint with my state’s department of justice (attorney general’s office).
    I’d welcome any other advice. Thanks!

  • Sandra

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  • pooOnyou

    watch your bank account with these ********.. THEY DO STEAL

  • jeremie davis

    I got approved for an hsn charge account then they turned around and suspended it until further notice? i called and they tell me i need to send in 3 forms of Id to make sure i am the one who opened the account etc ..What a hassel to have to even do that why approve you for an account then suspend it so u cant even use it has anyone else had these problems ? the letter said a review of your account had recvealed potential security concerns and or irregular credit card transactions your account has been suspened pending completion of our investation ? LOL then it says if we don’t hear from you with in 30 days your account will perm close i called them and they are wanting 3 forms of id so they know it was me that opened the account i guess

  • Hello everyone, Comenity bank has a history including, A. Not willing to work with their clients on reducing the monthly payment. B. Their customer service will not email you back, and most of them work from the comfort of their own home (yes that’s sketchy and not professional)

    They would rather you fall behind on your payment. “Why” many people ask. The reason why is because they know that the debt will be written off and they will get reimbursed 100% of the money, and your credit will get trashed. What rights do you have? Here you can find all of the information you need regarding taking action.

  • Michelle

    If you are being harassed by Comenity under their many guises (Corning and Co.?) contact your State Attorney General. I did. I received a letter from my attorney general saying they would contact Comenity and they DID. I received a letter from Comenity today saying (basically) that they were sorry for any inconvenience due to the massive calls they were making all day long and how rude they were when I spoke to their reps. They claim they have updated my status (I contacted them 3 times after I lost my job explaining I was disabled and did not have any income) and I will no longer be receiving calls from them. They explained about the minimum due and they can report me to credit bureaus if I don’t make the minimum payment for the accounts, they can go to court, etc. Fine, because I don’t have a pot to p**s in, so good luck with that. In any case, the calls stopped after I heard from my attorney general via mail. I was receiving between 14-20 calls a day from various numbers and when I did speak with them to explain my circumstances the customer service reps were rude, demanding to know, “well, if you don’t have a job how do you eat? Where do you live? Who buys your food?” I told them that wasn’t any of their business. In any case, so far, so good. And I will not hesitate to contact my state attorney general’s office again if they begin harassing me again.

  • Mamie Harrison

    Someone from this bank has repeated called my 88 year old mother with a series of hang up calls every day. Please stop harassing my mother because she is ill and she has never had an account with you. If it continues, I will be forced to notify the local law enforcement office.

    • Michelle

      Go to your state attorney general’s office website. File a complaint there. The form asks questions about the bill, how much is owed, what the problem is, etc. Do it. I just did it within the past two months and I received a letter from my state attorney general’s office saying they were investigating. Within 2 weeks I heard from Comenity apologizing via letter for the harassing calls and saying they’d updated my circumstances (lost job) in their system. They claim in the letter they will not call me again, but the balance is still due on my accounts. That’s fine. I pay a minimum amount, what I can afford via loan, and that’s all I can do. It’s better than nothing. If they start harassing me again, I’ll contact the attorney general’s office. Good luck.

  • Clambroth

    Listen up folks. Read this carefully before dealing with or getting a Comenity issued store card. Stage brand stores (Beals, Peebles, Goody’s) and dozens of other smaller regional chains and stores use Comenity Bank as the credit card issuer.

    Here’s what you must know. The typical Comenity issued card is typically 24.99% interest – usurious in most places except certain very limited states in which they incorporate (Del. Dakota). You figure, okay 24.99% is high but I’ll pay the bill immediately – the day it comes in to avoid the interest. Right? WRONG. The day the Comenity CC bill comes in is typically 2 weeks AFTER the bill was first issued. They HOLD the bills for up to two weeks before sending them to you, the customer. How can they do that?

    You open up your bill (the first one or the LAST one) and you find you have 10 or 11 days to the payment DUE DATE. WTF? How can that be? Remember, they’re holding your bill for nearly two weeks after the issue date BEFORE mailing it to you. What WAS the bill issue date? Comenity avoids that annoying question by NOT DATING THEIR BILLS. You find NO ISSUE DATE on the bill but realize you have 11 to pay the bill to avoid the $35.00 LATE CHARGE. Hey, no problem, I’ll pay by phone. Comenity charges you a $15.00 FEE to pay by phone – so you get a late payment penalty AND an early payment penalty.

    Hey, I’ll just write a check and mail it in. Ever notice the Comenity bills seem to come in the Friday or Saturday mail? No coincidence. You mail your payment in 10 days BEFORE the due date and still get hammered with a $35.00 late fee. HUH? Comenity claims it takes about 7 days to process your payment. Dodd Fank bill says the payment is received by the Bank WHEN it is received. Comenity says it takes us 7 days to “process” your payment. Want to check the postmark of the bill from Comenity to see when they actually mailed it? Can’t. They use first class POSTAGE PRE-PAID ENVELOPES that don’t have cancellation dates from the postal service. They hide the fact that they are holding you bill for nearly two weeks before mailing it to you and you can’t verify when they mail it because they use pre-paid first class envelopes. Comenity THEN blames the postal service for the late delivery.

    Even if you mail in your payment the day the bill is received you’re probably going to get the late payment charge – because they’ve held your bill for two weeks and then hold your payment for another week after receiving it before they “process” it. They’re stealing two weeks of imputed 24.99% interest from you by holding your bill before mailing it and then stealing another 7 days of that same 24.99% interest by holding your bill before they “process” it. On top of that they’re profiting heavily from the $35.00 monthly late charges, that you typically can’t avoid, because they hold your bill until closer to the due date.


    • cymricmorty

      Thanks for the scoop on these bankster thieves.

  • Zariji

    Hey everyone. This is why the Obama Administration set up the new Consumer Protection Bureau. But it takes a village to get anything really done. So I think a challenge to Comenity should be set up. We each have had hassels with this bank. Poor service, auto-messaging, lack of data accuracy and the list goes on. This should be handed over to the Feds who can really investigate on the consumer’s behalf. There shouldn’t be this many complaints- that are all very similar in nature on one site. Imagine how many other sites are out there with other folks complaining too. Comenity gets away with murder, $25.00 or more at a time. I closed all my accounts that were backed by them for the reasons cited in these threads.

    • Gene

      The feds?

      This is a phony comment designed to promote state control of all things it cannot administer, but who cares as long as you have control. The magical feds can’t open an efficient web site.

      • cymricmorty

        Right wing/libertarian crackpot.

  • kayla

    I just got bit by Comenity as well. They not only billed my purchase to the wrong card. But has has added some insurance to my account. From the complaints I’ve read about the Assurance Insurance it’s not worth spit. I called Comenity to ask why all of a sudden I have this insurance. Now I want to know why did you charge a card I never use instead of the one w/ the running balance. I also feel your pain Barbara, I too have made a payment ahead of time. Unfortuntely this does not count towards your next minumim payment. I was like guys could have told me that in advance. I paid of my entire card balance before… and well before the due date… a was hit w/ some charges still. But this it, they’ve got the right one now. I love putting pen to paper. I will fight the battle and WIN the war. I also intend reporting them to the FTC and BBB, and I suggest that all of you guys do as well. The more of use who lodge complaints the more their actions will be noticed. I’m writting everyone, local news in my state and they’re.. anyone who’ll listen I’ll tell. Join me in fighting back.

  • Barbara

    Last year I purchased some items from Roamans – the quality was horrible so when I returned back to the country I returned the items to Roamans in the time allotted for a full refund. I received a statement from them with a charge and called and spoke to their finance department and was told by the young lady on the phone that she would take care of it.
    I have a very busy life and by the time I realized that the unknown phone calls were coming from Comenity bank I had been put into collection for shipping charges. As I refused to pay them the late charges and finance charges kept being added. I have tried to explain to them and they are rude and told me I needed to take it up with Roamans., I spoke to Roamans and even paid the shipping charges and now Comenity is expecting me to pay almost $300 for product that I did not keep. Comenity tells me that only Roaman’s can make the adjustment and Roaman’s tells me only Comenity can.
    I am hoping someone can help me stop these people from calling me. I do not owe anyone anything, I pay my bills!
    Appreciate any advice.

  • L. Sullivan

    I cannot cancel my account. I called 1-866-776-9859 on 2/9 and went thru the automated system to close this card that has had a $0 balance for months now. Today I received a new platinum card (vs. the regular card I had). I didn’t request a new card! Has anyone else experienced this?

    • ednasmiles

      Yes, they just did this exact thing to me the other day, I came to see if it had happened to anyone else.

  • strangelyunique

    I absolutely HATE that I started dealing with Comenity Bank! I recently got a credit card for Bealls/Palais Royal Store, and am In the process of paying off the credit card….I must say this so called bank is a bunch of bull! I always have problems making a payment towards my account with them. I usually go online, make a payment schedule, but they NEVER take the money out on the date that I set online! I have to be extra careful not to take too much money out of my bank account, because I never know when they will finally take the money out! They ALWAYS take the payment out 5-6 days after the scheduled date!!! I called customer service the other day and they were so RUDE to me! As if I were wrong! I do not understand why it takes them so long to take the payment out of my bank account, when I schedule the payment…I’ve never had to deal with this before. I can’t wait to pay off this credit card, because I am so done with them! Never again…

  • SaneAmerican

    Oh, their Customer Service Department is far worse than rude. They have no compunction with following the laws that govern debt collections. As such, they are putting the companies they represent at risk. You are best served by issuing your complaint to the company they are servicing and make it known to that company now bad Comenity is at taking care of things. You will get further that way.

  • fedup smith

    Comenity Bank is the most untrustworthy bank I have ever had to do business with
    They fail to send notices and then tell you you are late with payments when I never was..Then they tell you but you have to pay a late fee.. I spent two hours trying to tell them they were wrong..They are still in error..They are either too large to handle things correctly or just have no care about customer service..once I pay my bill off I am forever done with Comenity bank..They are the worst of the worst

  • Chrissy Jamie

    I’m really glad I use Ally bank online and not these guys.

  • Loree Ferla

    I was scammed and frauded by Comenity.I had a Comenity Total Rewards Visa Card. I did 2 balance transfers to another credit card. Comenity then hacked into my checking account with Bank of America and took the same funds out that they had already been paid for by the credit card companies I did the balance transfer’s on. I called Comenity and was lied to by the customer service rep when I asked him why did you take funds out of my checking account that you already have been paid for, he lied and said he was waiting for a check from Chase Bank, I never mentioned which Credit Card company I did the balance transfer with. These people are scam artist and liars. They also back date your payment when you make it on time so they can charge you a late fee. They took 7,000.00 out of my checking account, they need to be sued and go to jail.

  • SW

    I won’t even go into my story with Comenity who is managing billing for Restoration Hardware account.

    My question is this: has anyone found an executive’s name to write a formal letter to in the company, and found it successful in resolving whatever your issue was?


    • Nick August

      Comenity Bank
      3100 Easton Square Place
      Columbus, OH 43219
      Phone: 614-729-4000
      Fax: 614-755-3175
      attn John J. Coane CEO

  • Jeff.S. Smith

    I have numerous credit card, a longtime perfect payment record and very high credit score. I have spoken to approximately 10 people, including 3 or 4 supervisors over a period of 3 months, in an attempt to get one simple problem solved. I have had no success at all, am still trying to get the problem solved. Comenity Bank has the absolutely worst customer service that I have ever seen. This is for my Credo credit card, which is managed, or I should say mismanged by Comenity. I have 15 major credit cards, have had most for years, have never experienced service even remotely close to this bad anywhere else. In the future, I would not accept any credit card that is managed by Comenity.

    • debbie

      Ha! That is the SAME EXACT problem that I am having.Have excellent credit pay all my bills on time but every time i make a payment(the same payment over and over they keep saying it has been returned! Spoke with them over the phone, gave them my checking account number. NOTHING IS WORKING!!! The people answering the p
      hones are complete morons! They hardly speak English. I have been trying to resolve this lousy 42.00 payment since JULY!!!!! I was told last month it was all resolved and I just received a letter stating my account has now been canceled until I make a full payment and I am being charged fees!!!! WHAT????? Are they f*****g kidding me? THE WORST EVER!!!!!!!!!

      • Ethan

        I have a card through Gander MT. only to receive the benefits so I use it constantly and pay my bill in full monthly. I, as well, have a great credit score and have never paid anything other than the full amount. Around X-mas time my account had been fraudulently used in NYC at an urban outfitters. I immediately received a phone call asking if I can verify the charges (at this point they seemed on top of their game). I spoke with the rep for a long time asking what happens next, what steps I needed to take, and how long this process is going to last.

        I was told they were putting a hold on my account and to not pay my bill. She assured me that my credit score would not be effected and that she put a note on the account. She also mentioned an affidavit that I had to sign and would be send in the mail that day. Fast forward a month, I called to ask where the paperwork was. Come to find out they never sent it, they never put any kind of hold on my account and now my credit score is in danger if I do not pay the bill that contains fraud charges.

        If i could do things over I would not buy into credit cards only because they have cash back programs to your favorite store before researching the bank that it is processed through. I’ve been going in circles trying to figure out how to get $200 back that was unauthorized.

        I would not recommend Comenity to my worst enemy!

      • Nick August

        i sent them a check for $2.00 (monthly activity fee) – they altered the check as an electronic transfer in the amount of TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. after my bank made them aware of this error – they waited a few days and re-processed the check again altering the amount to TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS again. i filed a fraud complaint with bank, consumer financial protection board, local law enforcment and will be filing a civil action.

      • Gwen

        @ Debbie…Yes, I’ve been having the same issue. They keep saying my payment is being returned as “stopped” when I know for a fact that it is not and the payments are being withdrawn from my account. This is ridiculous.

      • Lashan Jackson

        I am listening to all these stories and they sound horrible. Most of all my cards are through this Bank. I pad 4 of them off last month. Ssh with all these stories I had to stop reading the comments and check the websites of each card I paid off to make sure that the crap showed that it was paid on the websites. I know my Bank paid it I got the statements to prove that , just in case they come with some “FLY” crap. I am really going to be on point and watching everthing this Bank is doing when it somes to me because the stories are so scarey.I am so sorry that all that happen to you and everyone else.

  • There seems to be a few scams about this bank. If any of you are Comenity’s customer and cannot log into your online account but were able to do so previously, please post it here. It appears that it might be intentional in order to make $15.00 phone in payment charges. Also if you you’ve received a “Return Payment Fee” on your account but you bank confirms they never received a request for payment from Comenity, post it here. This is just another reason corporations want to end internet neutrality in the new Congress. Consumers will have access to even less information unless we pay for it.

    • Joe

      I had the same problem. First, I did not choose this credit card. It was chosen for me when Camping World switched Barclays to Comedity Bank. I would like to say that I had very good customer service from Barclays which, by the way, enabled me to change due date to the fifth day of the month. It turned out the I did not look at my bill very well because it was on the fifth day of the month that I noticed that I noticed the change. I called customer no-service and after pleading I was told that I would not charged a late fee and interest charges (after reading other complaints, I am not holding my breath on that one). I made one payment in the morning and had to wait until I got my check to make another payment which would pay off the balance. In the meantime, I complained to Camping World corporate. Maybe if enough members complain the company might react accordingly to the complaints.

      The deadline was approaching to make a payment and the due date. I went to logon to the account and after submitted my UserID and password, the screen flickered to my account page for a moment and then returned to the logon page. I kept fiddling with it and could not logon. Meanwhile the deadline passed. I called customer no-service and complained about the bank’s website but was told that I was my computer. I told the guy that it worked in the morning. While on the line I could not get into my account using my smart phone. Finally, I got him to complete the transaction over the phone. He said that there would be a $15.00 fee. I protested and he then told me that for my account there would be no fee. I will follow up on this next time I check my account online.

      The bottom line is that there is something sleazy about this company. I plan on terminating this account once my balance is zero for a couple of months. Also I will not accept any promotional offers from this company. I am going to run away from it as fast as I can.

    • ThaSignificant1

      I thought the same thing. On the day that my payment was due, I was going to pay online. I could not log into my account at all.. Next, I decided that I would call in to pay, and then I found out about the $15.00 fee.

      I ended up just going to the store to make the payment, because $15.00 is riduculous…

    • Momof2

      I’m having the same problem with 2 cards that I have through them. At first I thought it was my computer, but those two accounts were the only ones I can’t log into. Then I thought maybe I’d been hacked, and changed my login information – still couldn’t log in – OR, I’d get kicked out of my account as soon as I tried to post a payment. I’m not paying $15.00 to phone in a payment when the whole purpose of signing up for online accounts was to pay them online for free. Now, I’m past due on both and my phone is literally ringing day in and day out. They’ve even started harassing people who are in no way connected to my accounts and whose numbers they shouldn’t even have access to. Very frustrating and shady. It is nice to know I’m not the only one, though.

  • Irene

    I have a long-going dispute regarding a Beall’s credit card scam that never seems to get resolved. They added a $9.99 monthly charge for some kind of protection I never asked for and I closed the account. They kept charging me after the account was closed and adding late charges because I wouldn’t pay it. I talked with them, wrote to them, but never got a response. They keep passing this on to different collection agencies and keep on harassing me. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing so that we can take some kind of collective action?

    • Jeff Smith

      Good luck, Irene! i hiope that this can ge resolved. I hav a dispute with Comenity Bank now about my Credo, and they have been very bad to deal with.

    • Tired of ripoffs

      They did that to my 85 year old Mom, charged her for a VIP something or other, reversed the charge and then charged it again, added a late fee and a few $2.00 minimum finance charges. Now I am just getting a run around trying to get this fixed for her while she is in ICU. They can pass it on to a collection agency if they want because my Mom is not paying them a dime

  • Reads my statement

    If you owe JJill $80.00 your statement will say you owe a balance , for example, of $150.00 that interest is due on. This trick is known as daily balance averaging so therefore you pay interest on a balance that is already paid. What a racket!

  • Not a fat-a*s or a curvy woman

    I have had nothing but good service with Comenity Bank. Just sayin

    • Nick August

      then you are in the minority. Just sayin

  • BB

    After more than ten years of having perfect credit with them, I was late on one payment and this company called constantly, numerous times a day, sometimes five minutes apart. This harassment continued even several days after I sent the payment. I’m going to close all of my accounts with them.

  • Tudda’s G-Mommy

    Im sorry to hear about so many bad experiences but ive never had problems with any of my accounts far as bill payment excessive charges or them not receiving my payments they have also given me very generous increases within a 2 yr span!!! they are backed by comenity but each card has their own specific customer service number try calling the individual numbers to get better results( shrugs)

  • dave book

    this company is a scam pay your bill a week before . i pay my bill on time and there system post a day late
    its a scam

  • Stephen Schwartz

    I am dealing with the financial affairs of my 91 year old mother. I stopped paying this company when I realized my mother was paying $14.95 a month for some kind of "assurance" and no purchases at all. Needless to say, they have continued billing and harassing us since November 2013.
    I told them that they would never get a nickel, and they should go ahead and hurt my mother’s credit rating at 91. They still call and demand payment. I respond to "go ‘f’ yourself.
    Never accept any credit from this so-called "bank". Horrible people.

  • While I was in Florida on vacation I stopped at a Bealls store and made a purchase. They said if I got a card I would get a 205 discount. They did not say it was a credit card. I said okay because I had just shopped at a Bealls outlet store and they had said the same thing, however they assured me it was not a credit card just a shoppers whereby I could get a 10% discount. When I got home I had a charge card and a bill from the Bealls store. The bill said if not paid by April 10 I could be charged a late fee of $25.00. I had used my Visa to pay for my purchase I did not know they opened a charge account for me and they billed me on the Bealls charge and my Visa. Now I have to write a letter, send in my proof that this happened in order to clear this up. I close the account immediately. This is very frustrating to say the least. Be careful and do not accept a card for a discount because you will have a credit card and a double bill to deal with.

  • C Carter

    I had an excellent experience with Comenity bank which lead me to seek out a site to acknowledge them. I was experiencing financially hardship and got months behind in paying my bills. I decided to answer the numerous calls they were making to my home. By the grace of Good that I didn’t get upset. You know how we can get when debt collectors are calling for payments we just don’t have and often have to make decisions as to paying a bill or using the funds on other necessities just to survive to the next pay week. Most borrow are true to their word and want to meet their financial obligations. It can be frustrating when you are unable to do so. Getting to the point. The representative askef for permission to review my account and stated that he noticed a past pattern of me playing my bill on time and noticed I accurred a lot of late fees and interest charges when my account became diliquent. The rep stated that he was waiving my late fees and interest charges which brought my bill down from $1000 to $300. He them inguired on if I had any other accounts with them which I did. He reviewed those accounts as well and adjusted the interest and late fees. I am a true believer that God will supply all of your needs the way he see fit. But I also want to acknowledge Comenity bank because I never had that experience with any other financial insitution . It 2014 I plan and will pay off my debt and no longer be a slave to financial insitutions. By what I can afford and only need. C Carter

    • Tudda’s G-Mommy

      I’ve had a great experience with them I charge two different cards every 3 months and no problems I give myself rewards then put my cards on punishment till I pay them and comenity has given me fabulous increases and the increases were he everytime

  • Jim

    This company called my home three times with in 45 minutes 3 consecutive days in a row even after I told them the account holder had passed away. Account and or billing not my responsibility but they keep calling and wanting MONEY MOney Money….

    Quit calling me…..

  • Laurel

    I paid my bill off completely and they knew it but for some reason still added 84 cents to my next bill so they could charge a late fee if, for some reason, I thought my bill was paid off! Earlier this year I also paid off my bill with them and they added tons of late fees-I didn’t check my statement because I’d paid it off, so they had free reign to just keep adding late fees on top of late fees. How can we sue these people? My mortgage broker who was working with me to buy a new house seems mad at ME and seems to think I’m being irresponsible as it’s affected my credit adversely. How can we sue them?

    • DENA

      Even though a person pays off the balance in full, interest accrues throughout the month, thereby resulting in a small amount due reflected upon the next statement–and once paid–is considered paid in full. Varying credit cards have varying interest rates/terms–which is how small balances appear (via interest accrual) the next month despite the balance being paid in full for the current month.

      When I pay off my balances in full, I ALWAYS check the next month to assure no accruing interest carried forward.

      Hope this helps!

  • Linda

    Stay away from this bank!!! I was late on my bill and I did not know it. Their collectors were calling my phone constantly while I was at work where I could not answer their calls. I was working 12 hour shifts almost everyday. They got mad and so they called in the whole balance and had nasty remarks to say because I did not answer their phone calls…d**n I do have text messaging, voice mail, email, regular mail!!! How rude they are. Fortunately, I did not owe them much. I paid their a***s off in full. Then they bitched because I sent them a paper check by regular mail. They said that that is not how they do it. Well that is how I do it!
    Now I am checking all my accounts to see if any are associated with this bank. If I find out any are connected to Comenity Bank then they will be paid off and out of my life forever!!! I will not do business with this bank!!!!

    • linda

      me too and charging tremendous fees
      phone payments also cost 15.00 and access online is hit or miss

  • Eva

    This is a scambug bank thyre asking to pay individuals that even not used a credit card and now thyre asking to submit a letter to sent back to them with all the information which not even used…thyre asking my husband to pay them for a payment that he dont even get a motorola celphone which was purchased in california that we are here in Utah. how come his name get into it?

    • jane

      Comenity bank SUCKS! Retailers switching to Comenity are losing business because people don’t want to deal with Comenity. It is the worst banking experience i have ever had and I have a credit score of 790 until Talbots decided to switch to Comenity during the time I was working overseas. They did not notify me by email only by snail mail. So, I sent my payment of a whopping $300 to the old Talbots account. Then I sent it again because it did not get cashed and I assumed something happened in the mail. After being late 2x’s they dinged my credit by more than 100 points. The person receiving my mail told me about the letter so I called and immediately paid the balance of $300 in full. Still my credit report has been affected and they are doing nothing about it. I am now back in the USA buying a house which i more than qualify for but have to pay an extra 1.5% in interest because of $300 adn Comenity/Talbots inability to properly notify customers.

  • Phylliss McAtasney

    I have a Beall’s account through you, and since you changed your registration procedure in January, I have not been able to log on to the web site to make my payment. I mailed this month’s, but in the future I want to be able to pay on line. I do not have a split
    screen, therefore cannot get my ID code, All I want to do is make a payment as I have done since Day 1. and now cannot. Is
    there a way you can automatically deduct it from my checking every month on the 4th. If not, please send me a bill from now
    on. I am thoroughly angered by this change.

  • DMBZ

    I had made an online payment to Comenity. The payment ( to pay my account in full ) was deducted from my bank account in Dec. Oddly enough Comenity has no record of this and refuses to credit my account. I have worked with TD Bank ( who are awesome) to remedy this. TD has given me ALL the information they have regarding this transaction and Comenity will not remedy this. So do I file a dispute or simply let our legal system do what they do best.

  • Desirae

    this card sat in an envelope unopened but somehow they claimed i had a bill due of $41, I told them "i never activaated this card" they say it comes activated so i owe the activation fees. this was back in 2007 and on mystatement it says I’ve been a client since 2012 when in fact i closed this account in 2009 but on my credit report today (2014) it is apparently still open…..

    • Cathy

      Amazing! I’m going through a very similar problem! My deceased mother had an account with them through Romans. Now they say it was mine since 2007! I mysteriously never paid $288 to Romans according to Experian Credit Reporting. What? I’ll know more on the 20th of March 2014

  • jennifer

    Horrible company scam they charged my card half of the original amount when my 0 percent interest was not paid in full. I have record that I was to pay in full the next month. I went online to pay in full early and had the finance charge of $569 for one month, I originally put $1200.00 on the card. This is a joke and want to spread the word about their horrible services.

  • wont fall for that

    January 15,2014. Just got a letter from Comenity bank asking to verify my account information toward a credit card application. This is a scam trying to phish personal information from us. I have reported it to the Post master general as well as my local representative

  • john C

    my mother has another $90 bill due to comenity bank. This is the second or third time i’ve had to settle such an account. This time it is for a Blair Vip account for a catalogue house from which my mother bought a single $12 item 3 months ago. it’s all legal, of course! i want to relay along my experience so here it is.
    i got a phone call from Comenity representative and she told me that there were 2 late fees due to comenity for $14.50 and 2 (or 3) Blair Vip monthly ‘membership" charges for $14 plus interest chg of $1.3 two times plus either postage or a 3rd vip charge.
    i said we were not getting bills. (My elderly mother spends a lot of time on her mail and focuses on bills so i am wondering if they are even sending out the statements!) The agent kindly waived the late fees and i paid $59 to clear the balance. i got her to explain the charges and she told me that Blair Vip was a 3rd party that Blair was afiliated with and i would have to contact them to close the account. i got the number for Blair Vip from her and the
    csrat Blair Vip told me that she couldn’t find the account or my mothers address or phone number and connected me with their billing department at….. Comenity Bank. Third party indeed! There i talked to an agent Who acknowleged she had accounts for my mother at Talbots and Haband Catalogue in addition to Blair Catalogue. She cancelled the account which my mother was lured into signing up for in order to save 20 percent on the initial purchase or something like that.
    it stinks. Obviously Blair ViP is Comenity in disguise. i doubt Comenity has a brick and mortar branch anywhere. They are predators and i would like to know if others are not getting bills from them. i bet they own Blair, haband and any number of cyber retailers. They are also the bank for hsn. All peddling the same merchandise i’ll bet.

  • Unhappy customer

    They continue to bill me with late fees for a $12 magazine that I canceled.
    Each new bill has new late fees. They are ruining my credit.
    Their answer – pay the bill!!!!! Their staff on the phone are drones.
    I also spoke with a supervisor – same blank solid wall.
    I will be posting comments for months until they fix my account.

    • Jeff Smith

      I have have had a bad experience with them also , and the phone staff are a bunch of helpless people, and the supervisors were a “blanks dold wall” as you said. I am still psoting comments also.

  • MrPI

    Jay Coane is president of Alliance Data (ADS on caller ID). Alliance Data is owned by Comenity Bank (the credit company that owns our store cards – new, old, inactive – whatever – if you’ve had a card through WFNB then Comenity now owns your info and they either want to sell you something or they’re calling to scare you into paying more on whatever balance you have.) Comenity also owns Epsilon, a direct marketing company priding themselves on telemarketing. Here’s the thing everyone needs to be aware of – they will call you if you have a balance – PERIOD! Late or not, they’re going to call. When Comenity bought out WFNB some of our cards became invalid but our balances still exist. If that’s the case, they want their money and they want it paid in full. I pay my monthly minimum so it doesn’t hurt my credit in any way but they don’t care, they see an outstanding balance on a card that no longer exists and THEY WANT THE MONEY. Too bad, so sad! Don’t trust these people. If you start searching for comenity, epsilon, or alliance data then you’ll see how sketchy they are.

    Jay Coane works out of Alliance Data’s Wilmington, DE office but he lives in Philadelphia. He was CFO but is now President. Alliance Data has a call centers in OH and CO. If you’re receiving calls from a 614 or 913 number than it’s Alliance Data. If you receive a call from a 303 number it’s Epsilon, they’re calling you from TX. But in the grand scheme of things its Comenity Bank calling to scare you or to sell something to you.

    I say we call Mr. Jay Coane as often as he calls us, a call for a call!
    John J. Coane 610-793-5997/ 484-888-5898 (mobile)
    Five Peale Drive, West Chester, Pennsylvania 19382
    *This info is a little old – but at one point it was accurate and might still be – and this is 100% the backbone of the company who harasses thousands of Americans and calls using HORRIBLE scare tactics.

    • maralee

      I agree with you I say EVERY ONE he has ripped or pissed off call him as many times a day as they can!!!! I don’t have an account with them and they charged my debt card for 40.00 and that has led to over draw my account. These people need to be held accountable. Keep updating each other and possible solutions.

  • Lin

    I just received letters that 2 cards I have through them have been closed as of Dec 26th (letter dated Jan 2) No reason given. I had no balance no late payments. Just haven’t used lately. This better not go against my credit rating which is very good. From what I have read from other post something needs to be done about this banks practices.

    • Jeff Smith

      I agree that something needs to be done about this bank’s bad practices.

  • Brenda

    uh oh. I guess I am going to have to cancel any CC from Comenity. ugh! Well no great loss!

  • Dawna

    WHY isn’t something being done about this fraud Comenity Bank?!

  • F.D


    • Testy Consumer

      So let me get this straight. You knew that you had 6 months to pay and get 0% interest on whatever you bought from JCP when you bought it. Your computer broke right at the due date of the last payment of 6 months (and you knew that), yet only paid after your computer came back up after the due date and you are pissed you are getting assessed a penalty for paying late when you knew for 6 months you had to pay it all off by then? And because you happen to not know how to manage finances you want a class action lawsuit because a company assessed late penalties when they said they would if you don’t pay? Look in a freaking mirror.

  • I setup Bill Pay through my credit union so NOW I know my monthly bill will be paid. Comenity Bank will no longer get that $12.00 payment fee or a late fee because I can’t access my account on line. I’m paying my Jessica London account off just as quickly as I can. I’ve been a customer with JL for 10 years and I’ve become highly POed for the last three months dealing with

  • melissa

    It’s nearly impossible to pay on line with this bank. I had to get on the phone and then they tell you to pay your bill over the phone, you have to pay $15. Went back on line and still couldn’t get into my account. Tried to pay with check and left off one number. I realized the mistake before Comenity did and paid my bill in full. A few days later, I got a letter that my account was suspended until I paid my balance, which I already had. I got this card through Bealls and I will never, ever, ever use it again. I have almost perfect credit so to have a bank suspend my account and possibly affect my credit rating is bad business and as a result, Comenity will not get my business anymore. Banks are the scourge of society and this was just further proof of their criminal like activities on unsuspecting consumers. Pay in cash people…pay in CASH!

  • Shari

    I have 2 credit cards through Comenity Bank. And I’m having problems with making payments online. I haven’t used the one card in months. The other card I use regularly. I logged in the card that I use regularly and scheduled payments. Then when I get the confirmation email for the payment it is going to the other card!!! I’ve had to call to cancel the scheduled payment. Then I went back to put the payment on the right card, and it did it again!!! After it happened the first time, I thought maybe I had scheduled the payment on the wrong account website, but after it happened the second time I knew it wasn’t my mistake. These cards are for 2 different stores, and the access website are totally separate. Frustrating!!!!

  • Diane

    I paid my bill online ON THE DUE DATE but because it was 5:30 p.m. central time, it was past 6:00 p.m. eastern time. I called the pay-your-bill-by-phone number but it was closed because it was Sunday. They wouldn’t take my $25.00 late fee off. I like Eddie Bauer, but I’m closing my account. Poor customer service & I don’t need this.

  • Candy

    Comenity bank is a scam. We all need to a class action suit against Comenity bank and name all these shops in the suit.

    I have only used my Loft card one time and Comenity charged all kinds of interest on it even though I had paid off the total and now, I returned an item to the store but the store charged on the credit card (even though the card had been cancelled) and now I get a bill every month with interest being charged because the clerk credited my bank account instead of the credit card. I have sent them a copy of the return receipt and a letter but Comenity tells me they have nothing to do with Loft but I can’t get an address for Loft and Loft would only give me Comenity’s address.

    If you send any communication to Comenity be sure to send it certified mail of registered mail as they will deny they ever received anything from you. There is no email address for them and no phone number. This is a scam bank that shops like Loft, Talbut’s, J Crew and other shops are using and I have stopped shopping at Loft. Only use your Master card or Visa or discover or Capital one cards anywhere and if they don’t accept those cards, don’t buy anything from the shop. Don’t get any shop cards or department store cards.

  • Ken T

    I am trying to find out how to lodge a complaint against Comenity Bank for a credit card I have from Herbergers. I had the card about 6 months and had no issues with payments and I do not think my balance ever exceeded $150. I was 2 days late this past month & I received 8 calls in 2 days and one of the calls was at 7:30 AM CST on a Saturday. I was going to submit a consumer complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau but they require an e-mail address for the company and neither Comenity or the Ohio BBB have the company’s e-mail address. Can anyone help me with ideas of how to find it?

  • Michelle

    I had a credit limit of over $1000.00 on my Victorias Secret Card. The previous bank kept increasing my credit limit on their own. I was late a couple times but have been paying it off on time for the past year. After they switched to Comenity I noticed my credit limit was decreased significantly and I am now $470 over my credit limit. WTF. I never got a notice of any sort, and it doesn’t seem right considering I wasn’t over or close to being over before the decrease.

    • totelldatruth

      I was scrolling through these comments just to see if anyone else had this experience with Comenity. They JUST pulled the same crap with me. I’ve been making my payments — card nowhere near being maxed out — and suddenly – no notice, no nothing – I just happened to see on my statement that my limit has been reduced by more than half.

      I submitted a message online through the account message center basically asking WTF. I’ll post again when/if I hear back from them.

      • ChristyL9

        The same thing just happened to me. All of my payments are on time and current and for some unknown reason they cut my credit limit in half. I was nowhere close to the limit and on time with my payments. Unable to get any answer as to why. How can you have on time payments and have your credit limit decreased? It dropped my credit score significantly. I am filing a credit dispute and I paid my balance off and will never use the card again.

  • Karen T.

    I’ve had two credit cards, the Avenue and Ashley Stewart. I admit these accounts were delinquent. I have been dealing with financial difficulties so paying my bills in a timely fashion became a problem. I don’t have a problem fulfilling my obligations but I do have a problem with being threatened and talked to by their representative in an inappropriate manner! This representative, Mr. Young, spoke to me using a forceful, demanding and raised volume. He was completely out of line! It seemed his intent was to humiliate and degrade me. I cannot believe that any financial institution would allow or permit their employees to do this. However, now that I’ve seen the complaints posted here, I’m not surprised. I see the probability of this company not being a reputable one. I agree with the other complaints I’ve read, if a department store is using Comenity to represent them, I no longer want to do business with that department store!

  • Marge

    I have been dealing with this bank for almost a year. I have had no problems whatsoever! It really surprises me all these complaints

    • Tudda’s G-Mommy

      me too marge I am baffled at all these complaints ive had zero!!!

    • Jeff Smith

      I have had problems with them, with very bad service.

  • Lisa

    I am having problems with Blair thru Commenity bank. They flood my mailbox with catalogs that say I am a star customer, however the clothes I ordered were inferior quality. I never ordered again, and tried to pay off my debt with them, but when I send in payments they always say I was late and use it for their delinquent charges. There is no one to talk to. A payment over the phone cost $15 and who knows what they decide to do with payments except call them late and add fees.

    • ramon

      that’s illegal to post your payments late or take without consent. ask to speak to a supervisor, explain what’s going on and be nice….it will get you far.

      • Quizzal

        I also had trouble with Blair’s bank problems with a return that was made to them. After going thru four months of correspondence, phone calls, etc. I finally cleared up the account. Now I do not order from Blair at all and throw all of their catalogs in the trash. Even after I spoke to supervisors, manager, and everyone else I could think of, it did not do any good. The supervisors and managers are the ones that inform the regular operators what to say. Best just to forget them completely.

  • Julie M

    Springstone Financial is part of this scammy bank. I was forced to use an automated phone system for payment while trying to make an ontime payment…..and then charged 15.00 to do it all to avoid a late fee of 35.00. I refuse to have credit cards with banks like this. I have great credit but absolutely will not do business with them. I’m canceling my J Crew card after I realized they use this bank, the interest rate is also 24.99%! Stay away!!!!!



  • Kathy

    I have a credit card with comenity for Pier 1. Every time I go to pay it online, I have trouble accessing my account. It will not accept my user ID or password. So, I call them and they say it is all straightened and guess what? Same problem next month. I love Pier 1 but ate this new bank so may have to cancel my card!! Frustrating!

    • KaDee

      I’ve had the same problem with logging in to make a payment to Jessica London account. Either my user name is not accepted or the password is incorrect so I’m told. When I request it, I’m assured it will be sent by email within 48 hrs. My payment is due in less than 24 hrs. and I’m patiently waiting…OR I could pay by phone plus a $15.00 fee. I’ve been with Jessica London for ten years and NEVER had this much difficulty since started receiving my payments. It won’t ne as long as it has been!!! ($15.00 payment fee; $35.00 late fee; Is this Bank trying for both each month?)

  • H. Bush

    Have received a form letter from Comenity Bank concerning privacy notice. To opt out, must call 800 number. I have no card or business with this bank that I am aware of and actually had not even heard of this bank. Based on comments on this site, I assume this is a scam of some sort.

    • ramon

      if you are receiving letters, you have a card. probably old and you forgot. they finance 100’s of card used to be called world financial network bank WFNB/WFNNB/WFCB. they do mostly store cards, victoria’s secret, ann taylor, hsn, express, edie bauer, the limited, trek bikes, etc.

    • Peggy B

      Comenity recently took over credit card operations for Ann Taylor, Talbots, Bergner’s and they do Pier1 also. I will be closing all these accounts because they do not provide the service of downloading transactions as all the previous accounts did. What’s more, they don’t even understand this. They apparently did not seek to provide the same level of service these individual stores’ banks did and for this reason, I will close my accounts with everyone. In this day and age, you should be able to download transactions to Quicken file extension type QFX. American Express does, my credit union does, Comenity Bank does not.
      You may have an account with one of these or other stores that have been taken over by Comenity. Close them is my suggestion.

  • LInda martin

    I have a Talbot’s credit card and it has now been moved to Comenity bank to pay the bills. I sent a check a month ago for payment. Well, the check has yet to go through. Now I am getting another bill with interest added on because I did not meet the deadline for payment of the first check, which I most certainly did; always have and always will. This has never happened before. I mailed several bills on the same day, and they all went through except for this one. This is really suspicious. Now I am determined that from now on, I will just use my debit card to pay off and not use any more credit cards because apparently many of the companies I shop with use this bank. I am very disappointed.

    • WaitAMinute

      I also have a Talbots a/k/a Comenity Bank card. I would suggest making payments at one of the retail stores, versus online or over the phone. At least if you pay at a store, you get a receipt which shows the date and time you submitted payment. This also gives you a documented trail, in the event they claim you did not pay on time. Just saying.

  • Bev

    Watch out for a new scheme. They tricked me into going over my credit limit and now they have changed the terms of my account to where it will soon be delinquent. They WANT my account to be delinquent and are trying to trick me into delinquency. It’s not going to work, I am on to Comenity Bank. Woman Within and One Stop Plus are at fault for using a bank like this. I will not shop there again.

    • ramon

      there is NO charge to be over the credit limit. you need to re-read your terms. you are only considered delinquent if you do not pay on time. you are completely wrong in this.

      • Steve

        There is NO charge in being over credit limit. TRUE, BUT, this will show up on your credit file with TransUnion and it is a NEGATIVE for future credit.

    • kat

      They just reduced my limit by 50% out of nowhere! I believe it.

  • Mis

    I was a customer of Herberger’s for years and I loved Herberger’s, still do but so long as Comenity is their card processor – I will not do business with them.
    I was a loyal customer and always paid on time then Bon-Ton (Herberger’s parent) switched to Comenity and I got a notice that my credit card payment was rejected for insufficient. I had funds so I was angry and it literally took MONTHS of trying to find out what happened. Apparently, it was due to my account change and, NOT lack of funds. Trying to contact an English speaking customer service rep was a nightmare. Then to get reimbursed for their outrageous fees – another nightmare. I called and wrote letters, then finally copied Bon-Ton. Then, Comenity sent me a letter saying they valued me and had coupons enclosed, LMAO – there were NO coupons enclosed. Further, I can’t even download my paperless statements???? Comenity SUCKS!
    I was a loyal and on time paying customer but after Comenity’s cr*p, I am paying off my account and will NEVER do business with any retailer that utilizes Comenity.

  • PKJ

    I would not deal with this bank. Only reason I was involved with them because Carson’s chose them to process their card business. I made two payments electronically. They claimed they did not get them. I checked the statement on line and it showed one of the payments was received. On a reply letter after the date of posting, they still claimed they have not and added late fee and interest. I sent them a proof of payment. It meant nothing to them. On one of the phone calls, the person answering said he was from a call center working for the bank. He would not even help the person form the Carson’s Store with the proof of purchase in hand.

    Only thing I would say to Carson – Comenity may be charging less for payment processing but you get what you pay for. Drop these yahoos ASAP.

  • Gwen

    I was just was turned down for a Christopher Banks CC with a score of 944 o/o 999 possible from Equifax. From what I read, who would want to do business with these people. They want dead beats they can bat around. The excuse was that I had too many recent inquiries on my credit report – duhhhh. I recently bought a car so that makes sense as every dealer I went to probably checked me out. Who would want to do business with these unscrupulous people.

  • Danielle Jones

    I was flabbergasted by the way I was treated today. I had an Ashley Stewart account 15-years ago, and the company never informed me that I had a balance of 46.00 owed to them. I was very, very upset. I would not have known if I did not pull my credit report. On top of that, they said that I had to pay an additional $15.00 for a transaction fee for paying by a debit or check by phone. She would not provide me with an address to send my payment to, and said these were the only 2-options. I absolutely lost it. I told her that this was totally ridiculous and is not fair to the consumer. Something has to be done about companies like this. We work to hard for our hard earned money to be harassed and threatened by people like this. Unbelievable. Can you say Class Action Suit. I will be calling the company back tomorrow and telling them about my experience.


    While being considered for a new line of credit, it was reported to the bank that I was deceased. Through much investigative research and paying for another Credit Report, I found that Comenity Bank had reported me deceased and closed my Bon Ton account. Getting through to someone on the phone is impossible. ARGH!!!!

    • jane doe

      on a bright side, things could be worse for you…you could be…deceased =)

  • Katherine

    I am so angry at this bank. FOUR weeks ago I, by mistake, paid off my Eddie Bauer card ($523.00) twice. I paid first on EB’s website but didn’t get confirmation that I did so. I presumed it didn’t go through. I decided to pay through my bank Bill Pay. A few days later I see that BOTH payments went through. I called up Comeity and told them to refund my money. They said that I would have to wait TWENTY ONE DAYS. I said huh? That’s a lie. Then they tried to tell me that it’s a Federal Law that any refund over $200 has to be "verfied". I said to them to just put back MY money……and don’t make me wait, please. They finally said "3-5 days". In 3-5 days it was not there. I called them again. Now they tell me I have to wait until tomorrow (Tuesday April 22) for them to put it in my bank account. They wouldn’t back down worth anything. They just kept spouting off about this "federal law". I said "no you are making money off of mine and that is not right". I went to my bank asking if they ever heard of such a thing. They said NEVER. I just called EB but of course they cannot help me because this is their charge card. When I went to my bank she looked in my account and saw NOTHING…..She said it should be showing process and it’s not there. I am fit to be tied!

    • Cody

      Take them to small claims court, as long as you have the evidence, you’d be able to do so. (And you might not even need a lawyer) although, you could talk to one to see if they think you have a chance. Many will do so freely.

  • M.Gil

    Have a Lane Bryant account with them, trying to get rid of them as fast as I can!! Pay off my balance and cut up card!! These people are so sneaky and underhanded, please for your own sake don’t ever do business with them

  • pjk

    I received an offer in the mail to open a credit card with Comenity Bank. I receive these kinds of offers all the time from various credit card companies. I shred them and throw them away so as not to allow someone to steal the information and apply for credit in my name. But I noticed on the form that I could call a number and "opt out" of receiving their junk mail. I called the number and the first thing they asked for was my social security number in order to be able to remove my name from their mailing list. What???????? And for what purpose? I don’t give my SSN out to anyone. And ESPECIALLY over the phone to a bank I’ve never even heard of. Something isn’t right about this company for sure.

  • stacy

    Yeap, something is most definitely going on with this bank. Victoria Secret is now showing on my credit report as late payments, when I paid it off early last year and stopped using it. Called today to ask why and the lamo on the phone states, its from a late payment in 2011 that they didnt take off….I’m like……WHAT THE f**k ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!! Now I have to send the Billing dispute division a letter stating that this card was paid off in 2012. This is just bullshit!! Screwing my credit report up because they are a bunch of morons!!

  • genemcvay

    Comenity Bank sent me a credit card bill with a large late charge. I called them and bounced off their iron curtain a few times trying to find out where I could mail a copy of the cancelled check proving I had paid the bill in full. After more frustration than anyone should endure, they gave me an address.

    I mailed the copy to them and in a very short time they said I should contact my bank because they didn’t get the check and I must pay again. PAY TWICE!! The amount is $141.00.




  • DavAnne

    These SO*&%s call seven or eight times a day every day, and we are not in arrears on anything!

    • Sam

      I agree only 2 days late and got harassed by this bank and they closed my account, they suck….!

    • Mich77

      Oh yeah they are HORRIBLE & as many others have said Victoria’s Secret & New York & Co lost a valued customer. I was with them for over 10years, but when WFNNB made the switch to Comenity the trickery began and customer service went out the window. I looked for 45mins for a physical address to send a Cease & Desist letter to pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 USC 1692c, Section 805(c). But to no avail. No fax or physical address & then I remembered FACEBOOK. I went right to Comenity’s page & made my concerns known & I sent a private message to the same. Jane said "Thank you for the information you have provided. Please be assured that Comenity Bank has updated their records to cease from contacting you." I got this reply to my post on their page "If you still wish to send a fax, you may do so at 1-614-729-5215." Guess what – NO MORE CALLS!!!

  • Mdehaven

    I now got bit by Comeity Bank. This bank is not looking for the best interest of the customer. I have never been late for anything in my life. House, cars , credit cards. Victoria Secrect better drop this bank for I will never shop or used this bank again. A 84.00 bill that they NEVER sent me E-Mail or hard Mail and now I been reported to the credit b. The women at Comeity was calm and gracoius to the point. She did drop my past dues and all I have now is the interest to pay for something I was not aware of. Comeity better pull back my past due and provide me with my AAA rating again over a losey $84.00 Then after paying off the bill for just the product THEN i get a bill in the mail. Sounds like this bank wants pass due for money!!! The attorney general should be looking in this!

  • Jane

    WOW – glad they turned me down! Over 50, own home, employed for nearly 30 years consistently with a credit score of 986 (out of possible 999) but guess I am just too much of a risk to get a CC for The Limited. mmm, who is looking at these applications? Based on all the comments here, I now count myself as VERY lucky to have "missed out" on this opportunity!

    • rocco destefanis

      Credit Scores do not go over 850

    • Gwen

      I just got turned down with a credit score of 944 out of a possible 999 from Equiffax. Yes, Equifax scres go to 999. I too consider myself lucky for being turned down at Christopher Banks. Guess they want deadbeats they can bat around.

    • Mari

      My scores are just under 600…..they gave me cc limit of $400 on my Lane Bryant. Doesn’t make sense? I got it to reestablish my credit. Never charge more than 75 and pay off ontime. So far so good for last 10 months.

  • phil

    wow..this bank I calle dthem & asked where my bill was…its going out this week..that was 2 weeks billing..HSN card will be cut up..done with them…This is no way to do business….

  • Dorothea Kempel

    Wow! I’ve been getting phone calls from Comenity for the past several days, between 5-7X’s a day. I don’t answer calls that block caller ID and know I was right in doing so since not once did they leave a voice message telling me the reason for their calls. Like others here, I never heard of Comenity so I Googled it and whala, I’m here. I now realize I have been a victim of Comenity in the past on at least 2 occassions. One was for not paying off a balance for $29.00 which was a late fee charged after I had paid off the account! [I believe it was my Lane Bryant account]. They call me 6 months later at which time the balance of my account was up to over $200 because of late fees [on a late fee that I never knew about!!! Because they never sent statements and that’s what I told them. They told me I signed up for electronic billing, which I know I didn’t because I can never keep up with my email. I was quite upset that I was facing an over $200. debt stemming from a $29.00.late fee that I was not aware of. And then the worst part is that they reported it to the credit bureau right before they started calling me because my credit report [I rcv. a quarterly credit rpt. via Discover . The one before this call did not show any neg. info from Lane Bryant-but, the next one I received after the calls from Comenity did]! I also told them that they should of sent me notifications through the mail if they couldn’t reach me via phone. They just simply said they don’t do that. I paid off the account and I haven’t used my Lane Bryant account since. And as others have here, I also noticed in my account that my limit on [other than major cards] was the same as I owe even though I thought my limits were much higher. I pay off my creditors early every month, paying at least 3xs the minimum and every once in a while I slip up. But not for 6 months. I thought I had paid that account off. Coming here made me realize that this bank has probably been the source of all headaches trying to improve my credit score. I’m now thinking of writing to Sen. Chuck Schumer [NY] who has been a consumer advocate for his constituents on this kind of matter in the past. In the meanwhile, I did call Comenity back just to find out what account they were calling about. They have you press 1-8 to "get information" on several different companies, but they did not mention one company that I have an account with. 8 was for ‘anything else". It turned out I called after thier closing time. Thank you all who contributed here for opening my eyes.



    • Carrol

      I have gotten so many calls on my cell phone from them that it locked up my phone until I deleted some of them, I’m getting them right now. I have already gotten 15 calls today, From people in Indea, that I can’t understand.

  • amaro barreto

    Comenity Bank is a freaking fraudulent entity which is abusing and stealing funds from customer’s credit cards every where.
    What I don’t understand is why FBI hasn’t stopped this yet.
    Let us see what is going to happen to this criminal cheater.

  • george of the jungle

    this bank is a joke what **** heads

  • Kathy Sullivan

    This bank is the WORST… I made a payment to my loft card that was not even due yet.. First time online I for some reason put in my debit card no. instead of banking…. I had the money in my acct and no payment was even needed… They charged me $25.00 fee….. This bank is going to go belly up FAST… They are a total rip off… I have cards with other banks and this would not have been a problem.. I pay my bills before they are due and usally over the required amount…. this was a honest mistake. I want my fee reversed!

    • Jane Young

      Good luck getting your fee reversed. I tried that this morning–the first rep said she would reverse my fee, but then she cut off my call! I called back and the second rep said she saw no record of my earlier phone call. As soon as my payment clears tomorrow, I will be closing my account.

  • they suck

    This so called bank is a disgrace…I closed my account with woman within with a zero balance, returned my last purchase from woman within so I should have a credit. No, I was charged $10 to return my purchase so I’m still ahead, so I thought. Not only did I not get credit for my returned item I was charged a late fee of $25 plus $10 for returned merchandise. Now I get calls all day but no one keeps notes from our previous conversations to recall our conversations. Now they say I owe $254. This is a effing joke.

  • Michelle Hanley

    Be wary of Comenity Bank. They took over my American TV credit card and all of the sudden it takes almost 15 days to process a bank payment. They say they didn’t receive the payment in time and started charging late fees. Now I have to process my payment literally 15 days ahead of time to make sure they process it in time so I don’t get a late fee. The manager was rude and could not explain why it was taking them so long to process the payment. She said it was the envelope from the bank that was causing the problem. What? The envelope? Don’t use this company if you can help it and if you value your money.

  • G.Ezell

    I called Comenity Bank to cancel my J. Jill credit card and just days later I receive a notice that my interest rate at West Elm will go up to 22.80% (financed by Comenity) I could understand if I was a dead beat, but my credit score is 800. I only owe West Elm $12 but as of tomorrow it will be zero and card cancelled! I am a very good customer of West Elm and hold them responsible for letting their customers to be treated in such a manner.

  • upset

    Harrassing phone calls starting at 8:30 am until 9:00 at night everyday and of course at least 2 times during the day. Horrible horrible practices. After reading posts must be VS account. Indeed where did this Comenity Bank come from…..BEWARE NIGHTMARE HAS BEGAN….THIS IS THEIR STANDARD PRACTICE AND WE ARE THE NEWEST VICTIM STARTED 12-23-12 AND HAS CONTINUED

  • Freaking out on SI

    Lets see where to begin, mmm Hurricane Sandy hit us hard, have written letter after letter to all the accounts that I owe letting them know what happened. Our clients can’t pay us due to lose of their businesses, so we in turn can’t pay anyone else. Its a domino effect. So we explained over and over, have been great customers for over 20years and always come thru. So please back off till we get it together.
    But no, I get phone call after phone call, at 8 in the morning till 9 at night, Christmas Eve., Christmas day, New Year’s Eve, and now New Year’s day what is wrong with you money hunger idiots what don’t you get. CAN’T PAY TODAY, CAN’T PAY TOMORROW, NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN 24 HOURS.
    Hurricane Sandy toke our lives in one night, its going to take a few weeks, months, working on it. Don’t get me started on donations, did you know that if your not an organization you will not get any, So where is the money going, probably in big corporations like this ahole of a bank that is not getting it into there heads, don’t have it, wait and most of all STOP CALLING YOU MAJOR IDIOTS ITS NOT CHANGING ANYTHING OTHER THAN p*****g ME OFF TO NO END, YOUR ADDING TO THE STRESS.

  • Marilyn Burris

    Do not like being woken up before 8 on Sinday morning especially when I spoke to them previously. This bill will be paid in full by Jan 10th. Will think twice before I use there services again

  • Susan

    I have talked to some very rude people and when I asked them to at least leave me a phone number on my answering machine I am told that they cannot because they are a bank. Well, a phone number isn’t going to get the bank robbed. I am elderly and am very careful who I talk to on the phone but they do not understand that. Once I am done with my balance that I owe I will look elsewhere for credit cards.

  • Deceived

    I feel that ‘Comenity Bank’ has unsound and unreliable billing procedures. This is indicated by a repeated failure to submit timely statements either via U.S. mail or electronic delivery. As a result of ‘Comenity Bank’s incompetency or intentional deception in this area, they resort to unnecessary telephone harassment calls. If Coemnity Bank would send the statements on time, they wouldn’t need to hire so many people to handle collection. Comenity Bank is suffering from internal mismanagement and/or disception. Their representative deliberately gave me the wrong address so that my payment would not arrive on time and they would be able to charge me a $29.00 late fee. Buyer beware!

  • Ilene

    Does anyone have the email name format/structure that Comenity Bank uses? I have the names of the upper Mangement and want to draft emails to all- but the structure is hard to find on line.

    • M Bell

      I’d lke the names of upper mgmt I have a complaint

      Snd reply to

  • Lacey

    I never had a problem with the VS card until it was taken out by Comenity. After it was taken over, the bank CHANGED my information to my previous mailing address (over a year old) and stated that I had opted to receive only electronic billing (no mail statements), which I absolutely never do. It was on my own that I thought to "check up" on where my statement might be, and luckily, I avoided a late fee by doing so. However, Comenity refuses to address their error and continues to send me ridiculous form responses. I simply hope they realize that their ridiculous practice of defaulting to old addresses and "marking" their clients preference for e-billing only is going to net them nothing but angry customers. I will probably give up my VIP Angel card just to avoid and future funny business with this bank.

  • Perry Pierce

    I have been a loyal customer of Victoria Secrets for over 30 years. I have almost the highest credit score you can get overall, and always pay my entire balance either within one to three months. My work allows me to travel. So all of my monthly payments except VS are on auto pay, so there are not late fees. Because I was in an area where I was unable to access the internet my payment was late. I send an email asking why there is no auto pay. One of the reasons I do not use the card as often as I would like to anymore and because I pay the balance within a couple of months is because I forget or sometimes I am unable to may the payment when it’s scheduled. The reply was they did not offer auto pay and with that my credit limited was lowered. To say the least, I was a little annoyed. Io the point where I was about the cancel the card. The only thing that stopped me was what cancelling would do to my credit score. I have a small balance, which I am about to payoff. And my VS card will never be used again, until another lender takes over. Comenity Bank I do not know where you came from and do not care, you more than like don’t care either. You’ve a lost a good customer.

    • Lesley

      I As well had the same problem with VS credit card and I was on auto pay and it was my banks fault that I Was late because I scheduled the payment in plenty of time they also would not forgive the late charge, that has resulted in my not buying any longer from VS. their loss because I spent quite a bit there every year. They are causing retailers in losing much business.

      A very dissatisfied customer.

      Ps if I am late and deserve a late payment I pay it immediately.

      • Eva

        If bank was late w/ a payment scheduled in advance, it is liable for l/c. To protect your credit rating, it is best to send a written correspondence re-capping your ‘phone call to VS credit or customer service dept and request a LATE COUNT reversal. In sending said correspondence, definately include a cc of an additional letter you will need to write and mail: a letter to bank explaining what occurred (using dates of pmt set up, date VS received pmt, l/c date & amt.,and your request for reimbursement of l/c with a confirmation letter (from bank) indicating reimbursement will be or was credited to you "because of late payment by bank."


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