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Business Name: Comenity LLC.
Category: Banks
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Corporate Address: PO Box 182273
Columbus, Ohio 43218 USA

Phone Number: 888-428-8810
Company Contact: Jay Coane - President
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Bank Harassment

Comenity Bank started calling this morning (Saturday, April 12, 2014) at 8:37a (913)312-5172 (Kansas City, MO)

9:02am from (720)456-3697 (Denver, CO), 10:01am (913)312-5172 (Owens Corning)

and again at 11:24am (614)212-7530 (SEARCHTOCLOSE).

They call when I answer no one is there. If you let it ring they leave no message. The bill was paid, it did not hit their system yet. The bill was not due until May 2, 2014. Time to get rid of my Pier1 and Victoria Secret cards. It is not worth the hassle.

I was hit with late charges on an account that was not due to be paid. They change the due date without any notification.

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97 thoughts on “Comenity Bank

  1. I am dealing with the financial affairs of my 91 year old mother. I stopped paying this company when I realized my mother was paying $14.95 a month for some kind of "assurance" and no purchases at all. Needless to say, they have continued billing and harassing us since November 2013.
    I told them that they would never get a nickel, and they should go ahead and hurt my mother's credit rating at 91. They still call and demand payment. I respond to "go 'f' yourself.
    Never accept any credit from this so-called "bank". Horrible people.

  2. While I was in Florida on vacation I stopped at a Bealls store and made a purchase. They said if I got a card I would get a 205 discount. They did not say it was a credit card. I said okay because I had just shopped at a Bealls outlet store and they had said the same thing, however they assured me it was not a credit card just a shoppers whereby I could get a 10% discount. When I got home I had a charge card and a bill from the Bealls store. The bill said if not paid by April 10 I could be charged a late fee of $25.00. I had used my Visa to pay for my purchase I did not know they opened a charge account for me and they billed me on the Bealls charge and my Visa. Now I have to write a letter, send in my proof that this happened in order to clear this up. I close the account immediately. This is very frustrating to say the least. Be careful and do not accept a card for a discount because you will have a credit card and a double bill to deal with.

  3. I had an excellent experience with Comenity bank which lead me to seek out a site to acknowledge them. I was experiencing financially hardship and got months behind in paying my bills. I decided to answer the numerous calls they were making to my home. By the grace of Good that I didn't get upset. You know how we can get when debt collectors are calling for payments we just don't have and often have to make decisions as to paying a bill or using the funds on other necessities just to survive to the next pay week. Most borrow are true to their word and want to meet their financial obligations. It can be frustrating when you are unable to do so. Getting to the point. The representative askef for permission to review my account and stated that he noticed a past pattern of me playing my bill on time and noticed I accurred a lot of late fees and interest charges when my account became diliquent. The rep stated that he was waiving my late fees and interest charges which brought my bill down from $1000 to $300. He them inguired on if I had any other accounts with them which I did. He reviewed those accounts as well and adjusted the interest and late fees. I am a true believer that God will supply all of your needs the way he see fit. But I also want to acknowledge Comenity bank because I never had that experience with any other financial insitution . It 2014 I plan and will pay off my debt and no longer be a slave to financial insitutions. By what I can afford and only need. C Carter

  4. This company called my home three times with in 45 minutes 3 consecutive days in a row even after I told them the account holder had passed away. Account and or billing not my responsibility but they keep calling and wanting MONEY MOney Money….

    Quit calling me…..

  5. I paid my bill off completely and they knew it but for some reason still added 84 cents to my next bill so they could charge a late fee if, for some reason, I thought my bill was paid off! Earlier this year I also paid off my bill with them and they added tons of late fees-I didn't check my statement because I'd paid it off, so they had free reign to just keep adding late fees on top of late fees. How can we sue these people? My mortgage broker who was working with me to buy a new house seems mad at ME and seems to think I'm being irresponsible as it's affected my credit adversely. How can we sue them?

    • Even though a person pays off the balance in full, interest accrues throughout the month, thereby resulting in a small amount due reflected upon the next statement–and once paid–is considered paid in full. Varying credit cards have varying interest rates/terms–which is how small balances appear (via interest accrual) the next month despite the balance being paid in full for the current month.

      When I pay off my balances in full, I ALWAYS check the next month to assure no accruing interest carried forward.

      Hope this helps!

  6. Stay away from this bank!!! I was late on my bill and I did not know it. Their collectors were calling my phone constantly while I was at work where I could not answer their calls. I was working 12 hour shifts almost everyday. They got mad and so they called in the whole balance and had nasty remarks to say because I did not answer their phone calls…d**n I do have text messaging, voice mail, email, regular mail!!! How rude they are. Fortunately, I did not owe them much. I paid their a***s off in full. Then they bitched because I sent them a paper check by regular mail. They said that that is not how they do it. Well that is how I do it!
    Now I am checking all my accounts to see if any are associated with this bank. If I find out any are connected to Comenity Bank then they will be paid off and out of my life forever!!! I will not do business with this bank!!!!

  7. This is a scambug bank thyre asking to pay individuals that even not used a credit card and now thyre asking to submit a letter to sent back to them with all the information which not even used…thyre asking my husband to pay them for a payment that he dont even get a motorola celphone which was purchased in california that we are here in Utah. how come his name get into it?

    • Comenity bank SUCKS! Retailers switching to Comenity are losing business because people don't want to deal with Comenity. It is the worst banking experience i have ever had and I have a credit score of 790 until Talbots decided to switch to Comenity during the time I was working overseas. They did not notify me by email only by snail mail. So, I sent my payment of a whopping $300 to the old Talbots account. Then I sent it again because it did not get cashed and I assumed something happened in the mail. After being late 2x's they dinged my credit by more than 100 points. The person receiving my mail told me about the letter so I called and immediately paid the balance of $300 in full. Still my credit report has been affected and they are doing nothing about it. I am now back in the USA buying a house which i more than qualify for but have to pay an extra 1.5% in interest because of $300 adn Comenity/Talbots inability to properly notify customers.

  8. I have a Beall's account through you, and since you changed your registration procedure in January, I have not been able to log on to the web site to make my payment. I mailed this month's, but in the future I want to be able to pay on line. I do not have a split
    screen, therefore cannot get my ID code, All I want to do is make a payment as I have done since Day 1. and now cannot. Is
    there a way you can automatically deduct it from my checking every month on the 4th. If not, please send me a bill from now
    on. I am thoroughly angered by this change.

  9. I had made an online payment to Comenity. The payment ( to pay my account in full ) was deducted from my bank account in Dec. Oddly enough Comenity has no record of this and refuses to credit my account. I have worked with TD Bank ( who are awesome) to remedy this. TD has given me ALL the information they have regarding this transaction and Comenity will not remedy this. So do I file a dispute or simply let our legal system do what they do best.

  10. this card sat in an envelope unopened but somehow they claimed i had a bill due of $41, I told them "i never activaated this card" they say it comes activated so i owe the activation fees. this was back in 2007 and on mystatement it says I've been a client since 2012 when in fact i closed this account in 2009 but on my credit report today (2014) it is apparently still open…..

    • Amazing! I'm going through a very similar problem! My deceased mother had an account with them through Romans. Now they say it was mine since 2007! I mysteriously never paid $288 to Romans according to Experian Credit Reporting. What? I'll know more on the 20th of March 2014

  11. Horrible company scam they charged my card half of the original amount when my 0 percent interest was not paid in full. I have record that I was to pay in full the next month. I went online to pay in full early and had the finance charge of $569 for one month, I originally put $1200.00 on the card. This is a joke and want to spread the word about their horrible services.

  12. January 15,2014. Just got a letter from Comenity bank asking to verify my account information toward a credit card application. This is a scam trying to phish personal information from us. I have reported it to the Post master general as well as my local representative

  13. my mother has another $90 bill due to comenity bank. This is the second or third time i've had to settle such an account. This time it is for a Blair Vip account for a catalogue house from which my mother bought a single $12 item 3 months ago. it's all legal, of course! i want to relay along my experience so here it is.
    i got a phone call from Comenity representative and she told me that there were 2 late fees due to comenity for $14.50 and 2 (or 3) Blair Vip monthly 'membership" charges for $14 plus interest chg of $1.3 two times plus either postage or a 3rd vip charge.
    i said we were not getting bills. (My elderly mother spends a lot of time on her mail and focuses on bills so i am wondering if they are even sending out the statements!) The agent kindly waived the late fees and i paid $59 to clear the balance. i got her to explain the charges and she told me that Blair Vip was a 3rd party that Blair was afiliated with and i would have to contact them to close the account. i got the number for Blair Vip from her and the
    csrat Blair Vip told me that she couldn't find the account or my mothers address or phone number and connected me with their billing department at….. Comenity Bank. Third party indeed! There i talked to an agent Who acknowleged she had accounts for my mother at Talbots and Haband Catalogue in addition to Blair Catalogue. She cancelled the account which my mother was lured into signing up for in order to save 20 percent on the initial purchase or something like that.
    it stinks. Obviously Blair ViP is Comenity in disguise. i doubt Comenity has a brick and mortar branch anywhere. They are predators and i would like to know if others are not getting bills from them. i bet they own Blair, haband and any number of cyber retailers. They are also the bank for hsn. All peddling the same merchandise i'll bet.

    They continue to bill me with late fees for a $12 magazine that I canceled.
    Each new bill has new late fees. They are ruining my credit.
    Their answer – pay the bill!!!!! Their staff on the phone are drones.
    I also spoke with a supervisor – same blank solid wall.
    I will be posting comments for months until they fix my account.

  15. Jay Coane is president of Alliance Data (ADS on caller ID). Alliance Data is owned by Comenity Bank (the credit company that owns our store cards – new, old, inactive – whatever – if you've had a card through WFNB then Comenity now owns your info and they either want to sell you something or they're calling to scare you into paying more on whatever balance you have.) Comenity also owns Epsilon, a direct marketing company priding themselves on telemarketing. Here's the thing everyone needs to be aware of – they will call you if you have a balance – PERIOD! Late or not, they're going to call. When Comenity bought out WFNB some of our cards became invalid but our balances still exist. If that's the case, they want their money and they want it paid in full. I pay my monthly minimum so it doesn't hurt my credit in any way but they don't care, they see an outstanding balance on a card that no longer exists and THEY WANT THE MONEY. Too bad, so sad! Don't trust these people. If you start searching for comenity, epsilon, or alliance data then you'll see how sketchy they are.

    Jay Coane works out of Alliance Data's Wilmington, DE office but he lives in Philadelphia. He was CFO but is now President. Alliance Data has a call centers in OH and CO. If you're receiving calls from a 614 or 913 number than it's Alliance Data. If you receive a call from a 303 number it's Epsilon, they're calling you from TX. But in the grand scheme of things its Comenity Bank calling to scare you or to sell something to you.

    I say we call Mr. Jay Coane as often as he calls us, a call for a call!
    John J. Coane 610-793-5997/ 484-888-5898 (mobile)
    Five Peale Drive, West Chester, Pennsylvania 19382
    *This info is a little old – but at one point it was accurate and might still be – and this is 100% the backbone of the company who harasses thousands of Americans and calls using HORRIBLE scare tactics.

    • I agree with you I say EVERY ONE he has ripped or pissed off call him as many times a day as they can!!!! I don't have an account with them and they charged my debt card for 40.00 and that has led to over draw my account. These people need to be held accountable. Keep updating each other and possible solutions.

  16. I just received letters that 2 cards I have through them have been closed as of Dec 26th (letter dated Jan 2) No reason given. I had no balance no late payments. Just haven't used lately. This better not go against my credit rating which is very good. From what I have read from other post something needs to be done about this banks practices.