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Last Updated On: February 9, 2017

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Business Name: Citigroup Inc
Corporate Address:
100 Citibank Dr
San Antonio, Texas 78245 USA

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Citibank Phone Number: 888-214-0036
Company Contact: Michael Corbat - CEO
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 16 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 5

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Reported Losses: $325.50
Average Reported Losses: $20.34

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Do Not Get A Credit Card With Citibank!

I got a credit card for 15 months 0% APR for my wedding costs. I was told that after that it would be 18.7% APR. BEHOLD I get a statement that charges me $650 when I am paying off my card for interest… and I have only had it for 12 months!

NOW they are saying my APR is 23%! That is worse than my retail Best Buy card! NOTE my credit score is above 720 and I spoke to a manager and demanded they lower my APR and reverse the payment or they would lose me as a customer. They DID NOT! They didn’t give a you know what if they lost me!

I decided to transfer the balance to my paid off Capital One card and pay off the Citi… once I get confirmation they have recieved the payment I will close it and NEVER EVER open a citibank card again. These people are a bunch of crooks.

Official Responses from Citibank

By: Sunita Giridhar On: February 8, 2013

Dear Lakshmi,
Your statement ” Consignee shifted ” is wrong . The address available with you is my own house and permanent address.  My not being available in the house when the courier has visited does not imply Consignee has shifted.

My work involves constant travel but I keep visiting Hyderabad regularly.  If I ever I shift, I will intimated my change of address.  My email has Id has not changed. As per your mail, you are to send me my statement in both formats. I have neither received a email bill statement nor a mail verifying with me if I have shifted.

This is clearly a lapse on your side and I am not liable for your failure. Please see my track record of timely bill payments and review the various phone transcripts with me, which you record. I am neither a defaulter nor an absconder.  I will settle my actual bill but I will not pay any penalties or late fees. It is not the amount but in principle I cannot pay for no fault of mine.

If you have no authority to settle this issue, please give me the mobile number and co ordinates the India head of Credit Cards Division, I will take up this matter with him.

Sunita Giridhar

Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 14:22:27 +0530
Subject: RE:’Citibank=018-777-992′ Bill payment for my credit card

Dear Ms. Gridhar,

This is with reference to your e-mail dated January 13, 2013.

We wish to submit the following:

* We would like to inform that your Card Account has been registered to receive Statements on both the modes, namely to your Mailing Address and to your email address

Accordingly, we are sending both physical copy and e-statement to the addresses maintained in our records.

However, the physical copy of statements were returned undelivered for the reason “Consignee Shifted”.

* For security purpose and to prevent any fraudulent transactions taking place, we have placed your account in a blocked status. Hence the statements for your card account were not generated and sent to you.
* Based on your representation, we have released the blocked and resent the duplicate copy of the Statement for the Month of August 2012 to December 2012 to the Email address and same got delivered.

* We have not received any payment towards the dues in your card for a considerable period of time.

As a consequence, we have closed your card with effect from December 18, 2012.

To date, your card account reflects an outstanding of Rs. 3,868.35.

We request you to effect payment towards this amount.

* As per the terms and conditions, if the payment towards the Total Amount Due does not reach on the Payment Due Date, the system will automatically generate Late Payment Charge and Interest Charges.

In light of the above, we regret our inability to accommodate your request for the reversal of the charge.

Please write to us for any further information / clarification that you may require in this regard.


Lakshmi S
Head Customer Care – Cards

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  • Michael Giovagnoni

    November 26, 2016
    Believed To Be Illegal Fraud
    Citibank has sent me a notice by the U.S. Postal that there will be a withdrawal for $400.00 from my account on November 28, 2016 that they mentioned is because that I was not able to prove my point about a disputed charge but they withdrawed the money on November 21, 2016.
    I just discovered this and a Citibank employee just confirmed these same as above mentioned facts on the telephone minutes ago when I dialed 888-248-4226 (888-Citibank).
    Thank You

  • Manmohan

    Dear Sir/Madam

    As now i have been told that your application has been canceled after completion of around 20 days when i submitted required documents for applying citi credit card. kindly pay attention to following :

    1. I was waiting for my citi credit card since the date on which 7 working days were over as i have been informed.If there was some problem ,why you did not inform me about cancellation?

    2. Why i have not been told the reasons of canceling the application with this mail?

    3. Now where are all my submitted documents which i gave to your agent on 9.01.14. I need my all submitted documents back to me as soon as possible as now those all are of no use of your highly prestigious bank.

    The way you made fool of me gives a very bad impression on me and my few friends who also had applied for the same .

    With due respect to citi bank,Now kindly return me all my documents back asap because i think any misuse is possible with my documents.

    If i could not get any positive response from your end regarding this ,I will go to senior authorities and consumer court as well for justice.

    Kindly look deeply in the matter.

  • Dan

    I have a Citibusiness credit card. They "improved" the website and now we all have to wait to get a statement (48 hours) and we can no longer print the account activity (instead of the statement). I have called every month for the last 6 (since they made the change) and nothing. Today I have decided to fight back. I have requested that they send paper statements. This has to cost them a buck or two. I will never read them as I will continue to get the jumbled information on line, but if enough of us request this they will have to pay attention.

  • Rusty Lowe

    Would you please contact me at 505-263-0602 regarding a recent "fraud alert….".

    Please telephone me. Do not simply send a standard email comment.

    Rusty Lowe

  • johan

    Evidently I am being charged for a service I did not authorize or request by Credit Protector for my Citi creditcard account. After calling Citi to dispute the charges, I was transferred to Credit Protector, which happens to be a vendor of Citi. They advised that they have been billing my account since 2007 and I have paid over $1400 since then. I was informed that the charges will be stopped. I had to request that they refund the entire amount billed to me. Since I have always paid the card online I never noticed the charges. In 2009 citi tried to raise the interest rate on my account from single digits to more than double the amount. I opted to close the account with the existing balace. Although my account has been closed since 2009 they continued to allow Credit Protector to bill this account. I cannot imagine them allowing another company to charge a closed account. Citi has only agreed to NOTE that I categorize these transactions as fraud but will not investigate. Since Credit Protector is a vendor of theirs they will leave it up to them to rectify.

    I’ve filed a complaint with the consumer finance protection bureau and Citi’s claim was that I verbally authorized the transaction. No response yet on why and how a closed account was charged.

    I deserve a full refund, the collusion between citi and their vendor is unfair to consumers. At the very least they should refund the amount paid after the account was closed.

    By the way, the billing address Credit Protector had on file for me was over 5 years old.


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