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Business Name: Vehicle Protection of America LLC
Category: Auto Services / Repair
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Corporate Address: 5295 Town Center Rd #402
Boca Raton, Florida USA

Phone Number: 888-790-7779 3500
Company Contact: David Musiker - President
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Default in Warranty Coverage

Vehicle Protection of America-5295 Town Center Road-Suite 402-Boca Raton Fl-33486-888-790-7779.

Aggreement #: CCH1006634-

Purchsser Information: Alexander Phillips-1126 Silvereleaf Drive-Arnold Md, 21012-4439959511.

Vehicle Information: Land Rover Freelander.

Coverage Information: Primary Care Elite-Total Months: 60-

Purchase Date: 07/01/2011-

Current Odometer Reading: 72,100-

Purchase Price: 3832.00 USDS-Deductible: !00.00 USDS-

Total Miles: 150,000 miles-

Expiration Date: 06/30/2016′

The prior mentioned contract was initiated by myself on the aforementioned date, for the annotated price. I have called this company on numerous occasions in order to have problems with my car repaired. The usual answer I received was this part is not covered.

The slogan they use is piece of mind for the nnnnp in the road… All I have had is nightmares dealing with this company.

The latest issue involves a needed repair to a part in the engine compartment. This repair cost 2200.00 USDS to fix. I was first informed that they had cancelled my policy on November the 9th 2012, despite the fact that I had made a payment of 191.00 USDS 0n the first of November 2012. I was treated very rudely by those members of this company during our conversations in order to have the problem corrected. After numerous calls and requesting a refund, I was told by Supervisor (Olivetta) that the problem was fixed and the repair shop (Mgathy7 Auto) could request permission to make the repair.

My vehicle has been at the repair shop waiting for this action since Jan 2, 2013. I was contacted today to find that they refuse to cover this repair also, I have found that this company has given me the run around since I have been dealing with them. I have asked for a refund of the remainder of the contract. I have not received any satisfaction nor services from this company.

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3 thoughts on “Vehicle Protection of America

  1. After obtaining the address of this company, I had to travel DUH, as a result of it absolutely was Boca Raton, FL … home of the many scam firms. Their address wasn’t on the official-looking flyer, either. they’re additionally NOT related to the BBB; another red flag! currently, I actually have a headache wondering however desperate i used to be to not let my pledge expire, that crystal rectifier this guy to inform Pine Tree State no matter I needed to listen to.

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