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Business Name: Steel Seal Head Gasket Sealer
Category: Auto Services / Repair
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Corporate Address: 73 Old Dublin Pike Suite 10, #460
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901 USA

Phone Number: 800-796-7668
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Steel Seal destroyed my car!!!

I have a mustang 6 cylinder and used the Steel Seal Head Gasket Sealer on it to repair the leaking head gasket but it actually clogged my radiator and heater core!!! Plus it never did seal my head gasket! My mechanic told me it’s going to cost me over 1000.00 dollars to have those parts replaced!!! I don’t have that money so I’m having to take the bus to work!!! Those people over there at steel seal customer service never answer the phone. I’ve left messages and no ones ever called me back… That company sucks!!!

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