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Business Name: Safelite Group, Inc.
Category: Auto Services / Repair
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Corporate Address: 2400 Farmers Dr
Columbus, Ohio 43235 USA

Phone Number: 866-212-5457
Company Contact: Thomas M Feeney - CEO
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Customer Remorse, I would think twice

Safelite in my opinion made my car much worse; crack was less than dime size to start. They supposedly fixed it. The technician, which kept postponing the date and time of the service to be performed, said there would be no more problem. Less than two weeks later crack has doubled is size. Now I have to file another claims on my insurance.

When I called Safelite; they stated they would not re repair and their work was not guaranteed. If I knew they didn’t stand behind their work I wouldn’t have let them touch my car. They originally came to my office to fix the car, but refused to come out and look at it again after the crack wasn’t fixed. I think people should be too busy to use their service.

In my business this is called terrible customer service. I give seminars weekly and will work their scenario into my closing to talk about the mistakes of both small and large businesses. If they are to busy to come look at their defective work, the aren’t a whole business. If you do a good job one customer will tell three people, If you do a terrible job one person will tell sixteen. With the advent of the internet this numbers have skyrocketed.

Michael Henry Saint Petersburg FL

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