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Last Updated On: June 28, 2016

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Business Name: O'Reilly Automotive Inc
Corporate Address:
233 South Patterson Ave
Springfield, Missouri 65802 USA

O’Reilly Auto Parts Customer Service

O’Reilly Auto Parts Phone Number: 888-327-7153
Company Contact: Gregory L Henslee - CEO
Corp Website: oreillyauto.com

O’Reilly Auto Parts Ratings

Average Rating: 1.75 out of 5
Based On: 10 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 12

O’Reilly Auto Parts Reports

Reported Losses: $3,573.83
Average Reported Losses: $357.38

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Worst customer relations ever!

O’Reilly Auto Parts just isn’t what they used to be! I was happy to hear that O’Reilly was opening up down the street from me. I used O’reilly for the bulk of my business, years ago when I had another business. They were great. Too bad they are nothing like they once were.

I called the new store on a Friday to see what I would need to open a commercial account. The commercial sales person told me he would be by to see me that weekend, Monday at the latest. Close to two weeks later he shows up with his boss. Told me that he didn’t drop the ball…..must have been miscommunication, I overlooked that.

I ordered two parts from the store. On the second delivery, I noticed there was tax charged on the part. I told the driver to have the store manager call me. That never happened. I waited until the next day and called corporate. That person said he’d get on it immediately and take care of it that day. Never heard a thing about it again.

I finally called the manager on the 1st of April and he said he would refund the tax money and have the core picked up that day. Never heard from him again! On the 8th of April, I called corporate again. Again, I was assured it would be handled.

Here it is the 12th of April, a conversation with the store manager, three calls to corporate, and I have yet to deal with one person that hasn’t completely dropped the ball. The core that they were supposed to pick up is still sitting beside my desk. Looks like I’m going to have to return it myself and eat the tax money too.

Update: Never heard from corporate, never heard from the store manager. They sent a driver with a cash refund on the taxes and core. The days of business owners and management making things right is long gone with this company. I guess they go on averages now. Most people these days are sheep, they’ll continue to do business with businesses that don’t care about their customers. I never thought I’d see the day that Oreilly’s became worse than Autozone, that day has come!


O’Reilly Auto Parts – 3860 Palm Beach Blvd Fort Myers FL 33905 | 239-215-3923

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  • Sue da fed

    I bought an ignition control module for an old Buick Skylark from O’reily for $100 a few years ago. After a month it went bad. I went to get it replaced and they said they had no record of my purchase. Stupidly, I bought another from them because I needed my car and couldn’t get to a better auto parts store a few miles away. A few months later, that module went bad. I had lost the receipts and I got the same story. “We have no record of your purchase in our computer”. This was their store in Brunswick, Georgia. I used it because it was closest but will never go there again.

  • Daniel

    Bought a bottle of wheel cleaner for $4.99 on sale, came home after 2 tires it starts coming out 5x’s as fast, took back, some rude guy names Jeff acted like is was running a scam on returning in 1/2 empty bottles .. tried to explain, he said not sure i can take back a 1/2 empty bottle???? Seriously??? I drove 16 miles round trip in a BMW, Really think i’m running a scam. Gas cost more than the bottle, I just wanted my exchange so I could put it on my tires.. OMG! I left my 1/2 bottle and did not get the exchange (He only offered it) when i went back in to get his name. I had the mgr. name and district mgr name..At that point it’s way to late to make me happy on a $4.99 item. I’ll just go to Napa where i should have gone anyway! I hope they enjoy my $4.99.. I’LL NEVER GIVE THEM ANOTHER PENNY! STAY AWAY FROM CARTERSVILLE, Ga O’Reilly’s > Daniel M.

  • gomer

    What is with their web site ?

    It looks like the web in the 80’s.

    I entered "brake controller" and it said it didn’t have any.

    WTF ??

  • Ed l.

    WOW, if this truly happened im so sorry, we prefer them to be in the box, so when we return them to our dc the store gets its credit with out any discrepancy, this is only what is peered! but if you don’t have it its ok they should of excepted them from you, they could of placed a tag on them noting the part # not that it would make a deference to you . if I may let me explain why we prefer it, as you know Oreilly’s has many stores, we have to return them to our distribution center for credit when there is no box & or bar code it can be harder for the store to receive their credit. as we except warranties & cores you can see how this cvan be costly if the stores don’t receive there credit. & the amount of parts being collected having them in the originail box will prevent any problems & help stream line the process. again I will personally apologize for you problem as it is only what is perferd not the rule hope now you can see why, I wish you were my customer so I could of given you better customer service. please also not on every invoice there is a phone # & a web sight you can use not only for problem but also for great customer service please use it ! also the store MGR . District MGR & Regional MGR contact phone numbers should be posted on the front door both on the inside & the outside of the glass, as a Store MGR my self I would of liked to known about the issue so I could teach my team member & had the opportunity to make it right for you ! as in any business training is an on going thing. & just like any job team members can become complacent so sorry you had this experience I assure you our goal is to give great customer service!

    • aPlayer

      O M G. If this example of Ed l.’s English skills is any indication, it’s a wonder the store is even open! Surely they don’t make people without 3rd grade skills into a “Store MGR”. . .

  • kristy

    Go anywhere but Oreilly auto parts in oklahoma. At the newcastle store you will find rude managers who dont give a crap about their employees. They have lost some good employees because of the management.

  • matt

    bad heater core and now they tell me i they wont cover the $405 for labor i had the buick dealer charge me to install it

    • Patrick

      They are never supposed to cover labor. Labor is at your cost regardless of how it goes. Only way any body is covered under warranty labor is if they had given you a warranty on labor. Oreilly is not responsible. What is your point here?

      • aPlayer

        WRONG. Labor claims ARE paid (and replacement parts) for reputable installer ‘Partners’ when a defective part fails within warranty. If you had the Buick Dealer do the work, you have an invoice.

  • Jessica

    I was in the East Little Creek, Norfolk VA O’Riley Auto parts store when I witnessed a sales associate Bernie being rude to a customer. Not only that he was discussing another employee with another employee in front of everyone. I found this to be rude and disrespectful. I personally don’t need to hear the store gossip and I’m sure no one else does either. The employee he was talking about seemed to be the only one assisting everyone the best he could. I feel that customer service training would benefit the employees on how they handle other customers and fellow employees. Overall the store is nice but I will not seek the assistance of Bernie.

  • Justin Case

    My gosh man, just go to auto zone. LOL All the energy you are wasting, when you could be using it to install your new part.

    • Patrick

      Auto zone has a list a mile long with problems. What are you talking about? Brake pads squeek all the time and they NEVER want to accept the returns for the,


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